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THE GATHERING OF TRIBES - Eileen Zizecli Coleman


Its February 2014 and today I’m being shown a young, handsome North American Indian, his long, dark hair is tied back either side of his face. I asked who he was but there is a lot going on, they seem to be rounding up the herd and I can only make out the odd word or two . . . Apache and ‘Running Horse’.

The name Cochise is also being called, he is riding a horse and keeps turning back and forth; it’s like they are trying to keep a stampede from happening. I found later that Cochise was Chief of the Chiricahua Apache Indians.

I heard the words Stallion and prize Bull fighters, which I didn’t understand but after research found tribes hunted Bull bison and Bull Elks. Although each tribe had slightly different techniques, hunters had two basic ways to hunt the bison. A large party of Indians would often surround a herd and then attack, trying to keep the herd milling yet prevent it from stampeding.

“Renegade Indians, telling of unimaginable disasters beyond our control”!

There is an Indian in a big white bonnet and his horse is rearing up. I wondered if it was White Cloud but his eyes remind me of Sitting Bull.

The wisdom we bring will put you in your place, bringing about a grand renewal; we tread most carefully along this highway of Love and rectify certain clauses that have come into operation. We are beholden to all those who seek the truth, and the truth must be told for you to understand why we are here to help you!

I wish I could take a photograph of what I can see in my head to be able to study it more closely. The face in the bonnet looks very much like Sitting Bull.

Yes, my friend you are correct; we come to share the harsh realities that face you head on and we underline certain clauses in our pact that state the obvious; we come in all sincerity to help you along this pathway and we open up a new vision for mankind. We have bred in you the required status that is needed to uplift a nation in distress and we ask you not to be troubled, for we hold back the flood that threatens to engulf you and remove you from a situation far worse than you can ever imagine. We come singing a lullaby from long ago, cradling you in our arms, and we gently chide you for not listening to our words sooner.

This has been the most rewarding task that we have ever undertaken and we reinstate your sovereignty, encouraging you to grow as we fast track you to a land of plenty, a land of hopes and dreams that really do come true. We propel you at a faster rate of knots, broadening your horizons and bringing into question those areas previously denied. We do not wish to bring heartache to the population of Earth; we merely wish to instruct you on how to begin to take care of your future. It has been a mammoth undertaking to bring you thus far and we superimpose our thoughts on yours for greater clarity and understanding.

We bring glad tidings of great joy and wish you to take on board our undying Love for you and for the population of Earth as a whole! We regret not being able to take you on board sooner for we have discovered a vast reservoir of knowledge that is waiting to be broadcast and these we shall share with your contemporaries. Do not be alarmed or downcast for we are here for the duration, we will not be put off or cast aside, we merely represent the population of Earth in this fight against time and we share that knowledge with those who come to listen. We give you a breathing space to adapt to our frequencies and restore harmony; this is necessary because of a backward step and we trouble you to access that module that will bring in greater reserves of energy. We govern proceedings with an air of grace and authority, motioning you to accept with a good and loving heart, those concepts that were previously unacceptable. There is a reconditioning of sorts that allows us to monitor these upsets.

I’m being shown ordinary people fighting and squabbling.

We are generally seen to be over reacting and this will be held in check so that you may assess the situation without using fisticuffs! This alternative will save the lives of many in your jurisdiction and we do acquiesce to taking the time to refine attitudes that have led others astray. It has been said that this is a great turning point in the history of mankind, and we parade before you issues of a sensitive nature that shall wipe the smiles from some of your faces; this is perhaps an unforeseen occurrence but we shall do our best to hold things in check for the parties concerned. Any grievances will be heard and we adjudicate at these meetings, functioning within the scope these boundaries allow. We therefore have great pleasure in assisting you on the Earth plane and we come to do your bidding.

Stand tall and strong and we shall be there by your side, giving the assistance that is due to our brothers and sisters on the Earth plane. We are open to debate on various issues and ask you to let bygones be bygones; this has been an overwhelming story and one we have taken to our heart. We have undoubtedly had great courage in the line of fire and we bring this to a head very soon, making discoveries about ourselves in a fine conclusion to a long story that has stood the test of time! We expel some much-maligned truths and we pardon the loss of several generations, making a stand for the human race!

I’m aware of White Cloud standing in the background watching over proceedings and am now being shown a disciple from Jesus’s time. I’ve asked them to come forward and am sensing a feeling of wistfulness and sadness. I’m wondering if it is Judas as I recently watched a documentary about him, which refuted the betrayal of Jesus. My friend come forward please and tell me who you are, we’d love to hear your story to set the record straight.

We have come many times to the Sea of Galilee and here we listened to the stories, the stories that tore at our heart strings. We have heard many parables that speak of a deep-seated truth within us and we broaden your knowledge; we allow you to look at those times as we gently lead you to become one with us on this and many other occasions. We ask you to write down these words for posterity, bearing witness to a time of unparalleled strength and sharing in the diversity of material passed on to us.

We ask you to share with us in this, the greatest story ever told, and we shall be there by your side cautioning you not to lose faith for we come in all sincerity and by the grace of God. We tamper not with adjectives that enslave a nation but we do bear witness to the truth, the whole truth as we see it, and are not we the ones who walked with Jesus! We are the ones who speak to you now, unloading our burden, for there were times of great suffering that caused us to shed many tears. We are with you now to unburden our heart and to make Peace. For it is a time of great rejoicing that he has come among us once more, in many forms with many attributes, and we are beholden to you for taking the time out of your day to listen to us! We bear witness to a time of great sorrow and calamity but we also bear witness to a time of great undercurrent activity.

The Temples were rife with deceit and corruption and our Master despised what we could not see as an act against God. He showed us with his teachings that we must look within our hearts to know the true status of our countryman. We prepare for a mass gathering of souls who will bear witness to what we have said, and we now chaperone you through a maze of uncertainty that we may bring about a grand awakening within the bosom of mankind. For it is by your example, by your actions and the actions of those like you, who spread the word, that we are able to bring around the population of Earth.

We shed light on those issues that have been worrying you, and we accept that though the fault is not our own, we have walked down a pathway less deserving of our talents. We open up the spreadsheet and see a past littered with clauses and we do our best to overcome the many situations that have caused havoc! We suggest that you go within more often to shed light on any particular situation that is causing concern, and we will do our best to help you so that you may see the way forward.

Thank you; is it Judas who is speaking or a representative of Judas?

We have included in your list of talents a sensory perception that allows you to see, with unclouded vision, that which we interpret as the ‘being’ called Judas. We allow this to settle as we recover new ways of gathering material that shall shape shift an entire nation and we beam you aboard, helping you in your studies, transcribing the vagaries of what we have now become accustomed to, searching and seeking in every nook and cranny, finding the truth of who we all really are. We are ‘Beings of Light’ clothed in flesh and when the flesh falls away . . . we shine more brightly! That is not to say that you should not continue to seek for there are many avenues to be explored before you come back home!

I’m seeing gold lattice work at this point on soft lilac clouds.

There has been mass genocide in the state of Texas!

Puzzled for a moment, I realised they were referring to the slaughter of many Indian tribes in the nineteenth century. I am now being shown the face of Jesus and he is wearing a crown of thorns.

Did Judas take his life before Jesus was crucified? Is that why his gospel ends before he has a chance to speak of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ? I’m now seeing a man with short, dark hair and bushy beard. (Sharon, White Cloud’s daughter in a previous life, has since confirmed that she sees Judas with this description)

We do indeed take this further and underline various episodes that need to be looked at in closer detail.  There has been a mammoth indoctrination of all faiths appertaining to the resurrection of Christ, and we ask you to study so that we may come closer to that point. The resurrection of Christ has many points of reference that need to be looked at in greater detail, firstly the rolling away of the stone and the Angels plea to not be concerned - all is well! And we were there to take your hand, to lead you to pastures new and to open the gates of Heaven, most cherished above all sisters. We believe that time was of the utmost gentility and we watched as you washed us, as you bathed us with your tears.

I was totally confused here and kept challenging the words in my head so decided to leave it for another day.

As I begin my meditation there are tears in my eyes and I can feel White Cloud drawing close. I can see soft lilac clouds washing around me with splashes of golden shapes that I cannot make out at the moment. I feel as if I’m sitting in my space pod and am now plugging myself in, going forward into a new time frame.

Here we will capitulate and answer those questions that are brimming in your brain. We have struck rock bottom of that there is no doubt and we come now to memorise what is most important in your upkeep upon the Earth plane,  that plateau of existence that keeps you pinned in obscurity. We have been accepted into the fold and are indebted to your expertise at allowing us into your energy field. We come to raise you up from the ashes and to propel you forward at greater speed, opening the portals one by one, accessing information brought in for your discharge from one frame of existence to another more befitting your race. We are compelled to adjust settings so that we may achieve perfect harmony on a higher level and we allow you further updates that will help you in your studies. We achieve resounding success and further updates that will help us achieve notoriety!

We seem to be floating through lilac and gold and tears are rolling slowly down my face.

We accept that we have worked together many times before but the more you become consciously aware of us, the more your emotions are less likely to be held in check.

I’m looking intensely at the golden patterns, trying to make out what they are. It’s hard to explain what I’m seeing but they are like golden glyphs which come in and out of view, forever changing. I do love doing this, I love doing this work but I can’t really call it work, it’s more like an adventure into the unknown. It’s as if I’m inside a skeleton and I can see something soft in the middle that is beating, or is it symbolic that I’m getting to the heart of the matter. Perhaps I’m inside my own body!

This is where you start your journey . . .  where the heart is. Opening the portal within the heart allows us excursions into other realms. (There was a loud crack in the room at this point).

I sensed an elephant swishing his trunk. I feel as if my frequencies are being raised and I can feel myself smiling as if my heart is beaming. I feel a little of that goldenness I felt in my heart when I saw Jesus/Jeshua. I can now see vivid purple and gold.

Have the disciples of Jeshua reincarnated in a multitude of people? I have had the sense of being spoken to as if I was one of the disciples and I know many others have had the same experience too, can you explain that to me please?

The lilac and gold patterns are so pretty here and there seems to be a more feminine influence.

We have come many times in many guises; this is how we spread our knowledge of times gone by to reach a wider audience. We come in all lowliness upon the Earth plane to share with you and to spread the word that life is eternal, Love is eternal, and we speak from beyond the grave so that you may know this is true. We come to avert a tragedy of enormous proportions so that you will heed our words and adjust your frequencies to coincide with ours, so that you may be brought back home more easily. We are just a thought away and you can be here before you even realise what has taken place.

A chariot of Love awaits you and all you have to do is to make that choice to step in and we shall carry you forward into a new world, into a new chain of office that is waiting for you. And we abide by those rules laid down by our counterparts, accessing that place deep within your souls that allow these messages to be spoken out loud. We come to strengthen you and uplift you and shepherd you in the right direction, so that we may bring that wisdom closer to the hearts of mankind, so they may take on board what is in our hearts as the utmost truth! We thank you for your attention to detail, we are forever in your debt and allow you to go about your business. Do not be put off but remain in the mainstream so that we may share with you more often. These sessions are of great importance and we allow you to become your true self, magnificent in every detail, magnificent in every sense!

I’m floating through gorgeous purple and gold clouds, feeling absolutely relaxed. I felt White Cloud drawn near again and could feel my face changing.

We have championed the cause for mankind for many centuries, and we have persevered in rectifying that which is needed to propel mankind into that state of perfect being. We have relegated doom and gloom on a large scale, putting it to you that we do in fact come in all Love and harmony to help the Children of Earth. We know that you listen to our words more often and this is because of the insistence of the words coming through, allowing you to look with closer scrutiny. We do join with you today to propel you to a new domain of exquisite joy and bliss and this shall be seen to be done on a wide scale around the world, opening up the hearts of mankind!

There is another big crack in the room; I’m getting flashes of vibrant purple and gold here too and am seeing White Cloud’s face.

We do believe we come at a time of great couriers and we assimilate a new structure to be able to carry you forward into a new time scale; this will take greater time as we observe what is happening on your plane of existence at this moment. We are simply doing our bit to put things in place, things that need changing, amalgamating with others who can help you on the Earth plane. It is by no means the hardest task and we welcome you here now to be with us, among your friends and helpers on the other side, who all wish to be remembered to you.

These messages and many more can be read in my second book We come as One Voice.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on December 12, 2016 at 10:43pm

Thank you for these encouraging messages.

Love, Ishema

Comment by Eileen Coleman on December 13, 2016 at 5:41pm

Oh Ishema, such a beautiful picture, we are so blessed to have access to the Light around us!


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