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Another day to ponder life. I had to take a day off from the intense energy type of work, after two days of it. I needed rest, and I still need rest. I did however sit in my hot tub, and was doing some pondering. Today was a call to action (again), not only for me, but for anyone with the balls to read this and find truth in it.

It got deep very quickly...

At first I was just thinking about the Fae Realm and how it was so effortless to manifest real-feeling things. It seemed that ANYTHING was possible, and it's manifestation was just a thought away. So I started wondering if a particular tall and lanky faery might be in that realm that had striped leggings. I know, weird thought, but I was just playing around with imagery. I wasn't in meditation or in the Fae Realm at all, but I was instantly transported to seeing this being. I wondered if another person seeing the same being would see the same colors of stripes, or if they would see a different color or pattern.

This abruptly stopped and the world flashed to an empty stage with no walls and a solid white floor. There was one person in this space with me, and only ONE. I said "Hmm, just like in the movie 'The Matrix' except, there are no leather chairs."

ONE nodded. He asked "When are YOU going to accept your TRUE SELF?"


Me: "Huh?"

ONE: "People, each one of you, always have an easy scapegoat. When something doesn't work out it's because of this situation or that person. You are waiting for someone, or something, or sometime that will 'press the button' or 'flip the trigger' which will start what you actually want for yourself, for others, for the planet. But, you aren't getting it. It's YOU that must do this. YOU are the creator, I keep telling you this, yet it's not sinking in."

Me: "Well, that's all well and good, and I get that we are all one, but I'm also one person, and there are infinitely more people and beings all doing this together, right?"

ONE: "Each person or being typically perceives themselves as separate individuals, but that is the illusionary part of this experience. Each person reading this, is one with all, and must take responsibility from their own perspective and ownership of the outcome. Ultimately, it is YOU (each person reading this, and all that are not reading it) that is the universe, and creates the NOW.

There are many misconceptions running rampant in human beliefs.

There are NO limitations, AT ALL.

There are NO RULES.

If you want to make non-joyful decisions, you can.

If you want to accept non-joyful manifestations, you can.

If you want to empower others to rule over you, you can.

If you want to follow others or worship others blindly, you can.

If you want to make joyful creations, decisions and choices, you can do that too.

How the results of your decisions manifest, and what your experience IS, is also unlimited.

You can create the universe and let it play out however it does, and marvel in the discovery, if you want. It's what YOU create that will guide the results of your creation.

There are many gurus that will tell you what you must do, and not do. Anything they say that is limiting you in ANY way, is not fully in truth for you as a creator. Any limitation imposed upon you is a construct of their belief systems and dogma. Do you want someone's belief systems and dogma to artificially limit you?

If you intend to be  your true self, you cannot be limited in any way. You are ONE, You are the Universe, You are God, You are INFINITE!

How could you not be when you are ONE with ALL?"

Me: "So, what about the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the many and varied beings I have been meeting and ascending with?"

ONE: "ALL are ONE. ALL are ONE with YOU. In some respects you could look at Archangel Michael as a construct as well (with this statement I see AA Michael shrug his shoulders as if it's no big deal). You see him in a particular way, and you typically see him as separate. Archangel Michael is not separate, he is YOU. Can you start seeing how awesome YOU ARE? When you empower Archangel Michael, or ANY being, to do something FOR you, it is you choosing not to do it directly yourself. This is all fine and dandy if you are making a conscious choice to create an experience and an outcome through this creative means, but it is not a substitute for YOU being your TRUE SELF. ALL of YOU.

Ultimately, when YOU are your TRUE SELF, you are the infinite universe, and can, and do, manifest the universe in the NOW. That is creative mastery.

Do you believe you should wait for politicians to create peace, love and joy on Earth?

Do you believe you should wait for some three-letter-agency to pull this lever or that to make everything awesome for you (and others)?

Do you believe that Galactic beings will swoop in and do all the heavy lifting for the benefit of humanity?

YOU must be the ONE to push the button.

YOU must make a choice to empower yourself,  and embrace your TRUE SELF, and ultimately be the ONE to push the button.

Maybe YOU haven't had enough indecision, waffling, and separation to flip the switch in your being that says ENOUGH!

Maybe YOU 'think' you need more 'time' to learn and prepare to come into your own power, but that is bullshit for the simple reason that you are an infinite being NOW.


This all sounds very harsh, and even unlovingly so. But, subtlety isn't getting through the eons of programming that has made you believe you are less than infinite.

How loving is it to get YOU to realize who you truly are?

How many of YOU need to realize your true nature for 'Heaven on Earth' to manifest? It's not a trick question...

The answer is ONE."

ME: "This seems a very big responsibility, a big weight to be the ONE. I know the message is not that I, as an individual, is all powerful. That the future of the world is counting on me, living as a human in separation, that must do something to create a love and joy filled world. But when being a human, it sounds like that type of message. Like I am supposed to take on the world singlehandedly and be a savior."

ONE: "It is only a 'heavy responsibility' when you view yourself as separate. When you realize you are the universe, it is an obvious and simple truth with no burden whatsoever.

Love, peace and joy, with Heaven on Earth is only a gnats breath of creation away from manifestation. Just one more step and it's done. Done in a way that is something to experience as a human.

It is with great passion and humility that this message is intended to be received, and that YOU accept your TRUE SELF."

I sat there, in the hot tub staring at a giant RED BUTTON. I need to press the button, I need to press the button, becomes a brief mantra.

I thought, why isn't it a green button? Then I thought, why the hell am I thinking about the color?

Am I going to throw everything that ONE just said to me into the garbage heap of my brain by 'thinking' and analyzing the color of the button?


I pressed the red button. I pressed this giant button all they way down to the bottom of it's hole.

Nothing happened.

Still holding the button in, I looked around the inside of the hole. Hidden down along the side was a small green toggle switch recessed into the sidewall.

I flipped it.

I'm ready for magic. I stand here to be everything I AM.

I have made my choice and I embrace how I, the universe, manifests the result.

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