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Dear Radiant One,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you, to your peace, love and joy
as you shine your light so bright.
It's been an amazing month since we last connected, with the Solar Eclipse and alot of negative energies transmuted through the earth plane and the beautilful Taurus Full Moon, the moon has shifted too.
Below is the last Stargate Opening and story, big things have occured as the Cosmic Eggs have all birthed and connected through a new Light Grid for the seeding of the new creation.
As the Stargate Opened the astral planes have now been cleared of all the trauma from all the ancient civilisations, light cities and cycles from the forth dimension and above, we still need to deal with 3d but there is not so much hooking us anymore.
Please see below with the Cosmic Events for the rest of November and December.

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May you enjoy all the grace and blessings.
In the Love of the One Heart, Soluntra
Soluntra King



Soluntra King

This was the last Stargate opening out of five and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that wanted to come, at one point forty four and I turned six away as logistically I did not know where to put them all. Having only just secured a venue that could fit no more than forty two I wondered how we would fit on the national park tracks and the venue. Four dropped out and two of those just before we started so it brought it down to forty. These numbers are fascinating as to what occurred just after the Stargate opened right at the gateway of my home in New Zealand. Where forty stranded Pilot Whales passed over the night of the Stargate and ten two days later. I live right on a beautiful tidal harbour and near the spit and long surf beach and by the time I got back home it was all over.

       My self and a good friend travelled up to Bunya Mountains on the Thursday as I knew I needed time to check all the locations out to see how to fit everyone. We arrived near sunset and just had time to drive to the Cherry Plains lookout car park and walk along the track, where I found a spot that would fit us all and also some shade. Then it was a quick dash to the Bottle Tree Bluff lookout to check that out as well and watch a glorious magenta pink sunset.
       I received a Light Ship download about the Stargate there and was told on the inner: ‘You don’t realise just how important this is, but it is your last major project at this level and is crucial for the shift and humanity’.
     ‘The Stargate is creating the space for us all to go beyond light, into the void and to become the stillness and so create from our love within. To truly be the Creator Goddess Gods for the New Earth, and the future of not only humanity but all the star lineages we represent’.
     This is also where in August last year I had the download about the Stargates and the first one that was in Scotland in the October.
     On our walk back the pathway was lined under the earth with fire diamonds that we walked on, these were in the etheric. But then we encountered in the physical beautiful fire flies dancing around us as we made the last leg of the track back to the car park in the dark.
     The next day Friday 31st October was Beltane, the beginning of spring and when they burned the fires and the Goddess spoke through the higher priestess and couples made love around the fires in ancient Celtic times. For us it was fiery as well and 35 degrees Celsius so we set off at 7am to walk down to the Festoon Falls and then the Pine Gorge lookout to check it all out. I thought because of the heat I might have to get everyone meeting at 7am on the Sunday morning when we were to go to these places, but as always the elementals provided such loving support. For the three days of the Stargate the weather was just warm and with some cloud, so we did not have to get fried and sunburnt or freeze. Of course after the Stargate it did get really cold, but this always happens after a big shift.

       With the Light ship download I was asked to get the group to be aware of what star lineages they really represented here, this seemed to be important as the Stargate opening was for all Star Beings who had ever come to the Earth plane as well, later I was to understand why.
       I had also know since the Stargate in Ladakh in June that this was the completion of my own bigger picture work at this level, that I had been part of since 1981. So much had occurred since that time with the Crystalline Grid harmonised and had become the diamond grid. The Diamonds and Diamond Light Matrix activated fully. The Golden Solar Discs had been activated and unified with the lunar discs and the discs were firmly through the ethers and we are the Golden Solar Disc, the holder of the Living Library of Light.
     The Living Library of Light has been anchored in many places on Earth including the source of the Ganges and through all the waterways in 1996. The transfer of energy from Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa had occurred in 2009 establishing Shambala more fully in the New Earth. The Second Sun had been anchored through the Earth and the RA Light of the Suns shifted through the changes in frequency within us and the Inner Earth Sun and New Sun. Star alignments completed and now the completion of the Stargates. This work has been from the 5th dimensions and above and so much of it not so obvious to those not resonating at those dimensions.    

      But now the foundations are set and the beautiful young ones who have grown up in the last twenty to thirty years are taking it on and anchoring it further into the collective consciousness and into everyday life. Not to mention the starry ones coming through in the last few years since the Great Shift who will find it easier to exist here now as so much of the ground work has been done. The old paradigm duality dance is coming to an end, most of the old guardians have moved on, many Goddesses and Gods and Dragon Guardians, we are the guardians of Earth now; we are the Goddesses Gods here creating this time from our LOVE and not our ego or agendas. Most of us have been on a big repair job due to that one.

    For years I have been educating people on going direct to Source without all the hierarchies and illusions that keep everyone trapped. Moving beyond love and light and all the other new age duality dance that has still been part of the illusion. Now finally people are starting to get it, and realise it is all within and that they are the Goddess God, the master, and the guardian. That it’s so simple; one just has to connect within. To heal is so simple as well, for years my friends in India called it the Soluntra mantra ‘love and accept’, I had found that out the hard way many years ago and how affective it is. And 100% healing is only gained by loving and accepting whatever it is, thereby transcending it and coming from unconditional love and acceptance which is what the creator does.
      So now here we are at the last Stargate, some will still wonder what it’s all about, but the gateways are now open for all humanity and all beings connected to our duality dance and experiences through into matter and density and the journey home to our self through it all. There is no time or space so when a soul is ready then it all unfolds. Now the unfolding will be faster and easier. The old worlds are collapsing and there is nothing to sustain them since this Stargate opening. All the old civilisations and cycles where imbalances had been still held and clogged up the lower astral are clear. So the dark forces have nothing to cling to now. Times are going to get more interesting to be a fly on the wall observing the completion of duality and the age of awareness, love and peace. What joy to be alive and here as a multi-dimensional being, one with our physical body, one Body of Light.

    We all meet on Saturday morning November 1st 2014 at Puzzles restaurant behind the log cabins in the beautiful Bunya Mountains. There was just enough room for us all and we connected first through the golden octahedron and Source, and all the Suns within and through the Inner Earth Sun and outer Suns. Like a tree we too are the beautiful vessels that allow the union to take place.
       Drawing spirals to anchor into the physical our intentions for our own journey, and for our service with the Stargate. We connected into our centre through all times and space to allow our self to BE. Then exploring our part in the cyclic flow and the great cycles, and next loving and accepting any old patterns and beliefs of punishment, persecution and guilt to be free to be fully in life and our Body of Light. Loving any misuse of power and magic that might still have been hidden away sabotaging the play, and re-connecting to the Source within our heart to feel at peace within.

     As we journeyed through the Stargate that we came through in this life experience with all the divine codes and gifts that we brought in with us. Through time and space and to Lyra the prisms we came out of, as we remembered our gifts and story from Lyra to the celestial sounds of beautiful harp music. As we journeyed through the cosmic oceans and Earth ocean to the Sirian Starbase as our self as dolphins and whales to go home to Sirius the Greater Central Sun that is actually within. Through the octahedron prisms to Andromedan Galaxy merging within our own Galaxy, as we embody our multi-dimensional self. The healing energies of Arcturus, and our connection to the Pleiades, through the Orion 11:11 doorway completing duality as we danced in light and dark and brought the drama to Earth to play out until now.
     As we came through our own Stargate, and were birthed at the exact place on Earth we had chosen. With the vortex nearby that had the codings we hold from within as our higher self merged with the beautiful baby being birthed out into the world. As we grew up all unified and one until we are here right now all merged within. Star lineages and gifts, light codings and shimmering Light Body as the Liquid Light Template of DNA is awakening fully within. We remembered our Star Lineages and any others that were part of the Stargate opening.


 Then after lunch we went to Cherry Plains and walked the track with sparkling leaves of the evergreen trees and beautiful spring flowering plants lining our processional way. The long grass and trees to shade us from the Sun, as we integrated our dimensional aspects from the highest aspects of self we could access through to our third dimensional body all one.
   Out of the loop of the old paradigm; where we believed in being birthed, living and dying in fear. To open to divine will and plan and the spiralling vortexes of the life force energy through the Cosmic Time Clock and sound codes.
     In our Earthsun body through the Galactic Centre within, aligned through all the Suns of creations, through all the cells of our body, the Thirteen Rays of the new paradigm illuminate our physical nuclei of our cells from our multi-dimensional self.
     We continued our walk along the track until we got to Bottle Tree Bluff and sat on the rocks looking out at the gentle hills below on the great plains and the vortex energy envelopes us in its vastness and beauty.
     I guided everyone to do some inner work on archetypes that are inner saboteurs, and then to see the real connection to people in their life and situations. With the realisation of the bigger picture at play even in our own lives as we opened to the Iridescent Light Body and into our heart. We opened to ourselves in the Light Ships for a download for each one of us.

     That night we went on a Soul Travel through the Southern Cross and into the Starmap and as I lay in bed linking with everyone I was aware of five that do not wish to come, realising the next day that on a physical level it was too much to walk down a steep track to some more falls and then up again, it was not part of their mission.
   The next morning it is not hot and so we met at 8am rather than 7am at the entrance to the national park and walked down by the Festoon Falls. My inner self had guided me to assist everyone to connect very deeply to their Earth connections, as yesterday we had done the Star lineages. So at the falls first of all we looked at archetypes that are not saboteurs but aspects of self in the higher realms that we may need to really embrace now, or let go off as the mission is complete.
     Aware of the beautiful energies at the falls and the soft flow of water, that flowed down the great rocks and splashed the leaves of a creeper as it continued down the rocks and along the stream. As we breathed in the earth and became one with the earth, and breathed in the sky above and breathed out to become one with the sky, as we breathed in the earth and sky and breathed out to be one. Deeper within, we travelled through the serpent tunnels there and into the Inner Earth Sun. There we meet the Ancient Serpent Woman who greets us with her love and creates us to be in a cosmic egg as we love our deepest fears and relax, allowing the earth wisdom to permeate us. As we healed and the cosmic egg cracked open to a beautiful whole self, aware of our Serpent lineage and Dragon lineage from the inception of the Earth.
     Where we created the serpent tunnels and vortexes through the dimensional worlds, linking the Earth and the Heavens, and to the Dragon self. That linked the crystals as they formed within the Earth, creating the electro-magnetic grid that sustains life on the surface and a space for other Star Beings to be able to exist on the Earth’s surface as life started to form. As we became aware of our self, one, up through the earth, one with the crystal and rock, the tree and our leaves absorbing the sun light as the bird sitting on the branch and then flying with the breeze through its wings, all us.
     The Elementals and if they had been displaced where we live, asking them what they needed to be at peace and back in a world that harmonisers with them. The Devas all sung on the inner as we reclaimed our connection and became one with the flowing waterfall, one with the universal flow within and without all one.

     It was so magical and we all enjoyed the falls and being one with nature and our Earth lineages. Then we walked along the track to Pine Gorge lookout and down through the long grass and into the trees and black boys. We were here to link to the Light City for the fourth cycle and it ended up being a bit of a talk about civilisations, light cities, Shambala and more on the illusion and moving beyond it. With lots of laughs at some of my real life stories until we were ready to begin, by transmuting the DNA at densest structural levels with light and sound and opening up to the highest vibrational self we could access at the time. To bathe in the divine light illuminating right through to our bones and teeth, muscles and nervous, blood, organs and cells, skin and hair. As we resonated and opened up to our Light Being self and Goddess, God self and to being our Body of Light as we travelled on a soul level through the landscape into the fourth cycle. To see that in this cycle the Earth had been destroyed by the explosion of great volcanoes and for some of the group they needed to be once more there to heal and repair themselves from that time as it still affected the now. As the higher light city of Shambala came through and the old paradigm dance was transmuted. It was nice to bathe in the beautiful light energies for a while until it was off for some 3d grounding with lunch.

   We walked back along the track past the great Bunya trees and the waterfall and went to our houses or cabins for food and a break before meeting up at Fischer lookout mid-afternoon for the Southern Cross Starmap and Cosmic Egg.

   Walking down the stones steps and steep track, the trees were different here to the other side of the mountain and we sat down at the top of Cunjeuoi Falls on the rocks with only a trickle of water that gently dropped down over the side of the rock to the valley floor below.

     We connected through the octahedron and the thirteen rays of the rainbow, spiralling through us from the Heavens and the Earth all one. Until we merged with the finer and finer light flow and put our awareness into the flower, leaf or stone I had asked everyone to pick and thank on their way down to the falls.
     Sharing from our heart to the flower, leaf or rock I guided everyone to receive the essences and love from it and how it was assisting them through their chakras, physical body and health. Emotional and mental bodies with positive new thoughts and feelings, and spiritual awareness and insight into it’s gift to open us up. Then a gift back to the flower, leaf or rock in service to it and the Devas who give so much.

     As we opened more fully to our self as the Greater Central Sun and observed where the broken DNA were. To transform through our love all the pain and belief in separation that had broken the strands, now whole and radiant as the thirteen rays glowed through the DNA and cells and our bodies spiralling light. As the DNA integrated and we travelled through the Southern Cross doorway and to the starmap here in this sacred space and place.

In our Body of Light we are taken into the Light Ship for a cleanse, as the energies through the Southern Cross are so pure and high frequency. In the Light Ship we were each guided to a chamber that vibrates with Light and a gentle sound that responds to our own vibration.

   We were invited to lie down in a cocoon type bed, like a soft fluffy cloud and washed energetically with the vibrational essence that we received from the flower, leaf or stone.
     Our body and energy bodies responded and felt relaxed and calm. We started to feel refreshed and alive and instantly become aware of moving through the gateway of the Southern Cross. The energy was very intense and there were multiple gates of frequency we travelled through, like geometric light diamonds.

   As we moved through the higher frequency Gateway each of us was taken into a space that was personal for our self and we saw sensed what was there for us in the new paradigm.

       Then it was time to ground the Southern Cross as a starmap on the earth plane. We became aware of being on the rocks and by the stream as the starmap anchored through the landscape there and through the mountain and beyond into the plains.

   As the Starmap anchored through the landscape we became aware that it was birthing a great Cosmic Egg. It glowed and radiated and started to hum. As it hummed it activated the other Cosmic Eggs so they can start seeding fully into a new matrix of light that can sustain the higher frequency light onto the earth plane.
     The Cosmic Egg at Leh, Tsomoriri Valley from the last Stargate in Ladakh activated more fully as did all the others around the Earth. Some of us have worked with anchoring them in KL, Lake Hawea, Lake Taupo, Lake Tarawera, NZ others in Australian and right around the Earth. The great one at Cheops has completed as it was for the last cycle and old paradigm.

     Where ever they are on Earth they hummed and illuminated out, creating a light matrix that started to glow all around the Earth. The light matrix is seeding the new creation is done.

   The energy is so vast and what occurred huge, I felt so blessed to of been part of this mission, having worked with activating the cosmic eggs for years all over the Earth and from different cycles this was so amazing that the eggs were all now activated. This has happened in the sixth dimension and above. Now the process is to anchor them fully into the fifth dimension for the New Earth unfolding. This work is for others whose time has come to hear the call and take up the next level of the mission but all the foundation work has completed.

The group except Cynthia, Lisa and myself are not in this one.
        We slowly walked back up the hill through the bush track and stone steps, and met a bit later at the restaurant Lyrics down next to the general store for dinner. It took a while as there were so many of us, but once we had finished dinner we went outside under the stars and moon that would be full in a few more days. I thought that seeing there was so many of us that to give everyone a turn at a few rounds of light language and also do our mudra it would be beautiful under the starry sky. There were a few clouds and it was cold but everyone was rugged up.
     I did my mudra and name and then guided everyone to find theirs from within if they did not already have it. As each of us did our mudra and said our name that vibrated with where we were at now, it was so beautiful to witness and hear. Each person revealed their true essence and self, fully present.
     We sat down on the grass and did some rounds of light language about the Stargate and how it was for our self personally, and in the bigger picture. That night I told everyone we would Soul Travel through the Stargate as a group, as we left to go to bed with another busy and very twilight zone night install.

We meet at the venue in the morning November 3rd, and after a few jokes and more of my multi-d adventures that I shared that many wanted more of, we got into it as I explained to everyone about contracts for those that were new to it all. Connecting within to ourselves as a being in the Council of Light and gained insight into contracts we had with people, lessons, any mission, the Stargate and any others their higher selves wanted to be revealed. To understand and to know when they would be completed, with anything to assist them to be finished in ease and grace.

     Then any Star Alliances with those we know and what the star energies and codes each carry and what their union unfolds.
     As we connected to our physical body at its optimum potential and the light codes awakened within to hold that state of being. We cleansed our etheric blueprint with hands of light and the healing energies from our heart until it shone in diamond light. The emotional and mental bodies were embraced of any of patterns and beliefs and emotions that had been blocking our light self, as we opened up our multi-dimensional nuclei in our cells and the cosmic eggs that we hold to activate our Divine Blueprint.
     As we went up the levels of the Light Body to be the Central Sun that we are, Golden Body of Light expressing our joy and creative expression. So that it can flow through more freely as we went into the stillness within and through the Galactic Centre to the void. The stillness where all is manifest, as in the beginning was the word as the sound came from within and started to grow in vibration as it creates the New Earth from our love.
     We were ready to awakened as we came into the new creation, the Diamond Light Body of unlimited facets of light as we awakened the great Diamond within and out through the Earth. We connected to all the great diamonds in the Diamond Matrix of Light and through the ethers, the solar system, galaxy and universe and beyond the beyond we are one Body of Diamond Light.

   Then it was back to 3d for lunch and meeting at the path that took us to Koondali Lookout. Everyone was in high spirits as we walked along the track to the lookout and sat on the rocks overlooking the bluff and great vortex in the valley below and the plains and gentle hills rolling in the distance.


     It was almost time and just a bit more preparation as we did ‘connected breathing’ and the Sun and Moon through and around us in a Figure 8, through the chakras with inner sounds and the DNA transformation mandala. With divine light into the pineal, and all our endocrine glands, all sparkling and radiant as we opened to the New Sun. Then doing our own individual mudras to bring in our true presence fully, I took everyone through the stars and planets in their chakras, and then the Inner Earth Sun and RA Light from all the Suns through the stars and planets through us. We were ready to open to the starlight and gifts from the Stars of the New Solar System and opened up to Shambala as the Goddess Tara was there to greet us with her love and shimmering presence. She telepathed to each one about what was happening in their own personal soul journey and spiritual truths on how to navigate through the illusion.
     Then we were taken to a beautiful garden, aware of the flowers like jewels, the perfumes and ambience, with delicate water fountains and divine birds, humming birds and butterflies. As we breathed in the essences of the flowers and felt uplifted. We relaxed and heard celestial sounds as we became aware of our higher dimensional self, like filaments of light being absorbed into us.
       Then we were shown the book of our soul story, and each one opened to a page to read what their soul wanted them to know about their future work and service on the earth plane.
Shambala is anchoring on to the earth plane more fully, it’s not about having to make a huge initiational journey to get to it in the Gobi desert anymore. It’s a matter of how pure ones heart is and being of service that anchors that loving energy here on the earth plane for all to experience. Shambala itself is in the thirteenth dimension so presently it is being anchored only fifth and sixth dimensionally as not many can access higher frequencies of light at present. Living even in a fifth dimensional Earth means that most of the duality games will finish. There is still learning at this stage but at this level humanity will have learnt that all is within them and not to blame or want to get things from others. This in itself will be huge and change the way we operate.

     Sixth dimensional is where we fully embody the Christed Buddha state of being and this may still take some time as humanity will be happy to enjoy the earth plane at its fifth dimensional zone for a few aeons, which in the greater reality is not even a blink of the eye.
     Many beings from Shambala are here on the earth plane and have come specifically to do this mission of raising the consciousness of humanity. Not every soul will enjoy this beautiful ride, some still need and choose to experience fear and hatred and all that involves and so they shall keep experiencing it until they have had enough. But for the majority on Earth now we chose to be in peace and harmony with open hearts, not to live in a world controlled by fear and greed and terror and war. But a place of balance with nature and harmony with all living beings and so it is. For some it is already here.

     After we had spent time in the Shambala zone it was now time to take our awareness into all the pyramids worldwide. Some we had visited physically, other just seen through the media and others still hidden from the human eye, but still there beaming as they were all linked and fully connected into the new sixth cycle.

     Then we connected to all the standing stones, what amazing beings they are, having had many an experience and download for them over the years as they were all linked and opened to the sixth cycle. Then it was the same for all the stone circles, the Light Grid that connects our higher selves all around the Earth, the Golden Solar Discs and Solar grid, the great Diamonds and Diamond Light Matrix. The Cosmic Eggs and the new Light Matrix seeding the New Earth all opened to the sixth cycle and the new paradigm light codes.

       A spiralling vortex comes up from the Earth and the Inner Earth Sun to meet us. It is clear and translucent and we feel the pulse of the Inner Earth Sun and heart of our Mother Earth. The pulse merges with our own rhythm and frequency blends as we surrender into the earth and to being in form.
   Aware of all the Light Ships around and above us, they formed layers of geometric patterns and created a tunnel and doorway as the new light energy flowed through from the New Sun and the RA. All the Suns of creation as we opened up fully to the Sun that we are, as the transparent light allowed us to be in non-form, in the un-manifest.
   We merged the un-manifest with form and the manifest universe. The union is through each of us. We are the Stargate……as it opened.

         The Stargate so vast I was unable to have words for it and know it has changed everything for each of us and for humanity.

     Some of the group said they felt the earth move and give a bump. We stayed in the energy field finding it difficult to speak, but some of the group had to leave to drive home or get to Brisbane to fly out the next morning, so we hugged and they left. There were a few us of left who just sat in the energy and watched the sunset.


      We all went back to our houses or cabins and had hoped to meet up for dinner at the only restaurant but it was closed, which suited us all really as it was to bed early to just be in the field of vastness.
   That night I was made aware that my consort from Shambala Us Am was busy with the flack from the Stargate. There was a huge explosion in the earth, some of the group had felt the earth move and also a huge explosion in the heavens. Us Am’s job is always to counter balance me so he was busy assisting the souls that were passed over. Many did pass over, and also many other souls who were trapped from the changes and shifts in cycles previous were released and needed help to move on.

     As for the now time and those who are still in trauma they have chosen to come in and work through it themselves and they can. The next level of guardians who have now been handed the work will assist them, their job is easy they only have this time frame to assist with.
       There is a great celebration and the Earth herself embraces us, she is freer than she has been for aeons and in reality since the inception, she can now fully become the star that she is.

      The Stargate completion means that those who do terror on Earth have no base now in which to anchor their fear as the lower astral planes are clear of all the previous terrors. Even though there is still the trauma right now it is nothing compared to the cleanse that has taken place.

The next morning, Tuesday 4th November, we packed and left, as we went to the office to hand in the key we saw Cynthia and Lisa two of the group who had also come to the Ladakh Stargate opening and many other missions over the years. Cynthia said that she saw all these whales and dolphins leaving in the Stargate and eagles flying overhead.
     Then I heard from my friend Erin who lives right near me in eastern Bay of Plenty New Zealand and who came to the Lake Taupo and Lake Tsmororiri in Ladakh Stargate openings. She was parked right at my physical gateway that leads up to my home, watching volunteers struggling to free some stranded Pilot Whales only 100m from my gate she said. “Wanting you to know that they came to your gate to pass their message to the community and on this foul day the community is here for them.”
   I tuned into what was occurring and was told on the inner ‘the whales died because it was their time and they are graduating also, they too need to move on and they are assisting humanity to open their hearts. It is not a sacrifice for them but a completion. They needed to come through the Stargate and so did it through my place that holds that energy too.

    Later I found out that forty had passed over then, and there were forty of us at the Stargate. Then the ones that they managed to get out of the harbour were so tired, and also there was a big storm with lightening and they stranded just out of the harbour heads and onto the beach right where Erin does her Yoga and Chi Kung! And ten more passed over. That was the number of people that either cancelled last minute or I had to turn away as just did not have room for them all logistically for the Stargate.
   So now the Stargates are open the un-manifest and manifest universe and realms are united and the space is set, the foundations are done and it is with ease and grace that we move forward in our higher vibrational presence. As we let got the last of the dross of the trauma and loss we felt by coming into matter and the Earth. Now we can sing and dance with joy that our time has come to be free to be the divine self that we truly are and shine out into the world.

     Focusing on what we are creating and staying strong as the beam holder. No matter what happens in the illusion it is just the old that needs to fall away. Each of us is ready to live in the higher dimensional realms we create through our love.
   The transition will be quiet intense in 2015 with lots of changes taking place that for some might be forced and not such fun. But soon this will pass as the resistance can’t last and those who operate from terror and control lose their grasp that was all illusion anyway. We have just come out of the dream and some want to scream and hold onto the terror which is not even theirs to begin within, the cosmic joke shakes those up to bespoke their errors. With compassion and love the light shines on a whole new era.

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You also make me smile so ... there is something that I have been asked to share for these last 3-4 months. I did not do so as I was a bit shy about it, but, of course, you and this article have now helped me to come out of my shell (yet again).


I shall post soon ... maybe for the solstice if not prior.


Much love,



I'm so very much looking forward to it, Fank :-)

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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