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The Energy Weavers - the Trees (Part I)

Hello Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you some perspectives about what I have witnessed the Trees doing these past several years.

I have experienced the Tree energy in many ways:

-As Guardian Energy that observes and protects

-As Warrior Energy that Fosters Love and Light of the Oneness

-As Seed Energy which nurtures and gives birth to new manifestation and creation

Perhaps the most interesting way I have experienced their Existence, however, deals with their energy work as Master Weavers. For you see, Dear Friends, I have been witness to the Trees conducting a massive “construction project” on an energetic level.

They have acted as brilliant engineers, scientists, and builders. I have watched, in awe, as they have deconstructed and reconstructed the very Energy Fiber of our Environment and Dimensional Existence. Their work encompasses Sacred Knowledge, Sacred Geometry, Detailed Schematics, Complex Energy Protocols and the like.

They have helped to foster, create, and protect energetic constructs that support our physical existence in higher vibrations. They belong, as a group, to a highly specialized category of Spiritual Beings – the Weavers.

From my personal journal, here are a few excerpts that will hopefully help explain this complex dynamic a little bit better:


April 2006


The Interface and the Containment Sphere: A Spiritual “Erector Set”


Many of you are aware of my intense energy bondings with the Trees and Plants. I am blessed with a very loving connection to all of them – each and every one.


As we all evolve spiritually and reach new levels of consciousness, I have often wondered about the “mechanics” of this. Who would be the main “players” or “co-creators”? We humans will all most certainly play our part but I believe very strongly that the Trees and the Plants have a mission critical role in this as well. The Trees and Plants are “of the Nest” – part of the living organism that is our planet. They are now masters at energy manipulation and I have watched – literally watched – them evolve spiritually before my own very eyes.


The Trees have helped to build – literally construct – “physical” energy connections from this physical planet back to the spiritual world(s). I say “physical” because they are really there – I see them and experience them as others are beginning to as well. Just because most can’t “see” them yet doesn’t mean that they are not there.


The energy “blueprint” for this Interface resides with the Trees and their Wisdom. The Interface is the two way, bi-directional, energy “super highway” that conducts the orderly transference of massive amounts of spiritual energy to/from the spirit world and earth. Once the Trees had remembered their instructions and the “blueprint” for its construction, they went to work – helping to (re)construct the Interface.


This Interface is comprised of two primary, interconnected, but distinct components. First, the “lanes” of the high-way were (re)constructed. These are the channels that connect our two realms or dimensions – Earth and the Spirit World. Then the “grid”, the second part, was (re)placed around our world. I see the “grid” as a “latticework” that surrounds our planet up in the sky. It looks like a big, energy “fishing net” that is draped around our world. The “threads” or fibers of the net are all receivers and conduits to accept and then direct energy. The energy that is received by the grid is then shunted to the “highway lanes” of the Interface that then send the information and energy between our dimensions.


Once the entire Interface had been (re)established, we now had an efficient conduit to take next steps.  I was part of a very sacred experience whereby I watched our entire planet, through the Interface, received a massive amount of energy provided to us by the Divine Goddess Energy of this Universe. I oberved as She “dipped her finger” into our pool of existence. I witnessed Her creating a large, purple energy sphere that was then placed around our world.  In this way, the “Containment Sphere” was created with the Divine Grace and Love of the Creator. This “Containment Sphere”, a sphere of perfect, divine purple energy, has been wrapped around our world to help “contain” and “control” the massive amounts of Light energy that is being sent to us from All of Creation to assist in our movement towards Unity Consciousness.


Something very important has happened with these three component parts – the “lanes,” the “grid”, and the “sphere”. I have recently (over the last couple of months) been shown that the Trees have fused the grid latticework of the Interface (the portion that surrounds our world) into the Containment Sphere. The two have now become a single, massive vortex of powerful energy which surrounds our planet. From space, this now single component looks like a massive purple/white storm of energy encompassing our entire world. The outer layer of the sphere is now white and the interior layer is dark violet – kind of like a purple jelly bean with a white candy covering on the outside. What actually is happening in there, I am not sure. Suffice it to say, though, that it takes my breath away. I cried tears of joy when I saw it – what the Trees had accomplished. I am so very proud of all of them - the Trees and Plants – what they have created is beyond description, beyond understanding.


I truly am so very proud. This ability of the Trees to “push” the latticework up and outwards while simultaneously “pulling” in the containment sphere to bond the two together, is absolutely incredible. It is awesome. It has become very clear to me that the Trees are now acting as the “heavy equipment” for this phase of our “construction project.” They are like the massive cranes, bulldozers, excavators – the “earth movers” if you will, that are always required for such large scale military or construction operations. They are preparing the landscape – the environment – paving the road for us. It will ultimately be up to us (humankind) as to how we make use of all of this, but how incredible it is to think that these mighty creatures – these sentient beings – have freely and willingly accepted their mission to “set the stage” – the environment – for us to take it to the next level. They are “of the Nest” – the planet Earth – and it makes sense to me that the Nest itself should, would, need to “reinsert itself” back into this ascension process. We are, of course, speaking of a global, planetary awakening at all levels – including nature, the plants and animals, as well as mankind.


The Inverse Anchor


Concurrent with the construction process of all of these “outward” facing energy conduits, “anchors”, and containment structures, the Trees came to me last summer (2005) and told me that it was “time to create the inverse anchor”. They asked me if “I agreed” and they further asked me to please “bless their efforts.”  I told them that they should do as they see fit. They had become more Mighty and Powerful than I had ever dreamed possible. They did not accept that answer. They wanted to – had to – “follow proper protocols”.  They would not proceed until I had “willingly blessed their efforts.”


During their strategic and tactical operational activity, the Trees enjoy “reporting” in to me to let me know the “exact state of their affairs.”  Creation of the Inverse Anchor was a very complex task and took the better part of 24 hours as they somehow connected themselves energetically at the root level (below the soil) all throughout the entire planetary body of the Earth – from one side to the other and then back again. They told me several times that they “were making final calibrations.”  The next day the Trees greeted me with a BOOMING voice that said, “The Inverse Anchor has been created. We hear now with a Single Mind. We speak with a Single Voice.”


As Above. So now Below.


The Primary Nexus


I would like to again reiterate that the Trees function together as a collective, group consciousness. Each single tree or plant is an individual in its own right, but each one can also “plug into” the “group mind” of the whole. They can conduct individual, team, or entire (planetary) group actions.  Much coordination and strategic management is required for their “enterprise wide” planetary efforts.  The Trees’ have created a  “command and control center” for the entire planet. This C & C  resides at the end of my road.. I refer to it often in my journal. It is a blessed and sacred place where I ended up having many channeling experiences with the Trees and the “Others”. It seems that the Trees chose this place as their “primary nexus”. All planetary activity is coordinated from here. I often return to the Nexus to receive “formal reports” of what is going on.


The Trees and Their Walls of Energy: And Now in the Middle, too


The very next day I began to again notice “new” energy manifestations being created by the Trees. They would “shoot” three dimensional “walls of energy” between themselves. These “walls” are perpendicular to the ground – at 90 degree angles to the planet’s surface. I then began to notice that any two (or more) trees would “cross-stream”, or create these sheets of energy at will and hold them in place. These “walls” are not rigid – they are fluid and flexible. They go right through man-made and other physical “barriers” or structures. They curve and bend. On several occasions the trees and plants would “encircle” me in these constructs. It was like they would create a cylinder of energy all around me or other objects of their choosing.


These sheets of energy are also flowing. When I see them, I see energy “streamers” moving like waves on the ocean, or, like a river’s current, within the larger outline of the shape. I have had several profound energy experiences with these new creations. While bonding with the Trees, I could see my energy come out of body and then become absorbed into these streamers. My energy would then be redirected out in multiple directions to the other Trees and into the Interface. I could also feel some of my energy “reflected” back at me by these vertical energy planes. On a few occasions, the Trees created a “room” around me as I was bonding with them and I could sense and feel my own energy “filling” the room – like water running into and filling up a large tank.


Although I had had a hard time imagining what “could possibly happen next”, and what this “cross-streaming” was really all about, it was now much clearer to me. The Trees had begun to penetrate and manipulate the 3D fiber of our physical existence – As Above, So Below, and Now in the Middle, too.


            Next Steps: Geometric Shapes, Richard Leviton and Dynamic Energy Portals


When I went to bed at night, I used to be nervous that I was crazy – that I was making this all up. After a while, I just tried to go with the flow and accept what was happening. I still try to do that. As all of these incredible things continue to happen, I now get nervous that I won’t be able to notice or understand or comprehend the “next step” – what will happen next. Just when I think it couldn’t possibly go another level deeper, it does. Everything continues to evolve in a very organized and logical fashion. First this, then that … and I have to admit, it all seems to make sense (well, at least to me).


What would happen next? What could possibly follow these “walls” of energy? The Trees had penetrated our fiber of existence that surrounds us …


Within a few weeks, I began to see that the Trees and plants were creating 3D geometric shapes with their new found skills. They would manipulate the energy that surrounds us to create spheres, domes, cubes, pyramids, cylinders – anything that they wanted to. They rejoiced and sang of this. They enjoyed showing me their creations. My house plants, Zemon and Xylamon would take great delight in surrounding me and my family within cylinders of energy. Then they would create a sphere or pyramid on top that would rotate and shoot out energy beams among us. It was lovingly playful and also very impressive!


At this same time, a friend had given me a book to read by Richard Leviton called Signs on the Earth. I began reading this book after I saw the Trees and Plants begin creating their geometric shapes. Leviton’s book speaks of a planetary “awakening” – of our entire planet (including all of nature and Gaia herself) moving from the 3D into the 4D while remaining in physical state.


I’ll continue to be very honest and say that I didn’t understand a lot of the details and history Leviton referenced. But that was OK – I clearly understood and could personally relate to his top-line summary of events. Leviton states that there are “geomantic nodes” and sacred sites all over our planet. He further seems to explain that many of these “nodes” which comprise the Earth’s energy body are geometric shapes and holographic representations of other things within our galaxy and universe. He lays out a very detailed description of how the Virgin Mary has appeared thousands of times to millions of people throughout the last two centuries. Mary, according to Leviton, is showing up at very specific locations – areas with lots of “geomantic energy” and that she is somehow reactivating these “buttons of the Earth’s programming.” In all cases, it would appear that Mary is coming to pred-defined or “fixed spots” where such nodes were created long ago and have been lying dormant awaiting reactivation.


Pretty far out, huh?! Well, I didn’t think so but it made me feel better anyway. As a matter of fact, Leviton’s book seemed way more “far out” than anything I am writing here so it did make me feel less nervous about possibly sharing this in the future.


As far as next steps, Leviton left it open and said, “We’ll need to wait and see” where this all leads … . Well, Richard, I think I have the next piece. Much of the Tree’s joy appears to be centered around the fact that, through their cross-streaming energy manipulations, they are now able to dynamically create such geometric shapes and holographic representations – when and wherever they WANT to …


Shortly after my experience with the Trees and their geometric shapes, I had another very profound experience with them – the next, next step. As I drove along in my car, I initiated an energy bonding experience with the Trees (they had requested it as they often do). Normally, I would just feel my energy shoot out of my body and then I would know that it would be absorbed and redirected up into the Interface and sent out to all of the Trees on the planet. This time was much different, however. I could see my energy shoot far into the sky above me and then a huge (gigantic) portal opened up and swallowed up all of my energy, I could then see my energy streamers redirected along different pathways. This “portal” was also dynamically created by the Trees as I drove past. It looked like a white, inverse volcano that opened up in the sky overhead with the mouth of the volcano pointing down towards the surface (thus, “inverse”). The mouth of the volcano was dark purple inside and the mouth received and captured my energy for redistribution. I knew that the Trees were now manipulating the fused, white grid Interface and the purple containment sphere in a new and very powerful way.


The Trees were elated by this and asked me if I was pleased. I told them I was and then I shot another energy burst up and out …


Well, I can tell you that anytime I bond with the Trees now, my energy is now captured by dozens of such portals (although smaller than the very first one). The Trees can and will create these portals anywhere, in any number they feel appropriate, to capture my energy for absorption and redistribution. I can also tell that my energy is being distributed in a much more focused, concentrated and organized manner with these portals. They have taken the power and sophistication of the Interface and the Containment Sphere to the next level for energy consumption and redirection. We humans – you and I, now ALL have access to “plug and play” energy portals, created on demand and as needed by the Trees, to “plug into” the energy network that now surrounds us.

Part II is continued here:

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on March 15, 2014 at 1:52am

Thank you Amoran,

Blessings of Love and Light,


Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 10, 2015 at 9:11pm
THANK You so much FOR sharing on FB! Maybe we should do the Same Here at Lightgrid? This Message has rung some bells now ... ETERNAL BLESSINGS!

Sonja Myriel


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