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☯ •¸.☯☯ ☯ Weekend News from the Moon °º

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Weekend News from the Moon ☯ Can you feel it ... Something very special is happening in the Sky ☆ All The planets gathering up for a Grand Sextile with the Moon ☆ Jupiter and Mars in conjunction  with  Venus ☆ Saturn ☆ Pluto and Neptune to recieve ''The Star of David''' ☆ This aspects is extremely rare and is considered one of the most positive aspects there is ☆ Historians have pointed out that the story of the Three Kings following a ‘star’ to where Christ was born could not have happened as no comet was dere to help ☆ Comet Painstarr came  to tell  us about the begin of this Magic The last time this star was formed was at the beginning of the end of WWII on the 7th February 1945 ☆ On June 15th the planets starts to form a five sided diamond Star in the sky comprised to  form a Mystic inligtments  What does this mean ..? It means we are on are way  for a big  event with a huge impact on all of us and we are called to embrace new spiritual truths or even a new ‘soul family on some level If we look closely on June 15 its  not yet fully formed as some factors of the diamond shape are still missing The  planets are giving us just so much to deal with to digest ahead of the following month’s  even more intense aspects when the diamond completes to form the magical  Star of David ☆ Each and  everyone will be affected by this alignement ☆ The Star of David starts the big begin of spiritual and material accountability for all od us on an individual and a soul group level ☆ Be centered and balanced ☆ Take good care for eachater ☆ Help others to cross over to the new  Speak up your truth and Align yourself and others to our inner Divinity  Use the power of creation in your spoken word in the unification with your spirit essence activate Grid and your soul '' I Am power 33 ☆ Jupiter is about to enter Cancer for the first time in 12 years  If you listen carefully you can almost hear the drum roll  Jupiter, towards the end of June moves from Gemini to Cancer. That marks a big turning point  not just for people born under these signs or even for Pisceans and Sagittarians (the two signs ruled by Jupiter) but for us all  Jupiter only changes sign once a year or so The collective mood shift  almost instantly  My predecessors believed that Jupiter was 'exalted' in Cancer and that all the traditional Cancerian values (compassion, empathy and sensitivity) would begin to become more prevalent in society as a whole More than any other event in 2013 will this help change the emotional climate we're living in This will be a turning point in the story of our life

God bless .·´¨`·.all You


Unity Is Strength


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Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 16, 2013 at 12:04pm

O WOW - this is JUST the kind of SYNCHRONICITES I have just written about in the boadcast message!!!! I SHALL PAY TRIBUTE TO THE FIVE POINTED STAR in my grid for the SOLSTICE - remember the fifth HEART CHAMGER Meditation??? Oh - ALL is falling into PLACE!!!

This week is special in so many ways ...

Etneral BLESSINGS dearest OneNes!!!

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 16, 2013 at 12:06pm

PS.: It would make communication much easier if you allowed comments to appear immediately -  lightgrid is SAVE! - You need not publish this one, lol :-)

BLESSING, dearest siSTAR - TRUST in Spirit,


Comment by Allanah Stanhope on June 16, 2013 at 1:45pm

Thank you and blessings to you...look forward to seeing the stars and a new change ....allannah

Comment by martha nance on June 16, 2013 at 5:12pm

Blessings  coming our way   :) xxx   Thank you !

Comment by gulden brown on June 16, 2013 at 5:51pm

thank you :)

Comment by OneNes on June 16, 2013 at 9:21pm

Ohhh whouw ,Thanks very much and yes my dear .Why a're now in an important week . Even stronger than anything we've seen before . Life was not always nice and sweet but from about next week it will become sweeter .If you looked where the Sun had just set, you'd almost can seen Jupiter glowing on the horizon with Venus above it. Venus is still shining at sunset but now Jupiter moved so much closer to the Sun that you can't see it any more by day or night. The ancients insisted that the annual conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter was a most magical astrological event, even if it was invariably invisible Hopefully, this week, we'll see how right they were  ...Why are almost dhere . . .

Brightest Jupiter blessings To all of you

°º¸.•°°☆. •¸.•´☯ 

Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 17, 2013 at 9:40am


Never before did I feel this sooo intensely ... What I find most interesting, too, is that now that the sun is reaching its climax - the hottest time of the year is still before us ... although the influx of light is slowing going to diminish again ... this, for me, illustrates PERFECTLY how SLOW we are in the third dimesnnion, bound to the factor of TIME which reacts in RETROSPECT to our visions and wishes - and even actual ophysical influences.

Inertia is the scientific word for it, right? ... Well, this time of the year always makes me marvel about the WONDER of LIFE on the Blue Dimanod Planet which we have come to call Mother Earth :-)

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your beuatiful explanations which help me see the evening and night sky with new understanding!

Blessings from eternity,


Comment by Beverly Karakochuk on June 17, 2013 at 2:25pm

All of this just feels so right, Thank you.

Comment by Arleem on June 17, 2013 at 4:05pm

Thank you...I dreamed a few months ago the date 06/16/1957.

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on June 18, 2013 at 3:50pm

Dear Friend Oneness,

Yes, something is very special....and we have now rainy season but day before yesterday we have taken a picture of the dark Cloud and it was very huge with the Bright below to wards horizen....

Very rare to see that also...and this is also because of difference in energies...

I do not know to give that picture grand daughter took while we were on the road going from Junagadh, my town to Gujarat...



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