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Hall of mirrors, Petrin Hill, Prague. 1998

After I read a post by Mamafoo The Lightworker, I decided to help by trying to use the Ancestral Healing techniques I learned a week ago.

I reconnected with the ancestral guides I used before, and asked to find the ancestor whom started the predominant forms of fear in our DNA. We raced backward in time and before long were face to face with an old reptilian sitting on a throne of sorts. When we got there, he laughed in my face. I thought to myself, how do I explain to this being that this being is negatively affecting descendants and that he can heal himself by passing through the golden door into the light? I didn't think this was going to work that way...  This was no true family ancestor, but an DNA modifier, a false family member, but still part of the DNA chain. I asked him if he was the start of fear being built into our nature. He didn't admit anything.

Thankfully, I didn't feel fear being there, and maybe having already met a reptilian past life of mine made a big difference in that. Maybe I was well suited for this mission because of that. Anyway, I asked for the Archangels to come to my aid, and they instantly appeared around me. He laughed in my face again! I thought, he's an arrogant one...

Unlike in past experiences I didn't want to "blast him" with light. I wanted to see how he would react to placing light within him. I honestly felt some compassion, for I knew he was no longer in control and was facing his own ending of sorts. I tested the water of shining light within him, and he didn't flinch or show any indication of discomfort. I got the feeling that he was not unfamiliar with light. He said:

"I/we are done here anyway, so I may as well flip this switch hidden inside of you which creates fear and facilitates submission/subjugation." He flicked his claw inside my chest "flipping a switch" in my DNA.

We filled him with light and love, and he faded away from my presence.

I saw the wave of Golden Wave of light start traveling down the line of ancestors, but in this case it went in all directions, branching out to all families, not just what I think of as my own ancestors. The DNA that was affected was global, not in just one branch, so the Golden Wave went through all family trees. As it rolled along, it healed the DNA of each ancestor and eventually reached me and continued on to my descendants, then eased into a peaceful flow calmly back to me, and everyone else in this NOW moment..

Then I fell asleep and started dreaming.

In my dream, I was living in a house with many other people. I was trying to sleep in a sleeping bag in what appeared to be the living room. The house was dark and dirty and there were a lot of us crammed in there. The other people were friends I have had during my career over the years.

I was hungry, but I had no food, so I tried to go to sleep. I couldn't sleep.

One of my friends asked me very pointedly if I was okay. He did it in a way that implied I probably wasn't. At one point he put his arm around me to console me, and I noticed he had really bad B.O.

I got up to see if I could find any food anywhere in the kitchen. It was a total pit with a mess everywhere I looked. I opened the refrigerator, and there was almost nothing in it, and it seemed to be broken and unusable. Still no food, and certainly no food that belonged to me.

I went back to my sleeping back, but now the friend that had consoled me, had taken my sleeping bag. Now I had no food, and no bed.

(This appears to be an illustration of lack and feeling helpless to break out if it.)

I laid down in-between two people in sleeping bags and tried to sleep again, but it was like I was laying on rocks and couldn't get comfortable.

I got up again and another friend had a plate of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I asked him if I could have one, that I would buy him more when I could. He said sure, I can have one. This was the first good event in the dream so far.

I walked outside of the house into the back yard. Someone had told me the owner wanted to get horses in the back. It was beautifully landscaped with a small pond and manicured lawns. It appeared that the house was a condo of sorts and there was no way a horse was possible as there was no fencing, or enough room. What was striking was how nice it was out there, when inside the house it was nightmarish. I thought how nice it must be for the people that had the bedrooms to themselves and had food to eat.

(The house appears to be a metaphor of the illusion and being trapped with it, while the outside is the freedom and beauty awaiting us.)

I went back inside and was now holding a sandwich. I took a couple of bites and headed back to the kitchen. As I was holding the sandwich, I felt it move, then move again. It had a heartbeat and I was aghast that I had been eating it when something in it was alive. I looked into the sandwich and it appeared to be a baby bird or chick. Not only was it a baby bird, but it was growing very quickly and had no feathers.

I got it out of the sandwich and it kept biting my finger as it grew larger. It eventually became the size of a large parrot, but never did grow any feathers. I asked if it could talk, and it started doing so, but I can't remember it saying anything that made any sense.

(The bird is likely my Dragon self being reborn, being freed from the all consuming illusion.)

I was now standing in a room, or a portion of the living room with several other people, including my mother. I realized that I couldn't remember how I ended up at this house, or what I had done in the last several months, or even years.

(More about the illusion and the veil of forgetfulness we have all struggled with.)

Someone was asking questions and when they asked a certain question, which I cannot recall, people started falling forward in a face plant onto the floor. I fell forward seconds later.

(Paralysis, may be from fear, or a feeling of being controlled.)

As I lay there, unable to move, I started seeing visions of weird things that seemed disjointed and meaningless, except that I know they had meaning. I would see flashes of people, hunger, food, anger, fear, mixed in with things like bake ware, bowls, containers, things that hold other things.

(The fear and images associated with that seem obvious, but the containers may represent separation from one, as the containers and compartmentalization many ways to separate into individual things.)

I was mostly awake by now and I was asking for help to understand what I was seeing, and where to go from there. The imagery would just keep cycling without any good answers. I ended up getting up to use the bathroom, and then went back to bed determined to try and figure it out. I tried the Violet Flame on the images to no avail. I asked Archangel Michael for answers and didn't get any.

I wasn't feeling fearful at all. There were no tears in any of the dream or aftermath. It just wasn't making much sense to me, other than the fact that I needed to address something.

I then saw a huge dragon head attached to a serpent like body form in the sky above me (no longer in the dream BTW or the house in the dream) and he was undulating toward me. It was so large I couldn't see the full body, just the head and neck.

He said, "You are seeking answers. The Truth."

Me: "I am, can you help me find what is buried so deeply?"

Dragon: "I can, but you must to ask the right questions."

Me: "Why are you here to help me when I already asked Archangel Michael and couldn't find the answers?"

Dragon: "The answers are within you. The right questions have not been asked yet."

Me: "Why can't I see past the point where I fall on my face, and why are several people falling at the same time?"

Dragon: "You are afraid that it's too painful to face this truth. More fears it seems, but are these fears founded in truth, or just fears?"

Me: "How do I get past the illusions of what is fear and what is not?"

Dragon: "Now you are getting into the spirit of good questions... Once you understand that the fears are illusions, then it become much easier to move past them, dissolve them, and understand the truth. Now stand yourself back up and face it again?" (A reference to being face down in the dream...)

Me: "It appears to me that I have a deep belief that I cannot earn money, can't get enough money to have food, can't find work, can't be comfortable, can't, can't, and CAN'T. Is this why I am the people I am with keep telling me we don't have money, can't do this, and can't do that?"

Dragon: "Yes, your inner and deep beliefs are mirrored in your human experience."

Me: "Why is it that I've been able to make good money, and have a successful career then?"

Dragon: "You believe that if you toil like a slave you can earn money. You do not believe you can have money if you are doing something outisde of the career-slave system."

Me: "What is the best way to end this cycle, which seems to have been going on for a very long time?"

Dragon: "It has been going on since 'the fall' and this dream and our conversation is happening because of the ancestral healing you did tonight. It is time to realize that the controls which cause fear, and which perpetuate old belief patterns, are now dissolving. This is happening on a global scale, and the work you and many others are doing is clearing this old pattern. The veil of confusion, which has helped trap you and everyone else, is lifting. You asked Archangel Michael for this veil to be lifted again tonight, as you have done many times before. It as been dissolving for some time, but is so thin now that you can now see the illusions that you've been carrying around within you."

Me: "Is it as simple as acknowledging that these beliefs are illusions in order to let them go?"

Dragon: "Ultimately, yes, but you harbor other beliefs which make you think you should do some ceremony to visualize the change. Feel free to do this if you must, but you will realize that as a creator, no such ceremony is necessary. Embracing your creator-self is all that is necessary, and then of course, create what you truly desire."

Me: "Thank you for answering my questions and having patience with me as I tried to capture this for other people as well."

Dragon: "I AM always at your service. As a part of you, I am not hard to find..."

Okay, back to bed to get a little more sleep (it's 5:00 AM at the moment).

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Comment by Beloved Sue on November 30, 2014 at 11:55pm
This was so touching for me Paul. I knew a while ago our paths would intertwine for the name Obsidian is the name of my twin flame.. As is your dragon, draconian self.. When I seen the email pop up with this article you have written, I knew there would be a dragon come to you. It touches my heart in many dimensions that you reached out and the work your doing is phenomenal... I want to thank you... Obsidian thanks you but I believe you two know each other very well... From the past!!!! There are no coincidences... Thank you Ancient brother!!!
Comment by Paul Lange on December 1, 2014 at 12:56am

The pleasure is all mine. :)

Obsidian is the first Dragon I met in this lifetime, and it is a name we agreed to in lieu of his actual name. He does seem a twin flame to my Dragon self Luna (also a nickname). Both are awesome. :)


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