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Quality of Life And Freedom of Spirit - Grace Alliance Council – Lord Jesus

10 - Quality of Life And Freedom of Spirit - Grace Alliance Council – Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene – 1st, September, 2015


“Blessings of Love and Light, The Christ In Me Honors the Christ In You, for We Are One in the Eyes of Our Holy Father. Yes, I Am A Teacher of God and So Are You All.  There is not a Life upon Earth that does not hold within their Three Fold Flame the same potential.  All are Messengers of the Sacred Truth, All Hold the Light of the Father within them; albeit at different levels of vibrational frequency.


“Before I speak of the Christ Councils that Peter is Proposing, I wish to share with you some Words of Truth that are timeless, and that held within them the Validation that through their understanding and implementation, they offer great potential for mankind to take some very significant steps toward the Gifts that await them over the coming days, weeks, months and years, if they are given the attentions that they deserve.


“What is transpiring throughout The Elemental Grace Alliance is not so much that The Charters of The Elementals need changing, but the need for humanity to become far more consciously aware of their position in God’s Plan and how to alter their mind sets, not only toward the Elemental and Nature Kingdoms, but to their own importance and indeed necessity, to see the world from a totally new perspective.  One that will allow themselves to see themselves as the cause and the effect, the thought and the manifestation, the illness and the cure, the lie and the Truth.


“Without this Self Realization, life for humanity will not become any easier, in fact, it will become more perturbed.  The Intensity of Light and Love Substance that is flowing so abundantly right now and which will augment even more over the time to come. It will place a great deal more pressure upon mankind to look beyond their personalities to the Highest Aspects of Our Father within.  The moment they open their eyes and hearts and make new choices to walk toward the Light, is the moment that their lives will take on Higher Dimensionality with new opportunities for growth and development.


“There is so much valuable information being shared within these Discourses that could be revealed in much greater depth, yet, the specifics of the Proposals remain at the forefront for discussion and deliberation.  The message that is coming across loud and clear is very much aligned to The Seventh Ray and the Violet Flame and the potentialities of Its Dynamics to bring into balance all which is being discussed here.  This is true enough, but the Blessings and potency of the Violet Flame and the Appliance of Alchemical Transformations is only as powerful as those who employ them.


“God’s Plan and His Design for Earth and Humanity is not for Higher Beings to do the work for humanity, but for human beings to raise their consciousness and Heart Resonances high enough, that they themselves can utilize the same Powers as We do.  Beloved Zadkiel was correct when He said that We ARE limited to the use of Their Potentials, until man himself or herself becomes a conscious part of the Unification in Administering to such desires and goals.


“Until men and women KNOW that they are Spirit; until they Know their True Purpose in Life; until each human being realizes for themselves God’s Desire for them; they will not be able to have full access to The Violet Flame or the unbridled Powers of Alchemical Transmutation.


“You Dear Souls must become fully acceptant to the idea of the I Am Presence, The God Within, The Christ in Me in You!  For these Holy Aspects of the Father/Motherhood must not contain split identities and will not in any way facilitate any factors of the lower mind into Unity Consciousness.  It will simply acknowledge the lower minds presence and personal choices and thereafter will withdraw once again patiently awaiting the next opportunity to become the Sovereign Being.  We speak here of God’s Will and not your own! This is why it has taken billions of years to get to this point, God Knew how it would unfold, and even though mankind is behind in its evolution by 5,000 years, He has factored everything into account to safeguard His Goal, His Design and His Victory! Even if it does mean, not all humans will make their transition to ascension within this next Cosmic Cycle for Ascension.


“Each time you make an Invocation to Spirit; each time you bend your knees and hold your Heart Chalice up toward Our Holy Father, each time you do a good deed or say a loving thing to a friend or stranger; each time you offer your service through a random act of kindness; you take another step forward. God is watching, and teaching you through these gestures of good will; your part in your Service to Humanity. He is leading you step by step through your individual journey toward your Salvation.


“When one accepts God’s Plan for Salvation, another chance is offered to accept the Truth, or, to continue with the illusions of your life. Each Child of God is given all the tools they need, all the guides and teachers that they require, all the various modalities to garner the Truth, all to discover the True Purpose for why you have been specifically chosen to Serve Humanity.


“There is nothing that Our Father does not Give you, no matter how dire it may appear, that does direct you toward your acceptance of His Plan for you; His Plan for your Salvation. Salvation is your ONLY function here and if We look at all these Proposals within this Alliance, no matter which one it may be, what is being called for, but Salvation Itself; the Reality of being saved!  Saved from what?  Dear One’s …. YOURSELVES!  Saved from the lies that you have created and made yourselves to believe and live your lives by.  These illusions are what have been used in all the mis-creations and mis-qualifications of energies throughout the ages.  It is the Salvation of Mankind which every man, women and child are a part of.  Another word for Salvation is Forgiveness, forgive that which you have made, and you are saved!  Does this make sense?


“To have a ‘Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ only takes Forgiveness.  Offer Forgiveness, seek Forgiveness and these Blessings will heal any discord or imbalance within your life, faster than anything else right now.  Forgiveness is a very Powerful tool for humanity, and even though it does not set karma free, it does allow one to transcend quicker to the place that they will be able to deal with karma with a wipe of the Hand and a Blessings from the Heart, using the Violet Flame of Transformation.  Find your Salvation then, find your own forgiveness, and when it is fully Realized, you cannot imagine the changes it will make within your world.


“God is your Inheritance Dear Ones and it is the Name of God that you are here to free and be freed!  I shall include here a small prayer from A Course in Miracles as a Gift for the reinforcement of that which I have spoken to you about today.  So before I proceed to other aspects of this Alliance, here is that prayer.


Father, Our Name is Yours. In it we are United with all living things, and You Who are their One Creator. What we made and call by many different names is but a shadow we have tried to cast across Your Own Reality. And we are glad and thankful we were wrong. All our mistakes we give to You, that we may be absolved from all effects our errors seemed to have. And we accept the Truth You give, in place of every one of them. Your Name is our Salvation and escape from what we made. Your Name Unites us in the Oneness which is our inheritance and peace. Amen”.


“So you see Dear Soul’s, if One could really grasp this message with the totality of Their Godliness, then all these proposals would make no sense at all, nor would they have any reason to continue as part of the human experience.  We understand why they are still within the experience of life, for there is still more to experience while humanity still has not accepted their Freedom through God’s Salvation. But the more Soul’s that will join Us within Our Ranks of Conscious Awareness, the quicker God’s Peace will come and His Purpose for you Attained, in His Glory!


“Let Us Pray drawing unto Ourselves ‘The Quality of Life and Freedom of Spirit’ before We move on to discuss the Formation of the New Christ Councils.


“Our Father Who Art The All That Is,

Hallowed be Thy Name, I AM.

I AM Thy Kingdom One

I AM Thy Will Being Done

I AM on Earth even as I AM in Heaven

I AM Giving Your Gifts daily to All

I AM Forgiving all Life Each Moment no matter how Small

I AM All Life Forgiving Me

I Am All Life Setting Free

I AM Leading By Example all God’s Children away from temptation

I AM Delivering All God Life away from every un-Loving Condition

I AM Your Kingdom

I AM Your Power and Your Might

I AM Your Radiant Light

I AM Your Peace, Your Grace and Your Mercy

I AM Your Glory Eternally within this Immortal Manifestation

I AM Incorruptible, I Am Indestructible

I AM God’s Love, Wisdom and Power, Inexorably Complete.

And So It Is!


For the Greater Glory of God Go I AM


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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 26, 2015 at 7:30am

Dear Peter,

Very good message...

Without Self Realization we can not touch the Christ Consciousness within and can not realize any Spiritual aspect of any thing like Three Fold Flame ...and The messages from the above from our masters...

So no one is eligible to talk about Christ Consciousness which one can have experience after the realization of the self...

Comment by Peter Melchizedek on September 26, 2015 at 12:19pm

Dear SoliniBen,

Would you care to elaborate on 

So no one is eligible to talk about Christ Consciousness which one can have experience after the realization of the self...

Bless You


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 29, 2015 at 2:09pm

Dear Peter,

Before any thing to discuss here one should have realized the self...and then can go further to experienced the Supreme Soul....

We can have connection with Christ Consciousness Grid but in total what it is and how it is in relation with the Christ....The Son Of God....and No One can see God as He / She has no shape or the God has no Form...We can feel the Love & Light of God His Powers and all Bliss from Him we can experience....

He is an Ocean Of Love, Ocean of Light, Ocean of Knowledge or The Wisdom, Ocean of Bliss, Ocean Of Happiness, Ocean of All The Powers or Shakti  means All Powerful.....

With All Seven colors of Elohims....of Rainbow Colors...of All seven Virtues.....

We can realize our Self and The Higher Self when we can reach " I Am That I Am !!!"

I do not know much but can feel His Presence around me, all the time experiencing His Presence with me taking care of my soul all the time !!!



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