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Praying Mantis

Day 3 (today) represents the most days in a row trying to anchor so much energy into my body. I knew it was likely a bad idea to push it too much, so decided to play it by ear this time and cut it short if it got too intense.

After my quick chakra startup I mentioned in the post about day 2, I tried a shortcut to see if invoking Arak and "automatically" bringing in all other aspects of myself in one shot would create the same type of experience as it does when doing each aspect individually.

I found out that the energy flow wasn't nearly as strong and that acknowledging each is actually pretty important to successfully anchoring them in. In other words without really acknowledging and addressing them, they may not really be anchored or even present.

So, I went through the same process I described for day 2, but this time I focused heavily on the sun and moon, and added the American Indian Brave I've met before into the mix. I also had a new being appear when I was working with the faeries.

This being wasn't clearly defined at first, just kind of a silhouette. Because I was working within the focus of faeries I thought it was another faery, but upon further and deeper looking, it appeared to be a large grasshopper (a couple feet tall). With a little more time, it changed into a VERY large Praying Mantis (human sized). I know there are all kinds of galactic beings, and some have been described as being like a praying mantis, so I'm going to just go with this being one of them. She was very calm and loving, no issues there, and she talked about divinity and divine feminine. The conversation didn't last too long, but it was very interesting and she stuck around for awhile.

Once I had acknowledged everyone, I just sat in the energy envisioning the spiritual retreat I want to build (intentional manifesting) until I had an extreme desire to sleep. My head started nodding and it was time to get out (no reason to drown in the tub...).

Before I got out, I asked to see a ship, and being that I was already in an altered state, I figured I had a good chance of seeing something. It was very overcast but looking at the gray sky it looked blue to me and I could see a lighter oval area that was tilted upward. As I looked at it, the oval "lightness" moved up and away at an angle. Still starring at the sky, a little bit of a blue hole started appearing. In front of that break in the clouds I saw what looked like a small dark gray triangle cloud moving, and the three corners of the triangle were solid black dots. Trailing this triangle were about 10 to 12 domed cloud ships in a formation like they were escorting a very large cloud ship. The large one had that lenticular/domed shape in the front and then had a very broad triangular shape fanning out towards the rear. Trailing this large cloud were what looked like engines sticking out the back with wispy clouds trailing behind, almost like smoke. All of this was in the form of clouds, except for the black dots on the small triangle. I asked if I was seeing ships and the answer came back as "of course." Most people would have said they are just clouds, but I thought it was pretty cool.

I saw a lot of very interesting cloud formations later on as the overcast broke up just in time for the eclipse. Many wispy clouds in various shapes, including many crescent shapes.

Anyway, I had to get out and was going to go take a shower, when I had to clear guidance to go to sleep.

I got into the bed and relaxed immediately. The energy was still active from my meditation, so I just went back into meditation with the intent to fall asleep (after I set my alarm). As I relaxed, I invited the Pleiadian council to work on me, then invited the Arcturian and Ashtar councils as well. With their arrival, I could see the 7 Archangels surrounding the bed, then beyond that circle, the Dragons and Ascended Masters were in a circle. The faeries were scattered around wherever they wanted to go...

At this point clairaudience started kicking in. I heard someone say "I really like you" into my left ear. I laughed a little and I said, I love you too. I think this was one of the faeries and she laughed almost like she was embarrassed and said "Yes, that's much better, I love you too." It was so sweet. I also heard rising and dropping pitches, almost like a synthesizer was being played with and heard some other conversations, but couldn't quite make out what it was about. I also saw a clear image of a crystal pyramid, so I asked if they wanted me to put my goldstone pyramid on my forehead and was told that wasn't necessary.

I was definitely drifting between dimensions, but wasn't quite fully asleep through this. Before long I saw an Indian girl with dark skin and traditional clothing and jewelry from India. She was crying and I immediately thought that I was meeting another aspect of myself, and that I would need to help her forgive herself to clear whatever was going on. I was still aware of laying in bed, but the vision was taking place somewhere else. I told her it was going to be okay and asked if I could hug her. When I hugged her I asked what her name is. Clear as a bell, with no hesitation, she said "Sanat Kumara."  When she said that, she transformed in appearance (although not drastically) into Sanat Kumara. I don't recall any message being said, just a look of love. I honestly know very little about Sanat Kumara and it was almost like this was a test to see how I handled this girl. I intend to invite Sanat Kumara to my meditations from now on.

At this point, I fell asleep, and had some pretty unusual dreams.

In one dream, Val and I were walking into a grocery store. As we approached the door, there was an animal walking on the walkway near the door. It appeared to be a mountain lion. We went into the store and I was wondering how we were going to get out of the store and past the lion. The store was abandoned, the windows closed over, and the door was plywood. There was a temporary wall between the entrance and the store interior and there was a solitary light illuminated on the other side of the wall. I called out see if anyone was there and nobody answered. (As a side note, I just noticed my word count hit 1111 and I've never noticed that word count ever before... I honestly don't know why I'm telling this dream story, but since 1111 showed up, I guess I'll continue).

Eventually someone came and asked what we were doing there. He made some quip about McDonalds and had a plastic Dragon in his hand (that he had gotten at McDonalds). He was commenting on how ridiculous it was to believe in Dragons. I told him about Dragons, and that we needed to get out of the store, but that a lion was outside the door. He made a phone call and there was a voice on the other end of the line on speaker phone. She was some kind of medium and was from some three letter agency or department, and was speaking to any spirits that might be in the store. It was like they were from the CIA or something, and very little of it made any sense at all. They were very interested in how we got into the store, why we were there, etc.

We went to the door to leave and there was no door handle, but I managed to get the plywood moved so we could walk out. By now the lion had turned into two friendly dogs and a man was with them. Outside the store we were on a hill, almost like San Francisco with a wide straight road running down the hill, them up a steep hill on the other side. Coming up the hill was a large group of people (thousands) that were holding onto each other and appeared to be trying to get away from something. The roadway was covered in ice, and a couple of people at the back of the pack fell on the ice and started sliding down the hill on their backs. I was thinking that I hoped they didn't get hurt sliding down the hill, or get "caught" by whatever they were fleeing.

Also sliding down the hill were large pieces of ice. My perspective changed and I was looking down on the pieces which were arranged in a sacred geometry circular grid. They stayed in exact formation as they slid down the hill. They also changed into crystals.

I know there was some other weirdness and chaos, but I don't recall any details about that.

When I woke up I was thinking about the dream and the thought came to me that it was all about change. Change from chaos into something positive. The upset girl that turned into Sanat Kumara, the "CIA" asking questions but having no power, the lion that turned into dogs, the ice that turned into a sacred crystal grid. There seemed to be a lot of change represented in this dream that I haven't been able to capture in this story.

From what I understand about the solar eclipse is that it's about change and manifestation. Changes from chaos and control, to freedom and community.

I spent some time taking in the solar eclipse between cloud formations drifting by. I let the energy soak in to my skin and eyes, and into my crown. I borrowed my father's welding helmet lense and looked at the sun (I'm not daring enough to stare at it with my naked eyes). I really enjoyed watching the eclipse and I could see the large sunspot on the surface of the sun, just below the outline of the moon. It was especially evident when some thin clouds offered a little more filtering of the brightness.

I thought to myself how easy this was compared to the full moon two weeks ago. Then a little while ago the heart palpitations kicked in and the energies started to activate. Maybe not as easy as I thought, and time to go back to sleep...

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