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Happy Holidays!

The months of November and December, which are natural months of curling up, hunkering down, hibernating in a safe cave or enclave, many of you are called to reach out, extend your energy, give and pour and share your love with others, at the exact time when everyone and thing else in nature is on slow reserve. Storing and saving, planning and considering, slowing down and sleeping. So you too, in these months, may feel an extra irritation when someone pulls on your energy and asks you to give – whether this is simply your presence at a gathering, preparation of a meal, or the giving of a gift.

You may have received already the lists from others – a list of ways in which you are expected to give your energy to others. Rather than feeling stress from this, a sense of resistance, or even a urge to do the exact opposite – consider for a moment that this person, may be offering to you, rather than a list of requests, but in detailed, written form, a list of things that make them feel loved. A list of their interests and what they value. A list of where they spend their time, what they care deeply about, where the pour the energy of their soul. Very few times in our lives are we given the opportunity to offer someone a list of what we value and care about, thus, for those in ‘materialistic’ cultures, which are many and most places that humans may be, consider this not a plea for more things, but a gift to you!

You are being this gift as a treasure map of understanding the Spirit of this person, and for you, the Xs are already placed on the map. Upon receiving a wish list from another, see, feel, and contemplate the items, the dates, the things which are requested of you. For they are not demands on you, but rather, requests that you understand this person more. A wish to be understood. A secret list to uncover what they value.

Your task in the season of gift giving is to give extra of your energy – but not in more money, presents, or attendance at events. Simply, when you are asked to give – give the gift with the heart of your soul. Consider the Spirit of the person who is to receive your gift, and buy, create with the intention that this be an offering of love. Buying a gift, no matter the cost, location, or timeline of purchase, has little meaning – without an open heart and pure intent. Keep this as you shop. Search for one person at a time, with their list in mind, and ask, what is it that he or she values? And allow the gift to find you. Perhaps it is a direct match to what was requested, perhaps not. The key is to ask, What do they value you? Then open your heart to be drawn to it.

If you are asked to attend a gathering or event, think rather not of reasons why you are going to have a bad time. Many times, in gatherings of family, we allow ourselves to be in the present moment of others – but with a Spirit of the past! We carry with us all the other times we were at the beach when a storm appeared on the horizon. In this way, we bring the storm with us, even before it was ever on the horizon. It is held that whatever has happened before, will happen again, and we are cautious to accept and invest energy in hoping for a sunny day at the beach.

It is similar to nature in this way – a young tree in a forest was once shaded by two mature Spruce trees. As those Spruce trees age, they grow less and less, sprout fewer needles, and allow for more sunlight to reach the forest floor, to reach the young tree. But what if rather than taking the opportunity of growth, offered by more sun and less overhead pine needles, the young tree decided to stay small? What is the young tree refused to grow and flower, because in the past, there had been shade?

You see, you are the young tree, and there is no longer shade for you. Rather than holding on to anger for the other trees – for taking all the sunlight and creating all the shade for the younger trees, know that they were only trees trying to grow in a forest. Release resentment for all that your surrounding trees have done up until now, that may have shaded you, absorbed your water and nutrients. Neighbors in a forest can do little to avoid competition – this is the way of finding. Everyone in the forest is trying to learn how to best survive in the forest and for many trees, the strategy is growing taller and taller. This is your strategy, but for other trees, trees that may not grow very tall – they may choose to shade others. And it is only a strategy.

As you visit and float through and between your family, friends, and those in your life at holiday parties, dinners, and gatherings- imagine each and every one of them as a tree, simply trying to gather nutrients and reach the sun. Here, your only goal is to release the anger from what has been done by others in an effort to grow tall, and grow tall yourself.

Angel Ariel, channeled by
Amanda Linette Meder

With light and love,

514 Americas Way #5159
Box Elder SD 57719 USA

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