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Sunrise at Vermillion Lakes

It seems with every new adventure, I think, wow, that one will be hard to top. The reality is that there are infinite adventures to have, and they are all just different. This one is very different from the last, but awesome just the same.

I eased into the hot tub ready to relax and enjoy the slightly warming weather in my neck of the woods. I started my I AM statements and immediately went into acknowledging aspects of myself, like I usually do.

I have gotten to the point where I no longer see aspects of myself as separate at all. My acknowledgment of myself is good and offers a trigger, but I don't see these aspects as standing beside me, unless that is part of the plan at that moment. Then sure, it's not like there are any rules about this.

As I was acknowledging, I connected with Gaia Sophia and I found myself sitting in a mountain lake. It was nice and comfortable, sitting on small rounded stones on a pebble beach, up to my neck in water. As I sat there looking around at the scenery, I could see a mountain ahead of me, on the far side of the lake plus a few miles, trees around the lake shore, very clear water, with just a little bit of water motion.

Sitting there a "water kitten" swam to me and curled up in my lap. It was so sweet and loving, like most sleepy kittens. It was warm too, and seemed to just love being on my lap.

Gaia/Goddess Sophia rose out of the water and asked me how I was liking the water elemental in my lap. Hmm, water elemental, a very nice one. "She is divine." I said as I petted the being.

Sophia said this being is part of me and pointed out that I can feel her in my heart. That the energy and love is permeating throughout me. It was a very nice feeling.

I laid back onto the pebble beach and was gazing at Sophia when her Golden Dragon silently slid into view. She is so spectacular. With a flick of her wrist, Sophia shot an energy particle toward the mountain and her Dragon shot after it, like a Labrador chasing a stick. Sophia said it isn't a good comparison to a dog chasing a stick as a construct of simple impulses, but is an excellent comparison for doing something that brings joy. The Dragon really enjoyed the chase, and it is a game they play together when the mood strikes.

Her Golden Dragon didn't come back right away, but instead landed on the top of the mountain. With the sun rising behind her, the golden scales were like a mirror ball casting an eruption of light in all directions. Combined with the "God Rays" coming around the mountain it was exceedingly spectacular. I think Sophia planned it this way...

Soon the Dragon lifted off and headed back to the beach. She did what I've seen ducks do when they land on water, and just slid like a boat across the surface of the water, breathing fire for a little extra drama. In a flash she was back on the beach and laid her exquisite head next to me.

I imagined what the pebble beach would look like if all the pebbles were gold as well. Not surprisingly, the beach turned to golden pebbles. Sophia said that while it is beautiful, it's not more beautiful than the stones that were previously present in their various shades and hues. At that the pebbles turned back into gray, green, rusty red, and other earthy colors.

I turned my head to one side and looked at one of the stones and thought about the earth elementals, which I usually associate with stone. No surprises here, guess who came to visit? A short rock being walked up and sat with a thud onto the beach. An earth elemental came to visit with me. He said he could take any earthy physical form but considering I was gazing at pebbles, he chose this form to arrive. He suggested I might like a crystal form better and then a crystal grew from the beach where he had been sitting. He said he could grow this form into an entire temple if desired. I told him he was just fine the way he was, and he turned back into the stone being he arrived as.

Next it was the Air Elemental's turn. Air is so hard to "see" and what I saw was a mist coalesce into a cloud-like goddess form. She was wearing Greek style robes that were flowing in the wind, all white like a cloud. She said that as air, she can pass through me, between my molecules and that she is not limited to the air that I breath.

Wondering how Fire was going to manifest, I saw that the Earth Elemental was starting to glow red and getting hot. My answer was obvious as the fire heated him, and the Air Elemental fanned the flames, he was glowing very brightly. I could feel the heat radiating off of him.

Lastly, the Ether Elemental came into form, but as myself. I turned from physical to an energy form, a spirit form.

The messages were of unity and oneness and at that, the Elemental energies unified within me.

I didn't leave the beach for awhile, but with that unification, I acknowledged other guides, angels, and masters that I invite and welcome into my meditations. Each came into being AS ME.

I watched Goddess Sophia turn into a giant Mother Bear Goddess, then I became the Bear, then I melted into Gaia and the Bear and Gaia were ONE.

Then Gaia and the Sun and the Moon melted together and became one, then the other planets. Soon I was at the center of the Galaxy in oneness with all that is the Galaxy.

I found myself back in the hot tub, but I was still in this elevated state of oneness. I was able to "think" like normal, and I was thinking about being an ascended being. That right NOW, I am experiencing being an ascended being. Only NOW matters, only ONE matters. Then my mind would think things that would create opportunities for understanding.

I saw a telephone handset being lowered into the tub on a cord as my mind constructed a context to communicate with Heaven. When I realized this was ridiculous, the telephone turned into a golden cord of energy and I was back to oneness.

I found myself in a fast super sportscar driving on the highway. I pressed the accelerator and felt all the sensations of the engine vibrations, the screaming exhaust, and the blur of the roadway as I went faster and faster. Then the car became energy and I was travelling faster than any car ever possibly could, back to oneness. How ridiculous that I would want a fast car that is slow by every standard in the universe.

One after another, an example was created that showed the unimportance of little things in our created illusion when compared to the creative potential of the universe.

I decided to just enjoy oneness for a little while longer and just sat there smiling.

Soon I was thinking how I was "descending" back from an ascended state to my physicality. It wasn't with sadness or regret, but like it was time to go to work after a good nights sleep with some amazing dreams. It's just in this case, it's not a dream.

The morale of this story will vary from reader to reader, but for me, it is that I am an ascended being that has agreed to descend periodically to do work here in physical.

I'm usually VERY hungry after my meditation time, so after all of this amazing stuff, I went inside and ate left over buttermilk pancakes. And they were good. :)

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