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TRANCE GROUP 21st February 2018
We brought down the golden energy as usual flooding the body and going deep into Mother Earth, spreading our roots out beneath us. We brought the energy back up and out into our branches high above, calling out to our Star family to join us. Eileen could feel the links forming here and switched the recorder on.
Like a family we connect to those from the higher spheres. We are grounded and rooted to Earth and linked to our Star friends and family. Bring that beautiful crystalline white energy down into your heart space to mingle with the golden energy from Earth. Feel us connecting with one another, sending that love and energy around the room. Feel the warmth in your hands as the energy builds. Feel this loving energy building up and imagine in the centre of the room a beautiful portal of White Light.

(Eileen felt the healing energy would be better utilised now rather than waiting until the end of our session as we sometimes do).

For these next few moments while the energy is building, can we put our Earth family into this beam of Light sending out the Love and energy for their highest good. See the fog of uncertainty, fear and negativity flowing away to be replenished with the love light and energy from the God force.

Eileen could see what looked like grey smoke drifting away from the person placed in the light and felt it was portent to use the Reiki symbols. We chanted the long-distance symbol, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, calling it three times, followed by the Sei He Ki symbol for emotional and mental wellbeing. It felt very powerful to be doing this all together and voicing the symbols. Eileen then invited the group to place others who were in need into the white beam of light. We added the power symbol, Cho Ku Rai and called it three times. Spirit then came forward to speak to us.

The Love and the Light from the Great Divine shall reside within this space. These four beings are very important to you and their maladies shall be remedied.
It takes great strength of purpose to make this connection and we are with you where hearts are strong and open to the cause of mankind’s wellbeing. We assist you in this process and we ask you not to be afraid at what is coming, for there is great power in the universe that will strengthen and guide you for ever onwards and upwards. We provide an alternative to your impasse, we provide an open-ended energy that will circumference your world and bring you back to us in full strength of purpose, ready to carry your irksome burdens. We have forecast a greater union amongst the people of Earth and this we shall see with greater abundance.

Q. May I ask a question please?

We will do our best!

Q. Whom are we communicating with at the moment please?
We are those Star beings who assist you on your journeys and you have known us and worked with us on many other occasions in this life time and in others.

Q. Do the Star people have the same creator as the Earth people?

That it is a very good question my dear!

Q. Do you come from source as do we?

We are creators in our own right and yes, we all come from that spark of Divine Light to each his own purpose. There is great confusion at this time about who we are and where we come from and we do our best to help you and guide you.

Q. Are you from this universe or another?

We are from those galaxies far beyond the outreach of your particular one in your sphere of existence, and we openly connect with your species to help you to channel information and share it around with one another. There are many channellers in your world of which we speak and there are those who are able to do this and do it well. And there will be many more that come and step forward to help in this process.

Q. Why do you care for the human race so much?

Because we love you, you were born from love. Thank you for your answers!

You are as children to us, that is the simplest way we can define it, children of the utmost importance, and we supervise this exposure to enable you to see with clearer vision what it is we are about and how we can change the course of mankind’s history. How we can turn back the clock so to speak and allow a reconditioning of energies. This will be beneficial to all!

Q. I was given a phrase in meditation yesterday and wonder if you would be able to explain it to me, and that phrase is Christ Consciousness?

(In a stronger, more powerful voice Eileen’s channel responded. This also may have been the point where Eileen drew back her arms as if they were wings and held them there for quite some time).

Christ consciousness is of the highest vibration, challenged by none, for it is an overriding factor. It is the essence of all life.

Q. If we could all achieve this state of love within our hearts, could we help those who don’t love and don’t accept and don’t help and don’t help themselves? Will us having this power within our hearts go out and ease their suffering?

Q. Is it not that we lead by example?

We do indeed lead by example and you are doing very well in your earthly existence to maintain this love frequency between you, which is very strong and powerful here today, and which enables this sitter to channel this energy. And we are most grateful to you all for allowing this and for having the patience, and trying to understand what it is we bring with a loving and open heart. And this is where you come in, this heart frequency is all-powerful, there is no other vibration higher than love. Feel your hearts opening and expanding, bring in that energy of love into all that you do, that vibration of love is more powerful than you realise. It can literally move mountains!

We find you searching and seeking forever on this highway of love and we enjoy watching you searching and seeking!

Q. Have we all been called or feel the call to do healing because the vibration of love is within us, and every time we heal, we pass the vibration on!

That is so, you feel the energy burning within your hands, this comes as the first sign, it flows from every fibre of your being, from all your energy centres, from every cell of your being, from your eyes and from the soles of your feet as you walk this earth.

We know this has not been an easy journey for you and we feel at times you are worn down and worn out! And that is why it is so important to connect with us, to plug in and tune in, to gather the energy much more into your system, to recharge your batteries. And we have said this, many times, and it really is as simple at that! We need you and those like you rejuvenated and up and running for the times ahead, and this is very important in the great scheme of things. That Love Light energy needs to be harnessed and to be brought into your being so that it may be channelled back out to those in greatest need, just as you have done here today, and we hope you will continue to do so!

These times are very important to us and to you, making these connections on earth with like-minded souls help you so much in your journey, reaching out and tapping into the light of another can be very beneficial. And you feel the power here in this little group and as you put those tentacles out even further, making contact with more souls, then the energy gets even stronger. Just by thinking of those connections, you make that link, that highway, and the network spreads and spreads, and spreads far across your world, and we feel the Love rising and growing and it is wondrous to behold. Eileen’s voice became softer here.

We are each doing our own little bit to make this easier on you all and oh, how we love to be here, blending with your energies as you blend with ours. And we invite you to join with us on these occasions to fill yourselves up with Love Divine.

Q. Can I ask as well too, you guided our friend to use the tuning forks and we were very blessed to experience them yesterday and the energies they provide, especially for me, were mind blowing! Do these talk to our bodies on a different vibration? Are these coming into the future for us?

(Turning to the member of the group in question).

Her soul reaches out for new growth and she has been inspired to use these instruments that are so beneficial. There are so many tools to be used, you have been dealt a beautiful and wonderful hand my dear!

And you all have a special part to play, the different frequencies that abide within these tools bring heightened awareness and a prolonging of the love vibration, a strengthening of those frequencies that go far beyond these four walls when used and we think you would agree these vibrations are finer and more accessible.

Q. We have been drawn to use the sound of the drum, the sound of the tuning forks, the sound of singing bowls, and sound in general. By using this sound on clients, can we open their hearts and allow love into their heart chakras so they can find inner peace and again send out love for themselves to others?

There can be no other way, the heart responds, the heart came from love, came from that Divine spark, it just needs to be awakened to remember! That is why there are so many unhappy people in the world, they have lost that memory of where they came from, of their true home. They have forgotten and you are here to help them remember! And your drums, your music, your voices, your tuning forks, your beautiful energies help to open up the heart, and that is what is needed! We need them to flower and to open, for within this heart is a portal of great significance, this is where you connect to us and the greater life source. This is the portal we travel through to reach the inner worlds, to reach those states of heightened awareness. So, when you put your roots down into Earth and raise your sights up to us here in the heavenly realms, always remember to centre in your heart space. For this is the portal, this is the highway to travel to reach other dimensions, other spheres of existence.

Q. Is it true to access the highway of the heart and to allow that portal to open that first we must forgive and let go, and leave pain, upset, hurt and sorrow behind us?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! Because, until we can learn to forgive and let go of the past, let go of the hurts, our hearts cannot open, not fully, not how they need to be. There is so much power here within your heart space, you need to open like the flower, to blossom like the beautiful rose. It is beautiful in bud but it needs to open wide, and you all need to let go of the stone that sometimes is here. (touching heart).

You have all done very well in letting go but you will always find another little tiny irritant, not a big stone or boulder for you have let the big stuff go as it were, but sometimes you get a little irritation that rubs sore and irritates and from time to time you will find this happening. Something will pop into your mind and you will think, oh gosh, yes, this is something I have not let go!

Q. Is it a valid point that important as letting go, is forgiving ourselves and also loving ourselves!

Yes, again yes, we have to forgive ourselves. We have to cut the ties of rubbish accumulated over many years and let go, and forgive ourselves of past hurts that we may have caused! (Eileen felt this sounded as if it was coming from her rather than a guide).

Q. We are all trying to be the best channels and purest channels of Love and you’ve sent guidance on opening the higher chakras. Are we reaching and achieving this, or what work can we do to improve these further?

You are already on the right path, you are doing beautifully, you are learning and growing together. You are finding new channels, new explorations of different tools that you can use, and this is all you can do, heal yourselves, forgive yourselves on a daily basis! This can be done on a daily basis to keep you free, for there is always something on the periphery that may annoy or upset you! Look at this clearly and let go, do not hang onto the negativity, don’t hang onto the things that annoy you! See them for what they are and let them go, just bring that love back in to keep the momentum going, to keep the energy going to build you up!
And also, rest is important, sleep is important, if you feel at any time during the day that you need to shut your eyes and switch off and sleep then it is better to do just that! We cannot always have a full night’s sleep as our sitter here is reminding us! She thinks, at times, it is her higher self, talking and wonders who is speaking through her, but your ‘higher self’ is very important! Your higher self has lived many, many lives in many different dimensions in many different time frames! Your higher self has to be respected and honoured and loved, for this is your guardian angel, this is your guiding force, so tuning in and asking your higher self to help you and assist you in this moment of time is a good practice, and one you can make perfect!

(One of the group members spoke through her higher self at this point).

We need to get to know our higher selves and become friends with our higher selves, and listen to our higher selves, for they are wise.

Indeed, and it is simple, is it not, to do this?

Two of the group spoke. ‘Not for me’! Any guidance would be appreciated!

It is simply a matter of sitting in a quiet place where you feel comfortable, where you cannot be disturbed or, as our friend here, going out into nature, walking in the fresh air, feeling the earth beneath your feet and the sky above you! Anywhere where you feel comfortable, warm and safe. Talk to yourself! (soft laugh). Talk to yourself! And your intuition is your higher self, giving you the thumbs up or the thumbs down, it is your ‘higher self’ that you can depend upon! When you twiddle your pendulums it is, after all, your higher self so you are talking to yourself through that instrument, but it is a matter of trusting yourself. So, in these moments of quietness, go into that medative state, become one with your heart. And it will take practice and time, but once you are able to do this you can bathe in that loving energy from which you came.

(Again, one of the group came forward to share).

The central part of this is grounding and softening, softening is so important to opening the portals, all the chakras need to be open.

Yes, because there will be a blockage that will stop this happening, but with all you have learnt, you know about grounding with your feet into the earth. And self-healing with the Reiki you have learned.

Soften ‘every’ part of your body from the tips of the toes to the tips of the fingers, the tip of the tongue, your gums, your brain, your eyes, your ears, your skull, everything just needs to be soft and relaxed and open and you will hear your higher self! Gratitude, thank you!

Yes, yes, and with all things, practice makes perfect and it is so important, because you will have that trust, you will have that knowing that it is right! And there are counterparts that agree to work with you along your pathway, pacts that have been made before you entered this timeframe. And each of us perhaps have a different pathway, but will journey together along and branch out, but we all have the same common purpose of spreading this Divine Love to all in our wake. And to start off with those in our families is most important, for the old ones who are set in their ways, patience and understanding and a lot of love that will help them to open their heart space and to become one with you. And the little ones are also most important, they too need special regard and help and assistance for they shall blossom and grow into those of the future who will help mankind to make that surge of power that will be needed!

We are all growing and learning together and it is indeed a wondrous sight, so have the patience to sit quietly or to walk the countryside or the beaches or to sit on a mountain top. Whatever it is that turns you on, whatever it is that gives you that peace of mind that enables you to go within that portal of love. You will be safe here for love is of the strongest vibration as we have said many, many times, Love is the key to the hearts of humanity, so plug your keys in and turn the lock. Open your heart space, send that love to yourself, and in turn it will radiate to all those around you.

If you are having problems with your families in whatever way, retreat to your sacred space, surround yourself with that golden ball of energy and any other colours you may feel happy to incorporate. Go back into the family and spread your love, ignite the flame of love within all, but it really does start within the home space, within yourselves within your hearts, within those of your family, out to your friends, your counterparts and across the world. And thanking God and the Creator for the beautiful place in which you live, for the plants and the animals, the insects and the birds, for all creatures great and small we give thanks!

Q. Would it be beneficial do you think to chant the root chakra sounds together now?

(We proceeded to chant through the chakra’s and it was very empowering)!

Thank you, I found chanting the seed mantras very useful and invigorating!

There was a long pause here while the energies changed. Eileen could feel her face changing.

One of the group could see an elephant in the distance ornately dressed.
There was a change in the energies, it had quietened and gone soft. We could feel the space contracting and expanding. The four of us were getting further away from each other and then coming back together. The group felt their hearts expanding to receive more love. It was a weird feeling but an amazing experience, being in the room and yet at the same time out in the cosmos.

In a deeper voice another energy came forward.

We are so proud of you, you have done so well!

Gratitude for journeying so far, we are humbled by your presence.

Things are coming together as was planned long ago. We beam ahead of you and ask you to manifest this energy for it is of great consequence! (Loud coughing by Eileen).

Q. Do you have an idea how we should manifest this energy? Should we manifest it through our healing?

We ask you to take it and hold it within you and broadcast it. As we come into your sphere of existence, you too come into the sphere of those around you, and like a ripple effect it goes from one to the other. Using the tools given you and honing them to correspond with what you have chosen to do on your pathways, this is what we are doing, coming that little bit closer into your energy field and this will have a startling effect on you and those around you!

It takes some adjusting to these sensations you are experiencing. (Eileen coughed again).  Back and forth across the universe we travel, bending space and time. There are different modes of travelling. Expand your mind, harness the energy, feel the light surround you, feel the vastness of creation, feel the ebb and flow of life, never ending, ever flowing. There are time restraints in your day that hold you back, but here, there is nothing but NOW in this moment of time and space. Become one with the universe. You may meet other portions of yourselves and a blending of energy will occur. There are no limitations, all is possible, reach out and grasp that which you seek. This is a gentle causeway of Love, open to all and love is the key to enter.

We thank you for your time and your patience and your ever-increasing Love that enables these sessions to happen. We are all experimenting and growing together and we look forward to more of these sessions where we shall expand and grow even further. We take great delight in your progress and we would ask that you honour yourselves and be proud of what you have achieved to date, for this has been great!

We thank you for joining us today and we thank you for your love and your great wisdom. Gratitude.

We thank you for what you give with pure and loving hearts, to each other and to the greater populace. We wish you well. Peace and Blessings be with you now and forever more.

Love to our Star sisters and family too thank you, thank you!

Go forth and shine as the true stars that you are, each and every one of you!
We will do our best to honour you!

One of the girls was given a picture of a bunch of cinnamon sticks wrapped in a yellow ribbon. After research it was found to be among other things a form of protection. Cinnamon has a high vibration which can be used in many ways including our own personal protection, protecting our homes, and also reaching higher states of spirituality and psychic ability.

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