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The Deva, Elemental and Angelic Realms

Taken from the book- Working with Earth Energies by David Furlong

Elemental Kingdoms

We now come to a group of beings that we can neither see nor feel in a direct sense although their forms of expression are all around us through the elements of earth, air, fire and water. We call these beings elementals although they are also known as Faeries and are a part of the Faerie realms. Many traditional cultures have sensed the presence of spirits in nature, indeed one major religion Shinto, from Japan, specifically worships the spirits of place, called Kami, which reside in rocks and caves. The beings that inhabit these realms are conscious like you and I, although obviously they have a very different way of connecting to the physical world that we see around us.

Unless you possess clairvoyant vision you will not readily ‘see’ the beings that lie behind these seemingly inert elements although they are very attracted to the innocence of young children and sometimes appear to them, so the child that claims to have seen a ‘fairy’ may indeed be telling the truth. With a little practice it is quite possible to sense their presence and if you are lucky to see them clairvoyantly, it is then possible to begin to communicate with these beings. Fortunately myths and traditions give us glimpses into these realms and I have been very blessed by having the working co-operation and friendship with elementals from each of these domains, which I have worked with now for more than twenty years.

Spirits of the Four Elements

The spirits of the elements are divided into four categories, earth, air, fir and water. Let us look at each of them in turn.


Earth spirits, that is the beings, which relate to rocks, stones, minerals, precious gems, hills and mountains are traditionally called Gnomes. All aspects of the solid physical structure of the planet come under their domain. Although they can be found within rocks, they also have a freedom to move around but generally stay close to the ground.


Water spirits are connected to all liquids, but their presences can be felt in a much more powerful way by streams, rivers, lakes and, of course, the sea. They are traditionally known as Undines, or Ondines although stories of mermaids and mermen are accounts of these beings.

3.  AIR:

The spirits of the air are connected to all gaseous substances but like water beings are best sensed in winds and breezes. Because air moves so quickly they can be difficult to pin down. They are known as Sylphs in tradition although the perception of a ‘fairy’ with tiny wings that can fly is a close approximation to how they appear to children.

4.  FIRE:

 Fire spirits can be found in volcanoes in nature but also in any fire, from candle to inferno. They are known as Salamanders or Vulcanii and are the most difficult of all of the elementals to connect with, being said to only associate with philosophers and adepts of the magical arts.

The connection that these beings have with the physical world is very different from the way that our spirits link down to the physical. There is a relationship through resonance but these beings are not tied to the physical form in the same way that we are. It is true that a rock may be inhabited by an Earth being or Gnome but it is more akin to that place being his or her home rather than being tied there for as long as the rock of the stone endures. They move home from time to time just as we do. Fire elementals can be present in a room or place without the physical expression of their element as can all elementals.

Elemental Associations

The four spirits of the elements also represent four principles, which reflect out in many aspects of life. Some of the relationships are as follows:


Human Physical body - Jungian type: Sensation
Direction North
Musical Instrument Drum
Animal Bull
Symbols Pentangle, crystals, rocks, mountains, gems
Archangel Uriel
Qualities Steadfast, enduring, possessive, rhythmic, stubborn, protective, loyal
Playing cards Spades
Tarot cards Pentangles


Human Emotions - Jungian type: Feeling
Direction West
Musical Instrument Strings
Animal Man
Symbols Chalice, springs, lakes, seas,
Archangel Gabriel
Qualities Flowing, reflective, feeling, meditative, joyous, alluring, seductive, gentle
Playing cards Hearts
Tarot cards Cups


Human Mental activity, thought - Jungian Type: Thinking
Direction East
Musical Instrument Woodwind
Animal Eagle
Symbols Winged Disk, feather
Archangel Raphael
Qualities Freedom loving, changeable, loves speed, capricious, vibrant, ever mooving
Playing cards Clubs
Tarot cards Swords


Human Human spirit (which is why we light a candle when meditating) Jungian Type: Intuition
Direction South
Musical Instrument Brass
Animal Lion
Symbols Lighted candle, fire, volcanoes
Archangel Michael
Qualities Energetic, fiery, powerfully protective, martial, aggressive, flares up and the dies down
Playing cards Diamonds
Tarot cards Wands

Elemental Evolution

Like all spirit essences these beings commence their evolutionary cycle with a choice in the way they wish to explore physicality. They also have the additional option of choosing which ‘element’, be it earth, air, fire or water, as their starting point. An elemental spirit therefore has additional choices on whether to start their spiritual journey as a Gnome, Sylph, Undine or Salamander.

Elementals evolve through first learning to manipulate and understand their own element before progressing to embody the qualities of another element. For example an earth elemental or Gnome that is associated with a group of rocks by the seashore may eventually come to understand and appreciate the role of the Undines or water beings. This development process continues until eventually all four elements are assimilated at which stage the elemental being is given a new accolade of being called a ‘deva’.


This is a Sanskrit word, from the Hindu tradition, which literally means ‘shining one’. However Christian, Judaic and Islamic cultures know these beings as angels of which the Cherubim and Seraphim are a part. It is sometimes confusing today when people run courses about connecting with your guardian angels, for in these cases we are dealing with homo-sapiens spirits and not spirits connected to the deva and elemental kingdoms. Once devahood has been gained the elemental or angelic being takes on greater and greater responsibilities looking after whole areas of land or sea and becoming responsible for groups of spirits, which are part of its retinue. There are devas which look after towns and cities as well as tracts of the countryside. At the top of this metaphoric tree is the Planetary Deva, which many people nowadays have come to call Gaia. More information will be given on this being shortly but before doing so let us look in greater depth into how we can co-operate with the deva and elemental kingdoms.

Communicating with Elementals

Elementals communicate with us through telepathic images presenting information on the things they know and understand. I have run many courses showing people how they can communicate with these realms. In the first instance you need to believe in their existence. This can be hard for some people brought up in a very rational way. Once the bridge has been crossed there is a rich world waiting to be explored. Over he centuries we have created a picture on how these elemental beings look and these images get fed back to us. For example Gnomes are traditionally seen a small human-like beings one or three feet tall, much as is portrayed in the traditional ‘garden gnome’. If they presented an image to us of say a golden rock we might not identify it as an elemental spirit. In a similar way a fire elemental would more likely to show itself as a fiery being rather than a bright ‘spark of light’. They present mental images to us that reflect our understanding of their domains. They read not only our minds but also are acutely conscious of our feelings and spiritual awareness. A person who disrespects nature will never gain their sympathy or support. We do not appreciate how clearly these emotional qualities show up in our individual energy fields, which can be easily read by spirit essences. So to gain the respect and help of the Elemental kingdoms you have to have a love of nature.

Elemental Communication

On one workshop I asked a water elemental being to go around each of the participants in turn and to sit on their hands. One lady first saw a clear rock crystal, which then dissolved into a swirling mass of energy before becoming like a fine mist. As I had not said which element I would call upon she was perplexed at what she had picked up. In this instance the water spirit was conveying to her through picture images the transition it goes through from ice, to water to steam. She had clearly perceived this as she was very sensitive.

In another instance a friend was listening to me talk at a workshop, out in nature, where we were learning to communicate with the elemental beings. He was suddenly aware of two small gnomes standing close by listening to what I was saying. Noticing that they were quite small he mentally said to them ‘Why are you so small?” They immediately grew to an enormous size, like giants and asked him whether he was happy now. Being over six feet tall himself my friend was quite amazed. They then reduced back to the size they had before and said that they adopted the size that suited them best.

The following exercise will start the process of helping you communicate with the nature from the elemental realms.

Elemental Attunement Exercise

Aim: to begin the process of learning to communicate with elemental beings.
Time: 20-30 minutes

To carry out this exercise you will need to go out into nature. Find a place where you can sit quietly in a garden, park or wood. If you want particularly to communicate with undines or water beings you will need to be beside a stream, lake or sea, or with fire you can build a bonfire.

1. Close your eyes and try to allow you imagination full reign. Be aware of experiences through all of your senses – what you see inwardly in your imagination, what you hear, what feelings you experience and what you sense through your body.

2 Imagine that your heart is a bright yellow Marigold flower that is opening up and send out your feelings of love to nature asking for the beings around you to make their presence felt.

3. Trust your perceptions and act on what you experience. So for example if you imagine that there is a gnome stood beside you, start to talk to it and try to hear inwardly or clairaudiently its replies.

4 Try not to be impatient if you do not appear to get any immediate response. The nature kingdoms are there, it is just that we have so de-tuned our sensitivity that it is difficult for many people to re-adjust to this new level of sensitivity.

5. Once this process has been started there will be options for communicating with the nature kingdoms whenever you are in a park, garden or woodland. By continually sending out your love through your heart these kingdoms will hear and respond to you dancing alongside you in your walks. Patient perseverance will bring its rewards.

Healing the Earth

Trying to heal different Earth energy situations without the aid of the elemental kingdoms is rather like trying to carry out surgery blindfolded using just the sense of touch. These beings are intimately aware of what is going on energetically on the planet so that their help is of inestimable value. You will need first of all to be open to these realms through your hearts and one of the first places to start can be in working with crystals.

Many people today acquire crystals as an aid to this connection. I sometimes wonder how many stop and think about how the crystal arrived in the shop or stall to be available for purchase. If you have a crystal I suggest that you go and pick it up and for a few minutes feel into its energy, or at least the energy of the place from where it has been mined. Over many years I have rarely sensed a feeling of well-being from such places and very often the crystals themselves are quite traumatised. Indeed in some cases I have felt outrage and anger from the elemental forces because of the damage being inflicted on their domains. Crystals are beautiful but do not forget that they had a part to play in the landscape from where they originated. Removing the crystals can cause imbalance. One of the first acts then, if you own a crystal, would be to send a thought of healing to the area from where the crystal originated. You can also communicate with the crystal in asking its forgiveness for what has been done but letting it know that the distribution of these semi-precious stones can help people find a new level of respect and understanding for the earth.

Crystal Beings
In my experience very few crystals that I have come across in shops or exhibitions have within them a fully developed Earth elemental being. A being can be invited to join your crystal using very similar methods to how the wand or staff was charged in the section on trees (see page 00). I would suggest that you take your crystal out into nature preferably away from people and place the crystal on the ground. Then ask Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth, for help, telling her why you want to use the crystal and how it might help you in your healing or inner development work. The next step is to invite an elemental being to come into the crystal to work with you. If your intention is sincere your request will be answered and you will be given with a new ally. You will then need to spend time building up a level of trust and to understand how this particular essence can help you.

Once you are aware of the presence of an elemental spirit that has come to work with you spend time communicating with it, trying to understand its unique nature and how it can best help you.

Working with Elemental Spirits

Once you have begun to build a connection with an elemental spirit they can help you in all sorts of ways. Earth elementals are the generally easiest of all of these beings to contact, with fire being the hardest. However they are also attracted by your inner nature so that a naturally fiery person will more easily attract a Salamander than a person who is very placid. In the temples of the past, such as in Ancient Egypt, elemental forces were invited to help with all sorts of tasks. They make excellent psychic guards and their help can be requested when strong protection is needed. For example Gnomes will look after your possessions, whilst Sylphs or air elementals love to ride on the bonnet of your car and will protect you on your journey. People in the past sometimes invoked an elemental spirit into magic implements with which they worked.

Sacred Drum

Many years ago I acquired an African Drum from a second hand music dealer. In taking the drum home I placed it on the front passengers seat of my car and became very conscious during the journey that I was not alone in the vehicle for some spirit entity resided in the drum. I had not been consciously aware of this when I first spotted then purchased this the drum but in the intimacy of the car I had no doubts. When I eventually returned home I had an opportunity to quietly connect to this Earth Elemental spirit, for that is what it was, and to assure it that everything would be fine. I realised then that there must be a tradition in Africa of inviting gnomes or Earth spirits into physical objects such as drums to assist the user. In this case the poor spirit had been ferried all of the way from Africa without quite realising what had happened to it. A few words of reassurance helped considerably and the drum is now in the possession of a friend of mine who has a deep respect for such gifts.

How Elemental Beings Can Work With Us
The types of tasks that these spirits take on is as follows:

1. Earth elementals: Helpful with all forms of protection for property. Very good at in finding lost objects. Good at helping you acquire money or material possessions. Helpful in gardening and similar activities.

2. Water elementals: Help provide emotional stability, or the ability to deal more openly with emotions. Will help cleanse and purify water. Will protect you or those associated with you when in contact with water activities, such as swimming and sailing.

3. Air elementals: Will protect you when travelling, whether by car or plane. Good at helping you find information through books and such like and inducing mental clarity.

4. Fire elementals: Powerful cleansers and protectors when carrying out earth healing activities, such as exorcisms. There is a tremendous power that comes from fire elementals that is very helpful in tackling all types of negative energy situations.

Elemental Protectors

A friend of mine who had acquired the help of a fire elemental or Salamander was travelling on the tube late one evening. She was alone in a carriage when an aggressive individual got in and then started to come towards her in a threatening way demanding that she hand over her bag. She called inwardly on the help of her elemental companion and instantly the man stepped back and started to scream saying that his face was on fire. At the next station he jumped out of the carriage and disappeared up the platform. My friend was quite unharmed.

If you can build a complete trust with beings from these realms you will find that specific elemental spirits will come and work with you and be with you for the rest of your life. Once this occurs you ability to be able to help balance and heal some of the problems on the Earth is enormously increased. These beings will attach themselves into your auric field and although they can move independently away from you if they choose or you give them a specific task they generally stay close by you all of the time. They also benefit from this connection by gaining experiences through you. If this happens to you, do spend time building a rapport with them, asking them to tell you all about their realm and previous experiences. In my own case my first such companion was an Earth elemental, which happened more than twenty-five years ago. His name is Guerrion and he has been my constant friend and ally ever since that time. Over the space of the next few years other spirits have come to join me, the next being an Air elemental, followed by Fire and then finally Water. They have been extraordinary companions and helpers in my exploration into their realms for which I am deeply grateful. Such beings enjoy being given tasks and there has been many occasions when running courses and workshops that they have been willing to connect with other people to give them a direct experience of accessing their realms. Guerrion has become quite a show-off and loves being the centre of attention when asked to make his presence felt.

I have, on occasions, found elemental beings that have been commanded against their will to enter physical objects such as a totem staff. This type of work will only ultimately re-bound on the perpetrator. Such spirits need to be set free and allowed to continue their evolutionary cycle unhampered by such constraints.

Building a connection with elemental spirits can be great fun; they can be mischievous, reflecting the childlike qualities in all of us. Working with these beings is a very important first step for you will not be able to win the co-operation of the deva kingdoms until this first stage has been achieved. Like attending school the basics need to be dealt with first of all before progressing to higher things.

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