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BIRTHDAY GIFTS from SPIRIT - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

25th August 2017 

At our last group meeting, my Star friends gave the three girls present a birthday hamper, which they were not to open until they were home alone in meditation. I decided to sit and see if they had anything for me.

I’m sat in the sanctuary opening my lovely birthday cards and looking out at my beautiful garden. I can feel Spirit drawing close, tickling my chin and stroking my head and face on the right side. I thank all my family, the family here on Earth and the family who now reside in the heavenly realms, and for my guides and inspirers, I am overwhelmed and I thank you all!

We gather round to bring you cheer on this your special day and we know you would want us to wish you a happy birthday! The day you left this realm to return to the Earth plane and to make your mark upon the Earth. We are indebted with gratitude for the work you have done and for that which is to come. There are many who gather around to bring you Love and cheer.

I can see one of my Spiritual guides, an oriental lady who looks like Sayuri, she is bringing me tea in a pale blue bowl, thank you friend.

We are honoured to make your acquaintance and we bring good wishes and fortune to your door! We tempt you with tidbits of information that shall be pleasing and your appetite for more of the same will be forthcoming very soon.

Sayuri is turning around now and sweeping back her arm to indicate what is behind her.

There is more coming over the horizon and we expect a few surprises that will bring you great happiness and joy, this is our gift to you this day, our dearest friend and sister of Light. We have welcomed you to these shores many times and opened a network of prophecies that shall, within reason, bring you your heart’s desire. We propel you to a land where dreams really do come true.

I’m hearing the song Happy, happy talking happy talk, talk about things you like to do, you have to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true!

I can see Sayuri, her kimono is black with pale blue lining, her big sash and bow are pale blue. There is pink blossom in her hair and a spray of forget-me-nots! She also has a beautiful fan and is walking in beautiful gardens full of pink blossom. We are high up looking down over the gardens and in the distance, are tall mountains shrouded in mist. You can really breathe in pure air here, it is wonderful and there is a sense of expectancy in the air.

We are now walking through the gardens towards a veranda, sliding back the doors we enter and it is darker in here. I can see an oriental gentleman sitting in a kneeling position on the floor, he has his dark hair in a bun on top of his head and his hands are in prayer position. There is a sense of magic here and I sit on the floor opposite him. I don’t remember meeting him before as my guide, Tyekinder has white hair and a pale blue robe. This gentleman is wearing a dark robe with red lining.

Dear friend, why am I here, is there something you would like to say to me?

We pull the energies around us to enable a grand protection, to strengthen our connection with the unseen. There is a bond of friendship that grows stronger with every day and we monitor your success, we monitor your highs and lows, your transformation! We superimpose our thoughts on yours more regularly, fumbling with a language that is foreign to us but which shall be brought forward into the arena. This will allow us greater clout in your world and for this reason we have made this promise to you, that we shall come forward into your thought streams and pronounce each syllable most clearly and precisely. Do not be put off or put out by what we bring for this is a great honour in your world. This is a bargaining process we have come up with and agreed upon.

In all honesty, we take you down memory lane and parade before you the sights and scenes of yesteryear, this has been most necessary, not to cause alarm but to remember in the very fibre of your being that you were here long ago in this land of the ancients! We traverse the globe rooting out those who can help us with our enquiries and we believe we have come up trumps, allowing this to thicken, to gain substance and to bring about a great change in humanity, a great change in the social structure of your classes! We belong to a bygone age whose values have long been forgotten.

I can feel a tickling on my chin and feel so calm and straight backed. Now I can see an older Chinese gentleman with big brimmed hat, sitting cross legged.

We refined our culture, we gave into the promptings of our heart and draw closer into your orbit. Cheng Ying!

Is that your name my friend?  I can see him bowing and holding his hands together in salutation.

Cheng Ying can you draw closer my friend so that I can see the colour of your attire. The colours aren’t jumping out at me and I think it’s because he is a poorer person from the country. I am now getting the word 'farmer' and can see a long staff he uses. I’m wanting to say ‘good morrow’ Cheng Ying but shouldn’t I be saying ‘good day’?

On the morrow, we shall prepare more exercises for you so that you may follow our lead, your greater preparations are in store, and there is a need for discipline that shall be executed and put into practice! We delve deeper and prepare for a grand resurrection, opening the doors and passageways to your heart and examining what we find there.

I’m going down a tunnel of purple cloud now and there is a pin prick of white light. After a long gap.

We do believe we have mastered this connection to a greater degree. Keep constant in your exercises and we shall overcome. Have faith and know this shall be so, practice makes perfect as you very well know!

I could feel my face changing quite considerably and wished I could see.  I had the sense of, 'perhaps a mirror will help'! There was a very long gap as the energies changed and then in a much higher voice than mine they spoke words I didn’t recognise. I have written them down phonetically.  

Macinsher, Macinsher. Missuri mar, missuri. Manabe mananow!

We are honoured to make this connection and we transcend all caress and worries, asking you to open these connections with greater eloquence and foresight. We ask you to be more pliable in our hands, more, able to express what we give you with an open and loving heart. We are friends of the universe and we bring you greetings, dear fellow citizens of Earth! We bring you our Love and register that intake of breath that shall become paramount in our expressions of Love. We take it upon ourselves to invite you on this journey of intrigue and delight. 

All are blessed, we love our soldier of Light and we connect you with those resources available at this time. Sing, sing out your Love to us! Bring back the Love into your heart, refrain from thoughts of doom and gloom, reside in that heart space, and we shall provide you with so much more that you will be able to take on board. Love will open the boundaries, Love is the key element, the overriding factor that will bring about a reversal in energies that are malicious, and function at a lower level than we can tolerate.

We rise above those elements of doubt and mistrust, we rise into those higher vibrations of Love, Love (Almost whispered here) Love. We assist in this process enabling you to function on this level, here with us, providing you with ample opportunity to speak your mind. We come from those realms of greatest joy like no other ever experienced by your kind, there is a reverence, an openheartedness that breaks the spell of Earth, lifting up and becoming one with our creator. We are Heaven sent and prepare your species for a grand reckoning, and all will become apparent to those who raise their eyes to the sky and see more than the clouds. They shall see a whole host of Angels come in different guises to register what is necessary to help you in this moment of time.

I started to sing to the tune of Robbie Williams ‘She’s the One’!

We are Love, we are joy, we are girl and we are boy. We have so much more to give, we have so much more to live. We are here in the now!

Thank you, friends, my hands are burning and I can hardly lift them.

The classical tea ceremony had originated in the 13th century when Zen Buddhist monks pass the tea cup among themselves in an effort to stay alert for their religious duties

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 31, 2017 at 10:50pm

Thank you Eileen for sharing these inspiring experiences with us.

With gratitude and love,


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 1, 2017 at 7:24am

Dear Eileen,

Thanks for such a Amazing gifts...A new Idea all the time you are sharing with us....



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