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How can we now move deeper into that which is awaiting us?  -  Thank you!


In Unity and Joy We open this communication so that a greater abundance of Light may radiate through you, providing stability, clarity of thoughts and feelings and most of all a clearer Vision in Love for Spirit and your fellow Brother and Sister on Earth.


To move deeper into what is awaiting each of you now; you would do well to look beyond all event horizons that have and continue to be projected upon you that support the massive amount of negative or limiting potentials.  These would include such things as the declarations of apocalyptical proportions, the fear based scenarios founded by greed, control and manipulation, the lack of resources, both human and natural, all the perpetuated limitations of the requirements for human survival, along with all the belief systems and old imperfect and inharmonious attitudes of denial and separation.  All these latent probabilities must now be eliminated ardently from your thought processes.  Indeed We shall go further and say eradicated from your entire genetic programming and Blueprint. 


We wish to share with you today several fundamental aids that may assist each of you to find a more consistent and profound focus; allowing each one to pass through what We will call the Rings Passeth Not of your Expanding Consciousness!


The Rings are the boundaries of Human Conscious Potentials.  These Rings sit at a point of man’s evolutionary process, whereby they prevent passage to pass beyond that level of awareness until the human has completely understood their role upon Earth and been able to express it though their physical incarnation.  The Rings of which We speak are those that are awaiting your disembarkation from old human consciousness, leaving behind the chains and shackles of limitation of Earth Bound isolation and existence, so as to journey further a field, into the next dimensional reality. 


These “Rings Passeth Not” have Universal Laws that must be obeyed honoured through life’s unyielding urge to achieve this goal.  Energetically speaking the tasks required are not difficult for they indeed are the very nature of Who You Are.  The difficult part is the remembering to Be the Masters that You Are.


Below are just a few of the most pertinent suggestions that will offer the greatest guidance in claiming the God/Goddess I Am at this time.  There are indeed many levels here and there are many paths to the Rings for Passage through!  They are in no particular order of priority or importance, for all are completely interactive and interrelated in Unity and Oneness for expression:-


  • Everything you see and touch within this 3D earth plane of existence is not material, It Is Spirit Manifested.
  • Humanity is the manifestation of God, expressing Him Self/Her Self through them as God Man and God Woman.
  • The human biology is the vehicle or conduit that expresses Mother Father God through it grounding the Energy with Mother Gaia.
  • Men and women have not come to the Earth to present materiality in their lives but to present the Divinity as the Life of God They Are.
  • Spirituality is a falsely perceived concept; you can not attain what you already Are.
  • Love is the ONLY Energy Value that will exalt you to your Freedom.
  • Human beings cannot align themselves to God while they live in attitudes of separation; from themselves, others, the Nature and Devic Kingdoms, or any other facets of God’s Creations.
  • Living or expressing in negative concepts serves no-one but those whom do not accept themselves as Love, Joy, Peace and the Holy Spirit in All That Is.
  • Joy is the Light that aligns, attunes and activates every cell of the biology instantaneously to Mother Father God. In Joy there is no mind.  Joy is the human expression of Pure Love.
  • Masters do not teach; they raise the vibrational frequencies of life's consciousness to embody the Consciousness of Life within.
  • Spirit is not complicated, it Simply Is.  It never diminishes in Light only expands. Excel only to raise and lift another into their Spirit in the most simplest of ways, in the least amount of words.
  • The Masters Role upon Earth is to Serve, not to be served.
  • Spirit has no opinion about anything, It simply holds the Resonance of Love and Perfection for All to Behold! There is no exception!
  • The most powerful way to create anything in your life is to express your desires Silently to Your Higher Self and God!  This then goes straight to Source, where no Energy is wasted on verbalisation filtering out through the various matrices or diminished by other’s thoughts that may oppose it!
  • A Master never declares to the material world His/Her God I Am Presence, only to God does He/She do this within Himself/Herself.  He/She Knows that they are God I Am, Spirit Manifested in human form.  Thereafter seen as a humble and silent person, and unaffected by life’s dramas.  “I Am God” can also be interpreted as “I Am Silent”.


Play with these in the most Joyous of ways while you open to remember the Truth of Your Spirit.


We offer these words in Love and the deepest of Joy.  Until next We share Our perspectives with you, We say Adonai Dear Souls.  Blessings of Light


Peter Melchizedek

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 29, 2015 at 12:58pm

Dear Peter,

This can be same with "Seven Seals"..and we have to cross that by Love & Light ...

The message is very much uplifting and one should be with the Higher Self and in connection with " I Am That I Am "

I do agree with you whatever has been given in your message of Love....Love is God and Next to God is Love...

With out Love & Compassion we can not pass further to Ascend or to go deeper and deeper in Silence within...


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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