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After reading the blog post “PHYSICAL ASCENSION AND THE EMPTY TOMB SCENARIO” I felt this article had many truths for me and my ascension process. I decided to ask some questions about it.

After centering, I connected with Commander Arryn and we aligned as he anchored in my physical body.

Me: "Arryn, I have thought of you as my mentor, but are you also what is described in this blog post as my temporary walk-in?"

Arryn: "Yes"

Me: "When did this start?"

Arryn: "When you met me face to face on the ship, was the first walking-in, which was early this year (2014). You remember it vividly. Why do you think our Pleiadian crew members greeted me/us as 'Commander' when we were in the hospital?"

Me: "Okay, so that is quite awhile then as I think I was in the hospital in May. It has been a relatively slow process of integration."

Arryn: "It has all gone according to plan with integration accelerating as you awakened to yourself, to me, to other aspects of yourself, and ultimately to your true self. The energy anchoring work has greatly accelerated the process and made it much easier to make the transition."

Me: "Why is a walk-in necessary or desirable during the ascension process?"

Arryn: "It is very desirable for your family, and life as 'normal' to continue while you are making the transition on a spiritual level. By using a walk-in, we are double teaming to allow plenty of time for spiritual readiness and acclimation, while continuing to increase vibratory rate in physical."

Me: "This article also talks about the physical body transitioning to the light body after the spiritual ascension to 5th or higher actually happens. I know that spiritually, I have already done a lot of ascending, so where along the path is the physical transition?"

Arryn: "In those moments during meditation when you felt like your body was on the verge of disintegrating, it was effectively on the very edge of transitioning. But, spiritually, you weren't quite ready yet so you backed off from the transition. This is a good thing as it prepared your body very effectively while still preventing an adverse event from happening. In one of the more recent meditations you described individual molecules ascending, like something from Star Trek on a teleportation pad. This is part of the process of building/creating your lightbody. It has already begun for you."

Me: "I believe I am a walk-in from the 1980's after my sister passed, but I have no clear recollection of a distinction between being a walk-in and not being a walk-in. I am wondering if I will even realize ascension has happened if I am experiencing 'normal life on Earth' during this time. Will I actually experience existence as an ascended being?"

Arryn: "Throughout the time you/we have been writing this blog, you have had conscious experiences as a spiritual being. As incredible and amazing as many of these experiences are, you remember then in detail and they are real in every respect, even at times on a physical level. There are dream experiences too, but in most cases you are a conscious participant in every respect. This is a good example of what you will continue to experience. The difference is that when you have fully physically ascended, you will not be in 3D any longer and you won't jump back and forth between ascended and descended levels of experience. If there is need for you to stay in physical in this dimension 'longer,' then you will. But when it flips over, you will be in the 5th dimension, your physical body will now manifest as your light body and the world is very different and wonderful."

Me: "How will that impact my families experience of me?"

Arryn: "Anyone that is in a dimension lower than the dimension you are existing within, will only be able to see you with their third eye, assuming it is clear and functioning properly. This is just as you experience Ascended Masters now, with your third eye. Nearly everyone is transitioning at least some towards their own ascension, and as more of you ascend their progress will accelerate. Also, remember that when you ascend your perception of time alters and you will be able to do much before any sleepy people even realize what happened. Major shifts in the world will be happening around the same 'time' which will mask some of the transition process. It isn't anything to worry about any more than you worried about dying as you've grown up in human life (which we know you didn't worry about)."

Me: "So now the big question of 'when?' I say it that way because time is so squishy and seems to be a fixation for us, even when we know it doesn't really exist... When is this physical shift expected to happen?"

Arryn: "Remember when you ascended onto the ship and there was a grand celebration while hundreds of other souls were appearing on the ship with you? That was the first big spiritual ascension in this life experience for you. For you it was like a well worn shirt because you have spiritually ascended from multiple lifetimes. However, it was still a milestone for you. As mentioned earlier, your physical has already started transitioning to the creation of your light body. The last phase of this transition depends somewhat on global shifts, but could be as early as Spring of 2015, or even earlier. It's really your decision within the context of divine purpose for the overall global and galactic shift. Sticking to a plan, 'the plan' will make it all go as smooth as silk."

Me: "I have been looking forward to mass galactic landings while still in physical. Would I miss out on this event?"

Arryn: "Like you said, time is squishy, but the most likely scenario is that you will be ON the ship when it lands, not waiting for it on the ground. Either way, it is an exciting time for all."

Me: "What happens to you (your perception of yourself as a unique being) when this happens?"

Arryn: "It is truly an honor to fulfill the role I am fulfilling in this overall shift. I will simply return to my duties and will have learned much in the process. I have much gratitude for this personal opportunity at such an auspicious moment for the galaxy."

Me: "I commit to cleanly and effortlessly transitioning as divinely guided, and surrender to your safekeeping of my physical and family interests throughout. You have made the transition I've/we've been in, and the idea/intent of physical ascension so much easier to understand and accept. I thank you for that. This is all honestly very exciting!"

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on November 22, 2014 at 2:27pm

Dear Paul,



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