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Well certainly a first for me anyway...

After the last several experiences I've had, I was very tired (still tired). All day yesterday following my 'Difficult Decision' meditation (previous post) I was over-the-top with energy. Way too much energy for my own comfort. I felt like I might explode there was so much, and it just makes me feel out of sorts, fidgety, and off balance. My head is spinning with all of this.

I thought, maybe I'm not grounded enough (probably), so I would work on that. Then I thought, maybe it's this new Shungite bracelet I'm wearing (doesn't seem to be the cause). Or maybe, I've just taken on too much, too fast (again).

When I went to bed, I asked the Pleiadian Council to do some work on my bodies and get caught up with the energetic changes. I immediately grounded and calmed down upon physical contact with my wife. She is a grounding agent for me.

I woke up in the middle of the night with the vision of flames rippling across scaled skin. It was close-up view without the context of a broader image. It was subtle and calm, but was very clearly flames and scales.

I realized at that point that multiple Dragons were filling me with Dragon Fire energy. I asked them to slow it down and apply their energy with grace and care because I couldn't handle it so fast. The over-energized feeling subsided a little immediately.

I connected to Grandfather Rainbow Dragon and asked him about this. I heard him repeat several times:

"You are the first. You are the first. You are the first."

I am the first what?

"You are the first expression of ONE to choose ascension from a human physical form, to a Dragon form."

This appears to be quite different from BEING a Dragon born from the void of creation. Maybe Luna, my Dragon aspect is not an aspect of myself that was ever incarnate as a distant past life. Maybe she is purely ethereal and energetic, and has been waiting for this moment, this probability, to manifest.

It seems there is great excitement not only in the Dragon realms, but Galactic and other realms too, as this unfolds. Maybe that is one reason why my Galactic family is involved in this along with the Fae realm. Maybe all aspects of myself are involved in it. Maybe this is why I was (and am) feeling some pressure about this 'decision.'

I am convinced that the Crystal Dragon egg from a previous vision IS the crystalline light body manifesting right NOW. I know that Luna is watching over this very carefully as are many Dragons. I want to just lay on the ground/floor of the ship and feel her forming. It brings tears to my eyes just to think about it.

I don't at all think that I am the only one who will or is making this choice. There are likely many others, but I also feel the numbers will be small compared to the number of people ascending to a more human/angelic form.

These latest experiences are changing the way I am viewing ascension and the changes I see around us. It is getting 'more real' and if I let my human mind run wild, I would even say it's a little scary. The change is so dramatic, so epic, and so permanent. Change, especially when you can see it coming, brings with it some trepidation coupled with uncertainty. Even when the changes are awesome and wonderful, I have to remind myself of how long we have created and planned for this moment that is upon us.

It is the trepidation and 'reality' setting in that makes me want to put on the brakes and slow it all down. I'm not sure that is even possible at this point anyway. With these new revelations, it feels like the bullet train just shifted into high gear, and the brakes were disconnected.

If this were a movie, we would be just about at the top of the build-up to the crescendo, the finale' for the whole experience.

This is what we have been creating, not only for ourselves and humanity, but for all of creation.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 27, 2014 at 8:27pm

A new aspect has just been shown to me while reading your words here, Paul ... one that you have probably pondered yourself for quite a while already, which is that of the "physicality" of this new light body ... of course, as the name implies, it is a LIGHT body ... and yet, for Luna it seems to be much more dense than ANYTHING she is accustomed to! This buidling of the Light body reminds me som uch of AVATAR now, too, this movie ... when in the beginning you see the body float in the tank ... until it is filled with CONSCIOUSNESS ... this seems to be going on now, the creation of such an AVATAR dragon body which you will inahbit as/with Luna ... for you it is pure LIGHT Body - for her it is TAKING FORM ...

What I feel is PEACE and LOVE and great JOY ... a little excitement, too, but nothing to worry about, Paul. TRUST the process you have chosen - and enJOY :-) It has truly BEGUN!!! 

MyAngel self is singing, my dragon self fully BLESSED, my cetacean descendence is jubilating and my feline self congratulating you for the brave choice you have made! Bird self is joining dragon self as ONE ... all aspects MELTING ... crystalline beingness .... pure LIGHT wisdom LOVE ... and so it IS!!!

Blessed BE, beloved Everian Luna Paul ...

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Paul Lange on November 27, 2014 at 8:57pm

Thank you, I have been pondering such things. I feel that in 5D, it is quite physical, just not so dense as we are accustomed to. The further rarified realms, not so much.

I did see myself passing through a stargate with the number 12 on it. I feel like taking on Dragon form as a primary expression of ONE is also passing into and beyond the 12th. I don't really know what that means from my human perspective, but I believe it means an interesting role in creatorship. I am very confident that as a Dragon, it will allow 'easy' passage through dimensions as well, so time in 5D is certainly part of the plan, and part of what I look forward to as well.

I will have to watch Avatar again, I love that movie, even though they had to add all the human conflict into it.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 27, 2014 at 11:49pm

I'm sure you will be pretty everywhere at once, lol! And yes, this war and conflict crap is overdone in Avatar movie - but the essence is essential :-)


Sonja Myriel


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