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June 2019 Blog Posts (62)

A Shift in Perspectives

A shift in perspectives

The moment you change your perspective

New opportunities will reveal themselves. 

It calls for an open mind and open heart

In order to be ready to shift.

What does it take to get you out of a stuck situation?

It requires a loving approach to the situation.

You need to be gentle with yourself

In order to change old habits.

Yet first comes the realisation it doesn't work,

the way you…


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I need to wait for the invite

Someone told me years ago.

If you step into a situation

Without been invited,

You most likely will rub

Against the wrong way.

Freely given invite

Is a door way, a gate

So to speak.

It allows me to enter

Into the Heart of the Matter

And to listen as well to reply

Because of the confirmation

And willingness that came with it.

I invite you into my…


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How to create your own inner healing Spa

How to create your own inner healing Spa
Inviting as it may seams to visit a spa to get into a medicinal bath, it always demands a journey to get there. It also involves a lot of mingling with other people as well. Lots of people are drawn into the experience or the believe this visit will improve their health. It often comes…

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EARN YOUR WAY TO YOUR DESTINATION OF CHOICE:- You don’t care, for the most part, how you get from where you are to where you want to be, as long as it is all nice and legal and no one gets hurt. For the most past, you don’t care, but in some cases you do. In some cases you want to get to a particular place in a particular way, because if you get there in that way, then you can take all of the credit for your creation. You can tell the tale of how you got there, how you persevered, how you…


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What is Love?

What is Love?

Need someone to make you feel special?

To take care of you when you're feeling down, or just accepted for who you are. Is it a mirroring of your own self-esteem, you're own self-love and value. Is it always inside out reflection?

All the more reason to work on Self-Love, although Love isn't something you should have to work for. The way you Love your Self will be reflected in the person…


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Remember the Unity within

Me-Member the unity within yourself

Today is about fulfillment,

to ME-Member the unity deep

within yourself with the Vast felt Love

as a Spark of Divinity.

The energy you are aware of

when you can still you mind and go

deep within your state of Heart.

The sudden emotion that stirs up

when you get in touch with the

Unconditional Love from Source.

Which you can only recognize

because you understand the…


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YOU LIKE BEING SURPRISED:- It is quite possible that you will arrive at a destination that you’ve been wanting to get to without knowing, without understanding, without having any idea whatsoever how you got there. This leap is what you refer to as jumping timelines.

If you were to stay on a particular timeline, you would experience similar events from one moment to the next, from one day to the next, and from one year to the next. You would have a reasonable expectation for what it is…


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Follow your Heart

When we say Follow your Heart, what do we really mean?
Instead of allowing your mind to dominate your reality, allow your heart to lead you. Follow your feelings. Is your head leading?

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YOU ARE REACHING A POINT IN YOUR EVOLUTION:- You will always create experience for yourself, no matter how perfect you create your life to be. There will always be something that occurs, that challenges you, that triggers you, and that takes you to your next step on this beautiful journey of yours. When you are in the midst of an experience that you didn’t plan for and that you certainly didn’t want, that is usually when it is hardest for you to remember everything that you know. That is…


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Clearing emotional wounds - Love your Self

Clearing of old emotional wounds – Love your self

Too much noise around to listen to 

The inner Voice

Interference I know, I create it myself.

Too much turmoil generated by Full Moon,

Energies that arising from within.

Still old emotional wounds that

Want to be seen, heard, released,

And yet there is a difference in experience


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What is Home?

What is Home?

They say, Home is were the Heart is. But what does that mean really? Say you are on holiday with your family. Where are you at Home then? Is Home your house you live in, or is Home the place where you are at that moment, together with your loved ones?

Where do you feel at Home?

Are you feeling content with your self, proud of who you are? Or are you depending on others to love…


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my lirrlw Black Box

My little black box

I received a little black cube and didn’t know what to do with it.

Messages I received were talking about past life experiences.

So I had to check this one out for myself,

what kind of significance it had.

Experiences can crawl under your skin,

Making you feel unsettled or

Just wide awake and full of anticipation.

The feel you get with Christmas,

And you know you are getting…


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THIS IS THE WAY TO BECOME THE CREATOR BEING:- Offering your vibration is easier that you think. Just focus inwardly with your intention, and be precise about which vibration you are offering. This is the way to become the Creator Beings of the fifth dimension that you are destined to be. Wish you a beautiful day with love & light to all my Divine Friends. Tercy…

Eunjung June Kim's Sketchbook: butterfly



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I AM here

I AM here
I AM here
With an open heart and mind
Sensing the joyfulness within my being
The sense as well of being on the…

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WHEN YOU HARMONIZE WITH SOMETHING…You focus on the vibration that you want to create your reality with above and beyond all other consideration. Now there is much in the world and in your personal lives that can get your attention, and when these things get your attention, they can alter your vibration. Because when you harmonize with something that is of a particular vibration, you become it. You become a part of it, and it becomes a part of you. Wish you a great day with love and light.…


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YOU ARE LEADING THE WAY:- You have so much life to live, so much value to the shift in consciousness, and so much to teach others who have not the understanding that you have of what is happening. As you practice creating your reality, realize that you are showing others how to do it as well. You are leading the way. You are the pioneers who have looked beyond the physical, beyond solar system and beyond yourselves to not only what is possible, but what is highly probable for you to…


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How to re-define your self

How to re-define yourself after life time changes

Through our lifetime we have all these different roles we play. Being a daughter, a wife, a mother and mother in law, grandmother, and daughter in law. Naturally this goes for men as well, yet I can only witness this from my point of view. These are the roles we play on a personal level. Not the ones we play at work, school or sports for instance.…


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When time isn't stretched

When the time isn’t stretched out and effortless is theme

Sometimes there are those days

You can feel everything being at ease

and everything works itself out effortlessly.

Savoring it, every moment of it,

for you know change can come

within an instant and the energies can feel

less effortlessly, until one day you realize,

It’s not just a minute, or an hour,

it is almost the entire day.

Now this takes you by surprise…


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Love is Food for Body and Soul

Food for the Body is Love and Food for the Soul is Love

And it is not just about food to keep you healthy of mind and body. Food will definitely help, and unless you clear your Heart and Soul from negative inputs, you are not going to be a whole, renewed, re-balanced human angel.

The impact old emotional wounds have on our human body is far more greater then we like to think of, most of the times. If there are undetected issues lingering around deeply buried sometimes…


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What is it about Trust?

What is it about Trust

Is it about trusting your Self or the trust you put in the other?

You can fall in love and with that comes trust. But the most important part trusts yourself, the way your inner feelings are a guideline. For whatever happens, losing trust in you is far worse than losing trust in someone else. That’s when you get lost.

Through every experience you have your trust will be tested. If you cannot rely on your inner feeling or…


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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THE ENTIRE SCHEMATA OF MICROCOSMIC UNIVERSE:- Each time the soul behold the sun, the clouds, the wind in the trees, a rose, a perfect leaf, a pebble or a wave and then tucks the design in the folds of memory, he is adding to his treasure of those…



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SEEDS OF LIGHT:- Beauty and Truth have a geometry all their own, a symmetry that allows the energies of God to flow freely through their ideations and then to coalesce in form. Pure ideas and noble forms are the archetypal patterns of the Real…



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MICROCOSM INTO A MACROCOSMIC WONDER:- The eye magic of the soul is the I-image or image of Reality that man plants in his consciousness and waters with the pure energies that flow freely from the Macrocosm. The increase of the abundant life that…



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POTENTIAL OF SOUL:- Having seen what he is in Spirit and what is the potential of his soul, man must retain that image of Reality in his thoughts and feelings, for the image is a natural repellent to all that opposes his Reality in manifestation.…



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GREATEST GIFTS OF IDENTITY:- One of the greatest gifts of identity, which the conscious (outer) mind little dreams of, is this latent ability to realize image of the eye. This science of the immaculate concept is practiced by every angel in…



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REAL-EYE MAGIC:- Now you shall be given a basic and vital key, which, if properly used, will enable your aspiring mind to leave the vestiges of the synthetic image in the foothills as make your way up the narrow trail, seeking higher Truth. This…


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