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Trance group 4th October 2017


We feel at Peace in this cavern that we call home, for this is where we meet our spiritual friends, our guides and inspirers, this is where we gain the strength and the energy to depart on our journeys. Look around the cave and see how large it really is, you might catch the sparkle of crystals that shine and gleam in the light that comes from the beautiful healing pool. The blue and white of the water glows and is so inviting, and if you so wish, take some time to enter the pool and soak in that beautiful energy. Submerge yourselves and go for a swim if you would like to, shed all the worries of the days and weeks and relax. Go into that energy and leave your cares behind.

We see you laughing and playing and frolicking like children and this is the energy we wish to bring forward. That of fun and laughter and the ability to relax and go within that vibrant energy that is there for you all to tap into. Have fun and explore, maybe there are some tunnels that lead off from this vibrant pool, there are dolphins ready to take you on this journey if you so wish. Follow them and see where they lead you, off to a distant shore perhaps and fond memories of bygone days. We’ll leave you for a while to enjoy! (5 mins).

It is time now once more to join us around the healing pool as we give thanks for this union of souls. We see the bridge of Light over the pool and the platform where we can make that connection with our higher guides and inspirers. Step now into that beam of Light and let it take you higher than ever before. Release all negativity from the earthly plane and rise higher into those dimensions of Light. (10 mins).

Sitting Bull came forward

It is with much pleasure that we step forward into this energy field once more. Good day to you my friends!

We do believe there are some questions you would like to ask?

Q. May we ask who we are speaking to?

It is your friend, Sitting Bull, and we come once more to share with you if you would allow this to happen?

Q. Yes, we welcome you here today. I do have a question on behalf of Eileen if I may?


Q. As you know Eileen has made her own drum and this blue dot has appeared on it, would you be able to enlighten us as to what this blue dot represents if anything?

We are so pleased you have asked this question, and it give us much pleasure to answer this! It comes to us to answer this in a way that will make sense and yet we are discovering more and more ways of venturing into your thought streams and into your world. These occurrences happen with the greatest respect for you and your contemporaries. We allow these things to happen to alert the senses, to bring about a renewal of interest and to be able to manifest for you.

(I was struggling to keep out of the way here).

It is an alchemy of sorts that can enable manifestations to occur and we are able to do this because of the Love that is strong within your hearts. It helps to bring us into greater alignment and we suggest that these things shall become more apparent in the days and weeks ahead for all of you! The turquoise has great relevance to us as you will know, it is a much-valued stone. It ignites within us the flame of truth that beats in our hearts strongly and most sincerely.

We are open to correspondence from our ancestors and we rely heavily on their advice. Our hearts weigh heavy at times with the goings on in your world, and we need to adjust the settings that will enable you all to come about in deepest Love and respect for your fellow man. This shall be seen to be done all around the world, we bring Hope and Light, we cajole you along to our way of thinking and ignite that flame of Love that it may grow stronger and more alive than ever before! The Nez Perce were our enemies at one time on the Earth plane, and yet we amalgamated together as one to fight for our lands and the Peace that we hoped would ensue between us. There were many clans, many tribes that joined together for one common goal to reclaim our lands that were lost to us. We have many things to be ashamed of, to be sorry for, in the wars that ensued! And we give thanks to the Great Almighty Spirit that we are now joined as one, friend and foe, brothers and sisters.

(I could see General Custer on horseback).

We are all on the same side, we all hope for Peace to come upon your lands, ‘Peace and Justice’ for all. That little blue dot represents our homelands!

(There was a loud banging and creaking of the cabin at this point).

Q. May I ask about the skin that the drum is made from, a horse I believe, is that horse at peace and happy and free?

That horse runs with us now and is happy to be used in such a way here on the earth. It runs wild and free with us!

Q. Are you allowed to give us his/her name?

He would like to be known as Frankincense, the Spirit of Frankincense!

Thank you! I’m sorry, I have one more question if I may?

We are listening!

Q. Can I just ask for your blessing on all three of our drums, so that when we give the healing that power comes through strongly to go where it is needed most?

This has already occurred and we are most grateful for your assistance in renewing the lives of these animals, and yours my dear, also has great strength of purpose, great energy! (Cathy’s drum is synthetic). And we send out that energy to you now for your drum, for yourselves, for your families, for all your connections in the vastness of Earth and this great domain of Heaven.

(I thinks this is where I opened my chest and flung my arms back so wide, like great wings).

All shall be blessed, all shall be brought into alignment with that great universal energy of which you are all a part. Believe in yourselves, believe in the strength that is within you and around you as we circumference the globe. Let it be known that we are here in all Love and Light with the greatest energy unsurpassed! This accomplishment is great and we go forward with you in tow, helping us in our initiatives and becoming a stronger force to be reckoned with.

We do have one more soul coming, who you will be interested in, and who is also our ancestor. We gather around our Family of Light and strengthen the cause that we are on. There are many more surprises for you all, and these you will become accustomed to as you march along on this journey of high intent. We bring into the arena many facets of information that shall become important to you, and we welcome in the energies and amalgamate and become true friends of Earth. This is paramount in our quest, and we depend on you to harness that energy and use it wisely, and we watch over you as you go on your way.

Are there any other questions you would like to ask while we have this moment of time with you?

Q. Yes, the other weekend when I was meditating, I was given the name White Feather, are you able to tell me if this is my guide or if it means anything else?

White Feather is a true friend of the Light and he works alongside us in Love and harmony, and you are very gifted to be given this soul to work with you, there are many who have come into the energy of this great soul!

Q. In this afternoon’s mediation I’ve been given the name ‘Blue Ash’, does this mean anything to you please?

‘Blue ash’ is a sacred atunement, a healing energy given to those of much faith. It brings determination to follow your path, to follow that namesake for he will lead you on your journey with the greatest reverence and respect. Thank you!

This energy being works with you to bring you greater harmony and in this we are most grateful. You are blessed to receive these elements and we are given the purity of spirit to enhance and help you. There is such tremendous energy being brought in to be utilised and we are all grateful for this. There is an abundance of energy around you both and we know you are safe and protected and out of harm’s way! Do not look back in anger but go forward in greater strength, following your intuition and those thoughts that lead you on. There are mammoth achievements yet to come and you will glory in this. You are well respected here in the realms of Light and so too will you be on the earth plane. Your lights shine out strong and clear, you cannot hide for you shine with the greatest Light!

We thank you for inviting us here today and know that we will go from strength to strength! Thank you for joining us today, it is always an honour to be in your company!

Thank you my dear!

(Turning to Cathy) And you shall have your ‘yurt’! Thank you that’s very good to know!

And we look forward to sitting within this structure and speaking to others who draw near. This shall be a very happy event for all of us. We are expanding our boundaries!

Peace and blessing to you dear ladies, And may your journeys be sweet and fruitful and may you walk evermore in God’s great Love.

Before we go, we would like to ask, are there any adjustments that we have not catered for, are there any requests?

Q. Would it be possible to strengthen the communication line between us when I meditate on my own at home, as I only seem to be able to communicate directly with you here in Eileen’s sanctuary?

My dear you only have to draw that energy around you as you do in your healings, sit and visualise the golden ball of Light, wrap it around you, feel that blanket of energy surrounding you and protecting you. Visualise a tepee, visualise that home where you feel the safest. Bring the turquoise energy around you, see the floor where you sit in this sacred place. Bring the sage and the herbs and smudge your sacred place. Use the energy, the ritual, build this framework and when you are ready, sit and call to us and we will answer, we ‘will’ be there for you! And the more you do this the easier it will become. Call to the directions on your drum, smudge your room, set the perimeters of your sacred lodge. Imagination is the greatest tool to build this environment. Sit in your heart space and call to us and you will feel the energy. And when you do your ‘reiki’ healing, are you not calling to us then and we respond? Thank you!

It will become clearer in time, be patient with yourself! It is easier when minds draw together on occasions such as these, but if you practice sitting alone we will not desert you, even if you cannot feel us, ‘know’ that we are there. Spend an allotted amount of time and if you do this, on a regular basis, it will become second nature to you and it will all open up for you!

This is our greatest pleasure to be among friends so that our spirits soar and this can be achieved with like minds, but also when you are alone, set the theme and go with the flow! And there are many in the outer world that will take note of this and learn, so thank you my dear for asking this question!

Thank you for answering it so thoroughly for me!

Go in Peace! We light up the sky with our Love, with that rainbow of Light! And we send Love and blessings to all those in greatest need, to your friends and family, and to your animals, to the birds of the air, for all living creatures on this earth plane we send our Love and healing energy! We thank you Sisters of Light for ‘all’ that you do and for that which is yet to come!


I had the feeling they were reluctant to leave.

Glynis went down into the cavern and saw her Stag; her little female Reindeer was standing next to him again but she looked blue this time. She went into the pool and then we all joined her. Glynis thought, oh no, Cathy can’t swim and even before Eileen mentioned a dolphin, one appeared and came to help Cathy, telling her to hold on and they would lead her. Glynis kept getting the word blue all the time, and wondered if her drum was to be called blue and then as the meditation went on she was getting the word Ash and wondered if her drum was to be called ‘blue ash’. When Glynis questioned the name blue ash during meditation, Eileen was being shown a small mound of herbs with wisps of blue smoke coming out. Glynis then found herself in Cardigan bay with her father, looking down at the dolphins and became very tearful.

Cathy said when she went up into the beam of Light she saw her father who was waiting for her and he gave her the biggest hug ever, along with a bunch of lovely red roses for her mum. Then she was in the pool watching pretty, sparkling fishes swimming around her, a dolphin came up to her and she went off with him. She also remembered seeing a big fat seal with a golden crown on its head and ended up on an island, lying on the beach. It was here she saw her stepson walking along with a little boy and girl, who she assumed were to be his children. Cathy also remembered seeing Glynis and Eileen with golden halos above them, radiating golden light around them, then she saw a thick, golden chain with a link broken. Cathy had the feeling Glynis’s Reindeer was called Starlight.

Eileen - The Nez Perce in Canada.

Following the Battle of the Bear Paw in Montana, Nez Perce refugees began to cross the Medicine Line into Saskatchewan, Canada to arrive at Sitting Bull’s Sioux camp. The Nez Perce were wary as the Sioux had been traditional enemies, but the Sioux welcomed them and took them into their lodges, providing them with food and clothing.

The Spirit of Frankincense

Frankincense resin is commonly used to make incense, which is then burned for spiritual purposes. The scent is thought to induce meditative states, reduce tension and stress, and also to lift the spirit. Frankincense is native to the Mideast and Northern Africa and has been in use by the people of those regions for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians burned frankincense as an offering to their god, Ra. Ancient Babylonians and Assyrians also used incense during religious rituals. Jewish and Catholic rites throughout the ages have also involved the use of frankincense. Frankincense is also thought to help you detach from thoughts and desires, which is beneficial to the highest self.


Legend has it that the Native American Indians danced and rejoiced when the rains came. Their tears of joy mixed with the rain and seeped into Mother Earth to become Sky Stone Turquoise.

Turquoise, the "fallen sky stone" hidden in Mother Earth, has been valued by cultures for its beauty and reputed spiritual and life-giving qualities for over 7000 years. It is a true gem of the centuries. A long time ago someone noticed a clear blue line running through gray rock, and saw the imagery of sky and water in stone, and from that time on, turquoise has been cherished above all else in creation. Turquoise, stone of sky, stone of water, stone of blessings, good fortune, protection, good health and long life. Elsewhere, turquoise may come and go with fashion. Here turquoise is more precious than gold, an enduring expression of Native American Indian culture. It is the birthstone of December and signifies success. Native American Indians had as many different words for turquoise as there were languages spoken. Many of the words translated into English as the sky stone evoking the sky-blue shade of the stone most commonly found. Native Americans had been working turquoise mines with stone mauls and antler picks for centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.

The Spirit of Ash

(Really interesting, too long to post here). The Ash tree in Norse mythology is seen as the world tree Yggdrasil or Cosmic Ash. Ash can be seen as spanning both microcosm and macrocosm, the little world and the great world. In this interpretation, man and Earthly things are reflections in miniature of the universe, the cosmos being reflected in us, and thus expressing the meaning of the old expression: as above, so below.


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