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Nature’s Knows! A Story of Lava Rocks, Volcanoes and a StarGate …

Dear Friends,

It is somehow appropriate to now share this little story with you all. It is yet another example of how seemingly unrelated events actually tie themselves together quite nicely; how, over time, “separate” pieces of the “puzzle” fit together into a coherent, visible, larger picture. It is how individual threads are woven together into a “fabric” when we allow them to flow.

Exactly 4 years ago – in February 2009 – I was visiting locally with a friend. He suddenly and quite unexpectedly looked at me and said, “We need to go to Iceland!” It was like I was in a slow motion movie as I stood outside myself and saw my lips form the words, “Yes, we do need to go to Iceland!”

I had never, ever before thought about going to Iceland, but away we went the very next month (March 2009).

I found myself very drawn to the volcanoes in Iceland. We visited a lava field where for the very first time in my life a rock spoke to me. The little lava rock simply said, “Please take me with you.” Trees speaking to me I was cool with and could understand – living organism and all. But rocks?? Well, I just went with it and I picked up the little lava rock and put him in my pocket. He came home with me to Boston and I named him “Herm.” He seemed to like that name.

A few months later (May 2009) I found myself being now called to Bali, Indonesia. Herm seemed to know all about my plans to go to Bali. He just simply said: “You will take me with you to Bali.”

OK? OK! I will take you with me.

“You will leave me there in Bali,” he then wanted to clarify. Well, I must admit that by this point I had grown quite fond of my Icelandic lava rock and was a bit disappointed by this request. I expressed my sadness to Herm but there was no response.

The next day I was standing in my bedroom admiring Herm as he sat so nicely on the top of my dresser. Again he said to me that I should take him and leave him in Bali. I was again about to voice my dissatisfaction when my cat leaped up onto my dresser (a big no-no!) and violently SWATTED Herm right off the dresser, crashing him hard against the floor … and Herm snapped into two pieces! Herm and Herm junior!

Herm junior then said – “You see, now you can take me and leave me in Bali. My other half shall stay with you.”

Well, then, problem solved!

Now I must admit that I was quite puzzled about where to bring Herm junior and where I was “supposed” to leave him … it all seemed rather important (at least to him) but what to do? I did some research on Bali and was very pleased to read that like Iceland, Bali is all about Volcanoes and geo-thermal energy (as it is located right on the Ring of Fire). I then read that there is a holy and mighty volcano, named Mt. Agung, on Bali. Agung is considered a very holy site – he towers almost 2 miles high into the clouds. “Agung” means the “Mighty One” or the “Great One.”

I then “happened” to read that the Hindu Mother Temple of Indonesia, Temple Besakih, is located right on the slopes of Agung!

OK! There we have it then … or so I thought … I made it to Bali and took a tour of the Temple. I was quite stressed out as it is a huge place … where to leave Herm Junior and why? As I walked around Besakih I had the strongest (and strangest feeling) that I had been there before … but not in this lifetime. As I toured all of the different sub-temples I also felt like my body extended way above my head – like I was 8-10 feet tall … I had never had such a feeling either before or after that trip.

The temple tour was about to end and I still had not found Herm’s resting place. I was about to give up when the tour guide called to me:

“Mister, mister! Come here! I must show you this …” She was pointing at a sign. Since I couldn’t read the sign I asked for her to translate. She said, this area is the “Temple of the Dragon – the Temple of the Earth.”

Bells started ringing in my head and I knew this was the place! So I walked inside the Dragon/Earth Temple and wondered what to do next – then a single Tree standing alone in the middle of the temple called to me and said, ‘I am the One.’

I walked over to the tree with Herm Junior in my hand and as I looked to where to place him my eyes were drawn to a small knothole in the Trees trunk … where I placed Herm jr. and where he fit just perfectly! I found myself saying a little prayer: “From Gaia to Gaia; from herself to herself; with Love and with Joy; with Trust and Knowing.” I was then treated to a beautiful “light-show” as if Herm had just “activated” a series of lasers from within this Tree …


Upon my return home I was really wondering what was happening … what was going on?

A little voice whispered to me: “Go look. Look at the Globe.”

I went to my globe in my office and found myself tracing my finger from Boston … to Iceland … to Bali … in the form of a huge TRIANGLE! Three nodes … three points … forming a massive 3D “energy blade” right through the middle of the Earth …

I decided to go back to Bali in January 2010 to celebrate my 40th birthday. Actually, I went to the small island of Lombok right next to Bali so that I could sit and just stare at Agung in all of his majesty from a distance. I was delighted to find out that there would be a total solar eclipse on my birthday, January 15th, of that year.

Herm traveled with me per usual.

Here are a few excerpts from my journal:


January 12, 2010


“I can’t get out of my mind the fact that there is about to be an annular solar eclipse in just a few days – Jan 15th; my birthday; my 40th birthday; and it will pass right over Indonesia. I won’t be able to see it in Lombok/Bali but it will be visible in Jakarta. This eclipse will have the widest angle of annularity of any that is yet to come for another 1,000 years. I am no star guru; I just looked it all up on-line this morning to know what is going on. Well, it’s time for my snorkeling trip … be back after.


As I was on the boat to go snorkeling around the islands of Gili I was treated to another wondrous view of Agung among the clouds. He is visible everywhere here when the sky is relatively clear. However, I was not prepared for what happened to me while on the boat over open water …


I immediately entered into a trance like state as the boat beat against the waves over the Sea of Bali. Islands and lush greenery and mountains all around … The Trees began to sing to me … I could see them vectoring energy grids all over the place … and then I looked at Agung … HUGE bright concentric circles of energy spouted from his crater – ever larger as they roared up into the sky. Then He would shoot out enormous energy bursts from his sides and the energy grid matrix of the Trees would support and re-enforce it …. Energy BOOMING all around me …


I began to cry … good thing I had sunglasses on as the boat was full of tourists … tears continued to stream down my cheeks …


Agung then said to me:


“You see we have been busy while you have been absent. We have grown strong again. Next steps have been taken.”


Then, in that instant, it all became clear to me – the reason for my last trip to Bali in May. The time when I brought a small piece of my little Lava Rock, Herm, from Iceland. During that trip I had laid this small piece of Herm into the trunk of a Tree in the holy Hindu Temple of Besakih, on the slopes of Agung …


Somehow, this act back in May had laid a preliminary foundation or “groundwork” for Them to build their Energy for this Moment – and by the Grace of Source – here I was again in PERSON!!


My God, the Universe works in mysterious ways!!  All of the countless events which had brought me to this moment …


I cried the entire way through my snorkeling trip (which was AWESOME by the way).


January 15, 2010


I looked on-line and the moment of maximum annularity of the eclipse was to happen at 5:30 pm local Bali time. I decided to kick off my part at 5 pm.


At five minutes to five I put on a bathing suit. I went to my drawer in the bungalow and I pulled out my lava rock, Herm. I looked at him very seriously and asked, “Is it time?”


He calmly said, “Yes.”


I put him in my pocket and walked outside … went over the small stone wall about 10 steps away which acts as the retaining wall against the beach.


My feet hit the sand and despite all other doubts, I calmly walked to the water to bathe in the Sea of Bali. I took Herm out of my pocket and drenched him in the ocean … he seemed to like that. I held him in the palm of my hand and I asked him to show us just one last time. He then projected an intricate hologram of the StarGate portal which was about to be formed. All could see it.


I then asked Imyranth, Sun Soul, if she was ready.


“Yes, ready.”


I then asked Ushmoen, Moon Soul, if he was ready.


“Yes, ready.”


Gaia then came to me, smiled, and said, “We are ready also.”


I said a brief prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise – for All Races and for All Beings Who partake.” We are Honored and Blessed by Your Presence. Strength and Honor, Grace and Love, to us All, always.”


At that moment, I saw the Sun unleash an enormous burst of energy that encompassed both the moon and the earth; then I saw the moon join in also; then the earth; then all of the Trees; then all Races …. I watched Agung as he became a monster of energy … a brilliant, vibrating, glowing violet sphere 2 miles high!!


Agung smiled at me as he drank in the energy infusion. I heard the Trees report: “We are feasting.” This lasted for the next hour – through 5:30 until about 6 pm local Bali time. I would see Agung's energy “flash” outward and encompass me and the entire area for many miles around. He seemed to be trying on his “new size.”


At 6 pm everything “dimmed” a bit. I looked at Agung and he had become a huge, rotating, violet sphere of an energy vortex – the Generator of the third junction – the third node.


At that moment I saw the triangular shape of the StarGate Portal “light up” and the Trees reported:


“The StarGate Portal is active and stable. All Races confirm This. “


I saw what looked like huge “ramps” being lowered from the sky …. As massive amounts of Source Energy rushed into this plane … it took my breath away.

Here is my favorite personal picture of Agung as seen from Lombok, Indonesia:




Well, here we are back to today, February 6, 2013. I am wondering why now – why do I feel compelled to share this story now with you? I have never posted such personal information onto public forums … the recent Sun messages and all of the synchronicities that are happening now … it does make some sense to me, I suppose.


For those interested, here is the link again for the global sun meditation on February 12, 2013:


I just went outside one last time for a gut check. I am certain that there will be those who read this and say, “So what?” or “Huhhh???” or “Who cares?”


I voiced my concern to the Trees. Then, suddenly, there was a loud noise and I saw movement as a huge HAWK burst forth from the Trees … the hawk honed in on my position and flew right at me before swerving away. He looked at me in the eye and I heard him say:


“We care!”


I had not personally seen a hawk now for many months … and now the “timing” thing again … With this omen of Hawk energy, I offer this to you, Dear Friends.


Nature Knows the Way. May we Hear Her. May we Listen. May we Understand.


May we truly realize how BLESSED we ARE.


Peace to you always, in All Ways,



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Comment by Amanda Carol Engels on February 7, 2013 at 11:57pm

Dear Amoran, So lovely I really needed to hear a story like that!!  It srikes me that the reason for your call to share this story is in harmony with these beings, and their gifts to you....they share with you and you share with us.  May our hearts be ever opening to the voices of nature...Love, Amanda

Comment by Amoran on February 8, 2013 at 2:26am

Hello again Dear Friends,

I find that you are so lovingly held in my thoughts now on a constant basis. As we prepare now for a blizzard here in Massachusetts I find the air is at peace. Many wonderful (and stormy!) things to come for sure.


Each of your comments here is like a violet diamond, wrapped in a gold leaf - a most pure and sacred gift.


Looking forward to much more sharing with you all.


My Love to You,



Comment by Apple Goddess on February 8, 2013 at 4:44am

Amoran, you're in Massachusetts?  I'm in Easthampton...

Comment by charlie montoya on February 8, 2013 at 5:30am

I care, thank you for such a wondeful story, thank you for sharing it with the world, please share more with us.NAMASTE

Comment by Beverly Karakochuk on February 8, 2013 at 6:29am

I thank you so much for this, it brought tears to my eyes and sadness to my heart that we as a human race don't understand, can't see and feel. I thank you for sharing.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 8, 2013 at 11:29am

Dearest Amoran,

I sooo love your posts and stories because they are wayshowers which help enormously those of us who do have similar experiences - but as of yet have not found full validation with themselves to BELIEVE in the MAGIC of LIFE's offerings!

I remember very well when I was on the Ötscher holding ceremony there among many who had found their way up to the peak of the mountain on that day ... I burnt incense and placed several initiation stones in a sacred triangle on top of the mountain - and a huge PYRAMID appeared, connecting heaven and Earth - and all the land around was uplifted too - and still is ... I am most grateful for this experience - and for your story here, too, as it helps me see it was not just my imagination - but the perception of a higher reality which is slowly taking form all around us!!! All it takes is a hightened frequency in which we can PERCEIVE ...


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Amoran on February 8, 2013 at 3:31pm

You are all so truly and dearly kind, Dear Friends. May your kindness be repaid to you all 1,000 times 1,000 times. You are all teaching me that there are countless ways to offer thanks, gratitude, and appreciation.


In Deepest Gratitude,



Comment by Apple Goddess on February 8, 2013 at 6:57pm

I'm thinking the reason Amoran felt it was time to share this story could include.........the possibility that the Stargate will now bring in some great long-awaited family for a visit!!!  Thank you to all the loving people here...  

Comment by Amoran on February 8, 2013 at 8:20pm

Hello Dearly Beloved Souls!


Another quick update in real time:


I "see" a wall in my mind's eye - it is about 8 feet high and it glows with ancient symbols and characters ... it forms a circle and  this "wall" rotates very rapidly. The symbols mutate and change constantly ...


I must also report that I see Dragons everywhere! They now fly "into the wall" and they emerge with their wings "wet" as if coming out of the ocean ... The Dragons then "shudder" their wings to dry them and the vibrations are strong enough to knock me over ...


Then the Trees form crystalline spheres of energy that "blink" many millions of times per second ... and the trees sing:


"We are shuttering ...."


Also, for the last two weeks I would go outside and it would be "snowing" in my mind ... the trees would say:


"Blizzard Protocols are acive" ... each "snow flake" was a protocol - a "giving" of Nature to Nature ...


And now, it snows for real here in Massachusetts ... our first blizzard of the year with 2 feet of ACTUAL snow forecast ...


I send you now Snow Blessings, My Beloved Friends ... in Strength and Honor, and with Grace and Love, I Greet you!



Comment by Amoran on February 8, 2013 at 9:42pm

I again Greet you All in Strength and Honor, and with Grace and Love - I greet you Fellow Earth Guardians!


I now find that Nature, and Your Love, Guide and Escort my every step ... it is a most Beautiful Union of Co-Creation. I see us now as a Circle of Love and Compassion, with hands joined in Union as the Circle every so gently, slowly and lovingly expands and contracts .... and breathes ... and grows ... grows with all who so choose of their own free will to join.


I must also be very honest and say that I have no knowledge of any pending disclosure by our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, something which I, too, yearn for very dearly. I wish to rather share with you only that which I do know:


1. Nature prepares Herself

2. Nature asks that we join with Her - for the Best Benefit of All.


I wish to also share that within the past 4 weeks I have received numerous confirmations from other folks around the World who can now "hear"the Trees ... and other aspects of Nature.


Nature is being heard ... again ... . It truly is a time for Joy ... and as the Snow Falls, I send you each My Joy.


Yes, Nature is again being heard ... and may we choose Wisely with Her, Dear Friends.






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