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Trees are Teaching (excerpt from "Tips to Elevate Your Consciousness" post)

Hello All. The incoming energies are helping us to usher our changes. At times this can feel as though one has been shaken a bit. Here, in the Southwestern US, we are experiencing drastic temperature variances from week to week; lows in the 30's and days later temperatures in the upper 70's, only to be freezing within days, again.

The variances are producing colors, on the trees, that are new to our region. The wonderful trees, I'm speaking with everyday now, have a spectacular range of coloring I could only imagine, here in Texas (USA). Embracing these changes has gifted my eyes, and spirit, with an eclectic rainbow that defies any season I've ever known. To the depths, of my soul, I pray my gratitude be tree-felt with each exhalation.

Love to each and all of you during this expansive opportunity for growth, with change. May we joyfully embrace that we hope to embody and gracefully release that which seeks to fall away.

Namaste Dear Ones and Utmost Love,


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Dear sister AyAnna,
Namaste ((((((((((((((((((((((((<3)))))))))))))))))))))))

Ever so much Love to You Dear Dear One and All You Love ~~~ In the Embrace of the Divine that is within All ~~~ Heart to Heart ~ Life to Life ~ Love to Love ~ Embraces ~    Param Gian ~ Kathryn

Dear AyAnna, do you know that the trees play an essential role in the creation of winds?!?

Now that I have learned more about Aries and Thor today, I begin to understand this connection some more ... aren't the trees helping the sylphs to purify and cleanse the AIR?!? Well, sure, and they are like pillars between Heaven and Earth - communicating to the elemts of the Air what is happening with and to the element of the Earth and the Water and back in return ... Thus, they surely play an important role as informants, don't you think? ...


As we are starting to communicate with the elements, the Devi, single trees and plants, minerals, ... again, we are gathering information, too ... and they about us ... and the deeper we enter into contact the more do we realize that we can communicate with ALL existing Beings and even "things" ... isn't that amazing? And do you know why this is so? Because everything is connected - and thus the trees tell the sylphs that you are a Being who is LISTNING - so they try to contact you as well - and so on and so on and so on - LOL!


Thank you for your post AyAnna which has brought forth this insight now!




Sonja Myriel



PS.: I'm trying to understand this one sentence which although I did not re-read simply left it's traces within me:

(I will cite some of the surrounding text to provide the content)


"The newborn infant, breathing in the first breath, begins his existence in the physical appearance world. As long as he lives, provision of the life-giving essence of breath and the purifying of his polluted breath (exhaled from the body) is Our [Aries'  Thor's and the sylph's] responsibility and obligation.


"Within the Air are so many spiritual forces, which the average individual uses not at all. By some, this spiritually stimulating energy is called "prana" and that was the "food ye know not of", of which Beloved Jesus spoke. This sustained Him - not only during His temporal "fast" in the wilderness but also throughout the course of His strenuous ministry. Lord Gautama (former Buddha) also used the essence of "prana" to keep alive His physical body while He was away from it in the course of His long vigil, seeking Truth by the elevation of His consciousness.

The average member of the human race responds only to the almost involuntary inhalation and exhalation of the breath as regulated by the Holy Christ Self and the Body Elemental. The short, hurried, shallow breaths of man do sustain a certain amount of life within the physical body but do little to spiritually vitalize and nourish it. We do call now that mankind awaken again to the absolute necessity for developing the rhythmic breath, drawing deeply upon the spiritual energies in the atmosphere all about him; digesting the nourishment of the essence, expanding it and then giving in turn, a blessing to the Air as he breathes out the purified breath from his body. . ."


Doesn't that mean that there are two different kinds of breathing? One which is actually polluting the environment and another which is a BLESSING to the Air???!!!???


I'm marvelling on this one ... Maybe someone can help me?



I don't know if this helps~~~ As I have taught yoga for many years now, and I had frequently heard from some approaches "when you breath out, let go of all you don't want, get rid of that which you don't want - then I hear people breath as if they are "dumping out refuse" ... or something to that effect ~~~  well I always thought ~ why think of it as "garbage" - the exhale is when we express! - it is creation!, it is celebration!, it is "thank you!" it is here I give to you! it is here is a song! it is here is my aria from the Heart! ~ it is here let us share! ~ here you are free!  it is here let us Be! it is  here this is beauty, it is here I speak from my truth and this is from the heart! ~ so it is a matter of intent ~ remembering all matter is Energy ~ EVERYTHING is Life!  Breath, objects, every piece of "matter" is energy, and there is Heart at the core of all that exists - after all ALL is from the same Love source ~   As energy follows thought and so our motivation, our intent, our angle of vision is so so key ... so breathing in I breath in this wonderful gift of Life, and breathing out I breath out and feel gratitude, creative expression of the heart, Divine truth has flowed through me!..... something like that .... if we "label" things "oh I need to get rid of that breath, well then it is a different perspective and energy of out breath... if we breath out as part of the Awesome Gift of Life, connected to All life, All Breathing, the Whole Creation, then our out breath can be a "thank you" and also a Gift! ---- I have thought about this a lot.... there is such a joy and upliftment when we shift our thinking about breath like this ~ in simple words - it is our attitude ~ "pollution" comes from our illusory thoughts of separateness etc...  .... and yes the trees, the wind, the BeLoved Elemental and Devic Kindgom have much to teach us about this!


Another thought about this is that Breath is multi dimentional - there is physical 3-D breathing in our dense physical bodies, but there are more and ever more subtle pranas.... there is Spiritual Prana - we do feel nourished by the Beauteous Divine Essences of the Rays, the Love of the Divine - it is ALL Breath of more and more Divine, Connected to the Heart Core of this Creation and the Creator ~~~ so it is not just "physical" breath....  not sure I can capture this in words - this is experiential....


I hope I am on a useful "track" here!  In any case I send my Love - and thank you for an opportunity to think about this most joyous gift of Life!

Oh thank you for this sharing, this group, this Lightgrid, your thoughts, your insights, I am Eternally grateful and I send my heart felt love and Tree Hugs!!!!  ~~~ Param Gian ~ Kathryn

Fragrance~Trees~the Breeze~the Wind~The Masters~Sacred Aromas~~~~


When one is in the Presence of an EnLightened One, a Master of Love and Divine Service, one will smell an Beautiful Sacred Fragrance Being in Their midst ~ and even after, carried on a Sacred Breeze~~~  This has been my experience.  When one is in Recognition of Sacred Grace one smells a gift of Uplifting, Healing, Love filled fragrance.  One also feels this when surrounded by the aromas of our BeLoved Tree Plant and Flower Initiates and Their gifts of scent which heal and uplift.


Regarding the Sacredness of the Breath, the purity of our outbreath in speech and transmission of Love and Guidance through the Breath and Oral Transmission:


Here I will include a copy of an excerpt I included in a reply to the previous discussion of this wonderful group:


As we become Beings of Diving Light Love Grace and Service - so too our Breath becomes Divine Light Love Grace Service - the Breath of an Master, of and Enlightened Being carries the Divine Energy of the Source of All Love - Our Breath reflects our consciousness...


It was 1995.  I was 33 and I was in Ladakh India in the Himilayas.  I was practicing walking meditation around the great Peace Stupa in the upper hills of Leh reciting Tara mantra (a mantra that has blessed me with many gifts of awareness and opening into Divine Grace).  As I rounded a bend a most beautiful Elder Tibetan monk appeared coming out of a tiny hut, as if out of no where.  He walked directly up to me and came face to face - such Love! - and recited the Peace mantra Om Mani Padhme Om ~ another I mantra recite often, but was not saying at that moment.  As he was face to face He recited this peace mantra and through His Darshan I knew I was to repeat it back to Him - I had some residual "worry" (not a useful energy - worry! but that is another somewhat related topic!) about "saying" it, reciting it "right" - you know I was caught in the "shoulds".... so when I repeated it verbally back He so so so Lovingly looked at me and shook His Loving head no - then He said it again - This time a bolt - and I mean bolt of lightening like blue white light came from His Breath, Voice, Divine Speech and entered my mouth and into my head centers - I felt such Love and the mantra came into my whole Being as a Spiritual Essence and Understanding and I said it internally only with my heart and mind in Love and He Radiated a  Love smile and shook His head Yes!!! with such Love it is ever in my Heart and He is a BeLoved....   So this is an example of what Breath can be!!!  Tibetan teachers Blow Breath on the head of one being Initiated - it is a great gift of consciousness they impart through the breath....


Again Regarding Fragrance ~ the Breeze ~ the Breath and the Gift of Sacred Aroma the Trees show us this and we can see this in our lives:

Another example from my life I find in my BeLoved daughter Sohani, a Soul mate, a gift of my Masters, who is now in a 5 year old body and oh so full of sweet love ~ she bears the soft light of radiant pink and golden energies with touches of healing green light so sweetly ~~~ I feel her share this in her touch, and also in her words, her thoughts, and her breath ~~~~ when she says "I love you!" these words carried on her out breath with her spoken words of the heart carry not only the beautiful light, but a fragrance.  She will speak the words and then blow the energy upon me (this is her unique way ~ but reading this rep;ly onward there will be a connection).  Her breath smells like apple blossoms!  I tell her I could just live on that!   (Conversely, we may be all to familiar with the fact that when one is allowing "negative" thoughts and speech ~ mindstuff that is feeding the illusion of separative self....there is oft a foul smell)

~~~ so our thoughts are reflected in our scent on our breath.


One only has to walk amongst the pines to feel the gift of healing refreshment they give even in the winds of the pines... or the amazing beauty and fulfilling heart joy one feels amongst the cherry blossoms .... and so we can recognize this great gift of the plants and trees and these Beautiful Initiates sharing their Grace as they recognize their service in the Creation they are a part of ~~~ so Sacred ~~~~  we too can become like them ~ our breath a breeze of fragrance bringing Love and Healing into the World, Serving the Oneness of Life with our Light and Breath and Fragrance because our energies are in alignment and expressive of the Love that sustains us ~ we breath it, it flows through us uniquely, we love it, and we breath it out as a gift in turn ~ Life to Life~Heart to Heart~Breath to Breath~~~~


with Love and Gratitude to you All , to my Masters of Indescribable Beauty and Love, to my Brother and Sisters of the Elemental Devic Kingdoms ~ My Gratitude to you All ~~ Param Gian ~ Kathryn



What wisdom and what deep insights you are sharing, dear Param Gian!


INTENT makes the difference, yes!


What you say about BREATH is teaching me so much I cannot now grasp it all ... I will meditate some more on this topic, taking in what you have said here - also about the fragrance of breath! It is such a gift you have given me here!





Sonja Myriel

Sonja and Param...this sharing is so beautiful, I'm at a lost of expressive words...Thank you both...Beautiful.

To all of me, it is, all, a part of God's essence. All that exists (even that which is not seemingly alive-Prana vs Chi/Ki) carries the essence of creation- air, trees, soil, water, light, tables, cars (all having consciousness); such expansive and infinite beauty/love is this...and all of it/us, energetically connected.

The wonder of it makes me feel like a kid, seeing snow for the first time...awe and love so eyes tear rainbows. It's the beauty that makes healing, channelling, creative inspiration-art music, the feelings we share-love...all of it...Thank you Source/Creator/LOVE and LIGHT

I'm so overwhelmingly grateful right now...Thank you...

On breathing:

My practice, from Tibetan teachings, is to breathe in from the crown (pranic energy), with exhalation exiting the heart. There are continual fields of energy vortexes throughout all of our (existence's) interconnecting fields of energy; not to mention the various vortexes that exist within our bodies-chakras, etc.) As breath (life itself-in lightest state possible here on Earth) exits the heart, it carries with it the purest, love filled energy each human has (while occupying a 3rd dimensional existence here on Earth).
Dolphin breathing :-)

(If you're interested let me know, I can share more. It's changed how I relate to everyone and everything) :-)

Flowing the breath and the mind through the heart, consciously, can open us to the oneness of all; an infinite active-life meditation :-).

As we are becoming conscious of the ever-flowing energy between everyone and everything...Gaia's (all inclusive) ascension is imminent. One by one, day by day...we are there

Thank you that you, each/all, are here with me/us

NAmaste dear Param Gian,Kathryn and SOnja

So much love for, and to, you both

Thank you again for this/these discussions:

like golden honey to my soul :-))


Guess I found some words after all; LOL :-)))

Beautiful AyAnna!!!!  Thank you for your song of joy of energy life All that exists is Divine!  And for the beautiful reminder of the breath Sacred in through the crown and Sacred out through the warmth and love of the human heart here in this world - so beautiful!  Thank you beyond words!  Hugs too!  in All Love and Gratitude to you and Sonja and All Love Beings here on Lightgrid Heart to Heart Love to Love Breath to Breath Life to Life~~~~  Param Gian ~ Kathryn

AMen and Namaste Param G ~ Kathryn


(((I am so grateful)))

Thank you :-))


Thank you, dear AyAnna :-)


Today I felt soooo wonderful during lightgrid connection: I could FEEL my HEART as I never did before - even down my arms - lol! I know now that each day I will be able to expand this energy some more - and one day I will be able to carry the whole world in this vibration :-)


The breathing exercise you have shared is most helpful in my endeavor to OPEN my HEART more and more each day!




Sonja MYriel

Blessed SiStars Sonja and AyAnna ~  Yes! The Love is so so so Huge and Wonderful!  Thank You Both!!!  ~ and I am loving your reminder of your most heart opening breathing too!  In All Pure Love Divine!  ~ Param Gian ~ Kathryn



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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