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THE RAINBOW FLAG OF HOPE - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

27th November 2016 - THE RAINBOW FLAG OF HOPE

I sat in prayer sending out healing to those at Standing Rock and felt Sitting Bull with me.

There is much pandering to the cause of human rights but it is for us to make sure that they are held in the deepest respect, for these waves of loving energy are sent out to those who have just cause to stand and be counted! We come into our own when we stand together as one voice, and we know it behooves us to act in accordance with the rights of our people, who come together, standing for the rights of the Native American people who were here long ago, long before the white man. And we have just cause to shout in jubilation at what is seen as righteous information filtering into the masses, who take on board all that is necessary to help the innocents who protect their land and the waters that run through.

Be at Peace little ones and know that all is in hand, for the condemnation of man has been great and we believe we shall be able to turn around this situation, and obey the instincts of our nature which is to bare the other cheek! We shall do no harm to another living being ever again and we make this stipulation that all shall come under that banner of Hope and Love and Peace! The Rainbow of Light is above the camp even as we speak and we shall continue to bombard that area with our energies so that we may remain triumphant, and appease those living upon the lands of grazing. And for those that come down to drink, their water shall be pure and a cleansing is taking place of the whole area and far beyond. We raise the flag, the Rainbow flag and symbol of Hope. Be not in despair for all shall see the rising of the sun on a new day for everyone!

We raise the portcullis and allow you through into these realms of Light, be prepared to action more of the same as we bring you aboard and ask for a generation of undercurrents to be laid to rest. We smooth out the pathway and allow greater access to our recordings; we tell the tales of our ancients and bring to pass an accumulation of stories that shall be written out for all to see. We grapple with a new dialogue and ask you to bear witness so that we may express ourselves ecclesiastically.

I’m being shown a bishop in golden robes and a tall hat, he’s undoing a curtain and letting it fall away so we can enter that area previously restricted to the public.

We open up that which has not been seen before and bring into the equation a dynamic interpretation of literature that has been hidden for centuries, these shall be brought into the light and examined in greater detail, and there are those on course to do this most stupendously! These shall be given the advantage of bringing into the equation an anomaly that shall be rectified and given impetus to join forces with our Great Council of Light. We thank you for services rendered, past and present and we unfold so much more, opening up those vistas bright, an abundance of Light, ready to take on further challenges that shall set the scene and open up a new pathway. There are mammoth solutions heading your way and you shall be brought up to speed, following interpretations from the grandest portfolio of extravagances, well deserved! We obey the natural rhetoric of our counterparts and allow a blending not seen for many a year.

28th November 2016 - I have just watched another video on Standing Rock and felt drawn to sit once more in prayer.

Great Spirit I thank you for this beautiful morning that is crisp and cold but with such a beautiful pale, blue sky. I thank you for the hope that abides within me through your closeness, through your words of encouragement and inspiration. 

Are there any words that you can give to us, a continuation from yesterday on the situation at Standing Rock? How can we help in the protection of those who are standing up for the rights of the whole world to drink pure, clean water, not infiltrated by the black, snaking oil that poisons life?

I send out my energies and Love to those in Standing Rock and to those waterways all around the Earth, to rivers and streams everywhere that join the oceans of the world.

We register your thoughts dear sister of Light and we know you mean well in championing the cause of mankind upon the Earth plane. We draw closer to assist you and know that we shall make a difference.

I can see Sitting Bull with the Rainbow light around him.

We shine Light on all those troubled areas, bringing about a change, a reclamation of souls who walk in the darkness, soon to be brought into the Light of greater understanding and we bring this from the Great Divine, from the Great White Spirit who resides in our hearts and shelters us in his almighty embrace.

Be tranquil in your thoughts and dealings with others, do not be whipped into a frenzy by those about you who wish to harm you, this is not the way, the way is Truth and Light personified and we rain down that Light upon you, assisting you in your quest for Peace, for this shall become the norm in your new life here on this plane of existence. And we bring you to us in due course that you too may shelter in the Love of the Great Divine, this all-encompassing Love will protect you and keep you safe from further disturbances of the mind.

We release our energies to you and bring them in across the plains. Be strong dear children, stand firm, let the Light protect you, bring that shield around you, pray on manifesting that shield of Light, build up the energy, build up that impenetrable energy against your adversaries. They will not touch your heart, they cannot touch that place within that is sacred!

I feel Sitting Bull with me, wearing a full bonnet of feathers, and feel resolute in my quest. There is nothing that will shake me from my beliefs, from my truth and no man shall cast me asunder!

I bring you news from across the great divide, news that shall lighten your hearts and bring you to this place of deep repose, this wigwam of Light and Joy beyond all other. It is not open for negotiation for it is a fact my friends, a fact of life, and the truth within your heart will out like an explosion of joy, it is there within waiting for expression!

I’m hearing the song: - Oh, happy day, when Jesus walked upon this land.

We bring in the cannon of Love and fire it out into the universe and those splinters of Love shall play havoc in your world, for they shall change the course of history and ignite the flame of Love within your hearts, impregnating those who have no say in how their lives are run. They will wake up and question and the answers shall be forthcoming from their hearts, and they will know, they will know what to do and where to go. They will become compliant, not to their adversaries but to the Love within them that grows ever stronger, and nothing or no one can stand between them and the Light and Love of God Almighty! And He shall sit on a throne of Love of dazzling brilliance, comforting the lost, comforting the lonely, comforting the oppressed and all those who have been subservient, who have been downtrodden and forgotten! We are here now to lift you up to come amongst us, and we shall honour you and respect you, and above all Love you for who you are, the children of God’s creation, magnificent creatures of Light to be reborn into a new dimension of loving grace, and this shall be so!

Do not doubt these words for they come from the highest dimension known to man, from the highest of the high, and we bend to pick you up most gently, most lovingly into that beam of Light that will lead you home. We support you and protect you and lead you further into the land of milk and honey, that golden land of long ago. Be safe and sure in our Love and we shall uplift an entire species that has fallen on hard times, and surrendered to the compassion of those that Love you so tenderly.

Who is speaking now please?

We are the co-creators of Heaven and Earth and we come to lift you up and nurture you, and bring you back to that point where you shall begin again in a new time frame.

Is this because we have neglected out Mother Earth and despoiled her, pumping out her oil and spilling into the oceans and rivers, polluting the earth, polluting the atmosphere. Is this why you come, to save us from ourselves?

(There was a loud bang in room at this point).

Oh, how we mortals have sunk into the mud of our own making, and such a beautiful planet as ever there was. How could we be so foolish, so greedy, so selfish?

But this is why you are here my dear, along with millions of others and we see the Love in your hearts expanding and growing, infiltrating that golden Light and energy, heart to heart all around the globe. We have penetrated the hearts and minds of many and they come in unison to take up the cause of upliftment of mankind into those finer vibrations that will help lift them and catapult them into a new dimension, and this shall be so! The human race shall be saved and you have asked for this, and as parents to a child, we have listened to you, we have listened and taken stock and know that the vast majority of your world repent!

There are those few who cannot let go of their power, but their strength is waning, they are becoming the minority and the balance will be tipped in your favour and we will make greater strides across the heavens and claim what is rightfully ours, and Peace shall reign within your hearts forever more in the foreseeable future. We hope that history will not repeat itself and that you have learned your lessons on how to live in a world of Love and Peace. This is our directive, this is our portfolio of Peace for mankind and we ask you to be constant in your prayers and to take this to the highest point of recovery, knowing that we shall win through, we shall take the Bull by the horns and march forth in greater strength. Viva la Peace!

(There was a loud crack in room at this point).

Peace and Blessings to you all, in the name of God, the Father, the Mother and the Holy Ghost!

I’m now sensing the song ‘We shall Overcome’!


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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on November 29, 2016 at 1:45pm

Dear Eileen,

I was also in Meditation with you....

felt good and energetic and giving some energies to our mother Planet earth along with all Masters I was very Happy...


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on November 29, 2016 at 4:29pm

Thank you so much Eileen for these uplifting messages,

Love and Gratitude,



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