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This is a group to help each other with our spiritual growth, upliftment, & ascension by sharing meditations, prayers, group activities, & loving support for each other in any way members suggest. And we ask that we be guided and over lighted in all of our thoughts, words, actions, prayers & meditations in every moment by our own mighty I AM Presence & Soul & any and all Ascended Masters, angels, Archangels, & Elohim we acknowledge to help bring forth into greater manifestation the Awakened Divine Human... the Ascended Angelic Human of Golden White Light while still in this body now.... the Angelic Divine Human living always in Divine Love & Peace & Abundance. We offer our selves, thru our 'I Am Presence,' in service in helping manifest Father/Mother/God's Pure Divine Will on earth & in helping unfold the Divine Human Blueprint in every human being...

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This Egyptian Meditation and Initiation guided by Hathor via Natalie Glasson is to help increase your unity with the Creator at a physical level....helping you experience peace within your own mind merged with the peace & love of the Creator in you and in the universe.

Our daily experience of God's inner peace in our heart helps every person on this earth to some degree begin to experience inner peace within their heart - helping raise everyone's vibrations....and helping every person begin to awaken to God's Presence within us all - and this radiates out to uplift every human being !

Blessings of Love & Light to all,



This meditation is a version of my recent 'One Heart Light-Tribe' Meditation, and   is still available on my website for download here )

It was channeled in Webinar 2 of my 'Connecting with Your Higher Self' series -- I hope you enjoy it! The transcript can be found on my website under the 'Free Meditations' section.



Magnify Your Divinity Throughout Your Entire Being
with Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron brings forth an initiation in the form of a meditation in Capsule 70 focused upon embodying appropriate crystalline vibrations of light and consciousness within all aspects of your being. The purpose of this initiation is to magnify your divinity and the vibrations of the Creator present within your being. The crystalline consciousness magnifies the love within and enhances manifestation. Archangel Metatron shares his wisdom explaining the importance of the Crystalline embodiment while also introducing Archangel Metatron's Star of Transcendent Love.










I recently finished the most wonderful & uplifting & powerful 3 part webinar I have ever taken. It's by Natalie Glasson, and each part averages about an hour & 20 minutes:
1. Christ Initiations Part 1 Master Lord Buddha
2. Christ Initiations Part 2 Master Lady Portia
3. Christ Initiations Part 3 Master Lord Melchizedek

This video is an excerpt from Part 2 of the webinar with Ascended Master Lady Portia with many Divine Blessings embedded in it....but being only about 26 minutes long, you will need to go to Natalie's website to download Pt 2 of the webinar to receive all the Blessings & activations from Lady Portia & the many Divine Masters that Natalie invites to be with you while you listen to the webinar.
Part 2 is awesome ! So I'm delighted to invite everyone to go to:
and download. I also highly recommend Pts 1 & 2, for the Divine Energy builds from the 1st part.





13-13-13 Golden Gate - Infinite Merkabah Activation





This is the journey into alignment in the Christ Consciousness. It is the sacred quest for love, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, mercy, kindness, tolerance, patience, and courage. It is discovering what Spirit wants for you -- abundance, joy, happiness, and peace of mind. All of the difficulties of your life -- anger, guilt, shame, obsessive/compulsive disorders, addictions, and other emotional toxins and mental mal-adjustments, even physical ailments can successfully be overcome by aligning with your Higher Self in the Christ Consciousness.

The Soul is a divine aspect of Creator Source that is and maintains the individual essence of who you are as well as serves as the connection to unity consciousness of the OverSoul. Without Soul healing, we don't obtain wholeness, achieve authentic power or move into enlightenment.

Soul healing with Christ energy facilitates the body-mind energy alignment to one's divine nature; it facilitates the discovery of who we really came here to be while helping us connect to our own internal source of Spirit. The Christ Light bridges the lower self with the Higher Self, the ego self with the Soul self and conscious awareness expands. The density of the lower self, the mental/emotional blockages and shadow aspects are dismantled, released, cleared, transformed, and healed with the influx of Christ Light through our intention and attention.






Archangel Metatron focuses upon enhancing your ability to speak your truth in this Capsule of Wisdom. He describes the purpose of the throat chakra and what it actually means to speak your truth. Archangel Metatron encourages & helps you release unneeded energies connected to speaking your truth while assisting you in healing and raising the vibration your throat chakra supported by the Creator

Allow yourself to sit peaceably & focus on your breathing. Allow your breathing to expand & hold your focus completely. You're allowing your body, including your energetic body to relax completely & become smooth & fluid. Allow yourself now to connect to your Soul. Imagine your Soul Star Portal above your head like a glorious diamond beaming Light down upon you that flows all the way thru your chakra columns & down thru your Earth Star Portal anchoring you in Gaia....and you feel yourself merging with your Soul.....and you feel every chakra being a Divine expression of your Soul.



Greeting to you my fellow Light Beings. I am the Goddess Isis, and I come to you with Love & surround you with My Harmony & Truth. You know there is a connection of Oneness & Love with every human being as well as all those on the inner Planes. We ask all of you to exists together experiencing this Divine Connection with the Creator....allowing the Creator's Energy to flow thru you always, blessing you and all you are with.

Today I wish to focus on grounding and awakening the Creator's energies within you....for when you ground Sacred Energies of the Creator - you come to embody & ground them deeply in your being....preparing you for further initiations which we wish to share with you.

So now let me guide in meditation...let your breathing began to expand, allowing for healing & expansion & Divine Stillness within your being as a Divine Golden Light fills & surrounds you as you are embraced in my loving energy - the Divine Energy of the Goddess Isis & Mother Divine. Allow yourself to breathe in this Divine Energy with your every breath.




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Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. 21 hours ago

The Law Of One*

We are all one....

When one is harmed, all are harmed....

When one is helped...all are helped, all are healed..... the name of all I am, and I am one with all....

(God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Buddah, ascended masters, saints, angels...all beings of the light!!!....)

I ask that only the highest good, happen here and now, for all concerned

...throughout all dimensions of time and space.....

On the physical plane...the greatest beauty and harmony....

On the emotional plane...the most profound love and joy....

In the world of the mind, the greatest wisdom and knowing....

And in the Spirit...the most wonderous unity of all.....

And so it is.....

I give great thanks.......



Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. yesterday

This song was written to share with all people who have a deep love of flowers, nature and an appreciation of all that God has created. ...

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 25, 2014 at 12:02pm

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 20, 2014 at 2:03am

Metta is a recognition of the most basic solidarity that we have with others, this sharing of a common aspiration to find fulfillment and escape suffering and share this wonderful thing we call "Life" with gratitude.

Pass It On!!!

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 19, 2014 at 6:13am

Special Webcast Meditation with Sri Amma Bhagwan On Sri Amma's Birthday 2014 ~ The Day of Love. [This is a recorded webcast] Webcast recording and Music by JeetPrince7

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 12, 2014 at 12:18pm

This video focuses only on Christine Day's transmission (without her discussion) of her :Pleiadian Broadcast - June 2014 "., which focuses on helping you cleanse & purify your heart chakra and anchor and expand your multidimensional heart...

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 11, 2014 at 8:36am

This is my playlist of many beautiful Anugama meditation & relaxation videos, with some other uplifting artists added as well. Enjoy ! Blessings of Love & Light to all, Steve

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 5, 2014 at 10:11pm

Prayer for Humanity

So my friend, please join me in affirming out loud the following super-charged prayer for humanity:

Dear Universe/Source/Spirit/I AM/God/Om (use whichever you resonate with most, as they are all the same),

How empowering it is to know that you and I are One.

That the life that flows through every cell and fiber of my being is the same life that flows through all of humanity, all plants, animals, Mother Earth, the planets, stars, galaxies, Universes and beyond.

From this Oneness, I am calling forth the vibration of Divine Love to fully activate itself within the hearts and minds of every being who has, is or will ever be a part of this beautiful world we live in.

May this Divine Love quickly anchor itself and generate Divine Balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that we may witness a rapid shift from the current state of the world into one saturated with love everywhere.

I am aware that this will also result in the full blossoming of the greatest peace our global family has ever experienced—one in which celebrating love for one another becomes a daily part of our lives!

I am deeply grateful, knowing that this prayer has already started to reveal itself in the most amazing ways, starting this very second!

I joyfully send this prayer out to the Universe, knowing that it is done, it is done, it is done.

And so it is! Show me.

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on July 29, 2014 at 2:23pm

This is a new video I just finished producing & uploading of an older channeling by Natalie Glasson  bringing thru Hathor to help us experience inner peace and increase our alignment with the Creator in our own mind & body & in the universe. Enjoy !

Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on July 19, 2014 at 10:51pm


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Shiva, why are you so tall and blue? He said that his form helps people remember him and is what many…


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