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Master Kuthumi/Agrippa and Mary Magdalene Air Gates 114-120 to the Emerald Mystery School

I am Mary Magdalene and I greet you and I welcome you into the divine presence of light, truth and magnificence.

This is a time of exquisite celebration for we have now reached the point where all the energies that have been created for this particular activation now culminate in one powerful magnificent surge of light. This surge of light, which I refer to, is a powerful beam of energy coming to each of you from the very core of Father/Mother God’s heart.

This ray of energy has been created to assist every soul currently in human flesh in reaching the light of their truth, although not every soul will take advantage of this opportunity, it has none the less been created and still offers all that opportunity.

The light of the Divine is embracing each of you as individuals and as a group of souls holding the essence of wisdom and love, and assisting this group energy in amplifying the vibrations of truth and filtering that spirit through the chakras of your physical body. As each chakra in your body is energised with this powerful light, more and more of the essence of truth is able to penetrate the density of the lower egos of human beings. This energy will also dilute the systems which manipulate the ego of human beings.

The reason why this has been brought into activation at this current time is because Mother Earth does not have much time left. Now before you panic, what I mean by this is the energies leading up to 2012 are right on your doorstep, this means the time portals that you are having access to at this time are beginning to close, not diminish in power but close. Perhaps you could imagine this as the narrowing of a passageway, for when the 21st of December 2012 dawns there are one hundred and forty-four thousand new portals being activated. These portals hold pathways, pathways which are then accessible by souls in human form and these journeys will greatly expand the opportunity for human consciousness to be elevated above the lower vibration of what you will then call the old world, or the old paradigm. This is what is meant by the words Earth or life as you know it will no longer exist, it does not mean that Earth as you know it is going to come to end.
This is the time of a cycle ending.

For some years now many of the Grand Masters have been working with souls who are willing to open their hearts to the love and wisdom of the higher levels of intelligence presented by those who have walked before you, by those who have mastered the path of human living. Now that this collective opportunity is being anchored, each of you are being ushered in the direction of your destiny so that you can fulfil the plan of light that you were assigned prior to this incarnation. This does not mean to say that you are going to end everything that you are doing in your life right now and become a missionary of service, giving up all of your worldly possessions to preach the teachings of the Masters, that is certainly not the pathway you are being asked to take. You are being asked to live your human life, to do what you are inspired to do, and in doing this to present the light of truth contained within the collective configuration of the higher intelligence
of Spirit and lead by example to deliver the powerful consciousness, which will be channelled through you, in a manner of speaking, in your unique way carrying the sacred signature of your essence, which is the code of your assignment for this lifetime.

Now that we have come to this point where Master Kuthumi is bringing forth a powerful new energy, assisted by St Germain and the Armies of Light, the Solar Archangels bring forth the light of consciousness, the rays of the sun, the sun being the light inside of you.

Every one of you hold light, and light is wisdom, it is knowledge, power and above all love. When you integrate these principles into your life you begin experiencing a different dynamic in the creation and co-creation of that which you have been assigned to do. Many people have mistaken the journey of the enlightened ones as being a journey of sacrifice, martyrdom and compromise most of the time. We tell you now this is not what you are being required to do, the most important thing for all of you as I said earlier is to live your life and integrate the sacred spiritual principles into your life. It is vital that humans learn to master the spiritual principles by living their human life, by being grounded in your physical body and mastering the elements of the Earthly realm. If one cannot master these elements of the Earthly realm you will not be able to ascend beyond it, the journey of reincarnation will continue until you have mastered it, this means
it is vitally important for you to be grounded in your physical body, to enjoy the fruits of the Earth World. It means that you need to master emotions, emotional intelligence – you have heard this many times before - to gain mastery over the mind, and of course spirit.

Much has changed over the years, and it is vital that you bear in mind that what was applicable two or three or five thousand years ago is not applicable now in your modern day living, it is time for the world to evolve, not just technologically but emotionally, mentally and most importantly spiritually. The world of matter is held within a matrix, a very inhibited and limited one, and those of you who have chosen the Pathway of the Authentic Ones it is your journey, it is your purpose to bring the truth into the modern world based on the ancient truths and traditions of light.

When these two worlds meet, and each of you recognise the divine inner design of this new plan, you will understand why it is so vitally important to merge your modern world with the ancient traditions. You have seen how for many thousands of years humanity has undergone transitions, developments and changes, however, most of the advancement has been technological, there has been very little growth in terms of how human beings treat one another and how human beings treat the other kingdoms of life, most importantly Mother Earth.

The elements of your world – earth, air, fire and water are your essence, therefore, when the elements are disrespected your essence is being disrespected. Everything that you see in nature around you is a reflection of you, a mirror image of you simply in a different form. Each of these forms communicate to you, there is a divine resonance that takes place all the time and the transmissions of love that are extended to you from nature is absolutely exquisite, but humans must learn, or should we say re-learn, and remember how to reconnect with that light, with the elements that are inside of you, which are around you and reminding you of your essence.

The sacred plans of light which develop the systems in which humanity is supposed to evolve within are now reaching a critical point of development, this is another one of the reasons why so many of the Masters and great teachers of the ancient world are returning in their numbers, because now it is time that all of these energies must be pooled together and Lightworkers are required to collaborate, to support one another in order to infuse this grand design with the higher principles of light.

Some years ago Lady Guinevierre delivered the Twelve Golden Principles of Life, and this is simply an aspect of the collective great design of the golden principles of life, these are being interwoven into the teachings that Kuthumi will be bringing forth, assisted by myself and other members of our Light Group.

The Golden Temple Teachings embody the essence of Golden Consciousness, in other words the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra. Tantra being the sacred weave of light and love merged together in one form, giving birth to light through the essence and intention of love.
Now that each of you have come to this point where you meet the essence of your light through the eighth key, the eighth Sacred Glyph, which opens the doors to the other worlds you are now being called to service in in a whole new way. For many of you much will change in your life, some of you will be moving to other locations, others of you will completely change the direction of your career, some of you will begin very powerful deeply connected relationships, and others will be the ones who physically give birth to the crystal star beings who are coming in after 2011. These particular children who are being born hold within their DNA the keys to the higher evolution of humanity, and they will bring the almighty rays of light and that which I spoke of earlier on.

It is important that all of you understand that your purpose on Earth is not merely to be a human being taking up space, using oxygen and leaving your carbon footprint on the Earth, it is far greater than this. Each of you are also a code which supports the rebirth of the sacred geometric patterns of authenticity. The way that these geometric patterns are returned to the essence of nature is by you living authentically. What does this mean? It means that you live your life truthfully, honestly and I speak not of doing an honest days work ,or speaking truths to others, it is about being true to yourself, being honest with yourself, for the more you ignore those pressing issues inside of you the more you deny yourself the life you are craving to live, and as simple as this sounds most people find it excruciatingly difficult to apply because of all the negative emotions which dominate their decisions, their thoughts and their actions.

We have spoken at length over these channellings for Egypt about the energy of guilt, shame, fear etc. The reason why we have spoken so much about these energies is because of how it impacts on so many people’s lives, this impact has resulted in most individuals denying themselves the truth of their existence, the truth which Mother/Father God promised before your incarnation into this world, and this is what is also referred to as the “Promised Land”.

The world in which you live, your personal world, is your land, how it is nurtured is entirely up to you. This is the time, beloved ones, where you are being given the opportunity to set solid foundations in place in order to transcend your fate, and the 12:12:12 (triple twelve code) is the key which shows you the unique path you are to follow in order to bring your divine destiny fully into the presence of your Earth life.

Now the energies being brought forth by today’s Air Gates activate the new Twelfth Dimensional Planetary Portals in the Crystal Heart in Cairo and will be activated through Mt Sinai. At this moment in time the energies are pulsating from the core of Mother Earth’s body, from the core of the Galactic Centre and merging as one great impression of emerald light within the heart of Mt Sinai. These energies are bringing the light of Master Kuthumi back into the etheric field of Planet Earth, accompanied by the energy of the Solar Archangels.

This rebirth has crowned Kuthumi as the King of Love and Wisdom, and the Solar Archangel of all Solar Archangels. This energy is known as the Emerald Light of the One Heart, and is being birthed into your physical world as the Emerald Mystery School releasing the Golden Temple Teachings.

Mt Sinai is a very powerful planetary portal and a portal into the dimensions of the Solar Archangels, it is a world through which one passes to embody the Golden Rays of Golden Consciousness, in other words, the keys of alchemy as you have been learning in the past.

The Cosmic Armies of Light are gathering around us now as I speak, it is time now for us to open your energies, I have delivered my introduction to you, there are many waiting to connect their energies with you so I shall not delay this process any further.

Please shut your eyes if you have not already. Take a deep breath into your body and as you exhale relax your body and relax your mind.

I want you now to imagine yourself being held within magnificent emerald vortex of light within the heart of Mt Sinai. This vortex is not pulling you down, it is not pushing upward, it is holding you within a specific realm of higher consciousness. It is a rebirth point, the point where the Desert Gods and Goddesses meet with you accompanied by the Solar Archangels.

Welcome their presence into your presence, relaxing and surrendering all your earthly concerns to the light of Mother/Father God.

On your next in breath I want you to imagine breathing in a magnificent emerald light, it fills the cells of your body and moves into your DNA and as you exhale all of your worries and your concerns are laid to rest for this moment in time.

Take another deep breath in, this time breathing in a golden energy. It moves into the cells of your body, into your DNA, relaxing you and instilling a sense of peace and serenity.
Mt Sinai has been encoded with thousands of sacred glyphs, in other words powerful codes of liberation. Each of these codes have been activated in perfect sequence; the reason for the sequence is because it creates a magnificent geometric pattern. At this time, with the activation of the Emerald Mystery School, this sequence of patterns is communicating to your body. The codes within your body meet with the resonance of those, and the sacred geometric patterns of authenticity now begin to raise their frequency and emit their sacred frequency out into the etheric field of all creation on Earth.

I want you to imagine this frequency circling your body creating a beautiful spiral around you. Each level of this spiral raises the vibration of your consciousness aligning it with the patterns of the 12:12:12. This spiral will continue to build the energy and light within you and around you, and support the same strengthening of the energy of the Collective Consciousness with Mother Earth.

I want you now to imagine the Cosmic Armies of Light entering this magnificent vortex. The Cosmic Armies bring with them the final essence, which is to be imprinted into the forty-eight flames which have been assigned, and are the grounding mechanisms of the raw power of Spirit returning to Earth through the Emerald Ray and the Golden Ray.
Imagine forty-eight flames surrounding you, each flame containing emerald and golden light.

These flames represent the forty-eight sacred aspects of your soul. These sacred aspects contain realms of love and wisdom which will be revealed to you as you journey on your personal pathway, and simultaneously working with yourself as an individual mastering the material world. This means that every aspect of yourself which you heal, every limitation overcome, every wound healed, every part of you which has been suppressed which comes to the light will reveal to you the insights contained with those forty-eight aspects.

No one can master the material world simply through the intellect, for unless one feels the truth of something within their being they are unable to truly move beyond the paradigms of the old belief systems which governed your world, your life and your way of being, and this is why the ancestral healing has been so vitally important.

So I want you now to continue relaxing while the Cosmic Armies of Light and the Solar Archangels continue to fill your human self with the full essence of the forty-eight flames.
Relax, surrender and allow your soul to attract to itself exactly what is needed right now to open the gateways to your personal heaven on earth.

While those energies merge with you and the other energies we have activated, Goddess Alchemaya, Goddess Jezebel and the Solar Archangels now activate one hundred and forty-four flowers of life. Each of these geometric patterns are aligned with the one hundred and forty-four portals of illumination which are now being activated along your spinal column. Each of those portals are aligned to the sacred language of light, the holy sound of creation and will communicate its wisdom to you in a way that you personally perfectly understand.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale the energies of Lord Kuthumi begin to rise from the core of Mother Earth moving up her being into the heart of Sinai and meets you from beneath, in this vortex. Feel the energy connecting through your base chakra and very gently moving into your heart chakra. At that moment another ray of light of Lord Kuthumi's descends from the heart of the Galactic Core moving through the Seven Planetary Spirits of Light into your crown chakra until it meets in your heart.

The two energies of Earth and Heaven meeting in your heart now ignites a magnificent Emerald Flame, which contains the entire network of sacred geometric patterns of the authentic realms of your divine inner design.

Breathe this in, it does not matter if you do not understand what I am saying just feel the energies, create pictures out of my words if you must, otherwise just relax and allow us to do what we have come to do.

The energies which Kuthumi has sent up from the Earth and from the core of the Galactic Centre emit a pulsation like that of a heartbeat, this heartbeat merges with the heart of Mother Earth and the Crystal Heart in Cairo. As these energies merge in the heart of Cairo the seven Air Gates come to life, their powerful light extending out to all of life, their rays of higher intelligence now moving through Mother Earth’s body from Sinai to the heart of Cairo weaving its way to Mongolia, to Dubai, merging with the Crystal Heart of St Petersburg and Moscow, and then extends its energy to Central America.

At all of these locations a powerful golden stairway ascension spiral is activated. This holds the fresh template of higher consciousness for all of humanity. This golden stairway of ascension is a planetary one and helps each of you, now, in this moment root the template, in other words, anchor this template of the golden stairway of ascension in the mountain, in Mt Sinai, and merging the collective heart and the collective mind of the universal equal through the powerful grids which we have created over the past months with you, which are held within the arid and desert regions.

So I want you now to take another deep breath in and relax yourself, and I am now going to step back so that Master Kuthumi can deliver his welcome message to each of you. Know that my love and my light is ever present with you. Au revoir.


I am Kuthumi and I return at this point in time to welcome each of you into the world of new light.

This light, which each of you are now being introduced to is a light which brings forth a new dimension of creation. You are all now being linked to the Stellar Consciousness which is a fresh template of light, which humanity needs to integrate. It is truly an honour and celebration to return at this time as the Solar Archangel of all Archangels and to remind each of you of the divine teachings of wisdom and love that you have worked towards.

My light comes under a new frequency, beloved ones, and it is with great excitement and joy that I deliver the new energies which I will be bringing forth to each of you. This energy is one which I have imprinted on the Earth before in a human incarnation, and it is also the name of light which I am being assigned which will hold the keys of the teachings of my Emerald Mystery School and the Golden Temple Teachings.

In my retreat I have been taken into the higher worlds, into places of light that revealsthe sacred make-up of the geometric patterns of all creation. Each level of this creation demands of its initiates very important processes of remembrance and rebirth.

It has been vitally important that I merge with these rhythms of light so that I can deliver it to each of you, therefore, through the light of Christ, through the light of the Solar Archangelic Rays of the presence of God and Goddess I come to embrace each of you in my new Solar Archangelic vibration of light and the Solar Archangel name by which I will be known which is Agrippa.

Yes, Agrippa, you have heard of this name, this is a name which I have carried before and this vibration now brings very important keys to the worlds of opportunity that all of you have been waiting for. This has been the main reason why my channel has been assigned the task of studying the ancient wisdom of astrology. Through the light of the ancient mysteries of astrology, through the ancient imprinting of magic, symbolism and many other techniques of awakening, you will be led into the light of what it means to work through the realms of nature.

In each realm of nature there is a signature, a signature which is assigned to each of you, an alignment of light which reveals to you the mystic and visionary aspects of yourself. Through this particular journey I will also show many of you the importance of honouring the divine feminine. It is vital that the Collective Consciousness understand the nobility of the Goddess in a manner of speaking, the superiority of the Goddess over men. I do not speak of this in terms of belittling any male, we speak of this superiority of the Goddess through the essence of nature – Mother Nature.

The power contained within Mother Nature holds one of the most important keys to freeing humanity’s energies. These energies can only be accessed by understanding the sacred light of who the Goddess is, what Mother Nature is and how Mother Nature governs everything in your physical world, and it is through the essence of the Spirits of the planets and the constellations that these energies work together – Heaven and Earth. When you understand the nature of the Spirits channelling through you in alignment with the spiritual forces of nature, you will begin to see a new pattern develop within your own life.

As I speak with you now the Cosmic Armies of Light align their energy with you, it is not just I, Kuthumi, speaking to you as one entity it is the energies of my Agrippa light, as well as the forces of the collective essence of the Cosmic Masculine.

The Cosmic Masculine speaks to the masculine inside of you, for it is time now for the masculine aspect of humanity to see that Mother Nature is a force so powerful that it will rip down everything that has been created by a masculine consciousness, inhibited by the human mind. It is that mankind has been assigned a role, a role which has inhibited the flow of the Goddess, the flow of the feminine and eluded, apologies let me rephrase this, this has in actual fact deadened the souls of humans, for they have hidden the truths of the feminine from all - men and women.

When you know what we mean by the superiority of the feminine over the masculine you will understand that the powerful forces of nature are in actual fact the key to alchemy, for when you work with the elements, when you respect and honour the forces of creation you understand the superior force of Mother Nature. When you understand the spirits of the planets and the constellations you will see how everything is masculine and feminine, and the energies combined with me now are taking you into those realms, and over the next seven days I will take you through those realms, weaving your energy through the sacred spiral of the Seven Spirits of light. This will align your chakras with a new ray of light, one you have never experienced in this incarnation, and this is what will begin to "blow your mind" in a manner of speaking.

This is now a process of accelerating the release of the old world from the mechanisms that have created the constructs, which have lead you to believe that the masculine force is superior to the feminine force. I repeat, we are not in anyway whatsoever degrading or belittling the power of the male force, however, on Earth it is the feminine, it is Mother Nature which holds the power and that is how you discover the power of the divine feminine inside of you, and when that is discovered you have a greater, deeper insight into the realisation of why masculine and feminine must work side by side, as equals living out the purpose of their creation.

The purpose of the creation of the feminine has its signature, as does the masculine, and when these two try to activate the others purpose chaos ensues, this is why your world is in the mess it is because there have been role reversals, there has been the suppression of the power, the supremity of the great forces of nature. Take it upon yourself now and make it one of your priorities to understand the nature of nature, for then you understand your nature, and this is how the truth of all the mechanisms of magic will be revealed to you.
The energy of magic is actually very simple, but until you understand the theories of light through your own personal journey it will be very difficult for you to apply those principles. So from this time forward each of you are being held within this collective vibration which I am delivering now, and those of you who have been working with me for a very long time you will even notice that the way my words are being formed is different to what you have heard before, in other words the accent is different, this is because of the combinations of energy I am bringing forth.

So now close your eyes if you have opened them again, and I want to concentrate on the very inner core part of your being, and in the core of this being is a consciousness which has been calling out to you, a consciousness which has led you down a specific pathway which has brought you to this moment in time, and it is in this moment in time that you are meeting your authentic self, a part of you holding the unique sacred geometric pattern of your entire authentic blueprint.

Breathe this energy into the chakras of your body, pulling it from the very core of yourself and directing it into your chakras.

Each time you inhale and exhale, this energy will move all around you and connect with the environment around you connecting to nature around you, revealing to nature that you have now come to the moment in time where you have entered the realms of advanced initiation, the realms of super awareness, super consciousness, super intelligence. This is not being said to feed your lower ego, this is being said to help you understand that the world you in which you are now venturing into is a world far greater, and more advanced, than you have ventured into before. You have chosen to take on an initiation of your entire lifetime, a world which comes into being only through mastering the aspects of your journey which you have mastered.

As I stand before you now as the essence of Agrippa, the energy of the Ascended Master Kuthumi as you have always known me, and the Solar Archangel of all Solar Archangels I deliver to you your eighth and final key that you are keeper of. This key, this glyph, whatever it is that comes to you is my gift to you, and it is the one that unlocks the process of realignment with the Cosmic Armies of Light not only for you personally, but for Mother Earth and every other awakening soul on your planet.

This prepares the crystal paths for the souls who are to come after the complete activation of the 12:12:12 code. This code will imprint Mother Earth with energies which were only active during the time of Atlantis, but because they were abused they were sealed within a sacred cavern within the heart of Sinai. Now as we begin releasing these codes it will link up with all the powerful portals of light around your world.

From Mt Sinai there is an energy stream which connects with Mt Kilimanjaro, there is another one which moves to Mt Shasta. As these energies connect with Mt Shasta it moves to the Brandberg Mountain range of Namibia. It then connects to the Drakensberg Mountain Range of South Africa. From there we extend it along a golden leyline to Table Mountain, there a holy chalice is activated holding the golden liquid of Golden Consciousness.

As this chalice activates and this golden liquid spills over, moving into Mother Earth’s body, it now moves off to the Andes Mountains connecting with the ancient wisdom of the Enlightened Ones of those regions. It is extended to the Swiss Alps and then is taken back to Mt Sinai. This is the first revolution of the sacred patterns that are being activated, over the next twelve months more of those revolutions will be activated connecting through other powerful portals in various mountain ranges all around your world.
As these patterns are brought to life it brings about an emergence of divine consciousness, a divine consciousness which reveals to you the errors of the ways of the authority figures of the past paradigms of your old world and the ancient truths are being revealed, the ancient wisdoms and traditions that brought light to your planet is returning, and each of you are those beacons of light, each of you hold these flames, and the forty-eight flames which are the symbol of the Emerald Mystery School delivering the Golden Temple Teachings enlighten each and every one of you to the truth of your existence, to the truth of your origin and the future pathways that each of you shall create.

You do not have to go forth and blaze trails for billions of people, some of you might do this, but if you make a change for one person then you have changed the world that that person lives in, and so it is that the ripple effect will continue, and we are more focused on creating those ripple effects through individuals rather than trying to convert masses, because if one is assigned the role of trying to convert masses there is far too much danger in the lower ego rising to the fore and trying to take its place in the forefront of Golden Consciousness, therefore, we spread this light amongst all individuals to create for themselves a powerful pathway to enlighten themselves and in so doing empowering themselves, and those around them, and because each of you are so unique you will deliver it in a unique way, it will not be assigned to one soul, for every soul is different, the truths vibrate at different levels, therefore, all of God and Goddesses
wisdom belongs to every soul who has been created through that essence, therefore, no soul ever has had the right, or ever will have the right to lay claim to holding the only truth, or the only pathway home to God and Goddess and this is what I am so incredibly excited about, beloved ones, because through the Emerald Mystery School the Golden Temple Teachings will spread its wings throughout the world with the assistance of every single one of you, and each and everyone of you hold a strand of the Golden Temple Teachings. These teachings are assigned to every single one of you hearing my words right now, and whoever reads these words in the future and resonate with what I say you are a Golden Temple teache,r and you stand under the Emerald Dome of the Emerald Mystery School.

We have created a portal through which these energies can flow, it is this portal that has brought all of you together which you have come to know as The Lightweaver, and I wish to thank each and everyone of you for overcoming your fears, for looking at every single one of the dark aspects of yourself and embracing it, dancing with your shadow and coming to stand in the light of the new dawn which you have brought to yourself and as I, Kuthumi Agrippa stand here with you I give to you a piece of my heart, a golden nugget which you will carry with you always as a reminder that I am ever present, that I am with you always in all ways, and that there is never moment where you are required to venture out into the realms of unfamiliar territory alone. I will be with you every step of the way.

So breathe in deeply now relaxing your body as we amplify the energies coming from the core of Mother Earth’s body and the centre of the Galactic Core, and we merge this with every fibre of every level of energy which makes up the person who you know yourself to be, and beyond that.

I want you to simply allow these powerful energies to weave their magic through you, you do not have to guide this or imagine it because it is beyond your comprehension, you have never seen this, you have never experienced it in your human mind or intellect, it is completely new to you so let it introduce itself to you, allow yourself to familiarise yourself with these energies and relax.

I now place the golden nugget in your heart chakra and I place the sacred seal of light over your heart chakra. I bring forth the Emerald Talisman of Divine Consciousness and I place this over your third eye chakra.

I bring to you the Golden Talisman of Golden consciousness, in other words the Golden Talisman of Alchemy, and I place this over your solar plexus chakra.

Breathe these energies in. These two talismans work together, they are always connected, they are created from the essence of sacred love and sacred wisdom, their energies are merged as one as the flame that you have seen which is held within the forty-eight presences of the flames which the Cosmic Armies of Light stand with, as do the Solar Archangels.

Over the next seventy-two hours these energies will course through your body at a highly accelerated rate, it will create a very powerful spiritual detoxification process. This process will ensure that the intellect and the emotions are aligned with this new concept of light embracing each of you, taking you through the powerful baptism of light which is brought forth by the Emerald School of Light.

The Mystery School is called as such for a reason, for it is the mysteries of your soul, the mysteries of the essence of Mother/Father God which shall be revealed. As each of you choose to honour the journey of demystifying that which is considered mystical you will find many of the truths you seek and so will the rest of humanity.

So now, beloved Lightworkers, I, Kuthumi Agrippa stand before you with this almighty cloak of light which I wrap around you, sealing the 12:12:12 code in all of your chakras. The presence of light coming from your body is imprinted in the mountain, and your final key which you have received from me is to be etched on the face of a rock on the mountain. This will be your solar link to the Emerald Mystery School, and it is through this particular etching of the symbol that your eighth and final key will be kept safe, therefore keeping all other keys safe within the realms of the heart of the Emerald and Golden Flame.

Take one more very deep breath in as the Air Gates embrace you in their love and wisdom.

I want you now to invoke the powerful energies of the collective blueprint of your sacred tapestry of light. Ask that it be merged, or woven with all of your chakras, your four lower bodies and every other aspect of your essence, and this now merges with the advanced realms of the divine spiritual teachers of Mother/Father God on Earth as they are in Heaven.

Beloved ones all of that which you have experienced at this moment may be and is probably overwhelming. Do not concern yourself too much about the technical aspects of what we have spoken of, it is more important that you simply feel the energies, for now you are being actively enlightened to discovering the unlimited potential of your emotions, your relationship with Spirit and with nature and this is how you continue to advance yourself in understanding the process of building fluid boundaries and merging all aspects of your consciousness with the great heart, mind and soul of Spirit.

I want you now to take one last deep breath in, feeling this vortex of energy now spin at a very high rate around you holding you within the centre of its essence.

Give thanks now to all of those beings who have been present. Give thanks to all the energies which now enfold you and flow through you.

Remember this process will continue for awhile still, so surrender and make peace with the fact that you have just enrolled as an extreme Lightworker moving through the realms of human consciousness and into the supernatural worlds of higher wisdom and love, golden alchemy and authenticity.

Very gently begin bringing your consciousness back into your physical body and we ask you now to sit in silence for a moment bringing yourself back into your body.

And all you need do is be grateful for that which you have experienced, for everything that has brought you to this point in time, for we celebrate the pathway you have chosen and where you find yourself.

I continue to hold you within my heart never leaving your side for a moment for I am vast, I am present within every aspect of love and wisdom and I assure you of my support, my love and guidance.

I am Kuthumi Agrippa, King of Love and Wisdom and I hold you in the sacred flames of life. Adonai.


From the important dates on Michelle's site have noted that the above is

Monday 02 November 2009 @ 6 pm CAT

Final Egypt Tour pre-cording - Air Gates 114 - 120 to The Emerald Mystery School of Lord Kuthumi - In this channelling Mary Magdalene and Lord Kuthumi activate and open the Air Gates (114 - 120), which officially activates the new 12th dimensional Planetary Portals in the Crystal Heart in Cairo through Mt Sinai. This also officially marks Kuthumi return from his retreat where he has undergone an incredible rebirth and has been crowned the King of Love and Wisdom and The Solar Archangel of all Solar Archangels. Today his Emerald Mystery School is being fully activated at Mt Sinai, releasing the Golden Temple Teachings to the Lightweavers participating in this event, which is where you will receive the completed level of the original activation of the Golden Temple Teachings, which first took place in Egypt in 2008. Mary Magdalene, Goddess Alchemaya and Goddess Jezebel, the Desert Gods and Goddesses and the Solar Archangels will be present to anchor this.
Kuthumi will announce his new Solar Archangel name to us.

This activation also completes the building of the bodies of the 48 Flames being assigned to this group and filters it out to the geographic locations chosen for this particular activation and rebirths the Sacred Geometric Patterns of Authenticity. This is where you will receive the eighth and final Key you are Keeper of. This Key unlocks a process of realignment with the Cosmic Armies of Light for you, Mother earth and the Collective Consciousness. In this channelling you will “receive” the last Sacred Glyph, which you are to draw and etch into the mountain if you are travelling with me, as well as receive the new patterns of the 12:12:12 code. This last glyph is your final Key into the advanced realms of the Divine Spiritual Teachers of Mother/Father God on Earth. All of this activation’s energies are now actively enlightening you to discovering the unlimited potential of your emotions, relationship with Spirit and what it means to build Fluid
Boundaries of emotional and spiritual consciousness, merging Heart, Mind and Soul. This continues feeding the new energies coming to us from the Galactic Core energy into the crystal grids of Mother Earth, where it is transmuted into unconditional love.

The Council of Authentic Ones complete the opening of our chakras to Stellar Consciousness and fully anchor your fresh Template and anchor the Golden Stairway of Ascension for our Planet. We help root this Template on the Mountain merging the collective heart and mind with that of the Universal Equal through the crystal grids held within the Arid and Desert regions.

These initiation energies are being anchored in the geographic locations of Cairo, Mongolia, and Dubai, and will be linked to Russia and Central America, which continues to initiate the rebirth of the Sacred Geometric Patterns of Authenticity for humanity. People participating in this activation located in these areas geographically will serve as the physical Air Gate guardians and all other partcipants will serve as the anchoring mechanisms for these almighty new energies globally.

Air Gates 114 – 120 to the Emerald Mystery School - 2/11/2009
Written by Michelle Eloff Monday, 02 November 2009 00:00

Master Kuthumi Agrippa and Mary Magdalene
Air Gates 114 – 120 to the Emerald Mystery School
Channelled through Michelle Eloff©
Channelled Johannesburg, South Africa on 2 November 2009
Copyright Notice

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