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Plant Kingdom

Flowers and Trees communicate with each other - and with human beings who are willing and able to listen ... WELCOME!

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Tree Consciousness

According to Mayan Belief, the trees create the winds ... their consciousness is not just that 
of a simple tree - it is INTERCONNECTED and what happens to ONE tree is immediately known
by all the other trees of the same species ... WELCOME on our quest to find out more
about about the Plant Kingdom :-)

Sonja Myriel

TreeOne Speaks - channeled by Many Hawks

Tree consciousness is one of the most important energies, one of the
largest and most pervasive energies on the planet at this time. Indeed,
it has always been. Tree consciousness is more than just the physical
forms of the trees that we see. It is an energy that holds the planet
together, that binds many of the other energies that are present on
the planet, to the planet. It is an information gathering and processing
system. It is a system that not only gathers and processes information,
but also acts in response to the information gathered to regulate many
forces that are present upon the planet.

In an effort to begin to explain Tree Consciousness, we look to the
trees themselves. The trees themselves are simply vehicles, conduits for tree concsciouness. This will become clearer as the explanation proceeds.
In order to begin to understand tree consciousness, we look to the tree and we take our attention down into the root system first. It is helpful to find a quiet place. Preferably sitting at the base of a tree to do this most successfully. However, sitting or lying in a quiet place will be sufficient. Bring your attention to the base of the tree, to the roots that move down into the earth and picture the root system of a tree. It spreads very far. It's very intricate. There are many sizes and shapes of roots that enter into the earth. These roots interact with all of the roots of all of the trees, bushes, grasses and other plants that are near by.
They intertwine and embrace each other. And as we expand our conscious awareness, of this further, we become aware that, indeed, under the surface of the ground, there is a vast interconnecting network of roots. Everything that grows upon the earth has roots that extend down into the earth. Some very far, some very shallow, but all have roots and the roots all intertwine. They all connect. They form a vast network of root that covers the earth. Indeed, even the deserts have plants that are planted into the sand, and those roots interconnect. And under the ocean the aquatic plants have roots that interconnect. Covering a great deal of the planet, there are roots. These roots are very sensitive.
They are continually collecting information. They are collecting
information about plate tectonics, about the condition of the ground
water, about the condition of the soil, the microbes, and all of the
things that grow in and under the earth, and the condition and flow of
other substances under the earth. Petroleum products, the crude product, the oil, the gas from which we extract petroleum. And all of the other subterranean substances and occurrences - earthquakes, everything that happens below our feet is monitored by the roots. The roots are an integral part of tree consciousness.

Next we bring our awareness into the tops of the trees, out onto the
branches, the limbs, the leaves, the needles. This is another vast
interconnected data collecting system. The tops of the trees and the
bushes and the surfaces of the grasses all collect information about
the quality of the air, the substances that make up the air, the ozone,
the ozone layer, the sun, the winds. Much information is collected is
brought into tree consciousness by the tops of the trees and the surfaces of the leaves and the bushes and the grasses. Everything that exists above the ground, that is planted in the ground also collects information.
The information that is collected by root, and by branches and leaves is communicated through the trunks of the trees. The trunks of the trees are conduits, channels through which the energy flows and is communicated.
And so, as you can see, tree consciousness extends beyond that which we see with our physical eyes, that which we can touch with our hands. Tree consciousness is a vast data collection system, an awareness of the condition of many aspects of the planet. Indeed, most aspects of the planet.

In addition to being a data collection system, tree consciousness
is also a regulatory system. The trees assist in this by responding
to the data collected and attempting to regulate the condition of
many of these systems. We already know that plants take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. This is but one way in which the trees (in which tree consciousness) responds to the needs of the planet - by producing oxygen.
The roots also assist in filtering the soil and enriching the soil and in
filtering and enriching the ground water. The trees shed their leaves,
their needles and enrich the soil as they decompose and become part of the Earth. An example of the regulatory abilities is in times of drought in the Summertime, many trees will shed their leaves prematurely in an effort to conserve water, to keep the water in the soil. The tree will minimize its needs in order to conserve, will respond to the information it is collecting. This tree consciousness is a vast energy. It is essential to the planet. Without this data collection and regulatory system, the planet would not survive.

This tree consciousness is in danger of leaving the planet. This
is one of the reasons that this information is bring brought forth at
this time. Tree consciousness has always needed and appreciated the
assistance of humans beings and animals in anchoring tree consciousness to the planet. In times long gone, when human beings lived in closer association with the Earth and communicated more closely with nature, with tree consciousness, human beings served as anchors for this energy.
With the advent of technology, human beings are no longer living with
such association with the Earth. They are dwelling in concrete structures, they don't walk upon the Earth as they used to. They walk upon concrete or blacktop. They ride in vehicles. They spend very little time in actual physical contact with the Earth and in dialogue and close association with the Earth and with trees and tree consciousness. This anchor is being lost. Tree consciousness wishes human beings to recognize this. Wishes to offer them a choice. To once again become closely associated with tree consciousness and with the Earth and to assist in anchoring this energy to the Earth.

The first step in doing this, if those that hear this message feel
drawn to become Earth Keepers, Tree Stewards - feel drawn to participate in anchoring tree energy, tree consciousness to the Earth, is to learn about tree consciousness. By taking time to experience tree consciousness, to become part of tree consciousness, to blend and merge with tree consciousness. This can be accomplished by spending time walking upon the Earth. Standing underneath a tree, sitting at the base of a tree and spending time in meditation bringing your consciousness down into the Earth merging into the roots listening to them, learning about the function they serve and how they serve it. Much will be taught, much will be revealed to those that wish to attempt this.

The next step is to bring your attention, consciousness, to the tops of
the trees, to the branches, the blades of grass. To merge with them, to
listen and experience how they serve, how they function in collecting data and regulating. TreeOne has said that in order to serve as Tree Steward, in order to anchor this energy into the earth, first you must learn about it. First you must know about tree consciousness, about what it is and what it represents and the importance of it to the Earth, and this is the beginning.

Many Hawks states;

At a later time, information was brought forth from TreeOne after
Hurricane Fran hit Raleigh, N.C. in September of 1996. Hurricane Fran was devastating to North Carolina. There was a great deal of disruption and great numbers of people were affected. And when asked to speak about hurricanes and Hurricane Fran in particular, TreeOne provided the following;

Hurricane is one of many natural occurrences that have been happening from time to time since the beginning of the planet. These occurrences serve many purposes. They can be a form of cleansing, a form of regulation. They have many positive ways in which they serve the planet.
In times long ago when the planet was much less populated, hurricanes,
earthquakes, tornadoes, drought, snow storms and other natural occurrences served the planet and secondarily served the human beings that lived upon the planet. Because each human being was touched by these occurrences in a different way and was offered an opportunity to learn, to grow, to stretch, to use resources in a different way. As the planet has become much more populated, the effect on human beings has become much broader, much more wide spread, much more significant as there are more of us.

As an example, the Hurricane Fran was a carefully choreographed event.
The trees, in addition to being conduits, to being channels through which information passes and being an integral part of tree consciousness, also have spirit, have individual consciousness. They watch, they are aware of us, they co-create our reality with us. They have volunteered to do so.
And so the trees that fell, that uprooted during Hurricane Fran did so
with great intention and purpose. There was intricate choreography. The trees agreed to participate in this event to assist us in our learning during our time upon the planet. Each of us was effected differently by the storm. In many cases primarily by the trees. By which trees fell, in which ways they impacted the land, our houses, our lives when they fell.
And for each of us, there was great intention and purpose. The trees
uprooted and fell with joy at being able to serve. They served us in this way just as they served us when they were upright, when they collected and regulated data. They were aware that as we looked at them in their uprooted state, and when we heard them fall, that many of us were sad and sorry and felt emotion for them. They wish us to know that they are aware of all of this. They wish us to know that in uprooting, they fulfilled a function that there was intention, there was purpose in their falling and that in doing so, they served us joyfully, just as they had joyfully served us in their previous state. And so they wish us to know that there was a rightness and a purpose to what happened. And that each of us was affected by the storm in the way that was right for us. In a way, that provided us with an opportunity to grow and to learn and to examine, perhaps, parts of ourselves that we may not have examined before - to find strength within ourselves that we may not have known before.

Another lesson that we learned from the trees as a result of Hurricane
Fran was about strength. That strength, in our minds, society has always told us involves or is equivalent to rigidity. That in order to be strong, you must be firm in your convictions, firm in your beliefs, you must stand strong and tall and solid as the mighty Oak. We are learning as a people, that strength involves instead of rigidity, flexibility. The ability to respond and react appropriately, the ability to move and shift and change and grow. And the trees help to teach us this. Many of the mighty Oaks were the ones that fell. The trees that were able to bend and be flexible and move and deflect the wind were the ones that remained standing. So they were able to assist us in discovering this new truth, that strength lies in flexibility and in the ability to respond, and not in rigidity.

This information is offered at this time in the hope of providing
another way to foster, to facilitate planetary healing. To offer human
beings another way, another opportunity to understand the planet and the forces, the energies that move around and through the planet. It is hoped that by responding to the call to regain our close connection to the Earth, to regain our connection with and communication with Tree Consciousness, we will anchor this important energy to the planet. And in doing so, help Her to survive.

Note from Many Hawks;

Many Hawks does not own or operate a computer, therefore does not
have access to this network to answer direct questions. It is suggested
that to contact this energy all that is necessary is a willingness and the
ability to meditate or do automatic writing or in some other way ask for connection. It's suggested that the exercises that were mentioned earlier be taken seriously as they were suggested directly by TreeOne as a beginning of the process.





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Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 6, 2013 at 9:47pm

Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 15, 2012 at 10:11pm

BE WELL, Dear Shenna - your Beautiful Spirit is drawing circles - rippling through dimensions :-)


Sonja MYriel

Comment by ayana on October 22, 2011 at 10:22pm


Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 14, 2011 at 3:19pm

"It is all encoded and you can easily break the code"

Oh YES! I do want to learn to tune in to these Sacred Keepers of knowledge and Wisdom - of RECORDS ... and more!

So I have to learn to listen to them WITH MY HEART, right? - I have talked to them a lot already, now I guess it's time to LISTEN, ... we can learn so much from the trees' interconnectedness!

May they become my teachers! May they teach me to create ONLY HAMRONY!

First step: I give intent to it.

Second step: I consciously connect and commune with the trees

Third step: I walk amongst them touch them, sit with them ... or was it the other way round? LOL!

I will work on it ... I will live it - BE it ... in grace and EASE :-)

Thank you for this most beautiful and inspiring video, Kerrie!

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 22, 2011 at 9:37pm

Sooo beautiful :-)


Well, about the pic above: I thin it is real - but I'm not sure - I found it somewhere, didn't take it myself ;-) But it sure looks as if it were taken somewhere out there in nauter - not made up :-)


Thank you for your sharing your beautiful pictures, dear Patrice :-)


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Patrice Baker on June 16, 2011 at 7:57pm

Sonja, Question, is that picture real.  The one with the face between the two trees?  The woman's face.  No trick photography?  If so, WOW!  That is so astonishing.  Thank you for the picture.  I'm going to save it and send it forward.
Comment by Patrice Baker on June 16, 2011 at 7:52pm
Comment by Patrice Baker on June 16, 2011 at 7:50pm
From feeding the birds Sunflowers grew through out my yard, I found this butterfly enjoying one of them one morning.
Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 6, 2011 at 5:20pm

Beautiful! They are singing the flowers into existence - LOL!


Thank you for sharing, dear Kathryn!


In the Light of LOVE,


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Myriel RAouine on December 30, 2010 at 10:44am

Thank you, dear sister!



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