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I wrote this last night, but needed more time to do an edit pass and break it into multiple posts...

I wanted to meditate and stare into space tonight. It was perfectly clear, VERY cold, and the stars are bright. I could even see the Pleiades which have been too far east all Summer and thus blocked by the house when in the hot tub, but they were peaking out over the roof so I stared at them for quite awhile. One of those "longing for home" kind of stares.

As I began my centering, I focused on Gaia Sophia. I wanted to talk to my guides tonight, not sit in silence anchoring energy, but really talk and discuss.

As I connected to Gaia Sophia, and Goddess Sophia came into my view, I asked if I could talk with her.

Me: "Goddess Sophia, I love you so much. You are always here, ready to support me. (Suddenly feeling very emotional) I don't even know what to say or ask, you are so spectacular, so big and so full of the universe."

Goddess Sophia: "How do you think I see you? Remember I said that when I look at you, I see ALL of you, not only your physical body. You are spectacular, and every bit as big as I am. Besides I am part of you are you are part of me. You know how it works."

Me: "It just get's overwhelming sometimes, there is so much and the universe in it's infinite vastness is a lot."

Goddess Sophia: You are doing very well, you have merged with your God Head Arak, and he is every bit as "big" as you perceive me to be. We are one of course, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine ultimately merged into one. You/he has been with me from the very beginning, creating and experiencing."

Me: "Could I merge with Arak right now and continue this conversation and see what that is like?"

Goddess Sophia: "Of course."

I asked to anchor Arak into physical and merged together.

Arak: "This is different being anchored in physical, experiencing "lower" dimensionality in a conversation with Goddess Sophia in a "higher" dimensional frequency... It is helpful to understand in some ways how this feels frustrating for you when feeling separate."

Me: "It can be frustrating, but it is getting easier and better."

Arak: "Let us raise frequencies while remaining anchored and get closer into focus with Goddess Sophia."

Together we raised frequencies to match. We stared into Goddess Sophia's eyes and they were as deep as the universe. I opened my physical eyes and stared into the starscape then closed them again and looked into her eyes.

Arak/me and Goddess Sophia embraced and swayed gently under the stars. I could feel Arak's Eagle features and see these features being mirrored in Goddess Sophia as well.

I asked if we could go on an adventure together, just the "three" of us... As we made to take off and see what adventure would develop, I found myself not yet ready to depart. It felt like I needed to finish my centering and that the other aspects of myself wanted to be acknowledged. I quickly acknowledge each aspect of myself and the energy I am so familiar with started humming along.

At this time I opened, or at least acknowledged the Faery and Dragon portals and of course many streamed through from both.

One of the Dragons that came through was a new one. It was ethereal and looked like black smoke in the form of a Dragon. He was hovering over the edge of the hot tub.


Arak: "This is my Dragon, he is part of me."

Me: "I thought Luna was "our Dragon" as part of our overall self."

Arak: Our overall self is far more extensive than the few aspects of us that you primarily focus on. Just as Goddess Sophia has a Golden Dragon that is part of Gaia directly, so I have a Dragon that is participating in the re-creation and manifestation of Maldec."

Smoke Dragon: "I am appearing to you as a transitional form, indicative of the transitional form of Maldec. While in the infinite NOW Maldec is also in complete 5th dimensional form, we are inviting you to experience Maldec in formation, ethereal like me, being born in the fires of creation."

Smoke Dragon: "I know you would like to merge with my energy, but it is not advisable right now in this form. I am wilder and hotter than you should deal with at this stage."

Me: "Okay, I'll heed your recommendation. :) "

Arak's Smoke Dragon transforms into a "Lava Dragon."

Lava Dragon: "If people were to see me in this form, I would strike fear into their hearts, but this is another form I have as Maldec forms into physical."


Not quite as scary as the "lava dragon" image, but impressive none-the-less...

Lava Dragon: "Shall we go?"

Arak: "Goddess Sophia, will you come along on this adventure?"

Goddess Sophia: "We (including her Golden Dragon), should stay here as we are in a major transition this moment."

Me: "Give me a moment to become "Luna."

I transformed my focus to become Luna and we departed with Obsidian and many other Dragons that came through the portal.

We careened out into space following Arak and this Lava Dragon. As we were leaving, Goddess Sophia and her Golden Dragon flew up beside us.

Goddess Sophia: "If you will come back with me to Gaia and help me with her, I want to go with you to Maldec."

With that I was now following both Dragons and Goddess Sophia and God Arak flying in formation through space. That is pretty darn cool...!

We arrived at what looked like an unformed planet.


Lava Dragon transformed back into his Smoke Dragon and flew into the center of the forming planet.

Smoke Dragon: "All of the dragons present, please join me around Maldec's core and breath your Dragon Fire into it. Ignite it with your many and varied energies, offer the diversity and depth of  your being to the life blood of Maldec."

With that all of the dragons, including me, started breathing fire into the core. As we breathed fire, the core became more solid as a crystal, glowing hot in flames and lava-like images. As this flame and core grew, the outer crust started to solidify and grow into the form of a planet.

As the dragons worked, I floated along side Arak. Many more Gods and Goddesses arrived to watch. Arak and Goddess Sophia moved closer to Maldec and all of the Gods and Goddesses present linked arms around the planet in a network of energy.

As Maldec grew into form, the Smoke Dragon changed forms along with it. He transformed into the flaming Lava Dragon, then into a more traditional Fire Dragon (although not menacing like the fire dragon image). When Goddess Sophia's Golden Dragon and the Lava/Fire Dragon merged at the planet's core, they became this molten Golden Dragon, and this molten gold became part of the crystal structure of the planet.


Arak: "In the NOW moment Maldec is also in a pristine, fully formed 5th dimensional being. What you have been shown is what you could "think" of as "earlier" in creation, but it is all NOW."

With that he showed me Maldec as Gaia's twin, with blue and green, and glowing with light. His Dragon was different as well, with changing colors mirroring the beautiful planet below.

Goddess Sophia: "Shall we go back to Gaia now?"

And so we did, with an armada of Dragons. I watched as Goddess Sophia and Arak flew side by side, fingers touching, just as their two Dragons were doing the same, wingtip to wingtip.

My focus became as Arak and as we approach Gaia, we held each other and spiraled to the atmosphere like two eagles with locked talons.

Eagle Spiral

When we arrived at Gaia, I was still flying behind the two lead Dragons (as Luna) and we were streaking across the night sky over the landscape of Gaia. We were leaving a wake of golden light and "dust" behind the two of them. It was being layed across the landscape flying at breakneck speed just a couple thousand feet above the surface. We were sort of "crop dusting" Gaia with gold and it was falling over the entire surface. We would circle Gaia over and over again laying this swath of gold.

I opened my physical eyes and imagined this formation of Dragons flying over my house, wishing I could see it in physical, but knowing it was not quite visible that way. I closed my eyes again, and continued the adventure!

As this formation of Dragons passed over the ley lines and meridians of Gaia, they would fill with rivers of gold. It was like this golden swath was just sinking into Gaia and coating everything. The trees were starting to shine like gold. Very beautiful.

After doing this for quite awhile, we stopped and the two Dragons landed on Mount Everest. They are so large, the mountain seemed small. There we watched the Sun rise over the mountain scape. After a few moments, the Golden Dragon separated and returned to Agartha and Gaia's crystal core. Arak's Dragon (not sure what to call him at this point) now returned to Maldec.

Now it was back to me in my hot tub. The energy of being merged with my larger self was still humming, and I was still in the mood to talk... More about that in my next post.

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