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In my various posts I have met and then introduced to you aspects of myself across dimensions.

I have been asked for more information about my background and how these things actually started. I will try to keep this as short as possible, but it's likely to ramble on a bit. Having just taken some strong allergy medication may also contribute to some sloppiness, we shall see...

My first recollection of any psychic abilities was when I was about in 2nd grade when I saw a small bald man walk across the hallway at the top of the stairs in our home. I told my mother about it and she said it was my imagination. I can still see this character clearly in my head. I'm guessing he was/is from the Faery realm and I don't remember ever seeing him again, but he was likely around.

Like many kids, I would see things in the closet at night, and to this day I believe I was seeing things that were actually there, but that is impossible to prove (like most of my stories).

I come from a family of psychic people. I have aunts and uncles that are very intuitive, one is a Reiki Master, one can channel other beings, and we have all been active healers. I'm certain this has contributed positively to my ability to see.

My childhood cat "Sukie" would talk to me when I was laying on my bed. I thought it was her ability to talk with me, not a mutual communication.

During Jr. High (middle school) I started reading Ruth Montgomery books my mother had, and I read Seth Speaks. These authors defined my core belief systems at that point in my life.

During High School I became interested in ritual magic and purchased a book called something like Practical Magic. I created a simple alter in my bedroom and learned how to meditate. One day when one of my aunts was visiting from California, she commented that she was very worried about a boy her daughter was dating who was bad news. I offered to see if a spell would work for her. She and I did a brief ceremony and the next day they broke up. Although I regretted it later, it was the first confirmation of magic working.

Later in High School, I found out about a fellow student that was torturing and killing cats. I decided to use magic again to make him reconsider his actions (again, something I regretted later). This time I had some students eager to learn. I had them collect some personal items, made a custom candle and we selected a place to have a ceremony in some semi-remote clearings near town (high desert). I briefed them about what to do and what to expect. During the ceremony, everyone became very frightened and we could hear a very large creature moving in the darkness around us. Eventually everyone ran for their cars and we left.

It was this event where I was "scared straight" about messing with magic, which in this case was clearly dark magic. I think it was an important step for me to experience and I also think my angelic guides masqueraded as something very scary to make their point. I also mysteriously lost my magic book which disappeared from my car and then mysteriously reappeared in my car a few months later.

I briefly went to college and while there I read the book "Illusions" by Richard Bach. Still one of my favorite books. In this book the main character learned how to manipulate clouds. I set out to do the same thing and became quite good at it. Clouds would dissipate within seconds once I selected them.

By now my ego was in full force about my abilities, which is always a questionable situation. I started asking fellow students to pick any cloud in the sky and once we were looking at the same cloud I would cause it to "go away" as they watched. While I thought this was great fun, they thought I was dangerous for they couldn't explain it with logic.

They told their parents, who in turn said there was a Satanist living in the dorms. I had two "students" in the dorm and they were implicated as well. We had to go to the Dean and the school board to explain what was going on. I was nearly kicked out of school, but for some reason they accepted my explanations.

I didn't stay in college long and ended up moving to California for a while and read the series of books called "Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" by Baird T Spalding. I was completely enamored with this series and made it a life goal to become an Ascended Master like them. I even told my friend that I was convinced this was my last time in a physical body. Turns out I was on the right track!

I would get very frustrated when I was unable to walk through solid walls. I understood the principles of energy and vibrations but I always failed to do it. I started to seek teachers at that point and there just weren't any around other than one psychologist whom I casually met with (i.e. he didn't charge me). He was somewhat amazed that I would even think I could walk through a wall...

In general I would say that about 7 years would pass between amazing experiences with pretty much a mundane normal life in-between.

I ended up moving to California to live with my cousin and friend, but that ended fairly badly and I moved back in with my parents in my childhood home.

Being completely lost about what to do with myself, I joined the Air National Guard and studied electronics in Texas. While there I met a young man named Anthony. He was the most openly psychic person I've met, but he had little control over it and many of his experiences were quite scary. When he would fall asleep in class I could "yell" to him telepathically to wake him up. He would complain to me later about yelling at him. It was at college and in USAF training when I had several out of body experiences in the Astral plane. Unfortunately most of them were not pleasant at all, and thus were short lived. I remember one time waking up on my bed in the dorm and a dark figure was sitting on my bed. We didn't communicate at all, but I didn't feel threatened so I just went back to sleep.

After training I went back to my parents home again. I was basically a career "loser" when my older brother and sister were winners with successful college careers and future jobs.

While in the Air Guard, I joined a rock band with some friends playing keyboards. This was in the mid 80's and we were the full-on glam rock band with big hair and spandex. Very fun time, but not much in the way of spiritual events that I can remember. During that time I met my first serious girlfriend and we eventually moved in together and I eventually quit the rock band so I could actually pay for rent.

At this time my sister became sick with cancer and I started following that saga which was pulling me away from a job I hated and a relationship that was starting to decline. I would go to Seattle when I could and participated in a healing session where my sister was in the center of a huge circle with dozens of family and friends around her (and my mother as well). It was during this session that I had my first real view of energy that wasn't purely spiritual vision. I saw with my physical eyes a literal fountain for golden particles shooting out of her crown chakra. I was awestruck.

During these times visiting Seattle I also met her spiritual healer named Ateah (sp?). She was an amazingly gifted healer and greatly helped my sister heal. I was also able to learn much from her. My favorite story of hers which she used as a lesson to not combine ego with emotion and intent, was about her having an argument with her neighbor outside across her fence. She was holding an empty grape stem and gestured to her neighbor and said "Up Yours!" He later had to have a grape stem surgically removed from his anus. Good lessons there...

My sister divorced her husband and remarried, only to have the cancer come back. In her last days in the hospital I joined family members in the hospital several nights in a row and we did group healing work on her. These sessions were as intense as any energy work I have done. I hadn't done this before, and my family said that they saw Jesus working through me for hours at a time. I don't doubt that for a moment because that is just what it felt like.

I have great thanks for my sister giving me this gift to have that experience. She passed after that and I was a different person.

My girlfriend and I broke up as we were no longer in sync with each other. It was one of my lowest moments in life and it took me at least a year to get over it. During one of my low moments my sister spoke to me in clearly audible speech. It gave me pause and the desire to keep going.

I moved back in with my parents (again) who had moved to Seattle to be close to my sister in the later stages of her battle with cancer. I was still a career loser and was completely lost. I joined a band with a friend, eventually got more girlfriends and slowly plodded along.

I had bouts with depression and had suicidal thoughts around this time. I suspected later that I may have become a walk-in during this time.

I took a healing class after my experience with my sister which greatly opened me up to new things. In that class while meditating I was taken to a ship. Jesus was on the ship and he showed us a room that was like a planetarium, but with holograms of the universe. He gave us a lesson about where we are, and such. We also got a tour of the ship and I met a being on the "bridge" that I intuitively knew was me. This was my first exposure to the ideal of being a multidimensional being, and it was very cool. Unfortunately, there was no communication between us, just a knowing.

I eventually got a job and through a series of synchronicities ended up starting my career in the video game industry at Nintendo. I was in this career at various companies (including my own for a few years) for about 27 years. That's a long time.

While I had my own game company I met my wife and we bought a house. I was dirt poor because I was paid last in my company and we were under capitalized. I was not practicing anything spiritual because I was completely sucked into the business vortex. However I would frequently have vivid dreams where I would watch "airshows" of colorful alien ships. I loved those dreams...

On one particularly eventful night, I awoke in bed with the feeling of a physical weight on my body. When I opened my eyes, a non-human being was laying on top of me. He had brown leathery skin, and round face, and he telepathically said in a surprised and very masculine voice "You're not supposed to be awake." As he was putting me back to sleep, I telepathically said "wait, I want to talk to you, I have so much to learn..." but that was it, I was out like a light. But at least I remembered all of it in the morning and it is still vivid to this day.

I had various other visions such as an electric blue lizard that talked to me, but I didn't document all of them. The more dramatic ones I remember of course.

One time while camping in the wilderness with some friends in a shared tent. I witnessed a hooded small alien walk through the tent wall carrying a platter with stuff on it. I sat upright fully awake and tried to wake up the others. By now the being was gone and my friends were upset I woke them up. I told them what happened and they laughed. Then I pointed to the camp fire that was burning again after being put out hours earlier. They stopped laughing...

I was spiritually dormant for a long time because no big spiritual events were happening and I wasn't pursuing anything myself. I was trying to have a successful career. There were big life events going on in my family such as my daughter being born, my wife having major surgery, family members dealing with cancer, etc.

My daughter was having a lot of nightmares and I ended up telling the being in her to leave. I had to be quite strong with it, but it did leave, and I saw it's shadow scoot out the door. This event started me back onto the spiritual growth kick for I wanted to be sure my daughter would be protected and I also wanted to teach her spiritual truths.

I met other spiritually focused people and my ego wasn't yet in check so I was showing off a bit by giving a reading. I had some very powerful experiences at that time, but it was also a very high stress time in my marriage. Thankfully we survived that one, but I was hungry for more spiritual work. This was a little over four years ago and I casually started meditating. I decided that I wanted to talk to animals like Dr. Doolittle. I bought a book written by Karen Anderson called "Hear All Creatures." I followed her material to the letter and before long I was communicating with animals. I sought volunteers that would let me do a reading for their animals and then get feedback on my accuracy. Turned out I was pretty darn accurate. I also found out that it brought be great joy to have these conversations.

I've talked to dogs, cats, horses, fish, snakes, Sasquatch (briefly), and greatly enhanced my telepathic abilities. I highly recommend taking this approach to developing abilities. Animals don't carry baggage like humans do, so they are easier to talk with (IMO).

This work quickly turned into talking with angels, and I started having random conversations with them. The more we talked, the more I wanted to talk to other beings as well. It all just kind of snowballed.

I had been working at Microsoft as a Game Designer and the energy in that career and in the company were quickly separating from my own energies. I was starting to feel lost again and trapped by my own creations of having to have money to maintain family.

I seriously considered how to downsize, how to do something more meaningful in my life, and I always sat in the fear of loss if I made a change.

That change was made for me in a series of bad situations that were very uncomfortable, but which paved the way for me to be laid off from the company in early April of this year.

In the last few months of working I was becoming obsessed with learning as much as possible about ascension, the cabal, angelic realms, etc. It was difficult to stay excited about work because this other stuff was much more exciting.

I started communicating with the "Pleiadian Council" and I would ask them on a nightly basis to raise my frequency. I would ask such as "I ask that you increase my vibrational frequency as high as possible without killing me, and I can deal with a splitting headache if I have to." Well guess what, I had a lot of headaches. In one particular meditation I was doing some remote healing work and I asked for my upgrades. Out of nowhere I was hit with what I call a "Spear of Light" that penetrated my forehead. It was shocking and physically hurt. After that I was walking on air, but I had a seriously splitting headache for a solid week and nothing would touch it.

I was pursuing accelerated ascension because I strongly felt I needed to sprint because I had wasted so much time in the pursuit of my career and ascension seemed to be just around the corner. I didn't want to be left out and I knew I had a mission to do, even though I didn't know what it was.

I was a little more careful with what I asked for in the way of upgrades, but I still asked for the accelerated course but with more grace and care.

During one of my meditations this year (before I started blogging), I was working on the energy meridians and portals. I had the thought that dragons guard portals and passage through dimensions (I didn't really know anything about dragons though), so I decided to ask to meet one. That is when I met Obsidian and he told me his true Dragon Name (which I must keep secret). He introduced me to the truth about dragons and inspired me to start blogging. He is a sworn protector for me even though I offered to give him the choice not to be. He is bound to me by his own choice. He goes where I go and is always around. He is awesome.

The rest of the story is pretty told in these blog posts. There are a few things I don't publish that are still amazing things, but are even more personal.

If I can provide a few suggestions it would be these:

Don't mess with dark magic. It's bad mojo that you don't want.

Learn and practice animal communication if you don't think you are telepathic.

Don't ask for more energy and upgrades than you can handle.

Ground yourself as much as possible (such as in water) when doing energy work so that the energy is being held in, or at least partly, in physical. It benefits everyone more that way.

Seek a living physical teacher that can help you spiritually open much faster and more gracefully than doing it on your own.

That's pretty much it. Sorry it was so long!



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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on September 16, 2014 at 2:34am

Thank you Paul for sharing your story.

I liked reading it from your 3D perspective. My understanding is grounded at this level and it helps me to have a place to enter the world you inhabit.

I always appreciate your honesty and forthrightness in sharing your experiences.

With gratitude,


Comment by Paul Lange on September 16, 2014 at 7:24am

Thank you Ishema, I wouldn't have written such a long bit about myself at all if I hadn't been asked to do so. I'm glad it has turned out to be useful for you.

Namaste, Everian

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on September 16, 2014 at 5:13pm

I think there are many people like me who need a 3D bridge.

Thank you for providing it.




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