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I have started taking a group mentoring class focused on chakras. As part of this class our mentor, Raven, "channeled" Mother Mary who wanted to teach us a few things about chakras as well. Raven has been working with Mother Mary for over 15 years and can easily allow Mother Mary to come through within seconds. This was the first time I experienced her as Mother Mary, and the energy was so full of warmth and love I started to cry. Just thinking about it makes me cry. Clearly not tears of sorrow, but of joy. Through this first class, I learned more about anchoring in angelic and high-energy beings into physical, and how they can match up their chakras with mine to actually experience physical themselves.

If you've been reading my posts, you know I've been doing what I call "attuning energy through physical" where I ask for, and accept energy from, the beings around me during meditation, then flow that energy through my physical body into Gaia.

While that process was difficult at first due to the energy going through being more intense than my body was accustomed to, it has become much easier the more I have done it.

What I am starting to understand is that this is really only part of the process of anchoring energy into physical. What I had done so far was a learning step along the way.

What I did last night was to start with a chakra meditation I learned in class to get all my bits aligned and open. Then I started talking with Archangel Michael about allowing him to be in my body with all of his chakras aligned with all of mine. Where he could truly be "in physical" temporarily.

We agreed to take this a little bit at a time to see how it would feel and to get used to the idea of allowing a being, that I perceive to be an individual whom "occupies" my body for a little while. I say this with caveats because I believe that ultimately we are all ONE and because while I embrace "being" my multidimensional aspects on a regular basis, I don't normally do this with "other beings."

This idea of another being occupying my body may sound scary to some, but the beings I'm talking about are loving to the highest degree, and I've been with them and feeling their energy long enough to know "who" I am dealing with.

In the interest of having clear intent, I specifically asked AA Michael to participate with me and asked that the experience be filled with grace and care. I also intended that Gaia benefit from this anchoring of energy.

It was easy to allow his energy to settle into my space and body, but I found it was not easy to vacate my sense of self from it. I do leave my body pretty regularly, but knowing another being was in it introduced some minor trepidation...

Noticing my resistance, I asked Ariel, Sananda and St. Germain for assistance to help me gain more comfort with this experience. They surrounded me with their love and energy and I relaxed. At this point I made a point to say that I surrender to AA Michael.

This helped me take a vantage point behind my body and see it now glowing with Michael's energy. Not being very experienced with this, I found myself snapping back and forth between cohabitating and watching from within and watching from without. I'm never completely leaving my body as my chakras are still in place with my body and it's more like I'm projecting my consciousness to an external perspective. Very similar to what I experience when I have a traveling vision.

I don't know if this is enough to allow AA Michael to anchor in physical or if my jumping back and forth interrupts too much. I'm guessing it's not helpful and also that I'm not removing myself enough to really let him settle in.

I wanted to allow AA Michael to "feel my body" by moving it, but I wasn't sure how to do that without me being in it. I slowly stood up and felt the contrast of the cool "almost fall" air breathe against my warm body, but I "think" if AA Michael were fully anchored in physical that I wouldn't be feeling this or initiating movement. His energy was in and around my body, we were just co-located, and standing up and moving around still felt good.

At this point AA Michael and I agreed this was a good first step and that with more practice we would get there. :)

As AA Michael stepped aside, I was back to myself again. I felt great, wasn't burned out (yet) so I asked if Arial would like to try it. At this point Mother Mary interjected and really wanted to do it instead. As Mother Mary "moved in" the warmth of her love just enveloped me. It's such a wonderful feeling and so filled with compassion. I don't think I ever managed to step aside myself, but I did quite a bit of crying and laughing from the joyful feeing of her. Having just felt her presence through Raven the previous night helped validate that it was truly "her" energy.

After Mother Mary removed herself, I started talking to Shiva and invited him to join me as well. He suggested I do it with Obsidian, my Dragon guardian.

Obsidian was right there, so I agreed and wondered to myself how his enormous form and different shape would work out... He stepped into me from the back and transformed into my shape. This was another co-location exercise as I wasn't really able to extricate myself successfully, but Obsidian's energy was VERY strong. His heart chakra took over my whole body and in general he was the most anchored of all so far in how his energy settled into my lower chakras. The feeling of his heart filling me was amazing and awesome. I could feel his fire burning in my belly and as I breathed in and out the dragon fire flowed more and more strongly. This really deepened and strengthened my Dragon connections.

With Obsidian's departure, now it was Shiva's turn. Before he merged (or at least the attempt was made by me to allow it), he told me that the being I think of as the Eagle God "Arak," is an aspect of him, and that I have already been merging with Shiva when I have experienced myself as Arak. He also said that Goddess Sophia is indeed a divine partner/twin flame with him/Arak/Ra, etc. When Shiva stepped in, it was similar to my experience with AA Michael albeit different at the same time. With Shiva I also stood up, and moved around, and again the energy was different, yet the same. I felt Shiva greeting Gaia Sophia (Gaia being an aspect of Goddess Sophia) within this as well.

I was up for one last merging in my meditation time. Thankfully I can say I wasn't "burning out" with any of these experiences and I felt very good. I invited Sananda to anchor in physical with me. When Sananda joined me, I was glowing in golden light, warm like Mother Mary, but more "sharp" if you will. I don't say this as a negative, it just felt different. What was also quite different this time is that when Sananda entered in, a very distinct and "sharp" beam of golden light, almost like a very large laser extended vertically through my body. This time, I easily stepped aside and sat on the deck behind my body without snapping back and forth nearly as much. It was wonderful to watch my body glow with Sananda's light! I also saw St. Germain and Ashtar sitting near him in a triangle of light beings helping to hold and focus Sananda's and my body's energies together.

They did this for several minutes (I have no idea how long really...) and I moved to the side and looked around to see the other beings in attendance. The faeries were having a grand time in this, celebrating joyfully with the energy flowing. I saw myself as Archangel Everian standing behind my body with Archangel Michael next to him/me. AA Everian was looking very serious and in a rigid pose of personal defense. He/I looked at me (the disembodied) and smiled saying he was just pretending to be so serious and reached "down" and gave me/us a big hug (it's hard to describe multidimensionality very effectively).

After AA Everian's hug, I saw Obsidian sitting on the lawn. Next to him was Arak. I went to Obsidian and gave him a big hug, or at least as much as I could reach of his massive body.

Lastly, St. Germain and Ashtar invited my disembodied self to join them by sitting in the middle of their triangle of energies. Sananda hadn't stopped doing his thing the whole time and I just enjoyed sitting between the three of them.

At some point, and I don't even remember why or how, I reassumed being in my body and I started to move around to get physical again. I was now pretty tired, and had a slight headache, but overall felt very good. This morning I don't have a headache, but my back is pretty sore...

I intend to do this more and I think the practice and trust will open new doors of experience and greatly help anchor my guides and angels energies into physical even more.

If you are interested in doing something like this, I encourage you to be sure you have prepared yourself however is necessary in your divine plan. More than likely your guides and angels wouldn't participate if you aren't ready anyway... They are kind of persnickety that way.

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Comment by Amoran on September 16, 2014 at 7:57pm

Very nice! So very much enjoyed this on so many levels ... Gratitude to you, Dear Brother! :)


Comment by Paul Lange on September 16, 2014 at 10:40pm

Thank you brother Amoran, and what a beautiful image as well. :)

I have now done this practice two more times, but both times only having Archangel Michael come through.

It has become easier to allow this and to view the experience remotely without interference. I still pop back in periodically, if not just to check on my body as the light has been so bright it seems my body doesn't exist anymore when seeing it.

I asked AA Michael about my body soreness and he said our chakras weren't perfectly aligned and he had to adjust them as he entered in. This caused my body to also adjust and thus the sore muscles. I mentioned this to Raven and she passed on from AA Michael that I should ask that the frequency and chakras be "Modulated" to make it a little easier to deal with.

I intend to continue practicing with AA Michael and others in the crew as I truly believe it is a great aid to Gaia and all of humanity (and good for me too).

Namaste, Everian

Comment by Sylvia Liney on September 17, 2014 at 4:48am

How wonderful, thank you for sharing your experiences with need have no worries about describing the process, you do very well, much Love & Blessings to you dear Paul/Everian (& etc)..........I send you the Water Goddess, seeing as I know you like to be in the tub when connecting/meditating.....hope you like appears that I am reading more & more about Multidimensionality, the articles etc being put in front of me...& I always feel that frisson of excitement when I see the word...Namaste.....Sylvia x

Comment by Paul Lange on September 17, 2014 at 6:02am

Thank you dear Sylvia, I love the image of the water goddess. I have a fondness for dolphins as most of us do. :)

I went to an angel group last night (not the chakra group class, but people interested in angels) and I introduced myself as a multidimensional being. That got a bit of a rise out of everyone...

Comment by gulden brown on September 19, 2014 at 1:28pm

thank you   :)  i love reading these personal experiances.     all i know about me is that i dance... sooo here's a dance of LOVE :)


Comment by Paul Lange on September 19, 2014 at 4:59pm

Nice Gulden, but I don't believe for a minute that all you know about yourself is that you  dance.

How about a little homework? Write down some things you know about yourself...

Comment by Sylvia Liney on September 20, 2014 at 6:02am

Paul, I would think that it would be challenging for the members, depending how far they are on their 'journey' (for wont of a better term...) but just maybe you were meant to be there to educate them, expanding their 'experiences' ( sorry, I know these are not legitimate terms for what we are doing....chuckle) . I first learned more about this term of Multidimensionality on Suzanne Lie's website, as she describes her movements & happenings between 4th & 5th dimensions....(now there's a place I would Love to have the time to explore, so many sites, so little 'time' then I was led here & found you...I Love synchronicity....who's leading me? Me, I guess, or my Higher self....wish I had someone that I could talk about this face to face, so maybe this is your chance to help those members talk about it....nothing quite like the chance to talk face to face, in my opinion....I am a long way from you, in Sydney, Oz...eager to learn, trying to change my eating to full vego....(sorry, Ossie slang)......

How did you deal with the commitment needed to get where you are now, please? I am resisting a little, wish I knew why, on getting out into Nature, I Love being out there, but it seems to be the 'getting there' that is the problem....any little tips?  I wasn't taught how to be disciplined when young, not a good time of life to try & do this now, at my age.......any help/insights would be gratefully appreciated..

Yours in Peace, Love & Light

Sylvia x

Comment by Paul Lange on September 20, 2014 at 6:36am

Hi Sylvia,

Not that this will answer your questions, but if you want to see a bit of how I got here, you can click on "previous post" and get a very long description ("My 3D Life").

While I have been awakening for some time, I was being very strongly guided to do what I am doing. In some cases it seemed like the universe conspired against me to end my career, but in retrospect, it was the universe conspiring to help free me, I was just resisting change at the time. After being laid off from a very well paying job, I have really dived in deep as this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Plus, when you make promises to Archangels and Dragons, you better mean it... :)

As for getting out into nature and such, I suppose it depends on what you do for work, how far you need to drive or ride, and how much you can afford in gas or fares. That said, if you are in a metropolitan area, there is no reason why you can't connect with nature with any tree, flower, or patch of grass. If there is a city park, you can connect there. Nature is all connected, just like us, so a single flower can hook you up to the bigger picture. You could do it in meditation as well, and if you were in jail that might be the only option available...

You're never too old to awaken to your true self, for your true self doesn't age. You are immortal.

Comment by Sylvia Liney on September 20, 2014 at 7:16am

Well, dear Paul, I knew I would get some insights from you...I guess I was forgetting to look at it from the point of view of NOW....

I am retired, live in the suburbs, near the Airport, luckily for us, it's pretty quiet most of the time. On a fixed Govt pension, & a high rent in a dire financial position, but am trying to be mindful of living in the moment, being grateful etc, I have  a lot of tools available for this, so it's not too much of a problem, & I know it will get better soon, I do believe in Magic, that's the basics of my present life, I am reading copious amounts of learning, I do have a small park nearby, but not around my little house, mostly concrete....nowhere private to sit get the picture, I am getting a lot better at creating better things for myself,

Sometimes one can counsel others, but not oneself!  I should take my own essence I need to be more mindful of the NOW, there is, after all, only NOW....

Thanks for the insights, I looked at your answers from a different perspective & 'saw' how easy it is...

I already looked at your 3D Life article....a lot crammed in there! It really is a testament to yourself that you are doing what you should be, I am in awe, really....I am aware of all the things round this, was just resisting, I was taking me out of my comfort Zone, not a good place for Leo's!  lol...But, I am nothing but ready for the challenge & am strong & I AM a magnificent light energy being,  part of the ONE......which I tell myself often to keep me going....I do get lots of inspiration from sires such as this, also I am hooked up to lots of Loving friends on Facebook, about 90% in sync with me, so to speak, ie that's a blessing, no negatives people for me....

I AM so grateful for the kind, wise words, dear Paul and send you Much Love, Light & Blessings....

Sylvia  x

Comment by Paul Lange on September 20, 2014 at 7:47am

Well, thank goodness for the Internet. We are no longer living in the age of hiding for fear of being burned at the stake! Most of us have been there before and I don't want to do it again...

You have a great attitude about where you are at. As creators and co-creators we can and do manifest our world. Getting to the point of consciously doing it and creating joy in all we do is the tricky part, but we are getting closer all the time as we awaken.

I thought of a little story about getting closer to nature. I was working out in the gym a few years ago. This is indoor, behind glass on carpet, all nice and clean. No nature other that outside the windows. I looked down and an earthworm was wiggling around on the carpet in front of me. I hadn't noticed it before, so either it flew in, rode in on someone else, or manifested on the spot. I had a brief conversation with it and took it outside to the dirt and shrubs. It was very grateful and I was grateful for the reminder of what's important. I'm sure the angel that put it there was happy I didn't ignore it's plight either. :)

Find joy everywhere you are.

Lastly, you may be surprised who around you is also awakening and that you could talk with face to face. Listen for signs with you ears and heart and if it feels good to you drop some hints. Not everyone is ready yet, so take it slow and gentle with them.

Blessings to you too,



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