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30th August 2017 –  A Surprise Visit from Sitting Bull

Today was such a wonderful session, culminating in Sitting Bull coming forward to speak to us.

We had a new member today and I took the girls on a golden healing meditation. We visited the cavern deep within Earth’s crust, congregating around a beautiful healing pool. We sang out Ohm three times joining with the Brotherhood of Light. Spirit usually blend with me and help with the meditation before anyone comes forward to speak.

Our friends of the Light are now in a seated position around this wonderful pool of blue and white energy. Visualise yourselves joining them and sitting cross legged. We join hands together, we are connected, one with the other, feel the Love and energy! The water in the centre of the pool is rising up like a fountain and in the middle, there is a wonderful white beam of Light that is an elevator of sorts. Expand your awareness and enter into the Light, let it take you where you are needed, let it expand your consciousness and join with those who are your helpers on this pathway. You know you are safe and well protected and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, just bring yourself back to this room and sit quietly. For those who would like this adventure, journey forth with our blessings and we shall see what we shall see!

We welcome you into our domain, into the bosom of our family, and it is with much gratitude we see you here. These realms of Light bring great cheer to the many who have visited us and we operate on a system whereby you may put your questions to us, and we will do the best we can to answer them in the fullest way possible. This is no easy task for the sitter and we ask that you send her your Love and refrain from negative thoughts that could cause harm to her energy field.

There was no reply!

Shall we start the ball rolling by asking why you are here?

Thank you for joining us today in the sanctuary, it is always a pleasure to speak with you. I’m here to share the knowledge that you send down to us and wonder if I can ask you a question please?

It would be our pleasure! Thank you.

Q. Last week you gave us all a hamper to take home and unpack in the privacy of our own homes. Inside mine I had a red teapot and I wonder if there is any spiritual significance to this red teapot please?

And did you like your gift? Yes, thank you but it has intrigued me!

The tea ceremony has long played great importance for us in our culture, it denotes honour and respect for the recipient. We bestow upon you great honour for you have come so far upon your journey in a very short space of time, and we know you feel that same reverence as we do when it comes to meetings such as these. We proffer you the hand of friendship and know that this will be long and lasting.

Thank you for your kind gift and your explanation that has been really helpful, thank you.

There is great affection for you here in these realms as we suspect you already know, there is much to learn and we know that you will share with others what you have learnt and processed within your heart space. There is a time of great celebration drawing nearer for you and your families. Your family here in the realms of Light wait with bated breath to see how you respond and grow and they are most delighted with your progress to date. Keep up the good work and we will do well working together as a team, bringing in that Love around us that will open up beneficial studies that will bring even greater rewards.

My head turned around to face another group member.

And you my dear have a question also?

Q. I do, thank you. I’d just like to ask if I’m on the right pathway to share with others my knowledge of Reiki healing? I feel uncertain of whether I should go down that way!

You have great power my dear within those finger tips, the healing energy is very strong with you as your patients will vouch for! This is a most beautiful gift, to heal with touch, to bring forth that Love and healing energy through your being and into the patient. And we are involved in this ‘Circle of Light’, it brings us the greatest joy to be able to work with you in this way! And this is the first step on the pathway for many, to become attuned to those energies of the highest vibration, to bring forth the Love from the Great Divine, and for it to be utilised and shared with those less fortunate than yourselves. There can be nothing more purer and more beautiful than this! And you are much cherished for having taken this pathway and there is much also for you to learn and your days shall be bright.

Thank you, I hope I do you proud.

You certainly do my dear, and there are those here with us who are ‘most proud,’ they are so glad you have chosen this pathway and they walk alongside you and help you in your work. They are here now with us watching over the proceedings, and you may feel them stroke your brow to let you know they are here with you! These meetings are wondrous are they not! They are!

We love to share with you and we have a new visitor here with us today, we ask if she would like to speak also? There was no reply!

The energies are strong here with us today and we invite those guides and helpers to step forward to speak for their counterpart. Bring forth your voice and let it be heard!

Again, there was no reply!

There is much to learn on this pathway and we harness the energy and use it wisely, being careful not to step on the toes of those less fortunate than ourselves. We bring in the Love, we bring in the healing energy to surround you all and for you take from it what is needed. We send Love and Light out to our sister who could not be here today and wish her well.

We impress upon you the art of staying still and motionless, listening with your heart space and not your ears! Listen to the music playing within, enter those spheres that will bring you the greatest delight. 

There was a long pause as the energies changed and the voice coming through was of higher tone and breathy.

We are pleased to be able to see you once more if this one will open her eyes!

I opened my eyes and looked around the room, then closed them again as they felt heavy.

Glynis felt it was the lady who came a few weeks back and opened her eyes then. (Your most welcome)!

It is our honour! We feel the strangeness of your world, there is a heaviness we are not used to, there is a denseness. Send us your Love!

We send out our Love to you!

There is so much pain in your world, we ‘feel’ the pain! Your Love is lifting us higher, thank you!

Q. Would you mind if I asked you a question. The world is a bad place sometimes, I wondered if there is anything that Light workers can do practically, to raise the vibration of Earth and to deal with the evil and danger that faces a lot of people?


his has been a bone of contention amongst many of your standing. And the answer is always the same, the answer is Love. Love is the overriding factor, Love is the difference, Love is the power and the energy needed to transmute those lower energies. We know you have such a hard job on your hands of resurrecting the energies of Love, we know it is so hard for you here on the Earth plane. We do our best to help you, to channel through those energies of Love and that is all we can do!

We feel you grow despondent at times and yes, we do understand but it is through the power of Love that we will conquer the darkness, the adversity. The negativity in your realm is great but we are overcoming with the power of Love that grows stronger within your realms. We help to lift you up and we shall do so!

We feel the Love deeply within you, let it go, expand your consciousness, expand your awareness of the heavenly realms. Make this your one constant thought that Love shall prevail, lift your eyes to the heavenly realms and make that contact count. Plug into that energy, that life force each and every day for you will need to recharge your batteries. And just like your phones, when the power goes ‘caput’, plug in! Don’t let your lights go out, keep them burning strongly and brightly for all to see! We are doing our best to counteract the energies of darkness and we are winning, we are enabling that Light to shine through, and it shall become more powerful and you will see that heavenly Light shining around you!

We bring in the energy to allow another voice to be heard!

I went deeper here and felt my face changing, so much so it was hard for me to open my mouth and speak!

Welcome, welcome my little ones, we are most proud of your endeavours upon the Earth plane, most proud! Do not look so troubled, we are here to help if we can be of assistance!

Q. May I ask if your name is White Cloud?

He sat forward in the chair and held out both hands as if weighing up something in each hand and then bringing them together and moulding them as one!

Dear sister, we are having a debate White Cloud or Sitting Bull, the two can combine! Suffice it to say we shall call ourselves Sitting Bull!

There seemed some humour in his voice.

That has surprised her, she thought we were going to say the Federation of Light! But we all work for the same end, for the continuation of Light and Love to spread across your world. And in all magnificence, we shall make entry into your world with this Light glowing brightly around us. And with your help this shall be so, ‘dearest’ children of Earth.

We come into your orbit and change your frequencies, enabling a higher vibration, putting your bodies to right, enabling free expression, and prolonging your life span in this frame of existence for you are much needed, all of you! There is so much to do, so many minds, so many enquiring minds to help! Long pause. This one wants a hug!

I was so happy to have Sitting Bull confirmed and to hear him speak that I wanted to hug him! I put my arms around myself and actually felt his strength!

And this spiritual hug shall be brought to you all, for the work you do is great! And have we said we are most proud of you? Well we say it again, and again and again and again and again, we are most proud of you! And it goes without saying you should be most proud of yourselves too for this is no easy task that you have signed up for, but tapping into those reserves of energy will enable you to shine, and the more you shine, the more you make a difference!

Then bear with us as the weeks go by and the energies become stronger, we will make our atunement count like no other and you will see us in our full glory! You will see us with your physical eyes and will tell others, and they in turn will tell others, and a great song shall go out to the four corners of the world that we are here in your domain, ready to make contact! And this contact shall count like no other, this will bring about a grand reckoning, this will bring about a grand reunion between our peoples and the Red man and the White man shall join together and become as one! And nothing pleases us more than to be able to say this!

Our hearts grow strong. Prepare yourselves for the times ahead and we will be there with you, get on with the work that is in hand and we shall do well. We open up your vision in various ways, in meetings such as these and in dream state, there is much exploration. (cracking sound in room). We see you swimming along these tunnels of Light, opening up your vision.

Adieu my friend, adieu, and adieu to you my friend, much beloved sister of Light.

We welcome you all to these shores of Light and open up the wisdom within you, this shall be great for there is greater service abroad. We must muster that strength and challenge you to move forward at a greater pace. We harness the energy and ride ahead of you!

It was here that I felt myself on Horseback wearing a long bonnet of feathers and holding a long stick in the air with my left hand.

Hail to those who march with us! We salute you and take our leave. May God’s blessings go with you and may you walk ever more in the Light of God’s Love. Sweet dreams my little ones!

We thank the Great Spirit for drawing close to us this day, we thank all our guides and inspirers and send our Love to them. We ask that the healing energy generated here this afternoon be used and sent out to those in greatest need.


Glynis – saw a Wolf, a Stag, a Bear, and a Lion standing in each corner. It felt warm in the beam of Light and throughout she had the phrase ohm, shanti ohm. There was lots going on but it was hard to remember it all. When Sitting Bull came through at the end, he was saying the things we were going to be doing, and she was thinking to herself, gosh I’m in so much pain at the moment, how am I going to be able to continue with the things I want to do? That’s when she found she was getting quite a lot of healing. When Eileen turned towards her and bowed, she was getting so much healing the words wouldn’t come out because it was so overwhelming, and the pain had receded quite a bit now.

Juliana -said she was overshadowed so couldn’t speak when invited by Spirit. She was told they had come to observe but it had felt very heavy and she disappeared a lot so doesn’t remember much. They were watching how Eileen was interfering with what they were trying to say, they allowed Juliana to see from their perspective and she was picking out and listening to the bits where Eileen was totally out of the way, she felt there were too many trying to come in and they were overlapping!

Cathy – saw a white Polar bear and every strand of hair had tiny sparkly golden lights, he dived into the water and the water lit up. Cathy and Glynis both saw Sitting Bull as he spoke.

Eileen – I’ve just been thinking that my Spirit friends can show themselves to me in any garb, in any manner. They can show themselves as the Dalia Lama, as they did recently, or as White Cloud, or an Angel or Jesus, and this causes me to think, should I trust them? But I am reminded that no harm will befall me because Love is Love, is Love, is Love. Love is the guiding force and no harm can come from Love for Love is pure, Love is wonderful, Love cannot harm me, Love can only Love me! And I am more than happy to reside within this loving energy.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on September 3, 2017 at 6:55am

Thank you so much for another inspiring message.

Much love to you and our Guides!


Comment by Bilal Horus on September 3, 2017 at 6:58am

Comment by Eileen Coleman on September 3, 2017 at 9:56am

Thank you Ishema! Love this picture, Bilal Horus, I have an Egyptian guide too!

Comment by Myriel RAouine on September 3, 2017 at 4:48pm
Thank you so much for this inspiring message, Eileen!
Comment by Mazie Miles on September 3, 2017 at 5:51pm

Beautiful message from the Ambassadors of the Light. I felt every word with great joy in my heart. Sitting Bull, you are magical.


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