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My morning meditation started very nicely. It was foggy and misty outside, with a constant Northwest drizzle falling. It was actually quite nice and offered a magical backdrop as the trees disappeared into the mist.

As I was relaxing and letting the hot tub jets loosen up my stick neck, I watched 7 doves land in the tree directly across from me (I counted them...).


They were mostly in silhouette but I assume they were grey in color, like most of the doves I see in our area.

I connected to them and asked if we could talk for a bit. They said they came to talk about peace and love (not a surprise with doves huh?). They said we are on the very precipice of experiencing peace on Earth.

I asked them why they came to me this morning in particular, and they said they knew I would share their message with others. I thanked them and they reiterated the same message to me.

After awhile they departed one, then a few more, until all of them were gone.

After my recent experience with Commander Arryn, and the whole idea of him being a temporary walk-in, I started by spending time with him and the energy he brings to us. I intended to just soak in his energy and let it permeate my body for awhile, which we did. In my mind's eye, I could see a small ship above the trees, just at the edge of the mist. I really focused on it, and released myself to be as fifth dimensional as I could be at that moment in my body. When I opened my eyes, I didn't see it physically. When I closed my eyes, I could see it. Again I got the message that it wasn't time yet to appear near my home. Maybe I have too many neighbors with guns (lots of hunters...), I don't know.

We connected with Helios Lightship One and we went to the ship and walked around it a bit. We walked through corridors and every crew member that walked by greeted Arryn with a smile. We went to the 'bridge' and looking out the windows, there were thousands of ships in view. Arryn said they are preparing for the moment when they will show themselves. There were ships in every direction I looked, and were of different shapes and sizes, and various energy signatures.

We appeared in some council meetings and listened in briefly as they 'talked' about missions and preparations. I asked about the tribunals and was told that there aren't any tribunals right now.

We returned to the awareness of the hot tub and I acknowledged the other aspects of myself, the archangels, faeries, dragons, etc. I was now intent on straight up energy work and anchoring the energy through my body to Gaia.

When I added Arak to the mix, he (us) and Goddess Sophia embraced and started slowly rotating about the hot tub. As we rotated, the hot tub awareness went away, and we were rotating around the core of Gaia. This slowly transformed into rotating around the outside of Gaia and then expanded out to rotating around the Sun (Helios) as planets. I could see and feel the energy from Helios beaming into me as a planet (Maldec)and it was like I was still holding hands with Goddess Sophia, being Gaia as a planet. It was a very big and slow motion feeling. Time basically stands still in that space.

Then, back to the hot tub awareness, and anchoring energy.

As the energy increased, I was thinking about the recent clearings I've had (see previous posts). I asked for the angels to remove my burdens, and I asked for Sananda to fill me with unconditional love, and for St. Germain to go through every aspect of myself with his Violet Flame. I asked the archangels to fill me with their energy. There was a dense shadow near my heart, and a fearful self hiding there. I encouraged it to come out of me as I held his hand. With my guides and mentors looking on, I slowly filled him with love and he transformed into myself as a teenager/young man. This was an aspect of the negative parts of myself that I had buried away to forget about. An aspect of myself that was before being a walk-in, after my sister died. It was all the things I didn't like or love about myself from then, hiding within. I set this part of myself free with unconditional love and great support from all aspects of myself. I don't know if this is the last of shadows hiding within me, but it felt good to set myself free.

As I sat there enjoying this feeling, I remembered the ascension portal I opened some time ago. I am my own ascension portal in my heart, but I also have one above the hot tub. As the energy flowed, I ascended through the portal and rose to the ship 'Helios Lightship One.' I kind of 'popped up' into a very large area of the ship were many were gathered. I wasn't a party, or a special event per se, but it did seem I was expected.

Someone was talking to me, but it wasn't clear whom. Maybe it was ONE and not a voice from an individual being. I was told it wasn't quite time for me to ascend yet (physically) and was asked what aspect of myself I would be ascending to. For whatever reason I had assumed I would be ascending into a higher dimensional version of my physical self, essentially human in form. Now I am being asked if I want to be an Archangel, or a Dragon, or something else.

I answered with a question. "Do I have to  make a choice right now?"

The answer was that I don't need to choose now, but that it would be beneficial if I did, and that the most likely choices would be Archangel or Dragon form.

I asked if I could change later, if I decided now, and the answer of course is that being a multidimensional being, I can always change, BUT, as an individual expression of ONE, I would have a default expression of sorts.

I tend to rail against rules a bit, and this smacked of too many rules for me, but I was willing to play along a bit.

I really thought about this for a long time. I have had many amazing experiences as a Dragon, and they are celestial beings born from the void and creators of realities. I have also had incredible experiences as Archangel Everian as well as those few instances where I was one with Arak, Twin Flame with Goddess Sophia. I know I have been around the galactic block many times as part of the Galactic Federation, and that is an exciting experience as well.

This was an unexpected question...

I consulted with Archangel Michael, Commander Arryn, and Luna. This seemed like a very difficult decision to make. Each of my guides said the same thing, "There is no wrong or bad decision." I vacillated and thought about what would happen if I picked Dragon. Would I appear to my friends and family as a Dragon? Would they be fearful of me or somehow not understand who I AM?

The message came back, "Don't let fear decide for you, when you ascend, nobody will doubt the love that you emanate from your being."

With that I made a choice. I AM Dragon. I know that this is a very strong part of who I am and is an evolution from what I have focused on being. I also know that as a Dragon, I can shapeshift into ANY form as needed or desired.

Now it just feels like cheating to be a Dragon... ;)

I was now asked to look into the large area where I popped into the ship. I saw the ethereal outlines of a large Dragon, Luna. Her/my light body being created in this space for when it is 'time' to actually use it.

I was told that this is why I was asked to make a choice, so that this process of building/creating this light body could commence. I wonder if the Crystal Dragon Egg I received as a gift in the Fae world is part of this birthing as well... I'm pretty sure it is.

Heavenly Dragon

This feels huge to me. It seems too sci-fi and far out. It seems outside the bounds of possibility! When only thinking of ascension in human terms, it is unbelievable. Hell most people don't know what ascension is and that sounds crazy.

But in my opinion, ultimately there are no rules. Maybe ascending as a human or Galactic was too limiting of an idea.

I think my mind is going to explode just thinking about this.

When my awareness returned to the hot tub, I was just laying there relaxing and coming back to my humanness. Several Finches (small songbirds) swooped in from nowhere and landed in the tree closest to the tub (they never come here, and prefer to hang out at my Mother's house were there is birdseed). Two of them flew toward me onto the deck with one in particular only a couple of feet from me.

I greeted them and welcomed them to my space. I put out my hand fully expecting it might land on my finger.

They said, "You have made a good choice. We are Dragon's too, just like your friend Amoran said." With that, they were off.

There are only a few people I know of right now that are strongly in the Dragon world. I wonder if they will make the same choice and if will be a difficult choice for them.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 27, 2014 at 8:13pm

This blog has touched me deeply, dear brother ... it reveals some astounding new possibilities of ascension, ones I have never even thought about before ... but so heartfelt LOGICAL, lol! Of course, as we are multidimensional beings, we need not choose to maintain our human form when we cross over to the magical realms of Beingness ... much to think about here! I suppose that I, for my part, am simply LIGHT - no form at all, lol! And yet, all forms, of course! But the abstract is where I am bound to ... and where I come from ... instant knowing rather than visions ... which is not always easy, though, lol! Because before you know - you don't know you know, hahahaha!

Sending you a huge light filled hug, beloved brother - sister Luna Everian,

Sonja Myriel RAouine

Comment by Paul Lange on November 27, 2014 at 9:06pm

I have to wonder what others will think and say when asked the same question. Or will everyone be asked this question? Maybe it is clear what form they will ascend to and no questions need be asked.

I did have the option to return to ONE as well, but I felt, and still do feel, that having an individual expression is a wonderful state of being that contributes unique experiences to Oneness. I'm no longer asleep, so being One with ONE, won't be lost. It can't be...

Comment by Myriel RAouine on November 27, 2014 at 11:52pm

I agree, dear Everian, our unique expression of individuality merged in UNITY consciousness  is one of the most exquisite things we can imagine - and most probably the reason why we have come here, I suppose :-)

Lightgrid LOVE and BLESSINGS,

Sonja Myriel


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