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TRANCE GROUP 19th September 2017


We are in the crystal cave in a circle, joining hands. The cavern is dark but in the centre of us there is a pillar, about waist high, and upon it is a beautiful crystal that lights the cavern with beautiful, purest energy of White Light. We tune into that energy. If you would like to chant OM, you will hear it cascading around the cavern, where its echoes reach higher and higher into the lighter realms as we call out to our Star friends to draw ever closer. Take a deep breath, fill your lungs and then exhale with that beautiful sound OM. Feel the cavern around you and as the sound bounces off the walls, again a deep breath OM. And again OM. Once more, a deep breath in and OM!

(This got progressively better in tone by the fourth time).

The shards of the crystal radiate out in all different directions, fed by the energy of your voices. Go now into that stillness within your heart space, invite your guides to join you and we shall see what we shall see!

We radiate Light and energy around your world, we shine our Light out from the cosmos to join with you in your gatherings. We feel your intent and purpose of great worth and we acknowledge your status within this band of brothers. Delve deeper into your heart space, go through that portal in your heart where all is stored and hidden from view, open up this part of your being. You are safe and protected, no harm can befall you, you are in this sacred space that we have created between us.

We dance and sing with joy and beckon you to join us once more. There is so much to taste and explore upon this magnificent journey that you are on, and we accompany you and hold your hands. And we shall fly across the meadows and the mountain tops, flying to those higher, lighter realms up to where the Eagle flies. Spend some time upon the wing and sense the freedom and the energy. Feel that lightness of spirit, raise your consciousness to those higher levels where we can reach you more easily.

Let the Eagle take you on strong wings to other dimensions. See the White City above the clouds as you draw ever closer, see how it shines so brightly! In this great City of Light there are many people dressed in long robes of bright colours. They are gathered in a courtyard to hear the Master speak. He comes to talk with them every day and they listen with joy and thankfulness!

And the golden one comes upon them, He is dressed in a soft blue robe with the most beautiful, golden hair. And he resides within your heart space if you will only listen, that is all he asks, for your Love and an open mind.

I’m being shown an apple!

The seed within the apple is very powerful and has great energy, it is but a tiny seed but it gives life. It produces more fruit, it produces energy that can be shared and given to another. These seeds are of great importance for they nourish you physically and mentally. When the flesh is eaten the seed remains. The seed of Love lives on within you, it shall never die, it encourages fresh growth, fresh life in other forms. We ask that you cherish that seed within you, let if flourish and grow, do not waste it, do not toss it aside! We come in all earnest today to give you these transcripts that you may use them and utilise them for the good of yourselves and for those around you.

We beam ahead of you and light the way, we light your pathway so that you may follow. We understand your worries and concerns but we ask you to follow that gut instinct within you, and if you feel troubled or persecuted wrap that Golden Light around you in safe protection, knowing that no harm can befall you! And for those that would cause this harm, we ask that you also spread out that golden shawl around them, like a parachute of sorts, and they shall be removed from your presence in all loving energy. And visualise your homes circumferenced in this energy, this glistening, golden cloak. Make yourselves safe and secure in your homes with your families, and with the Love Light burning within your breast, there is nothing in this world that can harm you, of that you must be sure! Don’t let those chinks of doubt prevail, renew as often as you need, renew this armour, this curtain of loving Light, replenish it as often as you think you need to! We are emboldened to ask you if you feel this sufficient to your needs?

We are from those heavenly spheres of Light that will one day become your home, and to which you often visit. Remember the Love that you feel here and know that you can enter this domain, at any time, through that beautiful portal in your heart, that channel of Golden Love and Light. We welcome you with open arms, you are most precious to us! We place that mantle around you to help you grow in the Light of our Love, take strength and take heart.

After a long pause.

Once upon a time there was a Prince and Princess, they roamed the country in search of each other. They came from different kingdoms, their hearts were strong and true, forged in the fullness of time. They called out to one another, over the landscape they roamed at will, asking that their destinies would become entwined and they would at last become as one. A white horse carried them in their quest for Love and perfect Peace and when at last they found one another, it was as if the whole world woke up and the colours became brighter and people were laughing and singing and joyfully. This is true Love for it ignites the very being, it opens up all avenues and the two shall become as one, and the heralds trumpet across the land, ‘we are home, we have come home and all is well’! We shall champion the cause from dawn to dusk and fill the hearts of those that are strong. Be glad in your journeyings upon the earth plane, know that we have placed you together for a purpose.

Q. Thank you for joining us! May I ask a question?  By all means!

Are we speaking with a male or female energy at the moment?

We are as one gentle energy, there is no specific difference. Thank you.

We welcome your enquiries for it helps us to discover ourselves too, it helps us to put out those feelers and to know what is important to you on the earth plane. These thoughts have been given from those above that feed our energy, and we in turn pass on to you in formats that you can understand, and be given further impetus to move forward on this beam of Light. We are open to suggestions on how we may improve our service to you, and it gives us great joy to be with you, here today, and to help you in whatever way we can!


here are so many adventures, so many stories to uncover, to look at that you have all experienced in one way or another. There are hidden stories yet to be uncovered, great adventures you have been on and those that are yet to come, which you will discover in the fullness of time. Life is a never-ending journey and sometimes our energies are intertwined, our thoughts go back to yesteryear!

We are open to indiscretions of the past that call a troubled mind to bear witness, and we ask that you register these thoughts and let them unwind, so that they may be looked at in closer introspection and to be seen for what they are, nothing more than a mild annoyance, in most cases. And yet these troubles weigh you down and cause your self-esteem to suffer! We raise you up once more, there is nothing that a troubled mind cannot overcome, for all is forgiven, there is nothing that should hold you back from going forward. Past grievances are forgotten, they hold no worth here in the realms of Light. Shake off the heaviness, take off that armour that weighs you down, keeping only that filigree of Golden Light around you, this is the lightest armour.

We are made up of Light atoms, energy, these are bonded together in different lifetimes to create form and matter for the experiences you have chosen, whether it be to walk the land as male or female and whether to become a mother or not. You each have these experiences that you have chosen! In former lives you have walked alone, in others you had large families, it’s all a matter of balance, balance and harmony, the yin and the yang, looking at both sides of the coin!

There is freedom of spirit, you can never be trapped by the physical frame, you are free to rise up into the ethers and become one with your true selves, with the essence of Light. The heaviness of the physical body can weigh you down, but set your spirit free from time to time, let it rise like the Eagle and soar into those clouds of splendour. This can be done quite easily and this one is remembering rising above her physical body, flying higher and higher as her spirit reaches out for its home, leaving the earthly conditions behind for a short while. And here you can plug into that energy that will rejuvenate and re-energise you. Even those in wheelchairs who are homebound can do this, it is a blessing and a release!

Long pause as I felt my face changing and Sitting Bull drawing close.

Welcome friends, it is good to be here once more, to be among friends. It is very heart warming and we are making greater impact! It is taking time and energy but we are doing very well. Thank you one and all for helping, we are adjusting the energies to correspond with those needed to make this happen. We roll forward the energies, opening up a deeper connection, assisting our counterpart to enable a regrouping of energy. Depend on us to iron out the creases and we shall have a jolly time of that there is no doubt!

We welcome you to this Wigwam of Peace and Light and involve you in our discussions. Do not be afraid for we are doing the best we can!

Q. Thank you for joining us, are we speaking with Sitting Bull?

You are indeed, my dear and this is our honour to be with you today. Thank you.

It is a broad spectrum we have crossed to be here, to come into this energy field and to feel comfortable with the vibrations. Although our sitter here is still on tenterhooks, hoping she is doing it right, but it is a question of getting her out of the way while we come forward. It is a balancing act and the more she is used to it the better it will become!

Q. Have you joined us to give us a specific message today please?

We come as always to uplift your spirits and to give you proof of life beyond, that is our main initiative, to help people to realise that this is not the only be all and end all, that life continues and goes on and on and on, that we never die in the spiritual sense, the physical leaves but we remain!

Q. Can I ask when you walked the Earth Sitting Bull, did you have a love in your life?

I had many loves my dear. (Laughter). I was very blessed!

Q. Did you have any children?

I did have children and they in turn have had children and the bloodline goes on.

Q. Did you have many beautiful horses?

We loved the land and the horses and the buffalo were very dear to us.

Q. Do you mind me asking if Twinkle, my pony, is happy with me?

My dear, who could not be happy with a soul like you watching over her, she is indeed content and knows you have her best interests at heart. You are very honoured to have such sweet grass around you and we would like one day to walk in your meadow with this one, and to feel the earth between our feet again. (Sigh).

Your always welcome. Thank you, my child.

This one has been asking, and she played a big part in my life! We were separated and it caused much distress!

Q. What age did this happen to you?

I was a young man and she was the Love of my life.

That’s why I asked the question earlier, I felt there was somebody. I’m sorry for your loss!

She died in childbirth, it was not meant to be, but that Love lives on.

It was very emotional here as the tears flowed from Sitting Bull.

Love can never die and she has been blessed in this life time to experience that childbirth, and she has been a good and wonderful mother!  We are so pleased for her.

We were there with her, watching over her!

Q. Did the baby survive?  Alas, it was not meant to be.

Q. Were you able to meet with her when you passed over?

As I have said my dear, Love can never die and yes, we have been reunited in many instances and it gives us so much pleasure to be able to interact and combine our energies in this way once more.

Q. That’s lovely that’s really, really great to hear. It really is beautiful, the words you are passing on to us. Would you be able to share her name with us?

Eleanora, Eleanora!

We send our Love and respect to Eleanora!

The wind that whistles in the trees and on the breeze, brings us much joy. You also have bonds with those you have known in former lives, and you come together once more on your journeys, drawn together for the Love in your heart that was burning so strongly. All makes up the tapestry of Love as the energy intertwines and makes a beautiful pattern of Love and Light and energy sublime.

We retreat and give you time to ponder on our words, but we would like the honour of coming forward again if you so wish?

Yes, it would be lovely, we would like that!

Thank you. May God’s Love go with you!  And with you!

And may those threads that bind us, bring us closer together in deepest Love. Farewell friends!

Goodbye until next time, goodbye!


Glynis - remembered at the beginning she was climbing a mountain with wonderful views over the green valleys. She told Spirit that she was trying to climb as high as she could to reach them, and they said they would help her. Just at that point Eileen mentioned the Eagle would come and lift them higher. Glynis was able to look up and see the White City but it was high above her. During the session Glynis saw almost like a fairy tale fence of thorny brambles around Cathy’s land, it was covered in beautiful red roses with petals on the ground.

Cathy - was getting different memories of Christmas as a child. She was finding it hard to settle and was thinking, if Eileen was to read her a story she could quite easily go to sleep. At that point Eileen had started to say ‘Once upon a time’ and had seen Cathy on a white horse in her medieval dress with pointed hat and veil. Cathy remembered later she had felt a big dog jump up and sit beside her.

Belinda - had a job to hear Eileen as her voice was a lot lower today. She felt that one of her eyebrows had raised and stayed there, which reminded Glynis the same thing had happened to her and that she had felt frozen in a moment of time with a golden thread reaching from her head up to spirit. Belinda’s third eye felt very intense as there was quite a lot of pressure there. She saw a family whose husband had passed over and their dog, she went very deep and was drifting in and out, occasionally hearing what was being said.

Later after research Belinda found Standing Moose or more commonly as Tamaha (c. 1776-1864) was a Mdewakanton Dakota. "Ta" is 'moose' in the Dakota language. Born near Winona, Minnesota, he lost an eye in an accident as a child so he was called "One eye", which the French called him "Le Borgne", or "One Eye." English picked up the name as "the One-eyed Sioux."

A long and emotional session today which we all enjoyed! It was interesting how we linked together during the meditation with the Eagle and the story telling.

I thought it was strange that my Native American name should be Elenora but maybe this is how they chose to convey it so my own mind wouldn’t come in. On research, my friend found that the Native American name for Elenora meant Shining Light and Sitting Bull’s first wife was called Light Hair.  Interestingly Eileen also means Light!

When Sitting Bull’s first wife, Light Hair, died during childbirth his sister, Good Feather, saw that Sitting Bull was alone now and deeply affected.  Feeling her brother’s pain, Good Feather suggested he adopt one of her two sons, One Bull, who he raised as his own!

Good Feather was Sitting Bull’s sister.  She grew up in the Old Ways, following the buffalo on the Great Plains.  When she was a girl, Good Feather was eager to learn how to become a proper Lakota woman from Her Holy Door, the mother she shared with Sitting Bull.

Women were essential to the survival of any Lakota community.  Although men hunted, providing buffalo for food, shelter and tools, women were responsible for most aspects of daily life.  In a Lakota village, women raised the children who were well loved and cared for, not only by their own mothers but also by all women in the tribe.  Even if a child’s parents died, another family would step forward to rear the orphan within their lodge. Lakota women also made all clothing and shelter for the tribe, tanning buffalo hides for use as blankets and tepee covers.  The great herd was always on the move, and so were the Lakota.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on September 28, 2017 at 1:51am

Eileen, thank you so much for posting these uplifting messages,

With gratitude and love,



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