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29th November 2016 – We Three Ladies Trance Group. Lesley, Eileen and Kay.

Lesley sat first tonight and the room became misty with Lesley’s eyes looking bigger.

Kay could see a figure next to her on her left. Very quickly a dark shadow built up around Lesley’s chin and jawline. This was felt to be a biblical character and manifested the week before with Kay.

Great Spirit we thank you for drawing close, come that little bit closer so that we can see you more clearly!

Looking with a ‘lazy eye’ Kay could see a fuller face and fuller lips and Lesley’s eyes were flickering. The shadow became darker around her jaw so Eileen took a couple of photos.

Other faces came and went, a Native American Indian female and male and a man with white moustache who appears sometimes with Eileen.

There was a fragrance in the room all of a sudden, which both Kay and Eileen could smell a nutty olive oil and Kay said there were hints of citrus as well.

Kay could see a darker skinned lady with long, dark curly hair and asked if she was of Mediterranean origin?

Eileen sensed the words ‘Having the time of your life’ and ‘sun sea and champagne’ that maybe have something to do with this lady!

Kay – Let the words out, don’t be afraid, we understand.

Eileen could see energy around Lesley’s mouth like bubbles and moved to sit closer to her sending out more energy.

We come in Peace. We are of the one blood, we are of the one nation! We are with you as you endeavour to move forward in your life, your life of service for the Great Spirit of whom you know well. Freedom, freedom of the word that is needed to be spoken. Some of you are anchored to the Earth plane, you will need to cut those ties and move forward, never doubt in your abilities, for your soul shines brightly.

Lesley turned her head around to look at us full on.

You have asked many question of the Spirit of late, you have asked where you are going, is that correct? Yes, we both have thank you!

For it will be opened up to you, your pathway. You’ve questioned the timings, you have questioned the time. Is that correct? Yes!

As you know, there is no time. There is no time!

Can you tell us tonight where we are going?

For it is written your soul journey is written, the contract has been signed. You feel things speed up and then they slow down and sometimes it does not come quick enough, but all in good time my child, all in good time. As with the seasons that change, you will change. As the snow melts you will move forward, it’s like the harvest, you will grow. Thank you.

There has been sadness . . . you have to let it go.

Yes! There was a crack in the room at this point.

When Lesley came around she said she could see so many Stars and she asked Eileen if they were important to her. Eileen is always gazing at the Stars each night, when it is clear, trying to pick out the different constellations, other than her beloved Pleiades which she finds easily.

Lesley didn’t feel she had the voice to speak and didn’t want to force it, but she was being shown myriad Stars, they were giving her information about a Steller Gate and telling her important the Stars were. Lesley didn’t feel confident enough to say what she was getting but remembered they were saying that ‘we’ had lived before!  Lesley agreed to narrate what she was seeing next time in her own words, taking us on her journey so that we didn’t miss out on what she was being shown. Kay commented that we have the same DNA as the Stars and a cold chill went through Lesley in confirmation. Researching on the internet Eileen found a Stellar-Gate video:-

Eileen sat next.

Kay could see a male North American Indian straight away but wasn’t sure who it was. Lesley could see a change in the colour of Eileen’s face and sensed the strength and power of him and waited for him to speak.

We are most honoured to be here with you this evening. We are honoured to have you.

Eileen started coughing as the energies came closer.

We see you learning and growing, (emotional here) and it brings us much joy to see this. We are beholden to you for listening to the words of this old man.

Can we enquire who it is? (felt it was White cloud).

Old and wise, and wisdom is one of the things that comes with age, wisdom and sensibility and compassion, and an energy within, a strength of energy that can be shared amongst those around you. We come from that neighborhood that gave much credence to sitting around the fire and telling our stories. This is how we passed our knowledge down to the little ones, you have your books today, we had our voices.

Eileen remembered moving forward in her chair and seeing a group of little children looking up at her in awe.

We, the elders, were the story tellers and the children came to listen, to sit at our feet with wonder on their faces, intense at how our stories unfolded. And we bring that wisdom to you now as in days of old, where once we sat around the camp fire together, sharing in the Love and community of Spirit. We delve deeper into the stories from the past and open your hearts and minds to accept the fact that we come in the utmost Love for mankind.

We come bearing gifts for both of you and ask you to take your fill of the fruits we bring within which are the seeds. The seeds shall grow and spread much truth, the seeds shall be planted as they were long ago, and there shall be an abundance of joy and laughter among us once more as we gather together in unison, demonstrating our allegiance to the cause.

At this point Kay had gone deeper into trance state herself. Eileen held out her arm to Kay.

Our friend here shall speak with us. Come forth and join us, come to the table, come to the hearth! We are friends here as we were once long ago. We take this journey together in all Love and respect and we monitor your progress day by day, asking you not to give up hope for the time shall come when we shall fly on the wings of Love, high over the mountain tops and far beyond, where the rainbow of Light is beckoning and drawing us closer into those vibrations of colour and Light.

After a while of deep breathing Kay began to channel.

We feel it is time, time for man to wake up, time for them to see what they are doing to one another, what they are doing to our Mother Earth, how they destroy instead of build, how they hate instead of Love. They take and do not give, it is time for them to awaken to what they are and who they are, wonderful beings of Love. For the physical body is but the chariot but instead of using it to fight for Peace. It is being used to destroy, man is abusing not only our planet, our brothers and our sisters, man is abusing themselves. They say it is this fault or that fault, it is because of this or that but it is because of them, for they took that which was simple and they have made it complicated. It is time to wake up and find the simplicities, to find the ease, to once again find the purpose for which you are here!

Kay finished channeling and Eileen is now raising her right hand up palm out.

We come in Peace! Welcome!

There was a definite change to Eileen’s face as it became lighter and Lesley went cold. There were different face changes and a new face appeared they hadn’t seen before with prominent teeth and protruding cheek bones. Kay mentioned that they weren’t the most attractive people. (As Eileen was typing this she thought of Tutankhamun’s mummified body with protruding teeth, which she had actually seen when visiting Egypt).

Kay heard the song - Everything is beautiful in its own way!

At one point, Eileen had seen the face of Jesus as she receded and the words


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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on December 1, 2016 at 10:48pm

Thank you Eileen for bringing us these inspiring messages,

With gratitude and love,



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