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Planetary Logos Lord Buddha- Anchoring Peace

Channelled through Natalie Glasson - 10/26/2009

Greetings to all souls of the Creator on the Earth, I extend a wealth of
love to you my friends as I come forth to share with you this week's
message from the spiritual planes.
I, Lord Buddha, oversee the Earth and unite with the souls of humanity
and Mother Earth; I am working within you, alongside you and leading you
to access your truth and inner body or realisation of enlightenment. It
is my mission and purpose to share the sacred energies and qualities of
the Creator with you to ignite the all knowing, wise and loving aspect
of the Creator within you. I am integrated as one with all and so
experience your existence on the Earth as well as the situations and
circumstances of every soul on the Earth. I understand the uncertainty
and fear that some of you are experiencing due to the powerful energies
of love surging onto the Earth at this time of the Earth's
evolution. I also understand that many people feel a renewed
determination to achieve discipline and mastery over their being but I
feel that there is one quality from the Creator that needs to be
anchored in greater abundance into every soul on the Earth. This quality
is the energy and vibration or intention of peace. The quality and
light of peace will bring forth a renewed connection for all with the
Creator, while acting as an immensely supporting and balancing,
activating an ability to see and view your reality and actions with
greater clarity. The teachings of the Creator for 2009 and 2010 are to
hold the discipline of remaining balanced and focused in your own sacred
energies whatever occurs around you. This may sound difficult but it is
almost like detaching from the influence of your situation in your
reality and holding faith in the energy of the Creator that everything
in your reality will always flow with ease and precision, so that you
may walk a positive path of love on the Earth. The Creator is asking you
to practice remaining balanced and at peace with yourself and your
reality so that you can aspect a lesson and level of mastery,
progressing to understand greater teachings to aid growth and ascension.
Remaining balanced is to not succumb to fear, worry or negative emotions
and to exist in the middle of the extremes of happiness and depression
so that you are content, stable and at peace.
It is my belief that the quality of peace needs to be anchored into the
souls of humanity to assist in soothing their energies which may seem a
little turbulent at the moment as old energy patterns, situations and
blockages are coming to the surface to be released. To assist in a
greater wealth of peace anchoring into humanity and into your being I
wish to share with you an Ascended Master practice that I teach to all
who visit and study within my Planetary Logos Ashram at the planetary
white level of the Creator's universe. This practice is not usually
taught on the Earth but I feel that it may benefit many people in
accepting a greater stillness, tranquillity and equilibrium to aid their
acceptance of the Creator and comprehension of their existence on the
Earth. I will now take time to guide you through this process of
anchoring and accepting peace.
I ask that you sit peacefully, focus on your breathing to gain a deep
meditative state of being.
Say `I invoke my divine guiding light and overseer Planetary Logos
Lord Buddha to embrace me in your sacred and pure soul light charged
with enlightenment and a wealth of spiritual inspiration. Let your
loving planetary white light surround my entire being, protecting me and
awakening my energies so that I may be open and receptive to your light
and the vibrations that you share with me. Please prepare my energy for
anchoring a greater wealth of peace. Let it be.'
Imagine that you are surrounded in pure white light, creating a sacred
sanctuary of light for you to exist within.
`Overseen by Lord Buddha I ask for a divine alignment to the energy
of peace within the soul of the Creator and ask that the circular
lattice of peace descends from the soul of the Creator to exist around
Imagine a peach ball of light descending from the soul of the Creator
and forming around you, the lattice of peach light encapsulating your
body and aura. You can see the light and quality of peace from the
Creator's soul flowing continuously through the network of light
manifested around you.
Imagine a beam of light descending from the soul of the Creator and
travelling directly through the centre of your body, anchoring the peach
lattice of peace into your energy and the Earth. As the beam of light
flows from the soul of the Creator into the top of body it will draw on
the light held within the circular lattice permitting it to flow down
the centre of your being. Some of the light will then continue to anchor
into the Earth while the rest of the light of peace will integrate with
the bottom of the circular lattice of peace, creating a continuous flow
of light anchoring into your body and flowing up from below your feet
around and through your aura, until it reaches the top of your head.
This means that the consciousness and qualities of peace are penetrating
your entire being and are continuously renewing and building in
vibration within your person.
The energy of peace is centring and balancing your being while
increasing the flow of the Creator's light into your energy systems
and physical body. Allow yourself to experience the continuous flow of
peace that the circular lattice manifests.
`I ask for the Creator and the planetary level to integrate the
energy of peace from the Angelic Kingdom, Ascended Masters, Venusians,
Sirians and Andromedans into the sacred light of peace held within my
circular lattice. Assist me in accepting the most appropriate
consciousness of peace for me now.'
Feel the energy and light of peace intensifying and flowing with a
quicker vibration and speed as it circulates through the centre of your
body and into your aura. Relax and enjoy this integration and repeat to
yourself for as long as you wish,
`I am peace.'
When you wish to complete the process of anchoring and accepting peace
imagine the energy you have absorbed descending down into the Earth
almost like roots or a ship's anchor grounding your energies into
the physical planes and your current reality.
Throughout your day when you feel as if you are unbalanced or if your
emotions are going to extremes or your mind is not acting in a
productive way, take a moment to imagine or acknowledge the lattice of
peace and the energy flowing around and within you. The lattice of peace
will remain with you always and will hold a greater influence if you
remind yourself of its presence each day. This is a practice that many
Ascended Masters within the Planetary Level Ashram sit and experience
for hours on end, but you need only experience this practice for as long
as is appropriate for you.
I hope that you will find this exercise from the Planetary Logos Ashram
beneficial and helpful.
With the love of my soul, I am united as one with you now and eternally,

Planetary Logos Lord Buddha

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 29, 2009 at 2:57pm

Wow, THANK YOU for sharing, Eckart! This exercise is great and I will surely repeat it, visualizing the lattice of peace all around and within me throughout the day.

Love and Light,

Comment by Eckart on October 29, 2009 at 4:38pm
Thanks a lot for your beautiful pictures you are posting :-)

Love and Light

Comment by Dove on December 13, 2009 at 3:07pm
Thank you so...........xxxxxx


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