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After doing some work in my home recording studio on a new project (more on that soon), I started my almost-daily meditation.

I had already been connecting with Sjernafina for an hour or so in the studio, and was now just relaxing in the tub when she announced herself again. I took that as an official start to my meditation time, and was considering whom I wanted to talk with. I had decided to have some galactic discussions and started to acknowledge and anchor the various aspects of myself as I enjoy doing.

However, I didn't get very far... Sjernafina had other plans. She wanted to go to Helios Lightship One and talk with Commander Arryn as herself, not in a merged state of being. I was agreeable, why not?

So the two of us appeared on the ship in a corridor and Commander Arryn was waiting for us. Sjernafina has experienced the ship before as part of me, but it must have felt different as an individual expression, for she was looking around with her eyes big and her mouth open.

Commander Arryn was going to show us the ship, but Sjernafina just wanted to enjoy the view looking out of the ship. Conveniently there was a large window, three chairs, and a table for us. We each sat down and gazed out the window into space and at Gaia. Other ships were around and moving about. Other beings would pass by in the corridor and go about their business.

I thought about the chairs and table and thought they seemed awfully human and terrestrial, like something out of someone's home. I realized that we could create them however we wished, so they changed into these elegant crystal chairs that balanced our bodies perfectly and glowed in healing light. Much better... :)

Sjernafina was talking to Commander Arryn about me (my humanness) and how strange it was that one moment I was awake and the next I was like a sleep walker, and would jump back and forth as my awareness would switch between the ship and the hot tub. I told her "I must be awake because I can hear everything you are saying." It became a bit of a game sleeping and not sleeping. Every distraction would cause a new "Faery joke" about me but it was all in fun and laughter and smiles.

It's not like this view can get old, but after a little while Sjernafina invited Arryn and I to go to the Fae Realm.

In an instant we were on the forest path right where my Crystal Dragon Egg was resting (see earlier post). I picked it up and felt the warmth and energy within it. I wondered where Luna was, right when she appeared behind me. I placed the egg back down and Luna gave it a big sniff and nuzzle, then laid down with it right there on the edge of the path. I could see the Iridescent Flames from her body licking over the egg and brightening it's light even more. Obsidian came into view and joined her so we decided to leave them here while we walked up the path.

As we climbed the path, Nina, the unicorn, walked onto the path and greeted us, glowing white with streaks of rainbow colors as she usually does.

At the top of the gentle hill, the trees opened up and we were standing at the top of a huge cliff. The view overlooked a majestic waterfall dropping into a grotto in a grand curving rock bowl. A pathway wound down to a crystal/glass temple about a third of the way down the waterfall.

Sjernafina wasted no time and took off to fly to the temple. Arryn and I could walk along the path to the right, but Nina, created an energy bridge from the cliff arching upward and then down to the temple. Stepping onto the bridge, it felt as solid as stone. Progressing out into the middle of the bridge, I jumped up and down on the bridge a little, marveling at the solidity of it.

The temple appeared to be made completely of crystal structures, mostly transparent and emitting soft shades of light. Water from the water fall mostly passed by the temple, but some of it was captured and ran through the temple in a waterway then dumped out the front on a large terrace into a secondary waterfall. It was on this terrace that we relaxed and enjoyed what looked, smelled, sounded, and felt like a perfect tropical day. Truly a day in paradise.

We were seated in elegant furniture drinking cool and delicious drinks and just soaking in heaven. I started to ask some questions, and Arryn carefully and courteously stopped me.

He said "What's the rush? Could any moment be better than what you are experiencing right NOW? If you ask the question forming in your mind, it will involve time, and human limitations, but in this NOW moment, none of that is present. This is a gift to feel true freedom within a world that seems like pure fantasy to your human mind, but this is the Fae Realm, and fantasies truly exist here."

I dropped the idea of asking anything, for he was right, this is an amazing and fantastical place. I looked around at the scenery, the dense foliage and trees along the ridge, the perfect architecture and construction of the temple, the way the light and energy moves as if the entire structure is alive. I looked at the water flowing through the temple and saw what looked like waves of energy crashing to a miniature beach on the terrace floor. Along this little beach were several tiny faeries in tiny loungers enjoying a little heaven of their own.

Before long Sjernafina was ready to go again and took a dive off the terrace following the waterfall down. I looked at Arryn and he stepped into my body as I turned into Archangel Everian. Nina seemed to sprout wings and leapt off the edge, then I took the plunge.

Flying as an Archangel is not only incredibly fun, but it is also effortless. I just tucked my wings back a little and flew straight down the waterfall. Just before reaching the turbulence and thick mist at the bottom, where the water crashed into the grotto, I extended my wings and curved upward climbing back up into the canyon. A couple quick beats of my wings and I was right behind Sjernafina careening down the canyon.

As we carved corners around rock outcroppings and foliage sticking out from the edge of the canyon, I followed the river of water as it slashed over colorful boulders and past sparking beaches along the edge. We were just gliding now, flying at a comfortable speed and cruising toward a turquoise ocean ahead.

I saw a few Dragons fly overhead, not particularly paying attention to us, just kind of cruising by.

As we approached the ocean, the river fanned out and met with a broad beachhead on either side. We landed on the beach and I felt the soft cushion of glass beads instead of sand. Like most things in this Faeryland, it was glowing with light as well. I wasn't sure if was the sun reflecting off the beads, or if they were self illuminating. Sjernafina told me that the beads are more crystals and gems that are rounded from eons of wear. The light is glowing from the energy and light of Gaia filling them from below. Walking on them, was energetic and added a little bounce to my step. It was quite a nice feeling.

Standing on the beach, The nearby palm trees greeted us with a gentle bow then sent what I assume were coconuts launched into the ocean, almost like they were having a contest of sorts. More beings having fun for the sake of enjoyment. Imagine that. So different than the suffering we humans inflict on ourselves... (many humans do anyway).

With what appeared to be a large cloud casting a shadow over us, I looked up and saw what looked like a giant manta ray flying across the sky. This is a mixed up world for my poor brain. This ray was enormous, like a jumbo jet in size, but was moving slowly and elegantly.

Sjernafina asked if I wanted to see it up close. What a ridiculous question, of course I do!

With a few beats of our wings, we were up in the air and climbing to intercept it. Getting close it was much bigger than it looked from the ground. We climbed up above it and then landed gently on it's back. It was a greyish-green color (mostly green) and had waves of blue energy flowing across it's back. Not quite electrical, but similar. Sjernafina said these beings clean the air as they fly. I asked her how it can possibly fly when it's so massive and appears to be using almost no effort to do so, and certainly isn't generating lift from it's wings. She said that even though it feels solid to us, it has no weight, because it is made of nothing but energy.

Another lesson for me it seems, as I know we are all made of energy, everything is. Of course everything is made of energy here as well.

With that, the giant ray instantly vanished and the air rushed to fill the void in a huge thunderclap. Then we fell until our wings caught us and we gently glided back to the beach.

It was time to return to my hot tub, which I did, and I wiggled my fingers and toes to come back to my human senses.

That experience was 10 hours ago and I'm finally getting around to writing this up. I know what most are thinking that have made it this far through this story (not all of you). It's just the fantasy of a creative mind at work. There is no way this could be real.

I asked the question about the reality of the Faery Realm, for even to me it seems like a fantasy born of imagination. The answer I have received is the Faery Realm is created from imagination. It is CREATED by the beings within it. Just as our world is created by our thoughts as individuals and collectively, as co-creators.

I had been wondering to myself if I should even write this story out as a spiritual experience as opposed to just a fun story, but I am convinced, that this experience, and this Fae World is as real as ANYTHING in the universe.

Honestly, I thank God for that because this place I saw, felt, smelled, heard, tasted and experienced was amazing and wonderful. I fully intend to spend some more time there when I can.

Maybe you should too. :)

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