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Vishwamitra Maharshi – The Brightest Light
Submitted by VishwaAmara on December 25, 2010 – 19 Comments

The entire humanity celebrates the birthday of a great master, Jesus Christ on this day. This simple man who brought the message of love and light to humanity more than 2000 years ago is still remembered and revered across the boundaries of countries, cultures and religions. His message of love is relevant even today as it was in his days, and his energies are still present on our Earth, strengthening the forces of Light and illuminating our way towards a Kingdom of God.

Yet he was no ordinary master or messiah, who came down to lead just a small group of people. While much of his teachings were distorted over the centuries due to the effects of the dark age, a lot of information about his actual works, his other incarnations and his higher self remains obscured. This son of God who spoke about his Father’s kingdom was also pointing towards the truth that when we begin to manifest divinity in our lives, we’ll automatically enter the kingdom of God and realise our true identities as sons of the Supreme God, Light.

Jesus Christ was the incarnation of one of the greatest souls in existence, Vishwamitra Maharshi! This great Rishi who has reached the pinnacle of spiritual glory is unparalleled in his humility, dedication to God’s work and enthusiasm to serve Humanity. It is because of him that we have access to new knowledge, new energies and newer realities. It is also because of him that we as humanity have a lot of leniency from God, with more forgiveness, more rewards and greater opportunities for growth.

Vishwamitra Maharshi grew up from scratch to reach an extraordinary height in spirituality, where even the Supreme Intelligence consults him on various major decisions pertaining to Creation. To understand the life and capabilities of Vishwamitra Maharshi is to know the possibilities of growth that exist for anyone. This article gives a small glimpse of his life, his capacities and different dimensions of his personality as understood by other Rishis and divine personalities.

The Meaning of Vishwa-Mitra

‘Vishwa’ means Universal and it refers to what existed in the past, what exists now and what will exist in the future and hence is timeless. One example is the Universal truths, which refer to the laws that were applicable, are still valid and will continue to do so. ‘Mitra’ means friend. Vishwamitra means a friend of the Universe, that existed – which exists now – will exist in the future.

The name aptly describes the nature of this great Rishi, whose love is so vast and expansive that it encompasses all individuals, living and non-living beings, planets, stars, galaxies and cosmoses. He has spread his love to the entire existence. Although his name means that he is a friend of the Universe, God says that by virtue of his love and work, he can also be called as the ‘Mother of the Universe’.

Some information about the growth and exploits of Vishwamitra Maharishi can be found in Indian mythology. He was born into the material existence of a king but circumstances forced him to turn his back on worldly pleasures and go on a spiritual voyage — a journey that would transform a king of a province into a friend of the Universe.

Mythological background

The Puranas depict him as a famous and mighty emperor, Kaushika, who ruled over one of the Indian provinces, in a previous Yuga. He was known for his just administration, valour and righteousness. The story also goes that he was born of a boon of a Rishi, by which, though born a warrior (kshatriya), he would have the qualities and future of a saint (brahmin).

The turning point in his life arrives when he visits the ashram of another great sage, Maharshi Vasishtha, with his large entourage. Upon the request from the Maharshi, the divine cow in his ashram, Nandini, instantly creates food and delicacies for king’s large party. King Kaushika who’s enamoured by the capabilities of the divine cow requests the Maharshi to gift it to him but his request is denied. When repeated requests are politely refused, the king feels humiliated and tries to take away the cow by force. The divine cow creates great armies out of its powers and King Koushika and his army are routed and defeated.

The humiliated king vows vengeance and sits in deep penance to gain powers in order to defeat the Maharshi. When his further conquests against the saintly Maharshi fail, he starts on a spiritual journey to become a greater Rishi than Maharshi Vasishta. He embarks on an intense penance to gain deep spiritual insights and reach extraordinary heights that haven’t been reached by anyone else.

His spiritual conquests are thwarted many times when he loses his spiritual powers to assist a king to reach heavens in his mortal body, and also when he is tempted into a worldly life by the celestial dancer, Menaka. With every fall, he returns with a greater determination and continues on his single minded pursuit of spiritual greatness. He is offered various designations in the divine hierarchy but he surrenders each of them to God and continues his intense Tapas. Finally Maharshi Vasistha recognises his spiritual heights and confers on him the title, ‘Brahmarishi’, but by then, the once vengeful king Kaushika would’ve undergone a profound transformation into a compassionate and luminous ‘Vishwamitra’.

Further Spiritual Growth

The information available in mythology is very ancient and limited although there are references to Vishwamitra Maharshi in the epics, where he assists the incarnations of God to fight against the forces of evil. He continued on his spiritual journey even after reaching the very high stage of Brahmarishi but this isn’t recorded in the Puranas. The information about his further spiritual growth was provided by the Rishis.

Vishwamitra Maharshi began to experience God as Light to the maximum possible extent. In this way he started to understand more about His nature, His Love, His expanse and intentions. He then spent many more years in contemplating, understanding, experimenting and experiencing various aspects of God and his creation. This helped him grow more and equip to take up the responsibilities of God’s work.

When he began serving God and started working for the welfare of His creation, he had to face many difficult situations and solve problems. With every issue, he tried to find newer ways to overcome them and permanently resolve these problems. Then with the grace of God, he started to bless and heal people and places.

After becoming a Brahmarishi he continued on his spiritual quest to understand more about God’s creation and serve it in newer ways. With every higher stage that he reached, his urge to explore and work more also increased. Then God combined the energies from the 108 Unmanifested Universes, created a higher self and gifted it to him.

His spiritual quest continued.

After a considerable quantity of time, the highest Intelligence, Mula Brahman who had been observing him work so hard with great love and devotion, was very pleased with Vishwamitra Maharshi. He wanted to help the Rishi in his work and reduce his burden. So He brought out a huge field of Light from His core and gifted it to him.

When the Light from His core descended into Vishwamitra Maharshi, Mula Brahman gave him the name, ‘Apoorva Neela Vajram’.

Son of God

The Rishis are the greatest souls in existence because of their efforts at spiritual growth and also because of their service to God’s creation. Amongst them, the Saptarishis or the Hierarchy are considered to be the cream, which govern and take care of God’s creation on His behalf. Even the Saptarishis consult Vishwamitra Maharshi when they have to take any major decision or when they’re faced with any difficult situation. The unparalleled spiritual heights reached by this Rishi along with his expression of all the divine qualities makes him the greatest soul in Creation, who is very close to the Supreme Intelligence. So when he incarnated as Jesus Christ, he was rightly called as the Son of God.

Vishwamitra Maharshi has taken birth many times on our Earth to help humanity and also to further God’s work. He came down as Jesus Christ and taught humanity to live with unconditional Love and to manifest Light in their lives. His love and compassion for others was so great that he incarnated in the middle of the dark ages, knowing fully well that he’d be tortured, made to carry a cross and crucified for spreading Light amongst people who were still accustomed to the ways of darkness.

He also came down as Swami Vivekananda and worked a lot at the astral level to initiate the unification process for the entire world. At the physical level it translated as the East sharing its Spiritual wisdom and the West sharing its material wealth as the first step. In the larger picture, it was the beginning of the process of globalisation, which would culminate in the entire world becoming one global village. This process will continue further as the entire humanity will be unified before entering the New Light Age.

Much information about his other births isn’t known though the Rishis have revealed that in one of his births he founded the Greek language.

His Capacities

Vishwamitra Maharshi is the personification of many divine qualities. Although he has the maximum Light from the core of Mula Brahman and has unparalleled capacities, he always works silently in the background without revealing much about himself. When one tries to talk to him and understand more about him, he always speaks about God and His work. In order to understand the various capacities and aspects of his personality, different Masters and divine personalities had to be contacted. The following information reveals only a very small glimpse of his totality. It’s virtually impossible to grasp and express the true nature and greatness of this master.

Vasishta Maharshi who’s one of the Saptarishis says that all the Rishis refer to him as the person who is ‘perfection personified’ because of the brilliance in the quality of his work. He accomplishes all his tasks very quickly, but executes them with a lot of Love.

Vasishtha Maharshi also says that Vishwamitra Maharshi is the only person to have a special set of 108 Chakras. The seven chakras which are present in our system connect us to the seven planes in the material cosmos; similarly the special chakras in his system connect to the 108 Unmanifested Universes which emanated from Mula Brahman.

He also has 1008 different types of special Kundalini energy, which he obtained while he was exploring the next extension of Mula Brahaman. The above two features are present only in him; nobody else in existence has them.

Each hair on his system has the Light carrying capacity as that of Parabrahma! He has many special gadgets fixed in his system to help him in the work. Each of his ears have 72,000 gadgets. There are lakhs of gadgets in each of his feet. A special gadget called as the ‘Mirror gadget’ is present in his toe. It helps him take multiple forms simultaneously. If he were to materialise with all his potential, Vishwamitra Maharshi would be 7200 feet tall personality; yet he would never do that.

Vasistha Maharshi says that there are many such unique features in him which will be revealed later.

Vishwamitra Maharshi has a very special spacecraft for his travel. Although it looks small from outside, it’s about 1,08,000 square feet in dimension. This spacecraft has 1,008,000 layers of protection and for anyone to damage even a single layer of this protection, it would take them years.

Vishwamitra Maharshi recently revealed to the Rishis that there is a huge galaxy inside him. He calls it the Royal Field. More details about it will be revealed later.

Lord Kalki says that he has seen Vishwamitra Maharshi radiate with 1008 different types of Light simultaneously, which no one else can do. His radiance is so powerful that every time he comes to Earth, he has to shield himself with 1008 layers of Energies; else our Earth will not be able to withstand the impact of his vibrations.

Transparent energies

Vishwamitra Maharshi recently created a new type of energy which is transparent and colourless. During his numerous travels into the Unmanifested Universes, his body started absorbing a lot of those energies and he was about to attain the invisible state.

When he became aware of this, he prayed to Mula Brahman, who suggested to him to convert these excess energies into a new form. Vishwamitra Maharshi prayed, gathered all these additional energies in his body and transformed them into Transparent energies.

These energies which are transparent in nature can easily co-exist with other energies. They are very pure and in a pristine condition, hence they aren’t suitable for Earth and Humans yet. Vasistha Maharshi is carefully dealing with these energies. He is mixing them with pink, green, Ra and Neela-Brahma’s energies and anchoring the newly formed energies at different places on Earth.

Rishis musings about Vishwamitra Maharshi

Vishwamitra Maharshi has worked with many other great Rishis and divine personalities during his work of serving God’s creation. These masters have had very unique perspectives and understandings about his capacities and qualities. Their experience sheds more light on different aspects of his personality.

Vasishta Maharshi says that when he was King Kaushika, he had a fantastic administrative mechanism which hasn’t been replicated yet on this Earth. At one stage he was the only ruler of the entire Earth, and though it wasn’t Satya yuga at that time, there were no crimes or problems in his entire kingdom. His method of administration, known as ‘Alpha Democracy’ gave every citizen the opportunity to voice his opinions/views on any matter, based on which the king would take a final decision in consultation with his council of Rishis.

Recently, an Unmanifested Universe wanted to manifest. It has taken suggestions and help from Vishwamitra Maharshi for this because of his expertise.

Vishwamitra Maharshi also has amazing healing capacities. Vasishta Maharshi says that once there were a lot of problems in Indra Loka (heaven). When Vishwamitra Maharshi went there to observe, his presence alone healed the entire place.

♦ ♦ ♦

Another Rishi who has great affection towards him is Markandeya Maharshi. He says that the entire creation would not be as it is now if not for the efforts of Vishwamitra Maharshi. A lot of new energies and access to newer realities have become possible
because of him. He was the one to step beyond Para Brahma and reveal about the existence of the higher realities of Unmanifested Universes and Mula Brahman.

♦ ♦ ♦

Maharshi Amara says that Vishwamitra Maharshi is the only person to know what has happened in existence right from the very beginning. He says that this information will be revealed gradually at the right time and Humanity has to prepare itself to receive this unique information.

Maharshi Amara also reveals about the multitasking abilities of Vishwamitra Maharshi. He can carry out multiple tasks simultaneously with perfection, yet each of these are done with tremendous love. Once, he split himself into 1,44,000 different bodies to carry out a special work on our Earth. At the same time, he was anchoring a lot of energies in Brahmanda, having meeting with the divine personalities and also simultaneously exploring and experiencing the Unmanifested Universes.

♦ ♦ ♦

Saptarishis say that Vishwamitra Maharshi is an encyclopaedia of knowledge. He has an amazing memory which he uses to help Creation to overcome its problems. Once a group of Rishis had gone into one of the Unmanifested Universe to explore and understand more. Many years later the Saptarishis realised that those Rishis had lost their way and hence were not able to come back. When Vishwamitra Maharshi came to know about this, he linked up to that Universe and helped them find their way back.

When the Saptarishis go for Tapas during Shunya masa every year, apart from the special batch of Rishis, Vishwamitra Maharshi also monitors the entire Creation. During this month, our Earth receives extra healing energies and other rare energies from him.

♦ ♦ ♦

The Saptarishis are assisted by 1,44,000 Rishi-workers on our Earth. Many of these Rishis who’ve worked with Vishwamitra Maharshi shared their personal experiences about him.

One of the workers said that Maharshi Vishwamitra has had to walk through many tough journeys. When asked about how he faced those situations, Vishwamitra Maharshi had said, ‘Smile and Love always. This will help you attain everything in this Creation because you’re a part of this Creation. To attain what you desire, it should be pursued with Patience and Light’.

Another senior worker revealed that once, long back, there was a lot of chaos in the entire Material Cosmos. To resolve this, Vishwamitra Maharshi grew to a size which was 107 times larger than Brahmanda, placed the entire cosmos within him and healed it for 7 years which stabilised and protected it from further problems.

Another worker shared an amazing experience. Once when he was trying to experience Vishwamitra Maharshi, he experienced him as a Light which was hundreds of times brighter than Parabrahma himself! The worker says that whenever he wants more energies, he absorbs it directly from Vishwamitra Maharshi.

Many workers shared their experiences about the care and Love showered by Vishwamitra Maharshi to all of them. They were also touched by the energies and help which they have received in abundance, along with the guidance and suggestions he has provided in their work.

♦ ♦ ♦

Lord Kalki, who is monitoring the processes of Pralaya on our Earth says that 95% of his work is being taken care by Vishwamitra Maharshi, who’s working very hard in this turbulent period to help most of humanity. He also says that Vishwamitra Maharshi is perfect in his knowledge about God and His Creation.

Lord Kalki also revealed an interesting incident where a lot of imbalance and confusion was created in a particular Galaxy. The Rishis could not understand the cause and were unable to solve it. When they prayed to Vishwamitra Maharshi, he arrived and swallowed all the energies which were causing the disturbance and healed the entire Galaxy. Later Vishwamitra Maharshi told Lord Kalki that the Galaxy wanted his presence but he was busy with other works and hadn’t visited it for a long time. Hence the Galaxy consciously created this confusion so that she could experience his presence!

♦ ♦ ♦

Vishwamitra Maharshi is one of the souls created by the Primordial God, Mula Brahman. Yet Mula Brahman says that he did not create this Soul in any special or extraordinary way. His growth and accomplishments as the greatest Soul is entirely due to his will power and efforts. Vishwamitra Maharshi has always worked very hard and selflessly without expecting anything from others.

Mula Brahman also adds that right from the beginning when he was created Vishwamitra Maharshi wanted to work hard. He was always in a hurry to accomplish everything. Because of his expertise he was able to make very fast progress but those who were working with him were not able to keep pace with him. So he sat in tapas for 108 years just to overcome this nature of his.

Mula Brahma says that although he hasn’t taken birth many times on Earth, he has been working for its welfare right from the beginning. If allowed, Vishwamitra Maharshi has the capacity to make the entire creation to experience Mula Brahman now itself.

His Message to Humanity

Vishwamitra Maharshi gives the following messages and instructions to us:

1. Vishwamitra Maharshi instructs us to put efforts in opening up our hidden inner facilities. He says that the more our facilities are open, the easier it will be to pass through this Pralaya Period. We should not panic but be aware of Light all the time and talk and listen to Light. He says that by following this technique, one can reach higher spiritual levels.

2. He wants us to start developing concern for one another. He says that by cultivating this habit, we will be equipping ourselves to live in Satya Yuga. We should not be selfish or mean to each other, as it finally affects the wellbeing of Mother Earth Herself. He says that he cannot see the suffering of Mother Earth anymore and wants us to feel her pain and start relating to everyone with oneness and unity.

3. Vishwamitra Maharshi wants us not to take anything for granted. He wants us to take a lead in doing things and accomplish them with respect and utmost care. Since we are in God’s land, we have no rights to exploit it. He sums up this instruction with the words: ‘Work is Worship’.

4. He says that when newer energies are released, we should welcome them with Love. Let us not panic and get worked up because of the new situations that arise because of these energies. “Link to Light, be bold and face the situation with a smile and simplicity. Always be pure at heart; that will help you sharpen the intuition and help opening of other inner facilities”, he says.

5. Vishwamitra Maharshi says that when we are dealing with people who are not of our vibrations and frequencies, we should not snub them. We should have a smile, have lots of patience, link up to Light and start passing it to them. This will automatically stop their negative emotions from spreading and we can continue interacting with them.

6. He says that we should maximise our Sadhana, Peace, Love and Light. Also we should minimise unnecessary talks, hatred, selfishness and lethargy.

7. Vishwamitra Maharshi says that we should Love all, help others and be kind to everyone.


Our journey towards the Light age is made easy because of the grace of masters like Vishwamitra Maharshi. Much of his efforts, sacrifices and hardships in moving humanity towards a better life remain hidden and obscured. Yet, the short glimpse that we have of his extraordinary life and exploits should give us hope that we are in safe hands as we navigate through the turbulent times on our Earth.

We can take a lot of inspiration and help from this master to grow Spiritually. All that is required from our end is to put into practice what they teach, as it comes from their immense Wisdom and Experience.

May his Light glow in us always.

♦ ♦ ♦

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