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Kuan Yin - A God Awakening - A Call To Grace Blog

Kuan Yin – Guest Speaker – Quality of Life And Freedom of Spirit– Elemental Grace Alliance –Karmic Board –20th August, 2015

This will be the last Blog or discussion that I post prior to the beginning of The Seven Steps of Precipitation for the purpose of correcting the Tectonic Plates of the Cascadia Zone. As there are only around 24 hours left to make your declaration to join as described, with only a couple of responses to date, I want to make a last pitched effort to this Inner calling for  A God Awakening.  All the Masters and Spiritual Heirarchy are making this call now in the New Age of Cosmic Consciousness and so this will be Our Part in contributing to this Divine Ascension Program.  Come and join us if you feel the call, Bless You in whatever choice to make! - All Love - Peter

“I Am Kuan Yin, and I come to speak with you today in the capacity of a Director and Representative of the Karmic Board.  I come at the behest of Peter in his address and it is his question that I will answer along with a greater view that imbues and permeates the Essence of Change as the New Cosmic Consciousness begins to expand into Greater Awareness of the Truth.  But first please allow Me to give those Dear Soul’s who are not fully aware of Who I Am and what My Contributions are regarding My Service to Humanity in a brief overview.


“I Am known as The Mother of Mercy in the East and recognized as one of the Bodhisattvas within the Buddhist Traditions of Religious Worship. I Am the Embodiment of Compassion and through My Love I aid in the removal of negative conditions and obstacles within human life. I can release and dissolve past offences that have created impositions upon others and I offer healing through Spiritual Graces to quicken the enlightenment of mankind. 


“But what I truly see as My Service, is Blessing each human being in accordance with their true nature by bestowing the requirements and needs of their Inner Soul upon them.  I do this through My Love for God and His Merciful Dispensations to relieve human suffering and imbalances of the Heart. So believe Me when I say, All the Proposed Dispensations put forward by Peter, will indeed, not only be given their due diligence, but I Impersonally, will along with My Brothers and Sisters within the Directorship of the Karmic Board, explore these very insightful potentials to the very heights of their benevolence toward humanity.


“To continue, Leniency through Forgiveness, Understanding through Empathy and Compassion through Kindness are all My Divine Characteristics and Virtues. So when Peter brought into motion the idea of Clemency, His Love’s Desire attracted the Essence of My Being in My Entirety to the forefront of this Proposal even though I do not hold a specific Seat upon this Council.


“Along with the Essence of the Ray that Peter was unconsciously invoking during his 2nd and 3rd point, he was aligning the Energies of them with Myself and St Germain particularly;  The Seventh Ray of the Violet Flame for Transmutation and Freedom.  This is the Ray of Invocation and Ceremony and through it We can transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of negative karma. So to make particular reference to Us was not a coincidence.  You see Dear Ones, My Name for Goddess “Kuan Yin” means ‘Hearer of Sounds’.


“My full name “Kuan Shih Yin”, means ‘Hearer of the World Sounds’. So as ‘Hearer of the World’s Sounds’ I hear all cries of humanity whether directed in prayer to God or not, either intentionally calling to God or simply entering the motions of a cry for help in general, without understanding the Laws of Prayer that are instantaneously answered.  No call goes unanswered, but some interact with the Primal Energies of Source more potently and responded to in a shorter space in time when employed in the correct manner.


“In the Bodhisattva traditions I Am recognized as the Goddess of Compassion. This title was bestowed upon Me due to Me renouncing My Higher Evolution to Higher States of Consciousness, to return back to the physical Planes of Earth having been so overwhelmed by the cries for help throughout humanity.  My Heart was so filled with human empathy that I offered My Loving Services to assist humanity in their ascensions toward a Greater Quality of Life and Freedom with God!


“Through the Impersonalization of My God Experience and the personalization of My influence upon humanity, I earned a Position as Director upon the Karmic Board for Human adjudication of human karmic manifestation. The Great Karmic Board is made up of 8 Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light.  We are the Mediators between The Universal Laws of God and the imperfection of the human experience in all its myriad of ways.


“Our responsibilities are great indeed, for We are responsible for recording, assessing, evaluating and then deciding upon the necessary actions to be taken in alignment with all creation of human karma; individual, family, company, group, association, religion, community, government, nation or world karma.  When each negative karmic level reaches certain parameters of intensity, and they each have their own bona fide scales, We then direct these misaligned, mis-created and inappropriate Energies to the Earth to find resolution and balance through the Natural Elemental, Deva and Angelic Host Realms. 


“As the world karma reaches its climax and before it creates total destruction, and entire world cataclysmic disasters, We turn to the Elohim and The Elementals to rebalance these conditions; thus the formation of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etcetera become the manifestations to balance these malicious human creations from formless into physical form; the only way this can happen upon earth to not allow them to permeate beyond the ‘rings passeth not’ of the Earth Atmosphere.  We must keep these negative conditions contained to the Earth and its surround stratosphere.


“With the help of mankind, however, through their I AM Presences’, all this could be avoided on massive scales, and so We do acknowledge very deeply that The Elemental Grace Alliance will extensively contribute to the greater awareness to this present state of world imbalances.


“Through this medium, The Elemental Grace Alliance, many people will be triggered by the encodements that are held within it, into action, Love In Action.  For each person upon the planet must pass through the Karmic Board Judicial Ministry of Our Lord and Father, Blessed Mother; each one, prior to incarnation and after the earth life is complete.  Before Entry into this Earth Plane We the Lords of Karma offer missions for the personalities to accomplish and prescribe in Love, certain ways that karmic allotment may be neutralized and cleared through the incarnational life stream.


“So in a way, you could say that We initiated this Elemental Grace Alliance, albeit, not in the format that it has taken or the name in which it has been given; but the Essence that it is ascending toward.  Its creation and format is solely the Creative Expression of its founder through the collaboration of The Sonship of His I Am Presence and God.


“I apologize for this lengthy introduction, however, I Am Creating an image for those of you who wish to fully embrace this Reality of the I Am Presence within the human experience. Although, point 2 and 3, have already been elaborated upon, I wish to give yet another expression of these most important facets of present day imbalances for humanity.  So, before I continue, I would like to answer Peter’s specific question as this does play an important and a relevant part in this Alliance. Peter’s question;


“How many calls from humanity, knowingly or unknowingly of the correct art of Prayer, asking for God to help or save them from such chaos has there been?  Asking for God’s Mercy to Save their Souls? How many would there be?


“Dear Soul, you are aware of the streaming processes that are undertaken around the world to determine where the collective consciousness for humanity registers within its development.  Although We can define numbers, there are so many categories and specific details associated with each division, that space would not be appropriate to allocate here.


“As We interpret your question from a higher perspective, you could have asked it in this way. “What proportions of humanity call upon God for help from within their own interpretation of what God Is?” We shall answer on the basis of projections as of August 31st, 2015, of 7,363,860,000 people.


 (In the following, God and Jesus refers to all definitions of Allah, Mohamed, Great Spirit, Higher Powers, Prime Creator and all other definitions that pertain to this God Aspect understanding)


“From Within the Knowing Truth and Practice of the I Am Presence within Self ………………………………….………    0.00016%

From Within the belief of and the non practice of the I Am Presence half and half in/out of self   ………………..…….    0.04905% 

From within the belief of God or Jesus The Christ in fervent worship outside of self  …………………………………..…   57.94272%

From within the belief of God or Jesus The Christ in misaligned worship outside of self …………………………………..   4.62849%

From no belief in God or God awareness no worship. 37.37958%


“In Truth Dear Ones these figures are of absolute no use to you whatsoever, for they are not necessarily conducive to the reality of where the human consciousness is upon the register of the Divine Plan as would help us in the overall scheme of things. However, to make a point, they are very useful in that they simply give Us a bearing so that We may make the relevant decisions within the course of Our Administration as part of this Elemental Grace Alliance Proposal.  Indeed, I have introduced them to you for one reason and one reason only.  To show you the position of present day practical application of the I AM Presence levels of Worship, and the present day status of the imbalances of that which has been outlined within this Proposal.  Remember please, what Beloved St Germain informed you of in the 3rd address of this Series of Discourses. He said,” 


“These 144,000 Individualized Expressions of the I Am Presence, will have to have achieved this full transition; To Become the Second Coming; The Living Christs They Will Be!”


“To do this there is no other way  than through One’s connection and Full Embodiment of the I Am Presence; and the only way to do that, is the full integration of the Elemental, Deva and Angelic Host Realms.


“These figures then, do imply that humanity is indeed upon the verge of the Full Embodiment of the Living Christs.  If We calculate the numbers and then add the first two figures as population numbers together, We have as best as We can determine for this exercise, 11,782 plus 3,611,974 which equals 3,623,756 people, who are at various stages presently working toward the final rostrum of the Full Embodiment of the Christed Self.  Therefore these Primal Numbers, as in Source Energetics, that are most significant to Us at this time, although by far no more nor less important than the rest, has become Our vital focus of attention to turn the Tides of Light toward the waning flow of the dark.


“To date Dear Ones, only a handful of humans have made the final transition and remain upon the planet in human biology.  Once We have 144,000, the whole of humanity will make the necessary shifts of consciousness (the 100 monkey syndrome) so that the final stage of Mother Earth’s transition can be completed with the maximum number of Divine Human Angels Ascending with Her. For the reality is We Are All Connected Through the Heart of The All That Is. This is the ultimate Goal and the Purpose of this Whole Journey; to have This Solar System Mother Earth at the forefront, to Earth Ascend along with the entirety of all Her inhabitants that live upon and within Her.


“Although these Ascended Souls remain incognito if you like, and appear no different to any other human being upon the planet, they simply await for the next level of awareness to make Their Presence Known among the masses. So We are so ardently devoted to now advocate the Perfect Radiation of the I Am Presence, that this clarion call is now being raised to the next level of precedence or I could say Priority for Primal Radiation.


“Without the Cosmic Alignments that Earth is now moving into, humanity would continue to struggle, but even though the struggle will continue for the majority of humanity initially, the dedicated ones who have Volunteered to be the spearheads of this incredible potential, will indeed step into the limelight very soon.  And it is the Dispensations that We will approve in due course, once the numbers are at such levels that will warrant Our Intervention, where We will be able to support and implement them to the zenith degree of application and purpose. But it must be in accordance with direct human creativity and implementation.


“More Christed Beings than the 144,000 required will only enhance the movement.  But the Law necessitates 144,000 human beings to make this transition over the coming years.  So many have been called, yet the ‘Free Will Charter’ of humanity does not guarantee that this will be achieved.  So with presently three and half million potentials at this time, the chances are very high for the Goal to be achieved and for that We are So Grateful.


“Dear Souls, I have emphasized the importance of the I Am Presence once again for this Proposal, and the reason for this, is to reinforce with you just how significant it is for all those ready to take the step up the ladder of Ascension; to travel that final inch as it were!  So many have traveled the millions of miles required to stand at the finishing line, not to make that ultimate gesture and Love In Action of Faith through the ribbons of Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit would be a travesty. Trust Dear Ones that you are not here alone and that We are here to support you in every way.


“Allow Me to take one more moment of your attentiveness to remind you about something that I Am very passionate about.  It is about forgiveness. As part of these final stages, forgiveness is not only something that you need to invoke for yourself, but for all those around you as well, no matter who they may be.


“When you invoke the Law of Forgiveness from deep within your heart, with humility, gentleness and harmlessness, it flows forth like the fireworks on the eve of a new year. The colors of pink, purple, violet and white Light dissolve all the unpleasant conditions within and around the causes that drew forgiveness it them.


“There is no limitation to who or what you can forgive, no situation or circumstance that cannot benefit from this Love In Action.  But it is very wise to remember that forgiveness is not the abolition of the karma that was created in the first place, but it does remove the karma for a duration of time, so both parties can reach a Spiritual Understanding at Higher Levels so that they can deal with the karmic conditions of dissolution and balancing more easily.  Forgiveness offers the Soul a Dispensation of Time so that one can reach the opportunities of developing Christ Consciousness.  It does not remove the karma, just sets it aside for an interim of time.


“In this way all those involved in the interaction can be offered freedom to pursue the knowledge and wisdom of how to balance the karma. Balancing and setting aside are two very different things and it would be very wise to know the difference. Once Self Mastery has been attained, then the karma returns for balance and in this Heightened State of Awareness it can be dissolved and transmuted very easily and quickly, thus allowing what could have been a very long time to overcome, to a much shorter life experience to benefit from.  So Dear Souls, forgiveness is a vital part of the Evolutionary Path of humanity.


“We Love You Unconditionally, that you cannot fail, however the time has come where you have a new opportunity to choose again, not to choose will only delay your success! And that is not Our Desire for you! Come Home Dear Souls, God Awaits You Within The All That Is! I Am Kuan Shih Yin, The Goddess of Compassion and Mercy and We the Karmic Board await the granting of man’s free will to be the God Will of the I Am Presence and the Impersonal Life so it can manifest upon Earth for Humanity and All Sentient Life!

I Am Listening for Your Prayers through Divine Worship, to Advocate and Adorn Your Self With God’s Love and Light!


In You We Trust, And So It Is! Beloved Humans, We Bless You!

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