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I've tried to rest, and I am much more rested than I was earlier this week, but sometimes things happen and an adventure is called for.

I told a friend I was headed into the Void and would meet them there, and just see what would happen. I certainly didn't know what would happen, and that's what makes it an adventure.

As soon as I started meditating in the hot tub, I had three Dragon's peering over the edge of the tub. I was sitting in one corner. Across from me was Gaia Sophia's Golden Dragon. To her right (my left) was Obsidian, and to her left, was Arak's Dragon, whom I called a Lava Dragon (from my Maldec adventure). They were just patiently waiting.

I connected with Gaia Sophia, while the three Dragons were gently filling me with Dragon Fire energy. I had asked for the Dragons to slow down earlier in the week, which they did, and this was more subtle energy work I suppose, even though it did take my breath away a little when I would breath it deep within.

I asked for the other guides to come in and the Archangels and Ascended Masters appeared. I had to laugh when I saw Sananda with his golden flames of unconditional love sitting directly below the Golden Dragon and St. Germain with his Violet Flame sitting below Obsidian with his purple flames. They all looked quite content, but they did look quite small with the Dragons behind them.

The Archangels, including myself were contributing energy and I then quickly acknowledged aspects of myself.

I opened the Faery and Dragon portals and many of both streamed through. I knew these many Dragons were going to participate in our adventure somehow.

Luna, my Dragon aspect wasn't present, and I knew she was on Helios Lightship One, so I connected with the ship and went there immediately through the ascension portal, and the three Dragons came along too. It's always quite nice ascending through the portal as I just float upward completely relaxed.

What I saw on the ship was the 'new' Dragon Light Body curled up in a large nest of sorts. Kind of like a birds nest, but not just made of sticks and twigs. Embedded in her chest was the crystal Dragon egg. It was, or at least appeared to be, the heart of my Dragon Body, and was moving into position inside of her. The body had some light iridescent flames radiating off and throughout her.

Luna was there looking on with care, and I wanted to get into the new light body. I merged with Luna to be my ethereal Dragon self and I moved closer in to touch her. I was told it's too soon to touch or interact and not to do so. I backed off and just quietly laid down near her, feeling the heartbeat of energy. It was very calm, soothing, and wonderful.

I don't know if it was a pride thing or a protective thing, but I felt the Dragons all becoming larger, and we were told not to get too large for the space available in the ship... It's a huge open space, so I found it kind of funny, but soon after, we decided to continue the adventure off of the ship.

We 'dropped' through the bottom of the ship into space, formed into individual merkaba energy fields, and took off toward the center of the galaxy.

Dragons can go REALLY fast. I know instant travel is pretty normal, or at least has happened many times, but this time, we just accelerated and became kind of like angular energy fields. Almost like an energetic arrow without the fletching. I saw a Stargate up ahead with a 12 on it, and we passed through it.

Upon passing through, I saw a giant golden tornado, like the time spiral I've used to clear past lives. We each descended into the tornado of golden light and I landed at the bottom where the eternal flame burns and I stepped through the doorway into The Void.

The Void is a place of creation, where Dragons and universes are formed. When I entered The Void, my form became a collection of celestial bodies spiraling/spinning around myself as a sun. As other Dragons came in, they did similar transformations.

Very soon after this image, the void turned into a beautiful non-Earth tropical beach at sunset.


I, as Luna, was sitting on the beach, not far from the water, and some friends Dragon's were sitting with me in a line (an electrical Dragon I'll call Electra, and a Dragon with a Unicorn style horn and a hairy mane I'll call Uni-D. There may have been some other friend's Dragons with us as well, I'm not sure. Behind us were the Golden Dragon, Obsidian, and the Lava Dragon, and then further back and to our sides were hundreds of other Dragons looking on, sitting on hills and rocks.

The sky was filled with pinks and purples, there was at least one, maybe two moons, and the water was a brilliant blue-green, luminous in the darkening light of the sunset. Some clouds were drifting by as well, and the water was framed by palm trees on either end of the beach.

It felt like we were new initiates in Dragon society being welcomed in a special Dragon event.

Out of the water rose a super-huge three-headed Hydra (upper body, not full body).


Clearly this Hydra didn't wear hats, glasses, or smoke a pipe, but the attached image was the only non-scary hydra image I could find...

Anyway, this behemoth began to give us a speech. Unfortunately, I can't remember all of it, or the specific details. Darn it...

But the gist of it was this. We all had choices to make, and options for those choices. He pointed me out as having made my choice, and kind of made a big deal out of it (it was my adventure after all...). He said that as a Dragon, we would be creating new universes, or galaxies, complete with all the celestial star dust that makes universes possible. He said we can look at it from the big picture view as the whole enchilada, or at any given NOW moment, interact within the minutia of the details. He also said that we wouldn't be doing it alone, that our many aspects of self would be either merging with us, or accompanying along to fulfill many different roles. He implied this was part of the ascension into new experiences and roles/responsibilities.

I wish I could remember more of the speech, but at it's conclusion, he lifted fully out of the water, and took off away from us disappearing in a flash of light. When he 'flashed-out,' the beach disappeared and we were back to the void, and where he had been, was now a scattering of galaxies.

It was time to head back, so we passed back through the doorway, up the golden tornado, and back through the Stargate. We came out of 'warp speed' just as Gaia was coming into view and flew directly into inner Earth.

We went to my favorite Agarthan spot next to the beautiful waterfall temple and pond where Archangel Michael gave me my iridescent flaming sword. I wondered if me as a Dragon would have a flaming sword or not, or if my Archangel self would be the only one with this sword. The strange and ridiculous thoughts we as humans have... I figured as a creator, I can have a big flaming sword if I want to.

I saw Nina the Unicorn walk up and she was lamenting that she didn't go on the Dragon adventure with us, and seemed to feel kind of left out. I don't know if this is something Unicorns would feel, or if I was imprinting this idea onto her and her human self as my wife, but I transformed into Archangel Everian, and spread my wings around her and just loved her as much as I could. We just sat together for a long time and admired the scenery.

My time in the hot tub was coming to an end soon, so I made one last trip to HL1 to visit my new Dragon Light Body, and Luna stayed there while I returned to the hot tub.

In the hot tub I did some energy work with a friend and then ended my meditation time.

It was a nice adventure that I greatly enjoyed.

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Comment by Carol Richardson on February 24, 2015 at 7:08am

Who needs to book a trip, thank you for sharing this beautiful insightful adventure. I can only imagine and I hope one day that I can experience adventure's like this one someday. Thank you for taking us back to what we can do. You made my day. 


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