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  wanted to ask for some feedback on a few ideas i have for a possible clothing line name.  

   my siblings are helping me organize a fundraiser for my medical situation, and i have a friend who runs silkscreening operations and i plan on making images for shirts to be part of the movement of this fundraising event...

   as sick as i am i need to jumpstart this project,,, i have a few names hovering around me and would like to ask for your feedback on which ones leave the most potent impression as well as painting a lasting picture or symbol in your mind.   

   here they are...

                          -Truth within in the Hologram-

                          -Culture Manifest-

                          -Big SurFacing Divine-

                          -Frequency Core-

                          -Heavens DownPour-

                          -Truth Organic-

                          -The Red Nebula-

                                                               thanks for your valued input...



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  the first image i want to create is going to be of the water dragon of 2012 in chinese zodiac.   in a central symbolized fashion perhaps opening the dimensional gates....

    if this helps at all w/ the giving an idea for what kind of themes my images will be like.    now i am looking for that perfect name/logo.


My favourites are Culture Manifest - Heaven's Down Pour ... and what about Holographic Truth (Company) - lol!


thank you Sonja,,,

                      i value your input.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.  My first instincts are "Truth within the Hologram" and "Heavens Downpour"  May Heaven pour good health down upon you. LOL

yes,,, thanks.   heavens downpour is nourishing for sure....   

yeah,,,  thank you.   this is very helpful.   i love this moving concept of the front of shirt to back.   it really has me thinking in new ways.

     what was your experience in this?   did you pioneer your own ideas?  was it a mainstream company or more underground?



Hi Peter and Gabriel

I'd encourage you to find your own name [really OWN IT]  in the way Peter suggests if you want to reach a wider group. I've had the same issue in relation to a business name for my spiritual coaching work. People respond to what speaks to them, what answers their need or desire, so the suggested names may bring people on this website as clients and what about others who may truly benefit from the energy you give them via your clothing. 

Being cannot be named, suggest you name it according to what your clients will respond to so they can receive your gift.

Blessings to Manifest and may your health be restored. 

Love Kali 

yes,,, thank you Kali...

               i agree.   there is an audience that i can reach and speak to thru my own unique channel of creativity/creation.  what helps give birth to these names.    how about -Creation Born-...?

                              really owning the potency and spirit of these names is what i have intended,,, i was  wanting the feedback though on how they move others....      without straying from the source of the names that came to me.



cool Gabe - sounds like you know what is true for you...and reaching out to us for support. 

Re diluting - it is not possible - may be a challenge for our minds however our hearts know WE ARE ALL ONE - some just more AWAKE than others - it's getting our MINDS PAST the separation of us and others of lower vibration - as St Germain recently reminded us - Ascension at this time is for ALL and everyone - no one of  the ONE will be left behind - that is the myth of separation and what collapsed Atlantis [my awareness!]

suggest holding to the potency and spirit of the name/s for yourself and your support system here on the website AND ask the wider audience [] for their suggestions when you KNOW you are open to their responses. Am sharing this here as I recently had this same challenge. 

I'm going to use two domain names, one at the center that reflects  the core energy and one that speaks to the audience I am engaging with....using simple one to two web-pages that link the two domains.....haven't tested them yet....just ideas for you to consider. It took some weeks for me to get to the name that expressed the core energy - it came from my core.

Keep exploring and then you will 'know' when you hit the one that is ON.....

all the best with it all...we are with you

Love Kali  

-thank you kali-

       this is very helpful and grounded advice.   what a powerful thing to find that name/names.    feels so good to me on many levels, bringing the unseen into the world of form...

                          hope yours is working for you.


also,,,  i'm not sure i want to reach out into the mainstream as i feel it could dilute the potency and purpose of my work....:)

              thanks again for the validation.


                 thanks.    this helps me get a clear picture of the kind of framework involved.   alot of times i am dealing w/ raw ideas and creativity but need to balance them and ground them w/ these more technical forms.       something that can structure and hold the symbols and ideas.      this has given me an outline for sure.                   the vision of the dragon is similar to what i have thought w/ the yin and yang aspects and the two dragons,,,   it definitely  feels natural.         i am also beginning to see how these different names could be individual ideas that fit w/ corresponding symbols or images.    like a line of shirts w/ the title "heavens downpour"  and an image centered within it...                        




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