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Archangel Michael: The Umbilical of the Diamond Sprites Trails In

Transmitted Through Elanthra 26 September ~ 2011
Archangel Michael: The Umbilical of the Diamond Sprites Trails In
Greetings Magical Golden Hearts ~
It is I, Archangel Michael, splashing in on the latest Golden Waves after the Magnanimous Fall Equinox Occasion, and I AM hoping you had a splendorous Equinox.  And what an incredulous celebration we have at hand this day!
As you may be aware, in the last little while there has been a vast amount of ‘Mirrored Reflection’ as One and All has had to face the challenge of ‘The Viewing’ of their Lower Selves, acknowledging your shadow sides in even more depth, and transmuting it and Rising Into The Seat of Your Highest Selves.  This dear Ones is the path of the True Master.  During this past process, many ‘True Colours’ came to the table in the Truth of the Light.  The Light Will Always Illuminate 'The Truth.’  For many, it proved to be a trying and challenging time, and you have endured much.  Some of you have indeed experienced what we call ‘The Great Aloneness,’ others have experienced ‘The Dark Night of the Soul,’ and indeed you have shown tenaciousness, resiliency and courage in facing your challenges.  Ultimately, whenever there is a ‘Battle’ per se, the real battle is between the parts of ourselves that are striving to come to the forefront to make themselves known, through lesson, often to be healed.  For many this Equinox stood as a ‘Triumphant Marker In Time,’ for you have indeed emerged victorious, after bringing much to the table.  Know dear Ones that The Light Will Always Emerge Victorious!
On this note, I’d like to direct your attention to a ‘New Wave’ that has trailed and splashed in lately.  It is quite a splendorous Gentle And Loving Wave; it is that of the Spirit of ‘The Diamond Sprites.’  As you may well know, the new children that are be~ing born onto the New Crystalline Earth at present are comprised of the energies emanating out of The Diamond Heart of God.  And, even further to this, there are variations of The Diamond Heart of God energy.
The Devic Kingdom has come forth this time around in the form of the Diamond Nature Sprites, and know that their energy is healing, magical and will warm your heart.  Many of you will be drawn to anchor their energy, and I would have you know that you will feel a delightful maternal or paternal energy.  This is indeed a seeding and new birth of an energy so delicate and yet so powerful.  I would like to congratulate you on this latest emergence, and urge you to just Believe.  The key is in Believing, and knowing that if you will it so, and call on the energies while being connected to your Highest Selves, and breathe them in through the top of your crown, and down through your chakras and out through the soles of your feet, grounding and anchoring the energies into Mother Earth, that is all that is required.  The New Wave is about Believing.  It is simple and urges One and All to Rise in Unity, to come together in Unconditional Love and Light.
May the joy and lightness of Be~ing that flows in with this New Wave warm and radiate your souls in loving expansion out towards yourselves, and may you rise in service to the Universe, to be all that You Are.
May my unconditional love and protection give you peace and reassurance this day and always.  Know that you are blessed and are never alone on your journey.
With this I pre~sent to you The Procession Vision of the New Wave, and the speaker of Baby proportions for The Golden Sprites.
The Procession of The Diamond Sprites:
Behold The Emergence of ‘The Golden Path’ out of The Diamond Heart of God, that has trailed in.  If One looks closely, they can see that it is indeed sprinkled with ‘Luminescent Crystalline Stars.’  Radiant Magical Stars alight and lead the way.  The Golden Path is awashed and blessed with ‘Golden Waters,’ as it sways in in a ‘Powerful Meandering.’
Lo and behold The ‘Golden Umbilical Cord’ has also swayed forth, signifying a Golden Rebirth.  Know that it has maintained it’s connection to the side of The Golden Path, from which it derives the powerful healing powers of I AM That I AM, All That Is.
The sacred, iridescent ‘Diamond Sprite Babe’ is seen to float forth, with The Golden Umbilical Cord intact, even as ‘The Rooster’ crows, signifying ‘The Opening’ of ‘The Doorway.’  (The Diamond Sprite Babe is seen as an adorable ‘Winged Orb’ of sheer Crystalline Light, with large, reflective, innocent, magical, colourful eyes.)  This Doorway serves as a Portal or Gateway for the ushering in of the New Wave of The Diamond Sprite energies out of The Devic or Elemental Kingdom.
As the Doorway opens and One peers through, One can see the winding, shimmering ‘Fuscia Pink Pathway’ that graces The Devic Kingdom.  Know that One and All always has the free will as to whether to venture through this Ascension Doorway or not.
Make way now as you are greeted by ‘The Winged Raccoon,’ power animal and guardian, who will indeed lead one’s way into the New Kingdom.  Know that The Racoon represents knowledge that remains a mystery, but it remains curious and open to embarking on new experiences.
Behold One is now in ‘The Kingdom of the Diamond Sprites,’ and if One looks over yonder to the west, you will view a ginormous ‘Violet Hour Glass.’  Know that this Hour Glass serves as a ‘Container’ for wishes and creations, a Wishing Well of sorts, if you like.  You may make some wishes, and we urge you to Believe.  Do You Believe In Magic?  Believe, and know that It Already Is.  The waves of the Hour Glass will indeed carry your desires and wishes through into manifestation.
Now you may follow the sway of The Golden Umbilical Cord as it swerves downwards and anchors into Mother Earth.  Once again, this energy can be accessed by sheer will, and just believing.  That is the Simple Key.  Breathe it in.
Baby Girl Diamond Sprite Speaks:
Good day, my name is ‘Spritely,’ and I AM the speaker of the bunch, the Diamond Nature Sprites out of The Diamond Heart of God.  Lately I have been born and seeded into the New Crystalline Earth and you will find that our energies are light, loving, healing, magical, peaceful and joyous.  I come from The Devic Kingdom, and I would have you know that I specifically am a ‘Water Sprite.’  Golden Christed Waters have splashed forth in conjunction with this ‘New Arising and Awakening,’ and we are delighted to be here.  If you sense around, you will notice that there is a Delicate Lightness of Be~ing in the air, unlike what you may have experienced before.  Our energies will be born into The newborns coming onto your planet presently and in the near future.  You may ask what this means, or how we differ from the Diamond (Crystalline) Children?  Let me just say that We Are a Variation of Diamond that is concocted of, not only the Diamond Heart of God energy, but also there will be a superb concentration of Sprite energy.
There are many types of Nature Sprites.  Nature sprites are comprised of every element, earth, fire, air and water, and many of you may feel drawn to Nature Sprites or The Elementals.  This could be because you are a reincarnated Sprite or Elemental, and some of you have actually taken on the appearances of such, in your countenance and in your auras
The Diamond Sprite children will be Highly Sensitive BE~ings, who will especially love nature, magic and all things bright and sparkly.  Read them fairy tales often, but even better, take them where they will be able to commune with real fairies and other sentient BE~ings like themselves from The Devic Kingdom.  Please do not discourage their conversations with their ‘Invisible Friends,’ because, as you may well know, they will be real and meaningful conversations with other members of The Devic or Elemental Kingdom.
Diamond Sprites, like the other New Children will also be highly sensitive to soothing music, colours, energy and noise.  Aromatic scents, especially essential oils, will appeal to them and put them at ease, and they will need plenty of play time.  The arts and music will come to them naturally, and they will excel at such healing professions as Therapeutic Massage (where they will utilize aromatherapy), Esthetician, and they will love rocks, crystals and gems around them.  Remember to give them plenty of ‘timeout’ in the form of rest and quiet time, as this will enable them to get rejuvenated and meditate and ‘tune-in’ to their Highest Source
Basically, we will keep the message short and sweet.  This is the Age of Unconditional Love and Light.  Unconditional Love and Light are needed in the world today.  There is a hunger for our presence, and nature ~ from whence we came ~ beckons.  Nature beckons, The Elemental Kingdom beckons, and The World beckons.
Today, after your intense period of reflection, we invite you to reflect just a little bit more.  When you answered the call to BE a Lightworker, why did you answer the call, and what did you envision?  Please revisit that moment, and we ask you to expand it even further.
Unconditional Love and Light matters.
We will leave you with this today.  Please remember to cast your wishes in the Magical Violet Wishing Hour Glass.
Here is a challenge for you.  Find some time today or the near future to go to Nature.  We are very much here, and we will await your call, and look forward to making a magical acquaintance with you.  Once in nature, you may glance or sense us through the corner of your eyes, on the colourful sway of the leaves, in the gentle whistle of the rhythmic breeze, or while dipping your toes playfully through the warm waters of the fragrant brook.
We now put out the Call of Unconditional Love, Light and Splendidity.
Lightly and Spritely we will sway into your hearts and minds, if you so allow.  In the spirit of Magical Light we take our leave, and remember... we are ever near…
Blessed Be.  All our love.  As above, so below.  So be it, and so it is.
Spritely Yours, We Are, The Golden Sprites
I AM Archangel Michael
Universal Copyright ©2011 – Elanthra, Live with Light – Please feel free to duplicate and distribute, provided that this channeling is duplicated in it’s entirety, nothing is altered in any way, all links are included, and no money is exchanged.
Elanthra is an Indigo, Crystalline Walk-In Healer and Energy Anchorer from the Omniverse, dedicated to service in a creative and playful manner.  She is especially passionate about all the "New Children." *
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