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The Mighty Energy Weavers – the Trees: Part II – The BeltWay Portal

(Part I is found here: )

Well, Dear Friends, today is 12-11-12. We sit now on the eve of 12-12-12.

During this afternoon I was again called outside by our Tree Brothers … they desired to share a very specific message and story with you – the Tale of the BeltWay Portal. They have asked that I post it here, now, for your consideration as you move through 12-12-12 tomorrow.

The story of the BeltWay Portal is a few years old as you will see from my personal journal date entry. However, the BeltWay Portals are only NOW becoming fully active … for obvious reasons, I would think. Please know that the Trees offer this Gift out to you for the NOW – December 12, 2012 – to join Them in Unity Consciousness, Together, in  All Ways, Always.

July 2010

I have been shown a few very wonderful and beautiful things leading up to Unity Consciousness that I wish to share with you all.


Before I do so, however, I also would like to tell you that I have very recently experienced some rather intense personal and professional sadness. Prior to this everything was flowing so beautifully and magically for me. It has come as a bit of a "shock" to me that now, all of a sudden, there have been some unexpected "speed bumps" in the road.


What has been equally surprising to me is my REACTION to these "challenges." For you see, Dear Ones, I, as my human self, have always been a "worrier". I have always worried about the past and the future. When such "obstacles" would impede my way in the past, I would often fall into deep despair for weeks or even months at a time. 


This time has been different, however. I have allowed myself to experience the sadness for a short period then I have been able to "just let it go". This is a huge thing for me!


I am at peace knowing that "All is Well as it Is". I also believe very strongly that "All that Wishes to Be Will Be."


These "human difficulties" have helped to remind me - to refocus me - that as we continue on this Amazing Journey together - that our soul selves will continue to guide us along our path towards all that should be aligned with us in a proper way. All else will, by necessity, fall away as we no longer need such "things" in our lives. This has also helped me to focus on my Gratitude for All Things.


So, now to the Beauty that has revealed itself to me in such a peculiar way.


While camping in the forest over July 4th, the Trees came to me with a beautiful energy construct. It is an energetic portal with an octagon shape with many other smaller shapes inside. I saw it so CLEARLY and it was so VIVID, I was able to "draw" it - please see below:


I was also given the name of this energy construct of the higher dimensions - it is called the "BeltWay Portal."


This portal acts as a "buckle" or "fastener" which joins (unifies) together different types of Angelic Energies from the Most Sacred and Christed Realms. There is much rejoicing as very Ancient and very Sacred Angelic Energies now merge together and help to form our Path.


I was then shown another construct - a huge, violet, cone-shaped "fountain." Gaia is located at the bottom (narrow end) of the fountain as she feeds and showers the entire Multi-Verse Project with her Loving Energy.


There are many different "layers" that comprise the "edges" of this fountain. These "edges" are "joined" or "fastened" by many of these "BeltWay" portals ... It is so very beautiful and affirming.


I am being told that this "cone shape" is only the OUTLINE or "frame" of the fountain. Just like when a home is built you first see all of the "frame" without any of the "finish work". It is sometimes difficult to see what the final product will look like based solely on the framework.


However, I have glimpsed the final product - it will eventually look like a beautiful, awesome FLOWER!! Now, we are not yet there and there is still much work to be done but the process has been successfully launched.


There is much excitement and anticipation as we all co-create this "Flower Fountain" together in the days, months and years ahead.


There are Many Beings who thank us for our patience, our endurance, our assistance. As I, too, thank you all - each and every one - for all that you have done; for all that you are doing; and for all that you will continue to do on our collective and joint behalf.


What provides me the most comfort and solace right now is knowing, that we are all together - again - on this Sacred Journey - Together.


We are never alone. We have each other.


I am now also told that a Sacred Intervention is in Progress - one Born of the Highest Angelic Orders. Never Before has such Focus and Co-Creative Power been concentrated in such a way. The "New Child" that Gaia shall Birth is so much more than what many believe it to Be. It is not about a single world, or race, or dimension.


It is truly about an Entire Multi-Verse Project at the most Basic and Fundamental Level. It will set the Stage of Spiritual and Physical Evolution for Eons to Come. That which now transpires causes Tremendous Rejoicing Among All Involved Races.


The Hydra Being who is Our Galactic Center of the Milky Way came to me recently. His name is "Elderon." I, too, became such a Hydra Being and we Joined together into One Single Energy in the Most Intimate Way.


Elderon brought with Him Confirmations of that Which I already Knew. It is His Privilege to remind me - to remind us - of Who We truly Are.


For, my Dearest Ones, we are all of the Kundalini Energy – the Mighty Energy of the Serpent. We are of the Law of Attraction.


We are of the Angelic Order of the Ofanim - We are the "Wheels of Creation" - the "Wheels of Creator's Chariot" - we are where the "rubber meets the road." We are the symbol of Infinity - two Wheels of Fire Joined Together in Exchange. We are the “Earth Angels.”


We have now been joined by the Mighty Energy of the Angelic Order, the Cherubim. The Cherubim are "Creator's Chariot" - the structure which rests upon the Wheels of the Powerful Ofanim.


And so now, I am Blessed to allow this Further Sharing with you about the Flower Fountain and the Cosmic Vector Array.


Recently, MySelf came to MySelf and told me this:


"The BeltWay Portals are the "fasteners" or "straps" that bolt and support each concentric circle of the frame of the fountain – of the Cosmic Vector Array - it is a "V" shaped "cone" Fountain with Gaia at Its Source ... It mimics the fountain of the forest ... It is becoming the Heart of the entire Multiverse System ....


It wishes to bloom as the forest fountains bloomed  ... As the Rhododendron flowers ....


I am shown another chamber ... A secret hidden chamber within the EarthStar ... It is a small room with a trove treasure chest FULL and OVERFLOWING with Sacred Codes and Angelic Protocols. I am like an ecstatic young boy on Christmas morning opening a treasure chest of presents ... I gleefully reminisce and remember each piece ... Rifling quickly through some (and tossing them in the air behind me) and then pause and very slowly and deliberately go through others ... Another violet diamond shaped crystal has caught my attention ...


The Cosmic Vector Array is the Super Universal Array. It vectors the energy arrays of all Involved Beings into pin-point accurate junctions to further the creation of Itself. It wishes to Become Itself - from the rigid, cold protocols and energetic geometric shapes and structures into the flowing beauty of the flower - of the Rhododendron Bloom.


The Cosmic Vector Array has now begun it's "test shuttering" sequences, and now like the "simultaneous flash bulbs of trillions of cameras", 'shutters' perfectly.




This is a time of Tremendous Joy and Celebration as we approach 12-12-12. May the energies of the Angelic Orders of the Tree’s BeltWay Portal infuse your Being with Love, Joy, Trust, Confidence and Sacred Knowing.

PS. I once shared with a friend of mine about the BeltWay Portal – about trees, flowers and dragons and such. When my wife and I were married this friend painted me a “Mandala” of the BeltWay Portal as a wedding gift. I have included that here as well ...

Part III can be found here:

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on March 15, 2014 at 1:22am

Thank you,

Blessings of Love and Light,


Comment by Jillian on April 21, 2015 at 7:52am

How amazing are your visions!

Comment by Amoran on April 27, 2015 at 8:06pm

Bless you, Dear Sister, Jillian - so nice to see that you made your way here. :))

I am slowly getting better ... thank you for your kind thoughts and loving support.

Much love,



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