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The veil goes[To talk about frequencies ...] Anastasios..

The veil goes. We begin to see.What is the relationship who call Schumann Resonance of the Earth and it grows unexpectedly.

In ancient Indian texts we find the frequency of OM who is 7,83 Hz.
7.83 Hz also happens to be the 'heartbeat' of the Earth, or else resonance Schumann.
7,83 Hz is the frequency that vibrates in the human brain and create a best condition (called waves Alpha).

What is the resonance Schumann;

According to Wikipedia: The Schumann Resonance represents electromagnetic waves caused by solar flares into the atmosphere of Earth and vibrate at very low frequencies, creating a ...
kind of "pulse" or "heartbeat" of the planet Earth. "
The Schumann Resonance is one of the first discoveries that led to the realization of the existence of the energy grid - field of the Earth. In short, any electromagnetic disturbance, anywhere on Earth, affects the entire planet.
If eg dropped a thunderbolt in Athens[Greece], the electromagnetic echo of thunder makes eight times round the planet in just one second. When first seen the reverberations Schumann, was immediately understood that our planet behaves like an enormous electric circuit, which is designed to carry any information at all points of the globe.
The flow of that electricity in the atmosphere is constant, because throughout the world are happening every moment over 1,000 electrical storms.

The frequency of the Schumann resonance increases

The wave pulse of the Earth is constant at 7.8hz since the physicist Otto Gouinfrint the predicted mathematics in 1952 and Balser and Wagner the experimentally measured in 1963 (The first documented observations of global electromagnetic resonance made by Nikola Tesla in his laboratory in Colorado Springs in 1899. This observation led to some conclusions on the electrical properties of the Earth, which laid the foundations for his idea for the wireless network).
But the resonance this has increased slightly since 1980 and more significantly from 1997 onwards. By 2013 we were at 12Hz and this rate is expected to reach 13Hz. In June 2014 recorders in the Russian Space Station Observation show a sudden increase. The Schumann Resonance is days reaching up to 16 Hz. At first they thought that the machines have a problem, but it turned out that the loggers were operating normally.

And they all wonder why this sudden increase in reverb?

And since the human brain vibrates with the same frequency as the resonance of the Earth, what is now becoming increasing frequency? Do so now we feel that time passes faster and changes in our life is more sudden?

Let's see what these frequencies.

All the resonance frequencies of the Earth is directly correlated to the wave function of the human brain. The frequency of 7.83 Hz is between Alpha and Theta state. Calm and dreamy, somewhat idle, waiting for something to happen. Frequencies 8,5-16,5 Hz leaving the Theta state. We find the Alpha state when we are awake but more tranquil. Our thoughts are clearer and more focused we are currently living in a less dreamy state.

Mother Earth changes the frequency of vibration and might follow it.

Scientists say that the Earth's magnetic field (which can affect the resonance Schumann) weakened slowly but steadily over the last 2000 years and more quickly in recent years. No one has given a satisfactory explanation. A wise Indian once told me that the Earth's magnetic field placed by the Ancient Gods, in a way that prevents the primordial memories of the history of mankind. This was done so that the souls can learn from a free will situation, without the memories of the past. He said that the changes that are now in the Earth's magnetic field release memories and we can see truths not before the saw. The veil goes. We begin to see. If this is true, infinite questions are born.
Whatever happens though, it is clear that this acceleration may make you feel tired, have mood swings and generally not feeling well. Others, who have raised their own personal frequency and is more synchronized with that of Earth, you might feel great, unusual or strange. The adjustment is not an easy process, but is part of your unique personal alarm...Blessings..

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 4, 2016 at 10:03pm

Thank you, Anastasios!

Comment by Anastasios on January 5, 2016 at 1:53pm

Blessings Myriel..Hugs..


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