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Meditations to Empower Humanity


Meditations to Empower Humanity

From its beginning Lightgrid has been dedicated to building a strong vibrant grid of Light and Love - of living energy - connecting all points across the planet. Now is the time to begin to truly work with this grid. And, through it to establish new relationships of Unity and Friendship, to bring balance to our shifting outer world. Please post any meditations here that bring harmony to our beloved Planet and the Life upon Her.

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As you know, there is a Great Spiritual Shift in consciousness going on. As our inner vision shifts so must the outer world of nations, laws and organizations, resulting in inevitable Chaos and disorder. We cannot ignore the chaos as the world adjusts to these inner changes. It is here and it is real. As members of Humanity we are a part of this Outer Shift. And, we can make a great difference in creating harmony by the way we work with it in our own consciousness.

It is everyone’s free choice as to their outer expression, but, by bringing these issues into our own hearts and shining the Light of Love upon them, we help to clear out the darkness so that everyone can think more clearly, be more centered and feel with their hearts.

For years Lightgrid has steadily built the strength of the planetary grid with daily inner work. It is now time for us to move outward and balance our inner world with the outer world -  to be more aware of the conflicts that are going on in the world and work with them within our meditations. It is time to bring the polar opposites together in harmony within our hearts, and shift the outer world to Love. 

The idea of using the grid for group meditations has gone viral. Millions of people worldwide are now joining in with enlightening meditations for humanity. This is a wonderful development and a Great Hope for a better world!

Let us take the lead and do our part in creating a new meditative pathway to outer creative change as we bring our inner and outer world together in....


The peace and LOVE we feel inside shall soon reverberate throughout the grids and finally touch upon...

All HEARTS - All LIFE - The Entire Planet. 



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Cosmic Consciousness

A new level of BEING

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki yesterday

Welcome Nancy Mora to the group. We are  glad that you have joined.

Blessings of Light and Love!


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki yesterday

Thank you Gary for sharing this information. I had no idea of its history.

Comment by Gary WalkNCrow Cooke yesterday

:)) KeNah (Thank You) For This Fine Words. In Lak'ech.  (I Am You/You Are Me) We were speaking this Language or a dialect of This Language in Their Year 1585 and 1607.  It's Older Than The Maya The Aztec and The Inca. To The Best of My Research It was The Royal or Leaders Trade Language That We All The Tribes Spoke and Wrote in Pictographs. I Chased This Back to around Belize  When They Were Called Naacals. or Neferit or Anunaki.  The Language of Light or Being. :))

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki yesterday

Thank you Gary,

It is an amazing time! We seem to be collectively realizing for the first time that other lives than humans have rights and are taking steps to protect them. It also seems to be the first time in any history that we know, that the intent of humans is collectively unified. 

Comment by Gary WalkNCrow Cooke yesterday

:)) An Amazing Time. Blessings of Love, Light And Peace All :))

Comment by Cheryl yesterday
Thank You... My Sister of Light & Love! I Enjoy the smile on this young beings face.
Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki yesterday

Welcome Chreyl,

Thank you so much for joining!



Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 9, 2015 at 11:42pm

Thank you Steve for posting this sacred meditation. I felt a glow around my throat chakra as I listened and imagined the energy along with the channeling. It is something my throat chakra needs.

Love and gratitude,


Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 5, 2015 at 9:47pm

In this video, Archangel Metatron helps us enhance our ability to speak our truth & express the highest aspect of your Divine Self in this Capsule of Wisdom #51. Archangel Metatron encourages & helps you to release unneeded energies connected to speaking your truth, & helps you be in resonance with your Divine Self while assisting you in healing and raising the vibrations of your throat chakra & your Whole Being while supported by the Creator

Blessings of Love & Light to all,


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 31, 2015 at 2:17am

Find Inner Peace at 7/31 Full Moon

"Energizing Your Aspirations

Being present to what you want to create is a key factor in your success. Right now, consider up to three goals you set in early July. Name them out loud. Visualize each of them as having manifested in present time. Imagine yourself enjoying the fruits of each one, feeling it in your body and in your heart center. Do this even for things that may be unfolding in stages over the coming weeks."


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Let us UNITE and transmute back all misqualified energy into pure Divine Potential! We connect 4 times a day weaving a Net of Violet Light.


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