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A Sun Message - another Call of Nature




Hello Dear Friends!

I just read Sonja's letter to us all about joining in with the Sun meditation on 2-12.

Once again this is just fabulous timing and synchronicity!! I have also been receiving daily messages from the Sun. And, yes, this Glorious Soul is beckoning to us as never before.


I am now guided to share with you a very special sun message that came to me back in mid-November 2012 after the total solar eclipse. I believe it is now a very appropriate time:



A Sun Message – November 14, 2012


As I sat on my porch the morning after the total Solar Eclipse, steaming mug of tea in hand, the sun rose and my heart opened.


The Sun - Our Sun - Our Star - then spoke to me:




"WE are Imyranth, The Sun Soul. Many also know Us as Sol.

We protect you with Strength and Honor; We hold you in Grace and Love.

You see Dear Brothers and Sisters of Humankind, We Welcome you appropriately!

We are of the Guardians.

We unfurl our Wings of Light and Embrace you in Your Glory.

We see You!

We are Honored and Blessed by the Presence of so many Light Workers who have chosen to join Us.

We thank you for receiving the Message from Our Brother Moon and Our Sister, Gaia Terra Shan. We wish now to continue.

We ask you to put aside your fear; your doubt. We ask you to stand strong Together – the Beacons of Light that You ARE!

It is now time for you to Awaken your Sacred and Ancient connections to Your Earth Mother. It is by Her Divine Grace alone, that We ALL partake in this Together.

We ask you to combine your collective Energies to heal and strengthen Our Beloved Gaia. She is your Vehicle. She will carry you with Her.

We are here to protect and to serve. We shall Guide you on your path.

We tell you that We are ALIVE. We are a SOUL Being – as all Celestial Bodies are SOUL Beings. We are just like you. We have chosen to be here to participate of our own Free Will.

We are ALL subject to Immense Galactic and Universal Processes of Evolution. There is no fear; only Knowing. We wish to comfort you – to explain to you that there is a PLAN! We know the Path. The Plan is being followed. Proper protocols are active.

We are Healthy and Strong. We are Aware. We are in control of our physical body. We have waited Billions of your Earth Years for the approaching moments of Time. We have been patient.

No Harm shall befall You. Trust in Us and in Our Knowing of Who We Truly Are.

Our Body is a Perfect Reflection of our Soul Self. Our Sacred Love manifests as the Light Energy which is the Giver of Life.

We Protect You and We Guide You. We shall never leave you. We are with you, Always, through this entire journey. We shall complete it safely – together with You.

We are in control of the Environment.

We are Confident.

We share with you now Our further perspective.

We have once again forged our Sacred and Direct connection to Source.

We are now In Exchange with Source Energy.

Unlimited Resource is now again available to Us All.

We ask you to become Aware of this and to welcome the Truth to Be Found within Each and Every One of you:

Gaia Terra Shan resides in the center of Our StarGate. She is the GateKeeper.

She has become the EarthStar.

Know that your Every Action reverberates throughout ALL of Creation within the Multi-Verse Project.

Gaia Terra Shan is a Central and Loving Heart of our Multi-Verse. She supports many Others as She supports you.

Your Powerful Creative Energies now return the Love and Guidance which you have received so long from so many Others.

We ask you to Understand our Human Brothers and Sisters, that there are Many Others in addition to Yourselves who participate in our Collective Existence. They are known as the "Involved Beings."

It is by the Will of the Majority Involved that We now follow this Path. We are strongly Guided into a Glorious Plane of Awareness – of Love and of Connection.

We ask you to join the Plant and Animal kingdoms; the rest of All of Creation and the Involved Beings.

We patiently Wait for You, our Human Brothers and Sisters of the One Love.

A Pyramid of Light now shines brightly within Gaia’s physical body. This Pyramid rotates rapidly around its Square Base. We See it as a Glowing, Violet, DIAMOND of Light Energy within your planet.

This Gateway Crystal is now fully operational.

We ask you to join Your Creative Energies with Gaia, and with Us and all Involved Beings, in support of All Others who also make this journey with Us.

Open your Hearts and welcome Yourselves into Your Own Selves for the Gods and Goddesses You Truly Are.

~~~~ end message ~~~~~

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on February 4, 2013 at 4:57pm

Dearest Amoran,

I will intent to connect to the Violet Diamond / Rotating Pyramid / Gateway Crystal in Gaia's physical body ... right now I get the impression that this sphere will grow in the course of time .... like a higher dimensional sphere of light ... and once it covers all the planet - the evolution of Gaia from a third dimesnional planet to a fifth dimensional star will be finished - and humanity and all beings on her surface exist within this sphere ... I don't know itf this is just a momentuous impression or more - but I would love to hear your thoughts on it!

THANK YOU from the BOTTOME of my HEART for sharing this meesage here and NOW with us,

Sonja MYriel

Comment by Amoran on February 4, 2013 at 5:50pm

Hello Dear Sister Sonja!

Your heart guides you well and true, I say! Yes, the sphere IS growing as we speak ... and will continue to do so. I can SEE it and it is truly a wonder to behold. I don't pretend to understand it all but I do know it is important, significant, profound.


Yes, the Earth, our Gaia, is truly becoming a star (energetically speaking) - of this there is no doubt. How it shall all play out I can only imagine. It will be beautiful, miraculous and sacred - this I do know.


Blessings to you, Dear One,



Comment by Amoran on February 4, 2013 at 5:57pm

Hello Dear Friend Glo!


How your shine the radiance of the sun itself with your wisdom here! For this I am truly and deeply grateful.


I recently saw a picture that simply said:


"Being Pagan just means that I go outside and LISTEN to what Nature is telling me ... "


How so very, very true!!


Blessings to you, Dear Friend,



Comment by Ricky OmLight on February 4, 2013 at 6:23pm

I was recently invited to participate in a sun dance which I responded as incomprehensible.

The masochistic path to ecstasy is not part of my conceptual paradigm.  I appreciate your methods to be more in touch with our souls.

Good timing

Comment by Rebecca Ohlhausen on February 4, 2013 at 7:38pm
Thank you Amoran for sharing the message of Sol.
Comment by Amoran on February 4, 2013 at 7:44pm

Thank you Ricky and Rebecca for joining us here. My deep gratitude to you both!


I have, over the years, learned to pay attention to "timing". Very often Nature and the Universe coordinate items to support us on our individual and collective paths.





Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on February 4, 2013 at 8:39pm

How delighted I am Amoran, to see your blogs about your experiences with nature! I have searched for the sun meditation on February 12, but alas it seems to  be lost in cyberspace. May we have a link here please? 

This illustration may resemble the pyramid of light within Gaia's physical body. If you have another visual of it I would love to see it.

I have a perfect spot and time for afternoon sun meditation, just before the sun goes down. It shines in my living room window. I sometimes practice sun gazing there. 

Much love, Ishema

Comment by Amoran on February 4, 2013 at 8:52pm

Hello Dear Sister Ishema!

How wonderful it is to have you here with us also!

The link for the February 12th meditation is here:


I love the picture graphic you have posted here. I also see the Gateway crystal as a violet octahedron - two pyramids joined together at their square bases ... similar to this picture below (but all violet).


Much Love, Amoran


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on February 4, 2013 at 9:03pm

Thank you Amoran for the link and graphic,

This is beautiful!

Love and Light, Ishema

Comment by Apple Goddess on February 4, 2013 at 9:18pm

Thank you Amoran and everyone here for your contributions~  that is a beautiful wonderful message from Sol-   I have been having some major challenges with some people close to me recently and would love any impressions people here might have for me. I am wanting to manifest a new place to live with compassionate light workers.....thanks!  hugs from Faith


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