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I have ended up deciding to do my intense energy anchoring work for three days straight and I'm tired, but feel surprisingly good. Today's session, with the solar eclipse and all was intentionally a little less intense as I was doing it ahead of the eclipse and didn't want to overdo it.

I wrote about the first of these three days of energy sessions in my last post, so I won't go into it further other than to say that once all of the energies were anchored, I was getting very strong guidance to do some serious physical ascending. By that I mean that I was intending and feeling my body rising in frequency. All of me. I was being supported and helped throughout, but the degree of energy was very strong and focused on that purpose.

This also happened on day 2, and was just as strong, if not stronger. I was also intending and manifesting that my body was being healed throughout and would recover gracefully, and I had no big issues with headaches afterward.

Day 3 I didn't do this intense body work because I wanted to take it a little easier...

So here is a recap of day 2 experiences.

I have been working from the top down as I integrate the aspects of myself from different realms and anchor into my physical body.

I start by flipping imaginary light switches on my chakras to prepare for the session. This is a really quick way to get all of my chakras blazing, aligned and clear. Starting a the root chakra I flip, flip, flip as fast as running a zipper. When I have done that I say "I am the Iridescent Flame, I am the Irirdescent pillar of light, I am Arak grounded by Gaia Sophia. Arak I invite you to anchor your energy in my physical body." With that, his energy merges with mine, or at least grows in intensity (we are ONE in the same afterall).

Arak, speaking through me, acknowledges Source, Gaia Sophia, Goddess Sophia, and other gods and goddesses present. I get a nice warm golden glow with him focused on my upper chakras. If there are any issues with my chakras I ask Shiva to help with them.

Arak acknowledges Archangel Everian, my Archangel self and invites him to anchor in physical with him. The "microphone" is now "passed" to Archangel Everian to speak. Archangel Everian then acknowledges each of the other six Archangels in turn (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Sandalphon, Metatron, and Arielle) and each is invited to anchor into physical. Often the counterpart for the Archangel joins as well (such as Gabriella and Uriel). As each anchors, the energy they bring is added to my physical body and to the pillar of light.

At this point my body is vibrating strongly and I sometimes need to take deep breaths and focus on Gaia Sophia's grounding. The fact I have been doing this for awhile and building up to it, has made it all fairly tame compared to the first times I did this.

When all the Archangels are present and have finished speaking if they decided to, then Archangel Everian acknowledges the Ascended Masters, one at a time and by name. I primarily only focus on Sananda and St. Germain, but I realize there are far more that could participate. After today's experience (day 3) I think Sanat Kumara will be join in... Although Sananda and St. Germain are not directly an aspect of myself/lineage, we are all still ONE, and both of them now anchor in with Sananda's golden flames and St. Germain's violet flames. Both of these additions are very strong and obvious when they come in. I often get emotional when Sananda anchors as the love energy is so strong. With the gold and violet Archangel Michael's blue flames combine into the tri-flame at this time. This is also typically when Mother Mary is acknowledge and anchors her energy.

Once the Ascended Masters are "in" Archangel Everian acknowledges Commander Arryn who anchors into physical. He is always very humble (actually all of them are) and is so very grateful to be a participant in this work. Commander Arryn acknowledges the Galactic Federation ships and crew, with some time spent on each primary group I tend to focus on (Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, and Ashtar Command). Frequently Ashtar joins us as well. Ships are invited to "beam" energy through my body as well.

Commander Arryn then acknowledges the Dragon Realm and my Dragon aspect Luna (although using her Dragon name). When Luna speaks, my voice changes more noticeably deeper and strong. Maybe I'm just having fun with it, but some of the other aspects have been speaking differently as well. Luna acknowledges each of the Dragons present and invites all Dragons that wish to come forward to come through the Dragon portal. It's not unusual to see many come through. Each of the Dragon's breathes Dragon fire and energy into the pillar of light where it all mixes together in a vortex.

I'm almost done with the introductions... Obviously this all takes awhile.

Luna then acknowledges Talliander (Elf) who is just super cheerful and happy, and usually acknowledges other Elfs on the periphery of the yard (out in the trees). Once he is anchored in, he acknowledges Sjernafina the faery.

Sjernafina finishes out the acknowledgements by addressing the faeries in the faery portal, the unicorn Nina, "The Shaman," the Atlantis Priest, and the Druid/Wizard "Tyelund." She also acknowledges each of the elementals (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether) as well as the crystal kingdom. Then, lastly, the animal kingdom, and the trees and nature in general.

Whew, that's a lot of energy now pulsing, flowing, and vibrating through my body. It's hard to describe just how strong this energy feels. I used to feel like I was going to spontaneously combust, but now it's just a steady flow, probably because grounding is so much better now. Plus I believe that all of us are working together and modulating the energies so that no single energy is too high, so when all are combined together, I don't get blown out of the water!

On this Day 2, the dragons had said they wanted to go on a bit of an adventure, which I always enjoy, but I made them wait until all aspects and beings were acknowledged. With that done, we went into Inner Earth, "Agartha" and flew across the landscape. It is such a beautiful and perfect place. In a recent article I read it talked about portal makers gathering around Gaia's crystal core and working together. With that in mind, we flew up/in toward the core crystal sun and surrounded it meeting up with many other "people" already in place. Goddess Sophia's Golden Dragon was curled up inside of this core. Each of us present for this event approached closer, hovering at the edge as she stretched out and unfurled her body. I reached out and touched her golden scales (a few of them anyway as they are quite large) and I could feel them as solid metallic gold. It was a very physical feeling. As I was holding my hand on her body, her and my heart synchronized beating slowly. Her and my breathing synchronized. It was like we were merging with her (all of us). She is an aspect of Goddess Sophia, Gaia Sophia, and thus is intimately connected with Gaia as well. As we merged we all elevated in energy and health. All of Gaia was rising.

When this event ended, I just sat in my tub and basked in the energy letting it percolate throughout my being. The longer I let the energy anchor, the greater the benefit. This time around it was maybe 30 minutes (hard to tell).

Like Day 1, Arak was talking me through the ascension of my physical body and letting the energy flow through every cell and do it's magic.

Day 3 was today, October 23rd, before the Solar Eclipse. Considering how long this post has been, I think Day three will be a separate post (plus I need to start on dinner...)

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