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At least I truly enjoy this practice (I enjoy practicing my guitar playing as well).

The practicing this post is about is the ongoing practice of my daily (or nearly so) mediations in our hot tub. I am continuing to work with Archangel Michael, inviting him to "occupy" by physical body in perfect alignment so that he can use it to anchor his amazing energy in physical form.

I've already written about this practice, but here is the general practice (skip ahead if you already know this).

I center myself and state who and what I AM. Most would call this I AM "Decrees." I bath in the Iridescent Flames and fill the ascension portal as well.

I welcome and thank Gaia Sophia for being with me and she helps ground me with her presence and with vines and flowers like a cradle or cocoon around me.

Once I am centered, I acknowledge the realms and individuals in attendance by name (if I know them) or by how I perceive them. In acknowledging them I express my love, joy and appreciation, and I accept it back in return. The crowd seems to be getting larger the more I do this practice... I usually go in this order, but I don't think the order actually matters.

Gaia, trees and plants, animals, Earth, Water, Air and Fire Elementals, Faeries, Elf's, other Faery kingdom beings, Dragons, Ascended Masters, Galactic brothers and sisters, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses, Creator, and One. In each case, if I know of an individual aspect of myself by name, I state it as well. As you can imagine this can take a little while, but with practice it is swift and also powerful for it really anchors our energy in unity and in my perception.

With that done, I invite Archangel Michael (in this case) to merge into my physical body. In so doing I ask and intend for several elements to come into being. I ask that his energies heal my body, bring love, joy, wisdom and knowledge. I ask that my body and all the cells within it be adjusted appropriately to match his energy and to do so with grace and gentleness. I also ask that his energies connect to all lightworkers and that all beings present support Archangel Michael and my body with their own energy and love. I also connect with friends and family in need of healing.

I'm going through all of this solely for those that want to try this themselves (assuming you have worked up to this somehow).

Today when Archangel Michael came on-board, I stepped aside and entered into Archangel Everian to participate from that vantage point. I really find it easier to "let go" when I have a more specific perspective to work with, and it also strengthens my bond with that aspect of myself.

Archangel Michael was blazing in flaming blue glory! I just love seeing and feeling the love and power in his energy. I could see and feel it grow in strength and focus and envelop all of Gaia in it's brilliance. I visited some hot spots in our reality, places where most people feel change is forthcoming, and they were blazing as well. I chanted "Truth" several times just to add a bit to the event. :)

I was told by St Germain and Sananda they needed to add their energies as well. Staying "within" Archangel Everian, I invited them to join my body along with Archangel Michael. Now the Violet, Gold, and Blue were all blazing. The other Archangels were contributing supportive energy "externally" to my body, and I figure, we may as well have a party in my body! So I invited them to occupy as well. Each of them entered my body. At this point, I, as Archangel Everian, also entered my body to feel the great warmth and love of all these energies mixed together. None of this happened this fast, but it's easier to write it this way.

Remember that the intent for the energy to be with grace and gentleness is in-play, so I didn't ever feel out of control or on a runaway train. It was all VERY pleasant.

I considered adding the dragons to this party, but decided, or was guided, to leave them in supporting positions instead.

I did feel a strong sense of ONE and CREATORSHIP with this merging of beings and a great sense of ascending.

It had to have been 30 minutes or so by then, so I thanked all participants and watched and felt their departure from my body.

At this point I had conversations with several of them/us.

Archangel Michael commended my progress with this practice and commented on much it has improved. He also said not to overthink what is going on when he and I are "thinking" together. I may feel that I am commanding my body to move, even when viewing externally, but it is also he that is commanding it to move. The same for speaking. He may be speaking through my body, but I am feeling and hearing it as well, so it makes me feel like I am doing it solely by myself. When merging, it's a gray area, and I need to trust.

I definitely felt that I could be right next to my body and still allow Archangel Michael to be in it without snapping in.

I had a conversation with Goddess Sophia, whom I have called a
Twin Flame." She said that when she looks at me, she sees ALL of me, not a human experiencing separation in physical. She sees all aspects of myself, and it is with ALL of me that she is a Twin Flame. I have seen her as a "true" twin flame with Arak, God and Goddess together, but what she is saying to me is that this is true, but also all aspects of Arak, which INCLUDES this physical body. It's all the same, but this is an enlightening clarification.

I had a conversation with Commander Arryn, my Pleiadian self, and with Ashtar. I had been reading the latest info from the person/being calling himself Cobra (he posts cryptic messages on his website and does periodic interviews and such). His messages often feel like they have an edge of fear in them, so I asked about those messages. Arryn said that Cobra is a lightworker and is "boots on the ground" just like me, but that he is caught up in the drama of his mission. Arryn also said that from their perspective, the events playing out are already completed and there is nothing to fear. Even if ascension, love and joy were not assured, they would easily be able to handle ANYTHING that could interfere. In short, stop worrying... :)

I had a brief discussion with St. Germain. and I asked him about the global change to financial freedom and what was up with that... He reiterated what Arryn said to some degree. He said that from his perspective it is already done. Even if he were to limit his view to a 3D linear viewpoint, the time is now and the minutes or hours involved are so infinitesimally small that it is basically non-existent. Again, don't worry...

Lastly, I asked to meet and talk with an aspect of myself that is a Faery. This is someone that I had seen, but not interacted with. It was VERY nice to meet her and she is a big part of my relationship with Obsidian the Dragon. Obsidian just melts in love with her... It took me a long time to get a name together for her. I ended up with Sjirnafina, not easy to pronounce. She said that she is nothing but love and joy and that she is completely impervious to anything we would consider negative. It is that complete sense of love and joy that melts Obsidian's heart. She is absolutely delightful. She isn't "big" or powerful per se, and she doesn't appear to have any ego or specific role. She just spreads her love around. I asked if I could merge with her in my body. She has this soft warmth with many different pastel-like colors emitting from her. Very nice. :) She addressed Talliander, my Elf-self and invited him in as well. She said he needed to release the last remnants of regret he has been carrying around. He joined us and with that regret released he was beaming with light and joy. The two of them wanted to do an Irish dance in the hot tub! I respectfully declined, but they had fun.

You just never know what adventure is going to happen in these meditation sessions. I'm really enjoying them!

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 19, 2014 at 7:24am

Dear Paul,

Yes, Practice Makes A Man Perfect in that Subject...



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