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When we say Follow your Heart, what do we really mean?
Instead of allowing your mind to dominate your reality, allow your heart to lead you. Follow your feelings. Is your head leading?
Panache Desai
I was reading an article on a page on Facebook today and there was this title above saying: Follow your Heart. I believe this is for a lot of people a pretty common thing to say nowadays isn't it? Yet, what originated this statement in the first place and where did it came from? I was curious for I have been using this phrase already for a long time and try to remember when was the first time I heard the phrase and in which content it was used.
Study what you love. Opportunities will come to you.
This one rings a bell when I remember how my parents were always teaching me and my sisters to choose what we would like to study, which kind of profession we would like to have, how we could support ourselves financially as well and not necessarily through marriage. Our parents were already the example of a relationship with equality between the two of them and love for each other. Acceptance and allowing to be different, to be your own unique blueprint with our own unique signature towards us as children.
This is in the early 60ies I am talking about to put it in perspective in which time frame I am talking about taking place in the western world and society I grew up in. This community was built by people from every corner of our nation with the intention to create a new world, on a new land which had been part of the sea. Because there was a variety of dialects in my country they all had to learn how to communicate with each other in order to work together and establish something.
This was a group or community of people with a visionary set of mind and still with the marks of the second world war in their system, cause most of them were like my parents in their early or late twenties. Young families with little children, the first generation of children in our community was born just after the war ended in 1945.
The way I was raised was not the standard in our community. There were also a lot of different norms and values which came with the variety of churches in our town and schools related to that. Some were more liberated then others. Just a typical community as we can still see them these days.
Yet my parents were more liberated and emancipated and this also was part of their ancestor lineage and the way their parents had raised them. We were always told that it is not how important you are just by looking at a specific job or what people think of you, the greatest lesson we were taught was to be always the best of you, don't change so other people might like you and loose yourself along the way. Even if this meant you got hurt at times, cause people didn't understand or didn't like the way I responded the way I was taught. I was encouraged to speak my mind freely, yet always be polite and had to choose my words with care, so I wouldn't offend anyone.
Stay as close as you can to your own innate nature, that was our primary message our parents gifted us with. Another message was to realize nobody is more important as a human being just because they have better paid jobs. They had a way of seeing that was created by the love and understanding for other people to act differently or behave differently, without being judged. This way we as kids were taught to look beyond the obvious, look beyond the outside presentation so to speak. And always do what you love to do and what you are good at. This was a powerful message at the time in that time frame raising 3 girls to become independent young woman.
Always encouraging us to learn from every experience we came across, supporting us when the outside world, like teachers or parents of our friends couldn't understand or accept the freedom of speech we were given. Never change for anyone and follow your heart when you have to make a decision was my mom's motto. In doubt, don't go through with it, that means you are not fully 100% certain if this is what you want or feels right.
So to me, being raised in a community where the common view on emancipation and listening to your own intuition and following your gut so to speak was so different and felt old fashioned at times, we were being guided by their presence in loving and believing in us, to give us the freedom to do just that, follow our heart.
You can make mistakes or choices that weren't in your best interest along the way, these were only the steppingstones to become a better person, learn from it and not to be afraid to explore, expanse, experience what life has to offer.
So with great gratitude towards my parents for the lessons and love they have given me, I would always encourage you to follow your heart, as your guideline through life. If Love isn't the key in any situation or experience, then you will know this is not your choice to make.
Spirit wants to be here-- fully. Breath is Life... coming from within. Breathe differently and you will experience the world differently-- from the inside out.
Niels Kunze
And so it will be.
High Self @RheaDopmeijer (c)
Heartfelt Messages 27-6-2015

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