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Here I sit at my computer with an energy hangover. September Portals, the Equinox, Lunar Energies, and the global reset on the precipice of change make for a powerful combination. Add to that the company of heaven flowing through my body and a hangover is expected.

I had rested for a couple days knowing it would be important to be on my game last night. I was tired going into my meditation, but the energy flow revitalized me quickly.

I really didn't do anything different than I have been lately. I embodied Archangel Michael while I merged with Archangel Everian and participated with the other Archangels (see previous posts for more details).

Archangel Michael was as brilliant as ever, resplendent in pulsing blue energy, and he/I spoke with intent and passion for his energies to manifest change and truth. I completely trust that he is working miracles and magic, even though I don't fully know what he is doing while in my body.

Without asking (although it isn't necessary at this point) Sananda and St. Germain joined Archangel Michael in my body while the company of Archangels supported from the "outside."

It didn't take long for the remaining Archangels to also enter my body simultaneously.

I don't know that this is normal at all. I'm guessing it's acceptable considering it's been happening. They have assured me that they won't do anything that would overcharge my body, and I trust them to maintain my best health and divinity.

The energy was getting pretty intense by now as I would check in on my body periodically to see how I was holding up. The physical affects of the energy were less than those times in the past when I wasn't sure if my body could take it, so everything was fine so far. I did however ask Gaia Sophia to open her flow a little more to get the energy through me and into her, and I asked the faeries to skim off the energy in the pillar of light to distribute widely. While there were many faeries present, they told me there was too much energy for their numbers, so we opened a faery portal and many more poured in while faeries glowing with extra energy dove into the portal to reach other places unknown.

The dragons were all around me and some were flying in the area, including Amoran's dragon who splashed down in the hot tub briefly before screeching away back into the air. I asked the Dragons to pick up the pace and add supportive energy to the space. At that time Obsidian asked if he could join me in physical, so I became my Dragon self (Luna) and entered my body simultaneous with Obsidian. I think it's easier to be one with Obsidian when I am already a Dragon...

It was getting really crowded in my body now with so many Archangels, so they now exited and resumed supportive roles around me. As the Dragon fire burned in my belly we summoned more dragons through the Dragon portal Obsidian had opened on a previous night over/in the hot tub.

Seemingly hundreds of Dragons streamed through the portal and began flying around the area, like they were forming up for an event. The Dragons were intent on ridding the world of whatever last remnants of darkness remained in subterranean bases. I watched them from a disembodied aerial view swarming over the land breathing fire into the ground, almost like dogs digging up bones. I entered the base they were focused on and watched as technology and whatever else was in there just disintegrated in the flames. I also saw and felt the angelic energies blasting out from Gaia and the violet flame swirling majestically in and around the base.

My attention and focus returned back to the hot tub, as an enormous golden Dragon emerged from the portal, stretching it much larger than it was before. This was an ancient Dragon, one I had not met before, but I knew it was Gaia in Dragon form. She was very "fancy" looking, maybe because she was glowing and glittering in gold, but also because of the number and length of her horns and details on her body.

She was on a mission, and the many other Dragons responded to her commands. She grew in size as she moved into her celestial position, her wingspan nearly the radius of the planet. The other dragons were positioned lower and spaced around the planet at relatively even intervals.

She began breathing her cleansing fire around the planet and was scratching and tearing at whatever she perceived was constraining or restraining the planet. As the binds were obliterated, she started pulling Gaia into her new position and trajectory, guiding her in motion into the Photon belt and safely where she needs to be.

As this vision began to fade, I found myself relaxed in the hot tub, thanking my friends in the company of heaven for their roles in kicking off this next phase of experience. I gazed into the night sky at a cloud angel drifting slowly by, then noticed a dragon cloud off to the left of her. It was very peaceful.

I moved to the other side of the tub to get a wider view of the sky and Sjirnafina was at my side. She was "massaging" my head as she knew my hangover would be starting soon. I invited her to join in me as her pastel colors are very soothing and lovely.

As I stared at the stars I asked to see "my" ship. I was told it was directly above me, but I could not see it with my physical eyes. Arryn told me they will not lower their frequency to match my eyes, for it is more beneficial for me to see them with my raised frequency instead. As I stared, I focused on seeing myself glowing and pulsing with light and my frequency rising into 5D territory (again). As I was doing this, I could see an outline, a sparkle of light here and there. A distortion in light warping the starscape behind. With each glimpse I would just as quickly lose it as my excitement would pull me back into "normal" physical. I decided to stop the exercise knowing and feeling good that progress had been made.

As I dried off, standing on the deck under the stars, I knew my Pleiadian friends were standing around me. I would see sparkles of blue lights blink at me, which I always see when they are present. I acknowledged them and bid them farewell for the night.

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Comment by Sylvia Liney on September 24, 2014 at 1:54am

Wow, Paul, what an experience you had indeed. I give thanks that you and the Angels/Dragons/Faeries etc  are around to help us all. Just reading your excellent writings lifts me up....there is  lot of negative stuff in the media lately, I don't usually watch the news, but I thought I'd better check in, was so many people doing so many bad things to each other, hurts my heart, murders, disappearance/kidnapping (?) of of a 3 yo boy etc etc too hard to write about, I don't let myself be drawn into all that drama, I just send Light to all the people involved.....I was struck by the sight of the ISIL men, the thought I was given was, 'What cowards, all have their faces covered.....'     and I remember thinking that it must look very scary to lots of people, especially as it was very close to home, Australia now being threatened as well has shocked a lot of people. Trying to calm down my partner, who tends to talk back to the TV, gets caught up in the drama, had to try & calm him down, telling him not to watch, & to keep on saying Peace, Love & Light.  He is barely awakened, so I have to be careful not to scare lots of Love & Light...

Anyhoo, enough about us...things are always darkest before the Dawn, they do say, so I'm looking forward to more Light/Love/Financial freedom soon, meditating as much as I can, did 2 hours yesterday morning.......I also asked my Higher self & Guides last night to take me on a journey & to help me try to remember this time, the strong incoming energy is causing my sleep patterns to be much disrupted, so it was 2.10 am when I settled down, woke up at 6.40am, aware that I had been somewhere, I remember lots of documents, different fonts, but all seemingly with my name on them....I got the impression/feeling that I was looking at the Akashic Records, stayed trying to capture it for another hour, then gave thanks & gave up. I was going shopping today, as it is Pension day, but, after the bills are paid, not much food money left for the next 2 weeks will have to very frugal once again....must do my Money Tree meditation again is working, so must do it more....I send Healing energy to you, dear one, to help with your energy hangover, but you must be feeling very excited, as I am for you...In Peace, Love & Light, much blessings to you.....I just called in Archangel Michael whom I ask to help get my distance healing orbs to the right persons, I sent you a beautiful orb, filled with light pink Love energy, light blue healing energy, with flecks of soft yellow, pastels all, to gently ease your Cosmic energy headache, dear one, He surrounded me with his beautiful blue energy & it was very strong. It is on its way to you as you sleep, I hope it helps a little...I Love you, & any readers....thank you for making me feel uplifted & filled with Love, you will never know how much your writings helped me today...with gratitude, I am Melaynia...

☼°¨♥⁀˚⋆.‿☼° NAMASTE ☼.‿☼°♥⁀˚⋆♥♥

Comment by Paul Lange on September 24, 2014 at 6:32am

Thank you so much for holding me in your prayers and sending me healing energy. I do feel better now, so it must be your work!

I have been avoiding the news and I do feel physically ill when I see what is being spoon fed to us. I also try to project light to whom I see, but I also remind myself that as terrible as it is, there are blessings within. There are forcing functions at work and sacred agreements in play to play roles that will force people to wake up. It would be so much more pleasant if such wakeup calls were not needed, but it seems many are so entranced with the illusions and old programming that they require a shock to break out of it and find a way that nourishes their soul instead of darkens it.

It is difficult to talk about this without placing blame or judgments and why some souls are playing these roles. I just have to trust divinity will play out. Those in the darkest places will eventually have to face their own demons, which will not be easy for them.

Blessings to you Melaynia, and may your burdens be lifted and freedom land safely in your heart and pocketbook...

Love, Everian

Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 27, 2014 at 9:45am

TRUST; TRUST; TRUST, indeed ....

All you write resonates deeply within me, Paul.

Yesterday I was reading all your blogs beginning with "She's been waiting for me" - and when I came to the one where you describe your experience with AA Michael and then Mother Mary and Shiva and Sananda I said: WOW! This is exactly what I have been doing with the GODDESS energies!

When I was in Spain, I was consciously opening mySELF up to HER energies, to help her FEEL what life is like on Earth - and as she descended, my frequency was quickening and we met ...

It was not as spectacular as your experience, however, rather I experience it as something ONGOING ... so it is a process and in this process I am coming to know the MANY faces of the Goddess, known my many names. The aspect which I deal with most at the moment is that of the WARRIOR goddess - Kali Ma, Durga Ma, Sekhmet and Simhamukha ... all SUN goddesses, even Kali, the DARK Sun ... and the latter 3 are all associated with the energies LEO ...

And then I encountered this, yesterday, right before I read your blogs:

This huge vertical and doughnut-shaped belt presently appears from earth to slice through the astrological ages of Leo & Aquarius. Since we are moving inot the Age of Aquarius, we are also moving into the photon belt.

And thus, it is all coming TOGETHER ...

I will read the remaining 2 blogs this weekend.


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Paul Lange on September 27, 2014 at 4:18pm

Thank you Sonja, I feel great love for you even though I have not met you. Maybe it is the way you have helped so many, or that you share your wisdom freely, or maybe just that through you I have met many other wonderful people.

I am also doing a lot of on-going connecting, but not full body where I surrender as completely as I can. I can't fully trust AA Michael to drive my car... ;)

I did share my dinner last night with dragons and angels in a nice restaurant. I'm not sure anyone noticed, but it was interesting. I'll write about that sometime today.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Love, Everian

Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 30, 2014 at 4:10pm

Oh Everian, maybe it is because, basically, we are ONE? LOL!

I feel you so close because we are here for the same reason, the same awakening ... SOUL FAMILY CALLING!

And I read your blog posts Elementals and about the Green Day, too, this weekend - and it nearly blew me away how CONNECTED you truly are!

And I sense a BIG, BIG leap which you have made since you first came here to lightgrid, too ... you have become CONFIDENT and you can now share your experiences without hesitation because you KNOW that this is where we are ALL headed, basically! To experience the INNER realms of existence ... the higher frequencies of BEING - and ANCHOR them here on Earth through our BEING :-)

I will share now your post on elementals - and then continue to read the rest of them, lol! It makes me feel very close :-)

And did your recognize the call for this MERGING in several of the channels this September? I printed out some discussions to read them comfortly in bed - and WOW! - somehow they all seemed to be about EXPRESSING THE DIVINITY by MERGING with this higher frequency!

Maybe we only see what we experience ... but then, coincidence does not exist, right? Lol!

Thus, I diagnose that we are RIGHT ON TRACK, hahaha :-)

Shall be back again, soon, when I will have read the REST of your posts :-)

THANK YOU so much for sharing, dear Paul,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Paul Lange on September 30, 2014 at 6:14pm

Thank you for your most kind comments Sonja. :)

I have noticed that as I was doing this merging "work" several articles came out talking about the same things. Syncronicity at it's best.

I also read that one of the "things" Archangel Sandalphon does is about anchoring energies through physical. Maybe that is why it was so effortless with him the other day.

Love, Everian

Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 4, 2014 at 9:16pm

Maybe I should give it a try tonight and allow a merging with him now when I go to the hottub? What do you think? Lol! 

Will be gone in a minute ... Curious :-)

BLESSINGS, my dear brother,

Sonja MYriel

Comment by Paul Lange on October 5, 2014 at 2:11am

Well, I would very much like to find out what your experience if you give it a go! Please do share. :)

Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 8, 2014 at 6:58pm

So sorry, I was distracted and did not experience any merging :-(

But today's connexion at the Eclipse was a most powerful experience! I was in contact with all of our lightgrid members - and we were weaving a glorious NEt of LIGHT around the entire planet - and it reflected to the SUN and the MOON, creating what I would call a RAINBOW Bridge between them ... and I realized that it was an alignment between EMOTIONS (Moon) and MIND (Sun - SPIRIT!) and the BODY (Earth) inbetween ... maybe this is why so many are going through some kind of initiation / dark night right now - because the body / physical is squeezed inbetween mind an emtoions - SPIRIT and LOVE!

Quite some pressuer which is being exerted on us ;-)

LightGRID LOVE and Blessings,

Sonja MYriel


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