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TRANCE GROUP 27th February 2018

After cleansing our bodies with golden light, we sent golden roots from our feet deep into Mother Earth, through the rocks and soil, the fire and water, deep into the heart of Mother Earth. Here we find the ancient ones who come to join us and we reach out and join hands in this beautiful cavern of Light. We see the beautiful blue and white energy of the healing pool and we join with our friends from the higher realms around this pool of Light. Reach up with your minds to those on high, asking them to join you here today. Know that you are connected here to Earth and also to the cosmos, you are multi- dimensional creatures of Light and Love. Look to your heart space and send that love and healing energy around the circle, visualise a joining of hands and a joining of hearts and minds as you send this energy around between you and those that have come to join us.

See in the centre of the pool a beam of white light and feel yourselves gravitating towards it. In this flame of Light, you shall be renewed and given the impetus to travel far along the highways and byways of Earth, spreading your message of Love. We open those parts within you that are repressed and ask you to let go, let go of this earthly existence and travel with us far beyond the boundaries of Earth. Come fly with us and be free! You are safely seated here in this room and yet your spirits are free to come with us.

Q. Are we flying with the Angels?
You are free to be whatever you want to be and wherever your heart yearns to take you!

We are enraptured with your likeness to us, we feel the Love and energy rising within you and we take great delight in answering your questions as best we may. We stand to attention and lead you to greener pastures, opening up those reserves of energy that have lain dormant for some time. There is a grand opening and the buglers shall play, welcoming you home once more to this land of Light and Love.

We forecast greater reserves of energy for you all and a championing of the cause of mankind, in its stupendous recovery. Feel the Lights around you, be open to that inner voice that calls you to listen and to open your hearts. This is necessary at this time in your development upon Earth! Radiate that Love around you and we cannot help but be drawn to your side. Love conquers all! Blossom and grow little earthlings, blossom and grow in our Love, for this is great and you will be well sheltered and protected from those harsh winds that blow from time to time. And we come around you with a blanket of protection, nurturing you and uplifting you, giving you the impetus to forge ahead in whatever direction your heart chooses to take you in all magnificence! Gratitude!

We proudly call you to us to be nurtured and brought into that Light of truth and greater understanding, for this is most welcome in your world at this time and we give thanks for this. There is an abundance of Love coming in from every quarter and the Light is bursting through, we are making greater impact!
It is a necessity at times to stay low and under cover but you will know when those moments come where you need to open and shine, and we bear witness to your Love and greater delivery. Come into this space and let us preen you, to stroke and calm your ruffled feathers, to make them smooth once more and to bring in that sense of Peace that is alien upon Earth in many quarters.
In this passage of time we are inundated with success stories of those who have travelled to Earth and made great impact during their stay here. There are many characters from your distant past who have enabled this to happen, they shine their Light down upon you and wish you well. And we adjudicate at these sessions and bring in so much more to enable this to happen on a grander scale, for we wish you success in each and every avenue!

We wish you to harness the energy and to gather up your strength and spread the news far and wide that we are here, we are here to make this work, for we shall not be put down or cast aside. We shall rise up and bear witness to a troubled past that has now grown in leaps and bounds into a new future of golden rays and golden days! We beam ahead of you and see the pathway you shall travel and it shall be filled with Light, nothing is too difficult for you, the way is being made clear and those gates shall open and allow you to pass through!

Q. May I ask with humility and gratitude for your time, when we spread the message who shall we say is sending this message to the people of Earth?
The chariots of God await upon you and bring you these golden salutations!

Q. Do I take that to mean that we tell the people that the message is from God?
We are Heaven sent of that there is no doubt and God and his Angels sit on high, asking this of those chosen to pass on these messages and to bring greater deliverance! (Continuing in a louder voice and a raising of arms, like Angel Wings).
This is given with God’s Divine grace and illumination and we take this mantle of Light and place around each and every one of you to do the bidding of God Almighty and to bring this into the arena so that all may see and all may hear! You were all chosen, we depend on you as you depend on us to bring this message home!

Q. What is the main part of the message that we are to convey, the most important to you?

That mankind is not alone and never has been! We ask you to open up the treasures stored within your heart and to sift through the variety of implications that these tools of Love, given you, can manifest in the hearts and minds of those around you. You are hearkening to the call and we bring you hope of a better world for mankind, and the glory of the Lord shall shine around you and the tabernacle shall open and all will be seen, all will hear the trumpet call!

Q. Will we rely on any texts or any books to help educate the people or will we rely on the messages that are channelled from yourselves?

There are many tools of inspiration that can be harnessed and used to spread the news. There are many who hear our voice and feel inspired to write down our words, and you will feel this inspiration stretches far and wide in many lands. We pay lip service to those who gather this energy and help around them, we bring more of the same and share among you all and those out in the wider world. There is much to share, there is much to learn and yet there are many whose ears are closed, whose hearts have turned to stone, and these are the people we need to access. We are perhaps talking to the converted here but there are those within your wake who need help desperately!

Q. How can we reach those people whose hearts have turned to stone through hatred, through lust for power and through religious domination?

The hearts of the many are being supressed even as we speak and there are many who live in sorrow and calamity and injustice, but we are hoping to tip the balance with the strength of our Love, and this is seen to be happening around your world. There are many who answer the clarion call, who take up their robes of office and go out into the world helping others to spread the Light, and this Light is infiltrating far around the world.

(I was being shown pillars of light shining down upon Earth).

We see the chinks of Light growing wider and wider, reaching into each nook and cranny, and it is by service of shining your Light that will make the most impact! Gird that Light around you as you travel the highways and byways of Earth, bring the mantle of Light around you to cast off the darkness and the negativity that creeps around you. Don’t allow the fog of uncertainty and negativity to take hold of you, shine brightly! If you come into the company of another who is full of negativity and darkness, shine your Light even brighter, bring that energy around you and be strong within it, like a beacon bright. This is your main function! Teach others to shine their Light as brightly by all that you do and all that you say, and all that you recover from your memories of past lives where you have done just this!

And those that are learning may come to you to seek guidance and healing, and this is where you can share the gifts that you have realised of late. The beautiful healings that you give are magnificent and allow us to reach out to you and to join with you. It is like a cascade of energy coming down from the higher realms and we surround you with this healing energy, which you are able to tap into and produce for the person upon your couches and in your rooms of healing. We are always there with you, guiding you and spurring you on, and we are most grateful for the work that you do! Thank you!

Blessings upon you my child, thank you for asking these questions, for they in turn help many more who hear these sessions or read about them. The questions you ask may echo what is in their minds and therefore answers their questions.
(Addressing whole of group).

Don’t be afraid to come forward and ask and we will always do our best to answer you in whatever way we can. We may not always give the answer that you want at this time, but if you look to you hearts you may register what is needed and the very answer to your question!

Q. May I ask if the month of May is still significant?

The month of May is a wonderous time, a time of growth and well being for many and we see you shine your Lights and the opportunities that open up for you in this month shall be great. We shall see a blossoming and an opening that will benefit you and yours! Gratitude.

Q. I was also given the month of May when I sat with you last, is that still significant?

(Bowing with hands together). Many blessings upon you sister, it is wonderful to see you here today! There are openings and manifestations for you all and we look forward to watching the delight in which you receive these blessings! We shall be there by your side and feel our hearts expanding as we see yours too.
Some things are best left as surprises for we would not want to spoil it for you, but know that we are around you and send you our Love and blessings at these moments when you uncover your heart’s desires. And spring is a wonderful time to be able to do this, it is a time of new growth and abundance with a new spring in your step and a looking to the sun, knowing that there shall be some warm days ahead.

(Turning to another member of the group). And you my little one, have you any questions for us?

Q. I just want to know, are we going to be working as a group or individually?
We see this as a two-way process, we are working well within this group to bring you all up to speed, to help you to venture forth and overcome the maladies that hold you back and to help with adjustments needed. We are proud of this group of like minded souls, brought together for the greater good, and we see you working on a soul group level, helping the masses. We also see you working together as a team on other levels. Thank you.

As we have said before you walk the same pathway and yet there are many different avenues to go down. You may work together as partners, you may work together with Spirit but you have come together at this special time to help one another. You have made a massive difference to each other’s lives, giving and receiving Love is of the utmost importance!
I give thanks to Spirit for having brought us all together!

It is wonderful is it not?

It has taken many years and many miles for us to get here!
To be reunited at last! Dearest sisters of Light, we are humbled by your presence, we give thanks for this reunion of souls and we treasure you unto us for you have come home and we are most proud! We call to you, over the years we called to you but you each had to be in that right place at the right time to make these connections, and to be at the right place on your journey for this to happen. And here we are!

Q. May I ask, do you now wish for this knowledge to be shared?

This one has already shared and it is within the heart space that you will know if the words generated within this group need to go out to the masses. There are more personal accounts that will need to be kept to yourselves but for the greater good, we would like these messages to go out to all. For there are many little groups around the whole world who share as we share here today and this will give them encouragement for they are on the right track. We hope these groups spread and spread far into those regions where help is needed for we are all learning and growing. Thank you!

Take care of one another in the days and weeks ahead and there will be a few more surprises up our sleeve, which will enable much jubilation and laughter on a grand scale. We look forward to seeing the surprise and the laughter and the Love and you all deserve it, you have all done so well and so much for human kind.

Q. Can I ask another question please? In the healing sessions that my friend has been taking part in recently, giving healing to others. The vision of a Spirit coming forward in perhaps the form of a prophet has occurred in some of the healings and I was wondering, are you sending this message to our friend to pass on to us for any reason please?

Step into the past and know thyself! These visitations are none other than yourselves in past lives, past incarnations, brought forward for you to examine.

Q. Will you guide us any further as to where we might find this information?

(In a deeper voice the answer was given).

You have all been given objectives in this life time to learn and seek and follow your instinct. Know thyself, go within and seek and search, ask and you shall receive! These messages are of great significance for they show the wisdom deep within that is not lost, that can be tapped into with reverence and respect.

Q. We sense the changing of energies and I wonder if you could honour us by giving your name please? JOSEPH!

We are humbled Joseph, humbled indeed! (I also heard the name Arimathea but didn’t say it as I thought my own mind was coming in. Later I could see the striped coat of many colours). On research I found a link that is quite mind blowing, showing the different reincarnations of prominent figures).

We have been witness to many catastrophes and scorching of the land!

We know because you love us, this must have hurt you deeply!

We did the best we could to alleviate the struggling, to continue God’s work upon this land, and we are here once more to carry on the work for it shall never end! We plant the seed in the minds of those like you, so that they shall grow and be delivered to give sustenance to the poor, to uplift, to protect the defenceless from the injustices rained down upon those souls in deep distress! We come before you in all humbleness and thank you for the journey you have made, and for the Love you have given to this soul here, for it has been great and you have given much encouragement and upliftment!

It has been a pleasure and we request that you keep her strong and take care of her and keep her brave!

She will continue on this pathway for it is of great importance to her that she shall give us as much as she is able, and for her highest good, we recommend this sojourn on Earth will bring great rewards and upliftment of her soul. The nights have been dark but the days shall be golden and we see the sheaves of corn growing high. The fields are full, the harvest will be great!

Q. There has been a change of energy, who are we speaking with now please?
Rebekha . . . Solomon and countless others draw close to be remembered!
(I was going to type Rebecca but felt drawn to using this different spelling).

Q. We welcome your presence, do you have knowledge to share with us, so we can show the Light to others?
(In a lighter feminine voice).

Step lightly upon this journey and enjoy, enjoy your progress. Laugh and dance and sing, step lightly, enjoy the process!

You bring a lot of Love with you, I can feel the Love in the room. I can see a green light surrounding you!

The Love of the Great Divine is here with you, you bring it with you and it combines to create this energy field. Most loved, most treasured of beings you are in countless lives in countless journeys from one life to another. You take off the garb and lay it down to be born anew and to choose the next garment to wear on the next journey.

Q. So that means we are going to be reincarnated after this life, is that correct?

Life is never-ending, there is always another journey to another place, another time frame, another dimension, another world! It goes on and on and on infinitum and you take the Love within every cell of your being to be reignited in a new body of your choosing. And it may not necessarily be a human body, it is your choice always! We see you growing and expanding your energies in this time frame and the growth you have made is of great significance.

Q. Can I ask, I read somewhere that you only get the one physical body so I’m a bit confused as to reincarnation. When you say that we go into other bodies, are you talking about Spirit form, different spheres or is it another physical body?

The Spirit resides in many different structures of your own choosing, whether it is the physical body here that you are used to, or another physicality that you are not aware of in this sphere of your existence. There are many garbs for the Spirit to wear. We salute you and thank you! Thank you.

Q. May I ask a question, I’ve heard the term of people having two souls, is this correct?

There is the higher soul of frequency that we are all connected to and yet there is a splintering of the soul that incarnates in each physicality. There is a connection between the soul group activities and those who choose to walk alone, but there is always the connection to the higher soul.

Q. Can the higher soul also be known as consciousness?

That is exactly what we are trying to convey, the soul and the consciousness are one and the same, there can be no separation. There is a group consciousness that works here among you all and yet you each have your own consciousness, but for the greater good you combine your energies to work as one. It is hard to explain in the human terminology, but each consciousness seeks to explore and expand, learning and growing and bringing these achievements back to the combined force, the combined soul and then back to the higher consciousness of God. That is why God is all knowing and all seeing, for these experiences are brought back to the home base as it were, to the God force energy.

Q. So all the lives we’ve lived, the memories and the lessons that we learn, we bring to these groups with us as well?

Exactly so but it is a question of tapping into those reserves of energy and knowledge, which on the surface you have no knowledge of or unaware of until you go within and search and seek, then you can open up the doorways and go further within, unlock with your key of Love and enter. It is like a honeycomb of compartments, there is knowledge within each compartment and you can go within each of these compartments. Look and see for yourselves and the answers are all here within you, it is only your lack of confidence in yourselves that stop you from looking further than your own nose! Fear holds you back, be joyful and go forward, always seeking, growing and expanding!

The simplicity in the way you have explained it makes it so clear, thank you. Thank you for helping me to remember these things as well!

It is a wonderful process is it not? To remember and to get confirmation of these memories bring hope and upliftment to us all. To know that life is never ending that we go on forever and ever, and to choose a new vehicle of enlightenment at each time we choose to incarnate upon Earth or another planet of our choosing. We get to see two side of the coin, male or female and whatever species we have decided to join and to learn from. Each culture has their own lessons, each species has their own joys and woes for us to learn from. The choices are never ending and ongoing!

Q. So our passion for the bijas, (chanting mantras) is that because we remember from a previous incarnation, because they resonate with us all?

This could very well be the pattern of your understanding. And we know there are many here who amalgamate and have enjoyed living with the Native American Indian and that is something that people can connect with. They would be far happier listening to a wise and old Native American Indian than say from a Mantis being who looks all green and spindly, but nevertheless the consciousness within both of these creatures are great! We respect your knowledge.
We cannot always judge a book by its cover!

Q. Have the indigenous peoples of America offered themselves to you to mediate between your world and ours?

The consciousness of the Native American people has risen and they have chosen, they have asked to be used in this manner to speak to the people and much learning will come, much wisdom shall be passed on!

We are grateful for their kindness and generosity, we honour them!
It is with regret that not more of them are with us in body because of the genocide!

And yet they still honour the people of Earth and wish to help!

Amazing Love for mankind, we thank them and respect them! They walk with all of us as our guides. They are family to us as we are to them. We offer thanks to our guides!

We thank you all for your wisdom and the Love you have brought here today!
Thank you for so many wise souls joining us today, we are very grateful for their knowledge and thank you for sharing it with us. We send much Love.

Thank you for journeying so far. Thank you and bless you. Thank you!

Bright blessings upon you all and may you walk evermore in the path of Love and Light. Go now upon your journey and let these words sink in.

Q. How much of this may we share?

All can be shared and aired, but there is so much more to come!

We look forward to it!

For we look forward to sharing with you, our natives upon this land that walk once more in Peace, Light and Truth.

I can hear the singing of the Native Americans!
Eileen could hear it too! She held her right hand up palm out and spoke in a different deep voice.

We sing once more my children, we sing once more!

Gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you, it’s is an honour that you have joined us.

Q. Will you share with us your name, should we say Grandfather?

I am he who bears witness through this child of Light. I am he who welcome you into the arena and bless you with an appearance at a future date. I am he who opens the hearts of those who come close into this energy field, I am he who loves you and thanks you for your presence here today!
I can feel your Love and wisdom, thank you for your presence.
We are overwhelmed!

(Sitting Bull placed his hands upon my heart and it was at this point I began to quietly sob)!

You have touched the heart of your sitter, she is deeply moved! You have guided her and loved and she is most grateful! Love is never lost, love is never separated, Love is forever!

(I was so overcome and couldn’t speak, so I asked a friend to close in prayer and am very grateful for her doing so).

We offer our Love to all those who have joined us today. We felt the power and the strength and the knowledge for which we are most grateful. Please protect all here in the future and keep us strong in our endeavours to move forward with your message. We thank you. Amen!

I am overwhelmed with all the Love present today from both worlds. Here are the links researched below after today’s session.

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Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on March 13, 2018 at 2:42am

Thanks so much for sharing this Eileen.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Light,


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on March 13, 2018 at 4:40am

Thank you Eileen for this rich sharing,

With gratitude and love,



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