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Awakening Your Creative Potential ~ By Archangel Gabriel Thro' Shanta Gabriel... Posted by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on May 24, 2011 at 7:02am/also in Spiritual Warriors and Co-Creators.

Awakening Your Creative Potential ~ By Archangel Gabriel Thro' Shanta Gabriel...

Posted by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on May 24, 2011 at 7:02am in Spiritual Warriors and Co-Creators:

Awakening Your
Creative Potential

Dear Ones,

Awakening the Divine Potential for Creativity is a gift inherent within each soul. There is a tiny spark of this God-given gift latent within all beings. It can be used for procreation of the species or survival in difficult situations; and in the human, longing for soul purpose, this spark leads to initiation.

There within each person, a desire for expansion, expression and connection awaits the focus of intention. It is like a seed waiting for water and sunlight to awaken. Once all the factors necessary for growth are in place, this seed of tremendous potential, awakens and begins its journey of transformation. The delicious fruits of this transformative process can then be offered to a world that awaits your gift.

An Overlighting Angel Holds the Divine Potential

Overlighting each process, every relationship and journey of initiation is an Angel holding the Divine Potential within each seed. This Angel can be called forth to bless the growth process and initiate the journey towards the goal. When this expansive presence is invited into your process, miracles occur. An energetic flow can seem to magically transform the latent potential into groundbreaking awareness and joyous expression.

All journeys begin with a single desire that can stimulate a need within your heart. If there is a strong need and the next step requires creative expression, restlessness occurs. It is very much like the sand irritating the oyster that creates a pearl. The beauty of this creation is latent within the need to start the process.

For many people it is more interesting to formalize the initiatory process. The inner spirit loves the beauty of ritual and images that feel sacred. You could say the desire awakening in your heart to create something new is a calling from your very soul. Will you answer this call in a conscious way?

The Sacred Mountain Beckons You

In your imagination, you may see a sacred mountain in the distance that beckons you to begin your journey. This mountain holds the promise for fulfillment of your most sacred intention. You may not have a form for this desire for creative expression, but you know it would bring you great joy. It is always helpful to have a guide on any journey. Imagine that before you now stands a great being of Light. You may see rainbow colors surrounding this being tugging on your heart and mind. As you allow yourself to open to this image, you may be surprised to notice that it is a brilliant Angel, with wings of Light reaching the sky. The beauty of this Angel inspires you and the love emanating from this being makes you feel very safe and happy.

As you open your mind, it allows you to hear a voice say, “I AM the Angel of Creativity here to guide you on your quest to the Sacred Mountain that is calling you.” And then this Angel disappears. All that is left is a rainbow, its misty colors offering a pathway to the sacred mountain in the distance. You feel drawn to follow the path of rainbow light and you want to trust this strong feeling within your heart. As you walk this path you feel very supported because you have asked for help to bring forth your creative potential, and you know the path is leading you in that direction. The fulfillment of this dream stands in the distance in the form of a beautiful sacred mountain, its snow-covered peaks glittering in the sunlight.

You are stimulated to imagine how it will feel to be filled with creativity; the joy of fulfillment when your deepest longings to create come to fruition; to feel your heart opening in the joyous anticipation of the new possibilities that await you. You know deep within there is a part of your soul that wants to express your greatest gifts. There is a powerful and strong awareness, like a sense of knowing, that the path you are taking will lead you to this fulfillment. As you walk this rainbow pathway, there are times when you are in a deep forest, and you may lose sight of the mountain where you want to go. Yet the rainbow pathway becomes more clear when you evoke the memory of the Angel of Creativity and that sense of guidance that is offered.

The Angel of Creativity Awaits Your Call

You may feel tired at times, and wonder if you have the time and energy to fulfill this journey. It seems so much longer than it did when you began your quest. You ask for help from the Angel of Creativity, and a deep sense of patience fills you. You are able to open into a new power that allows the process to be as it will be, without judgment. You strengthen your intention to follow the steps you are given moment to moment. You realize your path is climbing and you must stop and breathe deeply in order to nourish your body’s needs. Each breath sends the Light of the Divine Spark of Creativity deeper into your being. This helps you feel refreshed and renewed.

Finally you come through the forest and there before you is a beautiful temple. This is the Temple of Creativity on top of the Sacred Mountain. This temple seems to be made of a magical substance that absorbs and reflects the sunlight. There are stairs leading into an amazing open space that offers you an expansive view of the great distance you have come. You feel a presence behind you and when you turn, the Light-filled Angel of Creativity is there, smiling an invitation for you to sit and rest. You feel you are being honored for the great journey you have made. You feel acknowledged for your clear intention to express your inner gifts in the world.

Your Initiation in the Temple of Creativity

You rest on deep cushions and more beings of light are there to serve you, nourishing you with a magic elixir to take into your body while they minister to you. You are bathed in light that feels like Liquid Sun. Every cell of your being feels awakened by a radiant energy of light. You sense a calling and you turn to face a beautiful altar with an opening to the landscape beyond. There on the altar, a flame is burning. You hear the Angel of Creativity say that this is an eternal fire that burns to offer you a source of creativity that never ends. This flame is your gift from the Angel of Creativity and she offers to place it within your heart if you so choose.

Are you willing to open to the majesty of this sacred gift? It means you will have to set aside your preconceived notions of exactly what your creative potential looks like. It also means that you will have to open to accepting help from sources that you never imagined. You feel confusion surfacing as your mind tries to make sense of the creative process occurring in this sacred place. At last the desire to express your soul’s gifts in a new way overcomes all the fear and your mind’s need for rational explanation. You can feel an acceptance within your being. You open your mind, your heart and your arms to receive the Angel’s Gift. In that moment you feel warmth inside as this eternal flame is placed within your heart. You receive the sacred knowing that a creative spark always exists within your being, and to access it, you only need to let go of the strictures of consciousness that may restrict the eternal flow of God’s blessed creative Light.

In an instant you are transported back to the place where you started your journey. You can feel the entrance to the sacred temple within your heart. You know that the Angel of Creativity awaits your call. You can acknowledge yourself for the willingness to follow your heart’s desire, and receive assistance from the Angels of Light. You know that you have prepared a space within and around you that feels sacred and alive with potential. It was you that opened to possibilities and took the steps necessary for your creative awakening.

You now know that your intentions sparked the initiation that led you on the rainbow path. This pathway is there for you to follow, step by step, with patience and fortitude, allowing loving support to guide you onward. In this way you fulfill your mission in life, you use your God-given talents and gifts to enrich not only your life, but to be a blessing to the world.

The Angel of Creativity awaits your invitation to awaken your Divine Potential.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: May 17, 2011

This message may be used in its entirety as long as credit is given to the Source and the messenger, with the website: It must be freely distributed.

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About Shanta

Shanta Gabriel is a teacher, healer and the author of The Gabriel Messages, a inspiring book that provides practical suggestions for emotional and spiritual balance. A companion cardset to this book, The Gabriel Message Cards, is available on her website,

Shanta’s work with the Archangels was both unexpected and spontaneous when she received a surprise visit from Archangel Michael in 1988. This huge winged being blessed her healing work with Light and opened the way for communication from Archangel Gabriel in 1990. She has received messages from Archangel Gabriel since that time which she shares on her website, and in selected magazines.

Shanta offers a seven-month in depth Archangel Study Program with original meditation CDs and a personal Flower Essence each month. There is also a Monthly Flower Essence Program available. Her intuitive Life Path Readings and personal Flower Essence Readings have proven valuable to many people. The new Spiritual Support Sessions help integrate spirit into your daily life with an experienced guide.

Shanta is available for radio interviews and is seeking sponsors for her workshops. The techniques she received from Archangel Gabriel are shared in her Communion with Angels workshop.

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