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ASTRAL COMPATRIOTS - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

22nd March 2018 – ASTRAL COMPATRIOTS

I went into my sanctuary to chant some bijas before meditating, but I felt Spirit with me very strongly so sat back to listen to their words that came through in a deeper voice.

There has been much learning expressed in this little room and we give thanks for this! Much has come to fruition, much has been learned and absorbed. Your destinies are entwined.

(I was shown stars shining in the heavens).

We come among you to declare our allegiance to the cause, we are of one mind and we deliver to you, for your perusal, a document of great importance, and this shall be given from the heart to be delivered to the hearts of mankind. We raise the banner high and come among you, respecting your wishes to stand in our stead and to march with us in this great commitment to mankind. We have hearkened to the knowledge within our breast and know without a shadow of doubt that we shall come about, making a great impression on the peoples of Earth. For they are of the utmost importance to us, they have been nurtured and loved and looked after since the beginning of their creation. They are as children unto us and we shall never, never forsake them!

We raise our eyes to the heavens and count ourselves lucky that we have come across this moment in time to undo the harm which has been done, and it was through no fault of our own that you became obsessed to the detriment of your kind.

I asked what they meant by obsessed!

Obsessed with the need to barrack one another, to pull down, to cast aside in ruination of another! Your impulses have become barbaric to say the least, and we forgive those of you who had no hand in this, other than to follow suit and bend to the will of others. It is a sorry state to be in and one that shall be recompensed. We deliver in all certainty measures of the greatest love, calming the troubled waters and restoring your self-esteem.

We come among you, not to be judged, but to be loved! We are from a distant past, way beyond your imagination, way beyond that distant memory of a life long ago. We are a binary species, born to deliver a greater altitude of services and to recompense those that walk alone through no fault of their own. We pick up the pieces of a desolate society and put you back together again in the right order, so that you may benefit from the greater glories that God has bestowed upon you. We reach down to pick you up and to reinstate you in a world more becoming to your nature, and we see this progress as a matter of fact.

We are split asunder time-wise, creating a recovery period that shall take several years, this will bring about greater discoveries and new visions for the people of Earth. We reconstruct for you greater services than ever before, bringing you into alignment with a time frame of considerable worth, where you will be catered for and looked after to your highest expectancy. There will come a time when we shall align as one, and we bring this forward so that you may amalgamate with us. We restore your knowledge and expectancy of life ever after in those spheres of existence that bring great rewards. We are of one mind in this, in all gentility and grace, observing the protocols laid down for this great task ahead.

Prepare yourselves, keep up to speed with what is going on in your world as we hold you back from the brink! There are many causes that shall be looked upon with greater reverence and respect, and we adhere to these proceedings to allow you to monitor these improvements in your energy fields. Be restored and given the impetus to move forward at a greater speed and we shall uncover what is needed to help us in this foray further afield.

We take the time to underpin certain reserves of energy that need to be held back until the need arises for a greater influx of energy for you to fulfill your destinies. This has been given with greater resolve and we shall make the necessary arrangement, adjudicating at these deliveries so that you may not feel alone. Know that we are always there to be called upon to give advice and to help you in your endeavours. Raise yourselves up in all magnificence! (I drifted off here in absolute peace).

Q. Who was just talking to me please?

Astral compatriots to the cause of mankind!

I wasn’t sure about the term astral and challenged them!

We are prepared to make a statement of facts and figures that will acknowledge the acceptance of a greater rule of understanding. We are by very nature one with the Great Almighty and all creation! We manifest before the population of Earth and cause the demise of no one being, we are by our very nature protective of all society! We make our appearance known and feel the extravagance of your lives on Earth that shall take precedence over all others. We have a great responsibility to help you and those like you, who travel the highways and byways of Earth, and we come in all resonance of light around us to lead the way for others to follow. We champion the cause of mankind!

A softer energy and lighter voice came forward.

Salubrious enchantment is there at your fingertips, waiting to hold us, to touch us, to greet us and to come among us! We are your beloved sisters of Light, raised to come among you and to bear witness of a greater light. Your fortitude has been great and our common cause to help mankind has not gone unnoted. We are proud of your endeavours! We sway with the reeds in the river banks and in your fields of corn that shall ripen and bear witness to the sun that brings light.

We are those golden rays of light that bring you heat and warmth, radiating the gift of knowledge, dusting you with magnificence and glowing, golden embers of a charmed existence, experienced and sort for again in your earthly lives. We touch you with a wand of light and beckon you to join us so that we may manifest together a glorious light that shall be brought to fruition in the blink of an eye. We raise you up and salute you and come among you to be joined once more.

Again, I drifted off for a while in utter contentment. Another energy then followed with a deeper voice.

We register your distress in articles of war, we shall be forgiven! This has not been easy for any of you and we make allowances for your thought streams, opening up those fissures and setting course for healthier climes. This has been a mammoth journey on the highways and byways of Earth and we are beholden to you and those like you, who have given us their allegiance and sort to work with us to benefit mankind. Please believe we do have your best interests heart, and this has always been our intent to set you right upon the pathway to greater glory. It has been a challenging time for many of you, we know this, and we bring seasoned guidance, wisdom in mammoth proportions to set you right and give you the strength you deserve.

(Looking out into the garden I can see a Lions face). Thank you, Raja, for protecting me!

We belong together, we belong to a generation of forward thinkers who have always used their minds. There was a loud bang in room at this point. To conjure up the most necessary requisites that will enable a greater blessing of enlightenment for the population of Earth, spreading the love in all formats through your hands and through your voices. This will be seen as the greatest gift and a joining of hearts and minds will enable you to do this.

I can see an arrow being fired into the distance, not an arrow of war but an arrow of LOVE that shall penetrate the darkness of Earth. Where each arrow falls a light opens up, a fountain of light!

We make our mark, we take the course of least resistance and enable a regrouping of energies. The time shall be upon us when all comes to fruition!

Again, a different energy came forward.

We abandon the game and set sail for healthier climes, delighting all we come in contact with. We have no knowledge of empathy, we are merely born to serve and to come into this existence to help others. We bring about greater rewards for those who carry this banner of Light to enable a new beginning and a new understanding, for where there is Light there is Love and where there is Love there is a heart that is strong! We bear witness to a greater love enveloping the world of mankind and we deposit before you all that is wished for.

(I felt cold shivers down my spine)!

We form an alliance of startling reality and we bring to the table ample rewards, we come bearing gifts and an opening that shall hold you in the highest esteem, for this is the beginning of a just cause that will enable an opening of great worth.

I’m being shown lovely wild flowers in a meadow, there are children wearing garlands in their hair, skipping carefree across the meadow.

There shall come into your awareness a greater reality and an opening for those who cast their fears aside.

I seem to be in a field and can see a tall, golden, cylindrical object. It looks too slim to be a space craft and yet I have the feeling it is. All I have to do is to step inside, and I don’t have to do it alone! I’m portrayed as a child and others are coming with me, we are being lifted up in this spacecraft, gently first as we look down on the field and then in a flash we have zoomed out of sight. There is only the imprint of the craft left behind in the field to show it was there at all. it is actually covering a much larger area than I thought when I first saw it!

I seemed to drift into a lazy state and spoke in poem form.

The air is cold, the sky is clean, the shadows which encroach are unseen. The sun has gone, the sky is grey, where shall there be another day such as this, such heavenly bliss. We see you melt before our gaze, learning sweet and humble ways to bring about changing lives, changing days into more heavenly ways into Light and into Love.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on March 27, 2018 at 11:46am

There shall come into your awareness a greater reality and an opening for those who cast their fears aside.

I seem to be in a field and can see a tall, golden, cylindrical object. It looks too slim to be a space craft and yet I have the feeling it is. All I have to do is to step inside, and I don’t have to do it alone! I’m portrayed as a child and others are coming with me, we are being lifted up in this spacecraft, gently first as we look down on the field and then in a flash we have zoomed out of sight. There is only the imprint of the craft left behind in the field to show it was there at all. it is actually covering a much larger area than I thought when I first saw it!

Oh my, dearest Eileen, THANK YOU so much for sharing your messages with us and for lighting the way for all who are ready to LISTEN INSIDE and WALK our TALK!

The time is no longer near - it is HERE!!!!

Let us celebrate at the Full Moon the Resurection of our LIGHT BODY UNIFICATION!

LOVE eternal, dear siSTAR,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Eileen Coleman on March 29, 2018 at 12:31pm

Bless you Sonja, thank you for your comments, its good to know that some are indeed listening and participating in this glorious event!

Comment by Myriel RAouine on March 29, 2018 at 5:34pm
Oh yes!!! It is what we have been preparing for, is it not? Lol! A happy ascension to the next spiral of evolution to you and yours, dearest Eileen - I'm very much looking forward to Saturday!
Sonja Myriel


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