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Generally speaking, I've chosen not to write about every meditation I have because they are often so similar, or I have conversations with beings that are significant to me, but drift off into generalizations by the time I get to the computer. The visions I periodically have are different because they are an event that I am participating in and not easily forgotten, even if I wanted to.

Today I am recalling a conversation I had with the Elemental Beings and Crystals in a recent meditation. As you likely already know, I acknowledge the beings around me when I start my meditations, and sometimes I talk with them as well. In this case, as I was acknowledging the four elements I had a brief discussion with each, then another with the Crystals. I don't normally include the fifth element of "Ether" because spirit is so present in all my interactions during meditation anyway. Their comments are paraphrased in quotes.

Water Elementals, I acknowledge you and thank you with love and joy for being with me. I feel your embrace (I am immersed in water after all), and your essence flows through my blood. Do you as a water elemental exist as one being, or many beings within the water?

"There are many of us that exist in bodies of water, yet we are one being in whole. Our essence as you have called it is present in all water just as spirit is present in all matter. Most of your body is water, and we are present in every molecule of water within you. Remember us as the Mother's Tsunami of Love washes through you."

Air Elementals, I acknowledge you and thank you with love and joy for giving us life systaining oxygen, just as water gives us our flesh bodies. I can feel you enter my lungs and merge with my blood with ever breath I take. I find great beauty in the sky and clouds as the Sylphs create artwork for us to view. Are the Sylphs air elementals or are they a different being?

"Like the water elemental beings, Sylphs exist as individual expressions and are one as well. They create images out of their joy in doing so. They/we clean the air and work with Water to help make Gaia the beautiful being that she is. Like the Water Elementals said, remember us as the Mother's Tsunami of Love washes through the atmosphere."

Earth Elementals, I acknowledge you and thank you with love and joy. I appreciate the solidity and stability you bring to Gaia and the rigidity of my bones through your minerals and matter. I would not being the person I am without your blessings for I would not have a skeleton to stand erect! In another meditation you poured lava into my body while working with Fire, but you don't need to do that today... for today I need to rest.

"If you want some lava we can share our energies with you later. ;) We did this to in partnership with Fire to help you get the Kundalini fires burning brighter. Like the other elements, we are present not only in the rocks and soil, but in all matter you think of as solid."

Fire Elementals, I acknowledge you and thank you with love and joy. I feel your heat in the water of this hot tub and as electricity in my body enabling me to move and think. Is electricity a good way to think of you?

"I/we are the spark within matter, so yes electricity is a good way to think of us. Of course, fire is classically how your people think of the Fire Element, which only makes sense... :) We would like you to look at the trees surrounding you. Each tree has it's own consciousness, but also has all the elements within it, yet it does not burn. The tree is intimately connected with the earth and the Earth Elementals provide the rigidity of it's physicality to stand up and resist gravity and the forces acting upon it. Without my brothers and sisters the Earth Elementals, the tree would not be able to stand. The Water Elementals move throughout the tree as it's blood, moving sustenance from Gaia to all the cells in it's body. The water also gives the tree it's flexibility so it can dance with the Air without breaking. The Air Elementals are the tree's dance partner as it sways to the rhythm of life, but also as a rhythm of breathing that gives Gaia oxygen for the atmosphere so that you can breath. It is a an energetic exchange between the plant kingdom and animal kingdom. The Fire Elementals are also present in the electricity-like spark that holds all the components together and keeps the tree from disintegrating. This is not the tree's consciousness, but is an essential force to maintain matter."

Thank you for providing this perspective on how each of the Elemental's contribute to the physicality of a tree, and I can see how this is true for all physical beings and Gaia herself. This has been very enlightening. :)

Crystal Kingdom
I acknowledge the crystals great and small growing within Gaia as well as my Crystal Heart and the cystaline structures forming in my cells. Do you feel any pain or have any issues with people harvesting crystals to sell in stores?

"While it may seem 'negative' for people to dig us up and break us off from a larger cluster, it is actually our pleasure to be used by enlightened humans in their spiritual work. Yes we are conscious beings, and like the Elementals you have been talking with, we are also connected to where we came from and that connection cannot be broken. We are in Gaia to provide energy and organization to that and other energies for ongoing life, but also as part of the ascension process. Having portions of ourselves working directly with humans is empowering for both of us and is part of the overall divine plan."

What about when you are cut or carved into a form that is not natural for you?

"Some of us volunteer for these roles because of the opportunity to achieve a higher level of focus when used by enlightened humans. It is a different role and an important role for crystals to participate in. There are some crystals within Gaia that are protected and will never be touched my humans. These are power centers for Gaia and must continue to fulfill their roles as they are. The protection is from Gaia herself and from many other beings from the Fae realm as well as what you term benevelant Galactics."

Thank you Elementals and Crystals for this enlightening discussion. :)

After this I continued with my energy work with Sananda and the company of heavenly guides surrounding me.

I believe that acknowledging all the beings around us empowers them to help us directly, especially when we ask them for help. In the case of the Elementals, they are non-physical beings manifesting in physical, and their connections between spirit and matter can help us in the ascension process, for we are also spirit and matter. Matter which they help us form.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 30, 2014 at 4:14pm

As we begin to communicate with ALL that is

We realize that no thing is "inanimate"


And the JOURNEY,




Comment by Paul Lange on September 30, 2014 at 6:15pm

It seems more and more beings are lining up to expand our consciousness and communicate. Truly an adventure. :)

Comment by CreativiTea AB on September 30, 2014 at 9:33pm

Comment by CreativiTea AB on September 30, 2014 at 9:34pm

Great Elemental interplay and wisdom-share. Thank you ~*~

Comment by Eileen Coleman on September 30, 2014 at 10:30pm

I really enjoyed reading your experience Paul some of us forget that we can talk to  all forms of life if we tune in and it is wonderful to know the crystals are happy to work with us too!

Comment by Erik Orgone on October 2, 2014 at 5:18am

Crystals have made a tremendous positive impact on my physical body and have helped a great deal in expanding my consciousness.  So I say Thank You Crystal Elements for allowing yourself's to come into contact with my being.  Namaste

Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 4, 2014 at 9:14pm

Everything is ALIVE :-)


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